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20+ Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula [2022]

Mornington Peninsula is world-renowned for its spectacular scenery, fine wine, and delicious food. So it's no surprise that the area is also home to some of the best distilleries in the country.

The Mornington Peninsula Distillery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, and it's easy to see why. The distillery offers a tour of the facilities, a tasting room and a shop, all set against the stunning backdrop of the peninsula.

The service is friendly and knowledgeable, and the products are outstanding. So if you're looking for the best distillery in Mornington Peninsula, look no further than the Mornington Peninsula Distillery.

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    Ultimate List Of Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    tar barrel distillery in mornington peninsula

    61 314 238 157

    Red Hill's well-known Tar Barrel corner got its name from road workers who stored tar barrels there while constructing roads on the Mornington Peninsula.

    In order to continue making award-winning craft beers at 72 Watt Road Mornington, the original location of Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Matt Bebe and Andrew Gow have reconnected as TAR BARREL Brewery & Distillery. And now that a whiskey and gin distillery has been established, it has expanded its capacity to provide more expertly designed flavor sensations. Additionally, the new Tar Bar will uphold its commitment to being "local" and using "local," serving up core and specialty beers on tap to go with its renowned wood-fired pizzas. All are cared for with the help of local wines and spirits. An important place to visit.



    Beer Tasting Paddle 4 x 150ml ($18)

    At Tar Bar, a taster paddle is the ideal way to begin your exploration of beer. Four (4) of our beers are available on tap, either core or speciality. The best part is that after you finish the paddle, your favorite beer is available in a pot (285ml), schooner (425ml), or pint (570ml) for you to enjoy.

    Australian Whiskey Tasting 3 x 15ml ($20)

    For your convenience, we have carefully picked a small selection of Australian whiskey. There are many different grain bills, including Rye, Corn, Wheat, and Barley, as well as Rye Whiskeys (51%+ Rye grain).

    Single-Malt Whisky Tastings 3 x 15ml ($20 standard or $25 premium)

    You have a choice between the ordinary taste and the premium tasting. For people who have more experience drinking whiskey, the premium is ideal. The whiskey is produced by Chief's Son, the only single-malt distillery on the Mornington Peninsula, which is located in Somerville.

    Gin Tasting Paddle 3 x 15ml ($20)

    The appeal of the gin-tasting paddle is that you can select three (3) of our regional gins, your mixer (tonic or soda), your garnishes, and then combine all of these elements to create your own unique taste experiences.


    We are committed to buying locally, so we only use wine from the Mornington Peninsula. Additionally, you can choose from the Crittenden Estate Wine selection or those made by other local wineries.


    • Wednesday 3 – 9 pm
    • Thursday 3 – 9 pm
    • Friday 3 – 11 pm
    • Saturday 12 – 11 pm
    • Sunday 12 – 7 pm

    Mr Little Cider Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    mr little cider distillery in mornington peninsula

    61 407 446 688

    The idea for Mr. Little "Genuine" Cider originated from the straightforward desire to sip excellent cider made from the delicious apples that are plentiful in our region. At Mr. Little Cider, we only choose and use 100% fresh, entire Australian apples. We next crush the apples to extract their delightful juice, which is subsequently fermented. This is what distinguishes our cider from other brands.

    Later, we delicately squeeze more fresh Australian apples from the local area into the fermented apple juice. Delicious apple flavors, aromas, and a touch of sweetness are added by this combining. We bottle the delight after the mixing procedure is finished, then sample a couple!

    We will only put our name on it and present it to you if it satisfies our high requirements. Since only 100% entire Australian apples and pears are used in our "Genuine" cider, it is faithful to traditional cider. Nothing else is utilized. Water, wine, cordials, powdered and liquid concentrates, as well as other flavors and colorings, are used by both small and major producers of "cider."

