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50+ Best Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

One of the oldest combat sports globally, boxing, is an incredible way to work out. Why? Because it strengthens your entire body from head to toe, including both your cardiovascular and muscular systems, with a large focus on your shoulders, arms, legs, and core. Once known as the "black sheep" of the fitness industry due to the thought of it being a sport for only the beasts of men in the world, boxing has made a renaissance. 

At its core, boxing is the ultimate stress release, with at least 75% of Australians admitting that stress affects their physical health, which can be mitigated with a daily dose of punching, ducking and diving. In addition, the boxing workout is great for cardiovascular health, mental health, strength, etc.

Most of us are trying to lose a few pounds to improve our health, gain more energy to perform our daily responsibilities, look better in our clothes, and feel better about ourselves.

Here are our Best Boxing Gym Classes in Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    Fit2box Boxing Studio - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    fit2box boxing studio boxing gym classes in melbourne, victoria

    0433 115 312

    Fit2box Boxing Studio's goal is boxing fitness. Our trainers are currently competing, so you get ringside boxing. We're proud of our work and strive for your success. Boxing, F2B Group Classes, personal training, and weight loss are our specialities.


    Boxing, running, and full-body exercises are all incorporated into training for a superior workout.


    Professional athletes and coaches at F2B created the intense group exercises particularly to knock your fitness to the ground.


    Anyone can benefit from our intense workout, which uses a combination of efficient boxing and fitness training methods.


    Our sessions cover boxing fundamentals and general information. Many athletes use boxing as off-season cross-training. Boxing works your whole body and cardio.

    Boxing is a fantastic sport to master the art of while keeping the body and mind active. Boxing for an hour doesn't feel like your typical hour-long workout.

    Rarebreed Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    rare breed

    Rarebreed is a place where people of diverse backgrounds and fitness levels can get together and be motivated to improve their health. With the help of experts, we motivate our community to foster feelings of agency, strengthen resolve, and advance health and wellness. We guarantee to keep you responsible for your plans and ambitions.


    Boxing is for everyone and helps sharpen abilities in the correct environment. Our introductory boxing sessions teach fundamentals in a safe atmosphere.


    No experience is necessary for this full-body, functional boxing training session. This session is for anyone wishing to build lean muscle and burn calories.


    Rarebreed advanced-level boxing allows experienced boxers to work with qualified combat trainers to enhance their abilities and expand their understanding of boxing. This workshop is for boxing fans and fighters.


    Rarebreed strength classes build strength and muscle. All main lifts and complex motions are covered. Every advancement you make toward an excellent physique will be watched and adjusted.

    The Gym Yarraville - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    the gym yarraville

    0396 897 709

    For all levels of fitness, from beginner's circuits designed to establish basic fitness to our high-intensity programs for boosting strength and conditioning, we offer a variety of activities, group sessions, and personal trainer services.

    And this variety of workouts, from boxing to weightlifting, cardio to the circuit, will keep you energized and motivated. But regardless of the type of training you enjoy, we can promise that you'll always feel utterly revitalised and want more when you leave The Gym.


    Boxing classes can boost fitness and help you lose weight. Our boxing classes teach effective boxing techniques without face-punches.

    All non-contact exercises are as challenging as battle training. Pad work, bag training, core and abdominal workouts are included. All instructors are boxing and fighting professionals.

    William Street Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    william street gym

    0390 770 408

    You get more from William Street Gym (WSG) than just a workout. We've put together a group of committed, enthusiastic, and highly skilled trainers who provide more than just the health advantages of boxing; they also show you the real skills and strategies that make the sport such a potent and useful activity.

    The incredible fitness, weight loss and stress relief benefits of boxing are some of the main reasons people flock to the sport, but at WSG, we recognise that everyone's journey is different. For this reason, we cultivate a community of welcoming and devoted members so that you can continue to be committed and train.

    FAQs About Boxing

    6 Things to Know Before Your First Boxing Class

    1. Take a rest day before your first class.
    2. Be ready for a total body workout.
    3. You'll need to get your stance down.
    4. Don't go all out with your punches.
    5. You won't be amazing at first, and that's ok.
    6. Doing "extra credit" can make a huge difference.

    To progress faster, but if you don't have much time to devote, we recommend at least two workouts a week for a minimum of 2 hours. And for those who want to progress, you'll have to ramp it up to 3 to 5 workouts a week. Physical preparation is very important.

    The truth is that boxing requires incredible discipline, thinking ahead, being aware, and being tactical. That's why it's referred to by many as 'the sweet science. 'That being said, building a solid foundation for techniques is important when you're starting.

    Boxing workouts are great for really working your entire body. This intensity gets the endorphins flowing, which help elevate your mood and serve as a form of natural anti-anxiety. It takes your mind off of stress, but it also takes your mind off of the great workout you are getting.

