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Where To Find The Best French Fries In Melbourne?

No longer will a simple platter of chips satisfy Melbourne's ravenous appetites. It no longer matters if they are hand-cut or shoestring; instead, we are more concerned by the delicious condiments we may use to cover them. If you're in the mood for some of Melbourne's best-loaded fries, such as chilli cheese, poutine, or simply want to know what goes atop Trucker Chips, you've come to the right place.

Let's give the individual who came up with loaded fries a moment of silence of thanks. Thank God, whoever you are. The world is a happier place thanks to the cheesy, meaty joys you've brought into it.

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    Burger Love

    South Melbourne

    They've shown how much they enjoy burgers, but they still expect loaded crisps on the side. A gushy, ooey-gooey sugar daddy. Their chilli steak fries are out of this world; they're topped with SRIRACHA, the king of hot sauces, as well as jalapeos, melted cheese, and house-made chilli. Having an ice cream sanga as a dessert will put you on the fast track to the best possible food coma.

    The Gem Bar & Dining

    the gem melbourne


    Loaded fries are an essential side dish at any American barbeque. The angels might cry, but it's possible. Any north-sider can tell you that The Gem serves a terrific American BBQ smorgasbord, and the wise ones know to get a side of Texas Fries  to round out the meal. Hot, cheesy, and gruesomely delicious.

    Benny Burger


    Benny Burger, the newest addition to Swan Street's expanding food scene, offers Firecracker with Cheese Fries, both of which are, well, pretty self-explanatory. You sat pretty in some tasty cheese. Of course, you'll want a milk to wash things down with, and you can rest assured knowing they have a variety of flavours to select from.

    The John Curtain Hotel


    When the bar in question serves incredibly loaded fries, there's no beating a classic pub dinner. F*ck you. Sonny's Fried Chicken, the newest tenant in the John Curtain Hotel's restaurant, is responsible for the "load em up" fries that are being served to guests. If veganism has won you over, the "vegan loaded" might be right up your alley. It's the unhealthiest dish ever when topped with pickles, spring onion, and vegan gravy (yeah, that's a thing).

    Boy & Co.


    The piled fries at Boy & Co. Gravy & Cheese and Chilli Cheese Fries are served first; if you're looking for something a little different, try the Kimchi Fries. If you must know, I shall tell you why. At least the kewpie mayo they serve with them is a good start. Throw up some kimchi, hoisin, spring onions, and fried shallots, and you've got yourself the ultimate Asian flavour explosion. Finish it off with a great shake from Boy and Co. That is the stuff of dreams.

    Hello Sam

    South Yarra

    There's no way to enjoy a meal at Hello Sam without first ordering and admiring their Animal Fries. You get beer-soaked chips smothered with bacon, caramel onion, cheese, mosam sauce, and spring onions; we wouldn't even call this an afterthought. A main dish might be made using that. They say it's good for two to three people, but maybe we're just being greedy.

    Brooklyn Depot

    brooklyn depot melbourne


    Skinny fries, or "Brooklynite" as they're called at Brooklyn Depot, are a speciality of the joint, and they'll set you back an extra $4 if you want them. Pick up a Beef Chilli Cheese Fries or some Cheese and Gravy Fries, or go for the Garbage Fries, which are topped with bacon, onion strings, cheese, and frickles.

    The B.East

    Brunswick East

    Selection strategies are key at the B.East. There are three fully-loaded choices, so it's likely that at least one will fit your preferences. Vegetarians can indulge in some cheese and gravy with the Vego Poutine. Bacon fans should order the Bacon Bone Gravy Poutine first. The final product is the notorious Death Star Fries, which are doused in dark lager hot sauce, gravy, and chilli cheese. Amazeballs. Get crazy with a cheeky pint.

    Fat Jacks

    St Kilda

    A relatively new contender in Melbourne's burger market, but its reputation is quickly growing. Don't tell McDonald's, but Fat Jaks has created a secret sauce that tastes eerily like the Big Mac's, and it's a big hit with customers when they order the loaded fries. Both the Truffle Cheese Fries and the Fat Jacks Fries come highly recommended Both go well with the free drinks that have been brewed from scratch. You can guzzle all day for only $4.