    Peninsula Beverage Co Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    peninsula beverage co distillery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5977 0500

    The best of the Mornington Peninsula

    We have a wide range of local goods, including Mornington Peninsula labels without a cellar door, craft beers, well-known favorites, unique spirits, small-batch goods, and seasonal goods. Cheese and snacks are available, as well as unique gifts and glassware. Peninsula Beverage Co. can help you find or create the perfect gift. We have a unique and expanding selection of over 60 beers, 150 wines, 15 ciders, and 90 spirits.

    The Mornington Peninsula accounts for roughly 90% of our collection, with the remaining 20% originating elsewhere in Australia. You can simply order our snacks to go for a simple evening at home. We offer free next-day delivery to the Mornington Peninsula on orders over $50, as well as flat-rate shipping across the country (see our terms and conditions for shipping estimates).

    Pull up a chair... Our cozy bar is the ideal place to unwind after work while enjoying our constantly-evolving in-store menu. (See underneath. For in-store enjoyment, we also offer our bottleshop selection. Check out our selection of bar nibbles, or pair your drink with a cheese platter for the ideal pairing. If you're in the need for something heartier, feel free to place an order for your preferred takeout from a neighboring restaurant and eat it inside the establishment while sipping your beverage! No reservations; only walk-ins. There is always something new and intriguing to try because our list is updated every two months.

    FAQs About Distillery

    When someone decides to start a distillery, they think it’s all about making products, making friends, and if you build it, they will come. But the real story starts once the product is in a tank or barrel as the access to the marketplace gets harder and harder for every new distiller that opens.

    Because alcohol has a lower boiling point than water (173 F vs. 212 F), distillers can evaporate the alcohol (mostly) by themselves, collect the vapours into a tube and use cold temperatures to force the alcohol to condense back into liquid. In all of drinking history, just two methods of distilling have evolved.

    To produce a distilled spirit, you need to start with an alcoholic liquid ('wash') to distil your spirit from. The majority of vodkas and all whiskies are distilled from a wash, essentially beer made by fermenting cereal grains.

    Craft distillery: a craft distillery places the highest importance on transparency regarding ingredients, distilling location and process, bottling location and process, and the aging process. Gin Distillery: this type of distillery makes gin from juniper berries.

    Distillation can be found in four major types: simple distillation, fractional distillation, steam distillation and vacuum distillation. The main difference between reflux and distillation is that the reflux method is used to complete a chemical reaction, whereas distillation separates components in a mixture. Craft distillery: a craft distillery places the highest importance on transparency regarding ingredients, distilling location and process, bottling location and process, and the ageing process. Gin Distillery: this type of distillery makes gin from juniper berries.

    Bellarine Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    bellarine distillery in mornington peninsula


    The original farm shed has undergone a complete renovation, which entailed taking it apart and putting it back together again. As a result, the area is cozy and inviting, perfect for chatting with friends over a cocktail, gin, or whisky. The gardens and terraces offer a tranquil setting on warm days, while in the winter, a seat by the fire is the most alluring.

    A small quantity of our second whisky release, "Sister Sunday," is also available for tastings and purchases, and our gins are accessible for consumption and purchase. We also provide a sample of a larger variety of whiskies. We also have some soft drinks for the drivers and a few local wines, beers, and ciders for those who don't want to drink gin or whiskey (why?).

    The Whiskery is a bar for adults only (18+) that primarily serves as a cellar entrance. We specialize in creating small group experiences (maximum 10 per group), promoting the purchase of our products, and serving adult consumers cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. There are only a few basic pizzas and cheese and fruit platters available to us as nourishment. The grass offers a range of seating options, including tables, sofas, and chairs. Please contact us if you have a preferred seating preference. If not, your reservation will be filled based on space.

    Boatrocker Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    boatrocker brewers & distillers in mornington peninsula

    +61 438 394 988

    The small, family-owned Boatrocker brewery and distillery is located southeast of Melbourne. Traditional alcoholic beverages are intended to be upended by Boatrocker. Boatrocker distinguishes itself by upholding tradition while also pushing the boundaries, exploring novel and intriguing flavor combinations without straying from our commitment to quality.