    Four weeks

    You may feel thorough 'worked out' after a boxing session. However, since it's an intensive exercise that involves a wide range of other activities, boxing helps a person lose weight quickly. You can expect to see results in as little as four weeks.

    Urban Athletic - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    urban athletic

    0410 686 482

    Urban Athletic makes fitness fun, adaptable, and inclusive. Our gym has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and our skilled staff makes everyone feel empowered. Our gym has similar-minded people. Health-conscious people of all ages, sexual orientations, genders, and identities.

    Gaining fitness while learning proper boxing techniques!

    This class is open, enjoyable, and mentally and physically demanding. Our certified boxing teachers are the real deal; they were boxers in their past lives and are enthusiastic about instructing novice to experienced athletes.

    Hammers Gym 24-7 - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    hammers gym 24 7

    0398 789 267

    Hammer's Gym is a Martial Art and Self Defense Center with over 20 years of experience. Our martial arts instructors and gym trainers are top-notch. Many famous clients and fighters only use Hammer's Gym.


    Our structured boxing curriculum, which emphasizes the proper form, footwork, striking, and defense needed for boxing, is covered in our boxing technique class. The progressive grading system at Hammer's Gym is in line with boxing technique.

    Students have the option of grading to the first of the Intermediate levels after three months of diligent instruction. Gradings after that go at the student's own speed, but not before they've had at least three months of steady instruction.

    Fitlife Boxing Club - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    fitlife boxing club

    0400 957 079

    0400 957 079

    Our classes are surprising and based on boxing. They are appropriate for all levels of fitness. Welcome to beginners.

    Boxing For Fitness

    These classes, which incorporate high-intensity training techniques, are meant to challenge everyone who attends, boost cardiovascular fitness, and motivate you.

    Masters Boxing

    Male and female aged 34+. Maybe you want to cross it off your bucket list, accomplish a job objective, or it's just something you've always wanted to do. training every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    Youth Boxing

    Great for fitness, coordination, self-confidence, and self-defense. Teenagers may learn the sport of boxing from certified instructors in our kids boxing sessions, which are a terrific place to start.

    The Rumble Room - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    the rumble room

    1300 062 978

    The Rumble Room is a 24-hour Australian-owned gym in Fairfield, close to Melbourne's CBD. We have cutting-edge cardio equipment, weight machines with pin-loaded and plate-loaded weights, a large free weights area with four squat racks, and boxing bags, speedballs, and a ring.

    We offer Functional Fit, HIIT Boxing, Functional Boxing, Abs and Boxing, HIIT Strength and Boxing, and Virtual Spin. Train 365 days a year. Just use your 24-hour access tag. We value our orderliness and friendliness. ensuring you feel confident and comfortable in the club.

    Additionally offered is personal training. Because all of our personal trainers are professionally licensed and have a wealth of expertise and experience in the fitness industry, they can help you achieve your goals more quickly.

    Power Gymnasium - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    power gymnasium

    0383 839 151

    At Power Gym, we provide group sessions with particular graded classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings to assure the advancement of every participant. We offer classes for students of all ages, fitness levels, and levels of boxing proficiency, from Beginner to Advanced. Our students range from regular people looking to take our classes for technique and fitness to aspirant athletes looking to move up the ranks and compete professionally.

    Fitness Ring - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    fitness ring

    0407 961 873

    Boxing is the best exercise because it makes you feel good about yourself. We have new fitness challenges, winter programming, and small group courses despite being on lockdown. We'll fight back harder than ever. Our "never give up" motto makes us champions.

    Fitness Ring, which was founded in 2008, is not your ordinary boxing gym. We are a family-run, personalized, enthusiastic, and supportive establishment in Richmond that welcomes participation from people of all fitness levels.

    The music is loud, the laughter never stops, and the Greek coffee is always accessible. There are no treadmills at Fitness Ring, so you can both learn about the sport of boxing and genuinely enjoy your workout. We are not a super walk-in gym. We genuinely think that physical activity shouldn't be a chore but rather something that makes you happy and feel amazing!

    Prestige Gym - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    prestige gym melbourne

    +61 416 522 743

    Almost all fighters start out as amateurs. This affords them the opportunity to develop their skills and experience through a series of amateur contests up to the highest level, which is competing at the Olympic Games. Although many boxers "become pro" without first reaching the highest amateur level, this is often a stepping stone to a professional career.

    BoxingFit - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


    0130 269 348

    Whatever your motivation, there are a variety of classes to suit you with around 17 sessions each day, 100 classes per week, 30 distinct sorts of classes, and a wide range of fitness levels. You will burn fat and calories during each 30-minute H.I.I.T. session while also gaining strength, becoming more fit, and, most importantly, seeing results.