    Dribbles Burgers


    It just so happens that the loaded fries at our favourite sport burger joint are some of the best around. You can have the Cheese & Bacon Fries, or the Chilli Cheese Fries. Both are fantastic, yet if you're going to pile on the toppings for your fries, you might as well go all the way. So, order the Chilli Cheese and wash it down with a Strawberry Pop-Tart milkshake. Don't worry about the future and enjoy today.

    le bon ton melbourne

    Massive Wieners


    Hot dog eaters know that the quality of the side of loaded fries can either enhance or deter their experience. This is elementary science at its finest. Massive Wieners' Disco Fries are legendary, so naturally, they attract a lot of customers. Melted cheese, sauce, and onions keep things simple yet tasty. You can't go wrong with a giant wiener and a side of their chilli cheese fries. Anticipate snickering.

    Leonard's House Of Love

    South Yarra

    Leonard's loaded fries are a hidden gem that should be recognised with the burgs. There are tiers 1-3, and heroes can be found in each. If you're in the mood for something simple, get the charcoal chicken fries with cheese, pepper gravy, and onion. The Tex Mex fries are the best option for the most ravenous savages because they are covered in cheese sauce, avocado, coriander, salsa, and jalapenos. Get a double cheeseburger and go sit in the beer garden with it. Positive emotions are present at the moment.

    The Beer & Burger Bar


    Chilli Fries are a speciality of the Beer & Burger Bar, where they are served with a beef and bean chilli mixture and a generous helping of cheese sauce. The greatest burgers in Melbourne can be found at this bar, along with 31 different types of foreign craft beer.

    Mr Burger

    mr burger melbourne

    Various Locations

    Although the concept behind Mr. Burger is straightforward, they execute their offerings with precision. When a regular hot potato just won't do, reach for some Trucker Chips instead. These loaded fries, doused with bacon, cheese, and special sauce, represent some of the best in Melbourne.



    Howler's fries have an Asian twist, making them a great addition to the snack menu that was influenced by contemporary Asian street food. Pickles, Sauce sauce, kewpie mayo, and bonito flakes top their Togarashi Fries. So drop by for some of the best fries in Melbourne and stick around for a film or live performance in their bands room.


    Melbourne Cbd

    Any Trunk devotee will tell you that the restaurant is solid, but that the true fun is to be had in the beer garden at night. Specifically? Fries with spicy cheese sauce. There's nothing pretentious about these people, yet the flavour is out of this world. Macaroni & cheese with a beef sauce that has been cooked to perfection; served with French fries in the McDonald's manner. Fast and brutally satisfying. As you're at it, pick up some chicken quesadillas. If you care about your health, you won't consume any Stupid Hot Sauce. The material in question is not joking around.

    Charlie & Co Burgers - Parmesan And Truffle Fries

    The Parmesan and Truffle Fries are out of this world; the alluring aroma of truffle takes centre stage before the satisfying crunch of golden fries and the subtle nuances of parmesan and truffle oil hit your taste buds. For optimal satisfaction, please serve your fries hot and crispy on the exterior, with a soft interior.

    Hello Sam - Beer Battered Chips

    You should get some chips and some nacho chips to go with your burger. A common thread throughout the piece is the prevalence of beer-battered chips, which have a lighter, crispier texture and a subtler beer flavour.

    Tuck Shop Takeaway - Hand Cut Triple Cooked Chips

    tuck shop takeaway hand cut triple cooked chips melbourne

    The hand-cut, triple-cooked chips at Tuck Shop Takeaway are legendary, and the restaurant's burgers and fries are just as popular. Yes, those are triple-cooked chips.

    Yomg Glen Waverley - American Fries

    These American-style loaded fries are so good, even Elvis would approve. They're topped with melted cheese, bacon, ketchup, and American mustard. Very satisfying; it's like eating a meal in itself.

    Cafe Carpenter

    You may have Tuna Curry, Okonomi Yaki, Grilled beef patties, and Spicy Korean Chicken at this café restaurant offering Japanese and Korean cuisine. Here, we can see their herb-seasoned french fries.

    Crispy hand-cut chips seasoned with fresh herbs, garlic, peanut oil, parmesan cheese, and Japanese mayonnaise.

    Comments These chunky, thick-cut, crispy fries are healthy and delicious. It seems we can choose between regular fries and sweet potatoes.

    The Fish & Burger Co.

    This fish and burger eatery in the middle of Doncaster takes great delight in its memorable fare. Refurbished just recently, it now boasts a trademark burger mural, outside dining, an Artisan Italian Gelato Bar, and the restaurant's iconic neon signs.

    When feasible, they select sustainable seafood that is caught in nearby waters. Their burgers, for instance, are crafted with free-range chicken and grass-fed beef from Australia.