    Boatrocker, a business started in 2009 by Matt & Andrea Houghton, has gone a long way since it first started out by selling its first beers out of the trunk of their car. When Matt was a teen in the 1980s, a television program called "The Beer Hunter" served as the catalyst for the entire situation. Matt's passion for all things beer was sparked by this episode. It led him down a road of wisdom, learning, and exploration.

    Our beers range from Australian Wild Ales to Whisky & Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts to hop-monster West Coast and Hazy IPAs to traditional Saisons. We established Australia's first and largest barrel ageing facility in Australia. From Thursday through Sunday, our barrel room is open. Join us for a beer, spirit, or cocktail and relax in our beer garden or among the barrels.

    Bakery Hill Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    bakery hill distillery in mornington peninsula

    +61 3 9761 7200

    In addition to continuously producing whiskies of the highest quality, Bakery Hill has gained worldwide recognition thanks to a steady influx of tourists from countries like France, Sweden, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and America, not to mention all of the Australian states.

    Craft spirits are becoming more and more popular both in Australia and abroad, thus the distillery has concentrated intensively on boosting output to keep up with the growing demand for our goods. We have exported our malts to France and Germany in addition to selling them to upscale, exclusive retailers all around Australia. Sweden and the UK are both. Unfortunately, the local market's demand has forced a reduction in all exports in order to meet it.

    This is your final chance to learn about the history of Australian whisky distillation. This is your final opportunity to visit Bakery Hill Distillery's original location, 20 Gatwick Rd, Bayswater North, before we begin construction and fit-out work on our new Kensington home. We professionally customize and host whisky tasting events for work breakups, birthdays, or simply getting your friends together to sip a Single Malt and discover the beautiful world of whisky. Contact us for more information.

    Starward Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    starward distillery in mornington peninsula

    61 414 238 878

    We are a Melbourne product. not the arid lands. Or a beach where the sun is shining. Australia's gourmet capital, Melbourne, is brimming with unpretentious genius. Here, we eschew finesse and elegance in favor of flavor. Our whiskies take you on a tour of an exclusively Australian spirit.

    Complexity and approachability vary depending on whether the wood is American or French, from single malt to double grain. There is a perfect whisky for every drinker. Our Starward single malt whiskies, which are brewed like craft beers and then distilled to create our distinctive fruity spirit, are made from our locally produced malted barley. The versatility of whiskey is then shown by aging this delicious spirit in unique and amazing ways.

    Bring your favorite bar's goodness home with you. Without the effort of searching for specialty liqueurs, host in elegance. Wherever you carry them, our drinks are ready to splash, sip, and savor. Effortless and flavorful. A program called Starward Projects enables our Starward distillery to experiment with various whiskies and produce flavor-forward and distinctive expressions. Sadly, each release is only available in a certain quantity, and once it's gone, it's gone.

    Animus Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    animus distillery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5403 2400

    Our production methodology is based on the idea that the best gin comes from using ingredients that have the most soul. To create the finest base for preserving the essence of our botanicals, we employ the highest grade of 100% Australian grain spirit, triple filtered using our unique gravity-fed carbon filter technology.

    On our land, we produce many of the botanicals, and we distill using a vapour pressed production method. Our gins are made in small quantities, and throughout each batch's production, our botanical baskets are often replaced to draw out the freshest, richest flavors from our blend of Australian local and foreign botanicals.

    Even though it is labor-intensive, this method enables us to taste our gins as they are being made, balancing each component with the finesse of a great chef to guarantee that we capture the delicate balance and intensity we want to highlight with our botanicals. In order to fully reflect the richness, depth, and complexity of our ingredients, our gins are additionally over-proofed at 50% alcohol.

    Our company philosophies places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Our extracted botanicals are used to make fertilizer that will be used to cultivate our next batch of botanicals. Everything we produce, even the packaging you may recycle, is based on sustainable methods.

    Queenscliff Brewhouse Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    queenscliff brewhouse distillery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5258 199

    Those looking for flavor can go to the Queenscliff Brewhouse. With an on-site brewery and distillery, a variety of tasting experience packages, brew or blend your own options, an award-winning restaurant, tasting room, and dog-friendly beer garden, there is something for everyone. We support Australian independent breweries and cider manufacturers in addition to our local community.

    Discover the aromas and sounds of a working boutique distillery that is subterranean in the Brewhouse's former beer and spirit cellar. Our gins are distinguished by their special blend of self-foraged and organic botanicals and Macedonian juniper. We manually bottle and label our fruit and botanicals, ensuring that only the best product is released into the market.

    Garden Street Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    garden street distillery in mornington peninsula

    03 7036 6443

    With a top-notch team of bartenders, sales and marketing experts, and gin and brandy specialists, Bass & Flinders produces some of Australia's most distinctive gins. Wayne, Holly's father, started Bass & Flinders in a small tin hut outside a winery in 2009. Having come from a lowly background, this was Wayne's passion endeavor.

    The unique selling point of Bass & Flinders is how they make their grape-based alcohol. When you choose to produce your own grapes, the process is much more expensive and labor-intensive, making it a rather uncommon practice in the business. The team at Bass & Flinders finds grapes from a single vineyard in Victoria to create their Single Vineyard Gins, making their final goods genuinely "vine-to-bottle." They do this in collaboration with a winemaker.

    The team is confident that the final result will be premium and distinctive because they have total control over every step of production and know exactly what goes into each of their products.

    Wandering Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    wandering distillery in mornington peninsula


    Small, family-run Wandering Distillery was established in Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula and then moved to Perth, Western Australia. We may be nano or even pico, despite our claims to the contrary, but as a dear friend of ours is fond of saying, "You don't have to be huge to be good."

    Our distiller, Wade, whose name means "wanderer," has lived in a number of Australian and international locations, pursued his early passion of becoming a professional athlete, and traveled along a number of career routes before embarking on the craft spirits journey. Wade is married to a Bolton-born English woman (their football team is the Wanderers), so when a name for a tiny distillery needed to be chosen, Wandering Distillery felt like the ideal option.

    Although we don't take ourselves too seriously, we do take our products very seriously. As a result, we create exquisite gins and vodkas utilizing organic and local botanicals whenever feasible (some even come from our backyard). From the beginning of a spectacular night to its conclusion, or from the first sip of a drink that takes you back to a specific holiday or period in time, we'll produce a selection of spirits that reflect our philosophy that every drink is a journey.

    TWØBAYS Brewing Co & Distillery In Mornington Peninsula

    twØbays brewing co & distillery in mornington peninsula

    03 5910 0888

    We're making delicious gluten-free beer that's safe for everyone to drink - without sacrificing flavor. Whether you miss going out with friends to the bar or sharing a tinnie with family. We built a gluten-free brewery so that everyone could discover a new world of beer. Furthermore, it's not just about having access to high-quality beer; it's about the entire experience, which includes the beer's taste, sight, feel, and smell, as well as fantastic people with whom to enjoy it.

    We have two gluten-free beer brands because we believe that no adult in Australia over the age of 18 should be denied the chance to partake in this experience. The TWBAYS craft beer line debuted in December 2018; the GFB easy-drinking range debuted in September 2021. Anyone can find great gluten-free beer at both. We are proud to be situated in Dromana among Victoria's top Mornington Peninsula breweries. We are Australia's first brewery and taproom that exclusively serves gluten-free beverages.

    Mornington Peninsula Brewery And Taproom

    Due to our close proximity to Melbourne's CBD, it is possible to travel just a short distance to find the best gluten-free craft beers that Mornington Peninsula breweries have to offer. Up to nine gluten-free beers are served at our Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Taproom, which is pleased to give everyone a new flavor world to discover in paddles, pots, or schooners. These beers are brewed only a few meters away from the taps.