    All of the oil used to fry your order of fries is completely cholesterol- and animal-product-free.

    Nòstimo & Co

    Burger joints are well-known for their outrageously delicious burgers, shakes, and fries.

    Old Bay Fries At Belles Hot Chicken

    Frayed edges. It's one of those things that you either adore or despise. Belles' crinkle-cut fries are delicious, but the famous Old Bay flavour is what makes them so irresistible. Okay, then how does one define Old Bay? There are 18 different herbs and spices in this mixture, but the ones that really stand out are the celery seed, paprika, cinnamon, and various peppers and chiles. And the crinkle-thickness, cut's which serves merely as a vehicle for the flavour, is perfect for this.

    Curly Fries At Parlour Diner

    curly fries at parlour diner melbourne

    Fries at Windsor's Parlour Diner are curlier than Mrs Piggy's tail. This restaurant serves not only some of the greatest fried chicken in town, but also the most exciting new development in fry history: curly fries. These beautiful, springtime women are rare to find in Melbourne, but the ladies at Parlour are worth the effort. They are then deep fried until crisp & served with the restaurant's in-house sauces including the fiery anarchy sauce derived from jalapeos and the smoky chipotle sauce.

    Frites At Entrecôte

    Oh honey, they aren't fries at all. This is a plate of frites. Sleek and can we say minimalistic in design. Although we acknowledge that McDonald's offers them, shoestring fries may very well be the best kind of fry. And that includes the frites at Entrecôte! Deep-fried potato ribbons that are thin and crisp, with just the right amount of salt. They are great with steak and the restaurant's special herb butter sauce, or on its own with a mitrailleuse.

    It's All About The French Fries At This Melbourne Food Joint

    The standard annual potato intake for an Australian is 60 kilogrammes, and now Melburnians can make it their aim to devour as many potatoes as possible at Potato Corner.

    Potato Corner, which serves virtually exclusively french fries and as of 2018 had 350 locations globally, has opened a location in the Woodgrove Shopping Centre in Melton.

    Flavored next-level fries, available in Loopy, Straight, or Criss-cut shapes, aren't your standard fare at this establishment.

    Stop using table salt! Visit Potato Corner to enjoy fries dusted with a generous helping of Chilli, Sour Crème & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, or BBQ flavour. Prefer sweet potato fries instead? Those Cinnamon & Sugar spice packets are also available; if you're looking for a sweet treat to round off your savoury SP fries, go ahead and order a packet.

    In addition to the standard fare of ketchup, mustard, and ketchup, you can also get Tater Tots, Cheesy Fries, and everything in between. The dipping sauces, however, are where this place really shines; they offer unique twists on classics like Garlic Aioli, Smokey BBQ, Sweet or Hot Chilli, and more.


    The Gem Bar & Dining in Collingwood provides a great American BBQ smorgasbord, complete with loaded fries, an important side dish at any American barbeque. Firecracker with Cheese Fries can be found at Richmond's Benny Burger, while Malvern's Boy & Co. serves piled fries with Gravy & Cheese and Chilli Cheese. The "load em up" fries at Sonny's Fried Chicken in Carlton come with vegan gravy, pickles, and spring onion.
    Animal Fries, made with chips soaked in beer and topped with bacon, caramel onions, cheese, mosam sauce, and spring onions, have made Hello Sam a well-known burger business in Melbourne. The B.East offers three fully loaded options: Beef Chilli Cheese Fries, Cheese and Gravy Fries, and Garbage Fries, while Brooklyn Depot offers slim fries, or "Brooklynite" fries, for an additional $4. Both the Truffle Cheese Fries and the Fat Jacks Fries are highly recommended, as is the secret sauce that Fat Jacks has developed to make their burgers taste so much like Big Macs. Drops Hamburgers Cheese & Bacon Fries, Chilli Cheese Fries, and Death Star Fries are just a few of Essendon's many varieties of loaded fries. Get your craziness on with a cheeky pint.

    Customers who enjoy hot dogs understand that the quality of the loaded fries served on the side may make or break the meal. Leonard's House of Love is a city treasure that is largely unknown. Disco Fries, a staple of Massive Wieners, have gained notoriety and a sizable fan base. The Chilli Fries at the Beer & Burger Bar are a house speciality, and they come smothered with a beef and bean chilli combination and a mountain of melted cheese. The Asian-inspired toppings for Howler's fries include pickles, Sauce sauce, kewpie mayo, and bonito flakes.