    Loch Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    loch brewery & distillery in mornington peninsula

    0414 590 980

    Loch produces ales and distills spirits. This is also where the bottle and cask conditioning takes place. We use traditional procedures, but modern intelligence gives it a distinct quality. Beers made in traditional styles but with modern tastes. How? The base is malted barley from Australia and New Zealand. British specialty malts to boost flavor. 100% free of preservatives and unfiltered. We use both conventional techniques and cutting-edge innovation to create well-known gins, a unique vodka, and a long-awaited single malt whiskey. In hand-beaten alembic copper pot stills, the magic happens. At the Cellar Door, see it all.

    We use malted barley from Australia and New Zealand as the primary grain in our ales, as well as specialty malts from the United Kingdom. Furthermore, for a truly classic flavor, we use old-world English hop varietals. Our beers all have a mid-strength alcohol content and are designed to be sipped.

    These ales are the foundation for the single malt whiskies that we create. Our spirits are distilled in hand-beaten alembic copper pot stills. You can see them for yourself by visiting our Cellar Door.

    Red Hill Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    red hill brewery & distillery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5989 2911

    Visit Mornington Peninsula’s Original Craft Brewery, Beer, Food, Takeaway

    To access the booking page for reservations for Mother's Day, click here. In addition to extended hours in the summer, the Red Hill Brewery bar is open from Thursday through Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. The primary lunch menu is available from 12 to 4 pm every day we are open. Most of the day, from noon until closing, there are always snacks that go well with beer.

    We don't accept reservations. However, everyone is welcome at any time for cocktails, supper, or takeout. Nachos, BBQ Chicken Wings, Ribs, Burgers, etc. are just a few of the dishes on our extensive menu that go well with beer. All of our beers are available for consumption in the bar, as takeout, or by placing an online order for pickup or delivery.

    Enjoy the wide deck, the beer garden, and our recently remodeled outside eating and drinking areas while you unwind, take in the countryside scenery, observe the hops, and sip on a beer. Every day from 12 to 4 p.m., we serve lunch including our contemporary, relaxed beer-friendly menu, and we also serve bar snacks later in the evening.

    Mock Red Hill Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    mock red hill distillery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5989 2211

    It is a well-established, fifth-generation, certified Bio-Dynamic apple orchard and processing factory that is situated in the Hinterland of the Mornington Peninsula. For the local community and beyond, the family-run orchard has been providing premium Bio-dynamic (improved organic) fresh fruit, apple juice, apple ciders, and apple cider vinegar. The family is still taking care of the Demeter-certified orchard, producing a distinctive line of Bio-dynamic goods, and welcoming guests to their Farmgate Store and Cider Lounge.

    Our farm-gate store offers a selection of fresh produce that has been certified as Bio-Dynamic as well as a wide choice of other goods, such as our craft ciders, sparkling & cloudy juices, and apple cider vinegar. Additionally offered are items from our "Pure Fruits Freeze Dried Fruit collection," chocolate-covered strawberries, spice blends for mulled cider, jointly produced Johnny Ripe apple pies, and handcrafted applewood souvenirs. From Thursday through Monday, 10 am to 5 pm, our Farmgate store is open for tasting paddles and takeout purchases.

    JimmyRum Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    jimmyrum distillery in mornington peninsula

    03 5987 3333

    We are the first specialized craft rum distillery in Victoria. We are on a mission to show you what rum can be with our specially crafted, delicious rums made in Australia. Rum has, in our opinion, long been misunderstood, so we want to demonstrate how diverse, distinctive, and interesting it can be. In our rum garden, working distillery, and bar, you can enjoy a cocktail, a guided tasting, or some food. Our distillery and cocktail bar is a cozy and peaceful setting that both locals and guests will enjoy.

    Take pleasure in tasting our distinctive rums and sipping on our wonderful signature JimmyRum drinks. Given that the Mornington Peninsula is home to expert craft producers of beer, wine, gin, whisky, and other beverages, our extensive bar selection includes the best in local offerings for each of these beverages. Would you be interested in finding out more rum? A tasting bench experience is available on demand and is provided every hour of every day.

    Your seat will be in front of our stunning 1,500L copper water heater. Still, Matilda was led through our standard spirits lineup and a couple rums that would never be made public. Discover the origins of rum and how JimmyRum came to be Victoria's first distillery focused solely on producing handmade rum. Tasting Bench Experience bookings are requested via our reservations website. The seasonal adjustments in our cuisine menu. This weekend, we will be serving sharing plates of fresh produce and delicious pizza.

    That Spirited Lot Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    that spirited lot distillery in mornington peninsula

    0405 022 344

    We are honored to have received numerous accolades for our gins and vodkas both nationally and internationally. We don't cut corners when we produce our products; instead, we pay close attention to every detail and regularly taste our Doris spirit to make sure it meets our high standards. Everything is done by hand, from peeling the citrus to putting the cork in the bottle and bringing it to the retailers.

    While we make an effort to adhere to the foundations of traditional gin manufacturing the majority of the time, we also don't mind taking chances and attempting new flavors. Maintaining ecologically friendly production and waste management is a key goal of our approach.

    Our still is powered by a sizable solar grid that supports our facility, and our waste organs are frequently collected by neighborhood farmers and gardeners. We also manufacture a variety of mixer syrups (Peninsula BLVD.) and tonic syrups (Tonic X Distillers) using leftover fruit and botanical material from creating our spirits, enabling even the most inexperienced home mixologist to whip up a delectable concoction.

    Bass & Flinders Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    bass & flinders distillery in mornington peninsula

    61 414 238 444

    It takes time to cultivate a spirit of the highest order. It necessitates originality and meticulousness. We are extremely proud of our distinct approach to producing high-quality, expertly produced Australian spirits at Bass and Flinders Distillery. We decided to make our own grape-based eau de vie spirit, or "Water of Life," as the foundation for our entire product line because we pay close attention to every detail.

    We produce all of our alcoholic beverages at our distillery, which is situated in the quaint Mornington Peninsula town of Dromana. Because we believe that quality starts with the grape, all of our spirits, including gin, brandy, and liqueurs, are made from wine that is supplied by a single Victorian vineyard.

    In order to oversee the entire production process from vine to bottle, this enables us to collaborate closely with our winemaker to maintain consistency in acidity, sugar levels, and fruit ripeness. This is our idea of craft and quality. Our batch-distilled eau de vie spirit adds additional layers of flavor, texture, and viscosity to all of our spirits, including our gins, by showcasing the rich, ripe scents typical of the terroir where the grapes were produced and wine was acquired from.

    Rocky Jones Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    rocky jones distillery in mornington peninsula

    61 419926477

    The Melone brothers use traditional Italian techniques handed down from their grandpa to make premium grade spirits on the Mornington Peninsula. All distilled spirits start with wine as their base. After spending several hours honing the recipe, the first batch of Rocky Jones Gin was made using Pinot Grigio wine. We hope you and your loved ones will enjoy our gin together!

    How Is Rocky Jones Gin Made?​

    We employ age-old techniques that have been handed down through three generations. This entails allowing the neutral spirit to steep with our eight botanicals for 24 hours. The citrus is then hand peeled and infused with vapour. Then, we left our copper to do the job. We make cuts during distillation to guarantee that only premium gin is gathered. Before bottling, we lastly add rainwater to the gin and dilute it. Our objective is to provide the Rocky Jones family with high-quality gin at a reasonable cost.

    Penni Ave Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    penni ave distillery in mornington peninsula

    61 422 238 158

    About an hour's drive from Melbourne is the picturesque Southern Mornington Peninsula, where Penni Ave Distillery is situated. Our Copper Still, Walter, converts fermented local grain to produce one of the very few specialist vodka distilleries in Australia. We intend to radically alter your perception of flavored vodka by using sustainably derived native botanicals; no more unpleasant chemical flavors; only the highest quality native botanicals so you can celebrate with something that is distinctly Australian.

    If you'd rather to visit us, we have tasting paddles available with each of our four most popular vodkas. Bring some friends and spend the day at Penni Ave Distillery, the ideal opportunity to sample all the distinctive flavors! Come and have a meal or coffee with us in our beautiful setting.

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