    Among the greatest fries in Melbourne can be found at TrunkMelbourne Cbd. Fans of Trunk will tell you that the eatery is good, but that the outdoor beer garden is where you should spend your evenings. The burgers and fries at Charlie & Co. are out of this world. The enticing scent of truffle takes centre stage before the satisfying crunch of golden fries and the nuances of parmesan and truffle oil strike your taste senses. The triple-cooked, hand-cut chips at Tuck Shop Takeaway are legendary, and the burgers and fries are popular, too. Yomg The loaded fries at Glen Waverley are so American in style (with cheese, bacon, ketchup, and American mustard) that even Elvis would eat them.

    Cafe Carpenter serves healthful and excellent herb-seasoned french fries in addition to their Japanese and Korean fare. Tuna Curry, Okonomi Yaki, Grilled beef patties, and Spicy Korean Chicken are just some of the fish and burger options available at The Fish & Burger Co. We recommend the burgers, shakes, and fries from Nstimo & Co, Parlour Diner, Entrecôte, and Belles Hot Chicken. Fries are fried in oil that is devoid of cholesterol and any byproducts from animals; the crinkle-thickness is ideal for the Old Bay seasoning; and the oil is vegan. Fries are deep fried to a crisp and served with house-made sauces including the jalapeo-based anarchy sauce and the chipotle-infused smokey sauce.

    Melbourne's Potato Corner, which specialises in serving nothing but french fries, has expanded to Melton's Woodgrove Shopping Centre. Superior French Fries are available in a variety of fun designs like the "Loopy," "Straight," and "Criss-cut," and with flavorful condiments like "Garlic Aioli," "Smokey BBQ," "Sweet or Hot Chilli," and "M Australians eat an average of 60 kg of potatoes each year, and visitors to Potato Corner in Melbourne can make it their mission to eat as many potatoes as possible in a single sitting.

    Content Summary

    • The Gem Restaurant and Bar Collingwood Loaded fries are a must-have at any American picnic or barbeque.
    • The "load em up" fries at the John Curtain Hotel are the brainchild of Sonny's Fried Chicken, the newest tenant in the hotel's restaurant.
    • It's impossible to eat at Hello Sam without getting a taste of their famous Animal Fries.
    • The Disco Fries at Massive Wieners are famous, thus the restaurant always has a sizable crowd.
    • Love and Happiness at Leonard's Place
    • Leonard's loaded fries are a local secret that need more attention.
    • The beer garden at night is where the real action is, as any Trunk regular will tell you.
    • The Best Chips You'll Ever Eat From a Tuck Shop
    • Tuck Shop Takeaway is famous for its hand-cut, triple-cooked chips, but its burgers and fries are also well regarded.
    • The burgers, shakes, and fries at Nstimo & Co. restaurants are legendary for their ridiculously high quality.
    • Fried Chicken with Old Bay Seasoning at Belles Hot Chicken
    • The curly fries at Windsor's Parlour Diner rival Mrs. Piggy's snout for cuteness.
    • Not only does this eatery have some of the best fried chicken in town, but they also have curly fries, which are a major innovation in the world of french fries.
    • A heaping helping of frites.
    • Melton now has its very own Potato Corner, a chain that offers almost entirely french fries and which, as of the year 2018, boasted 350 sites across the globe.
    • Do you rather have sweet potato fries?

    FAQs About French Fries

    McDonald's Australia is introducing a new twist to their Quarter Pounder. Likewise, hungry Jack's introduced their new Curly Fries.

    • Lord of the Fries (South Yarra) Free item (Spend $30) 
    • Loading Zone (South Melbourne) 
    • McDonald's® (Bourke & Russell) 
    • Chicken Store. 
    • Harding's Burger Joint (Hawthorn) 
    • Hungry Jacks (La Trobe)

    The oil is laced with chemical flavouring to replicate that mouthwatering smell. In other words, the delicious scent we know and love is the smell of potatoes cooked in beef fat, an aroma so powerful it makes the fries seem even tastier!

    Our fries are made from British potatoes, and we use Pentland Dell, Shepody, Innovator, Russet Burbank and Ivory Russet potatoes. When cut, these varieties give the best flavour and have that lovely, long shape. All farms that grow our potatoes are Red Tractor certified or equivalent.

    Sonic Drive-In's regular fries are the lowest in calories, fat grams, percentage of calories from fat, and the total amount of "bad fats." (As well as second lowest in sodium.) The runner up is McDonald's small fries, which ranked second lowest in calories, fat grams, and "bad fats."

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