    We take great satisfaction in giving our members the best training experience possible in a warm, welcoming environment. All of our trainers are certified personal trainers that have boxing experience. As a result, we can ensure that both our intensive personal training programs and group classes are results-driven.

    South Side Fitness - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    south side fitness

    0385 989 437

    At South Side Fitness, we put a lot of emphasis on helping you reach your potential. To do this, we work together to push you forward while also educating you on the fundamentals of boxing technique, the whys and why nots, and good ol' fashioned sweat sessions! The main goals of boxing St. Kilda are enjoyment, personal development, and feeling fantastic. Men and women of all skill levels are welcome, so get down and dirty!

    Knockout Fitness and Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    knockout fitness and boxing

    0420 504 268

    In Forest Hill, Victoria, there is a boxing gym called Knockout Fitness and Boxing. We only work with certified personal trainers who lead a variety of group and private boxing and kickboxing classes. Women's Only Boxing Classes, Mixed Group Boxing Classes (for men and women), and Personal Training for Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing

    We work with your skill level – beginner or advanced.

    You'll feel confident that you'll learn boxing skills without any contact training. We tailor our instruction to your comfort and ability level, making boxing accessible to anyone. We'll also help you advance your boxing training and enter the ring.

    Female-friendly boxing training.

    We've planned our schedule such that there are hardly any men at the gym when women are taking boxing courses. This indicates that amateur boxers train at one time, and women train for boxing fitness at a different time in a secure and non-threatening atmosphere.

    Doherty's Gym City - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    doherty's gym city

    0396 211 023

    The design of the gym is modeled after a typical West Coast US gym. You won't believe how much equipment we have for boxing, cardio exercise, and weight training. We have a completely equipped pro shop with all the training supplements, equipment, and Doherty's Gym apparel you could possibly need.

    DMD's Mixed Martial Arts - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    dmd's mixed martial arts

    0409 791 154

     Our gym has two floors; the ground floor has a padded room for BJJ classes and will soon have a space for women-only classes.

    In addition, there are two boxing rings, punching and kicking bags, cycles, rowing machines, and a space for plyometric and resistance training in boxing and kickboxing. All amenities are free for members to use.

    Martial arts teach self-control and confidence. You'll feel right at home at DMD's MMA, whether your goals are to get in shape, lose weight, tone up, learn self-defense, or eventually compete. Before you begin, don't assume you have to be an expert.

    Melbourne Fight Club - Martial Arts Academy - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    melbourne fight club

    0396 205 432

    Your arms and core will get stronger and more toned as you exercise. Our boxing instruction focuses on beginners and is practical. We'll begin with pad work and show you the proper ways to slip, weave, block, and punch.

    Our main focus is on perfect technique and practical boxing instruction. Our goal is to educate you on the value of proper footwork while also demonstrating body rotation and movement for maximum power. Boxing can teach you a lot of things—you simply need the guts to start!

    Mischa's Boxing Central - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    mischa's boxing central

    0408 012 298

    Boxing for Fitness, Boxing Fitness Classes

    All fitness levels, including absolute novices, are welcome in these non-contact workouts. You'll learn some fundamental boxing skills from instructors who have all boxed before, and you'll also get a fantastic exercise.

    The Underground Fitness Club - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    the underground fitness club

    0393 292 909

    Our qualified fitness advisers and trainers will assist you in choosing the best program for you and overcoming any persistent plateaus. They'll assist you in getting out of fitness ruts and take every occasion to re-energize your routine. Along the way, they'll challenge you, change your outlook and build your confidence with results that extend far beyond the mirror.


    Boxing gives you the opportunity to simultaneously build and increase your upper body strength, anaerobic fitness levels, agility, cardiovascular fitness, and coordination.

    With a concentration on bag and pad work, shield exercises, skipping, boxing combinations, and techniques, classes can vary greatly.

    North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness - Boxing Gym Classes

    north melbourne boxing & fitness

    0393 288 814

    Our lessons are designed to give you the knowledge and physical fitness needed to practice boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai and compete. Sessions place emphasis on calorie expenditure and fat burning to assist you in achieving better health & fitness whilst improving strength & power.

    Sessions for personal training, groups, and corporations are offered at affordable rates and can be customized to your needs. We can come to you or you can train at our facility, which has a welcoming atmosphere.

    FightFit - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne


    1300 344 482

     People congregate there to support one another in achieving their objectives. People want to train there, and instructors want to teach there. We don't provide mindless, routine classes. We provide chances.

     We stand out from the competition because all of our trainers have experience, are former fighters, and have competed at the highest levels both domestically and abroad.

    The Fighters Factory - Boxing Gym Classes Melbourne

    the fighters factory

    0398 777 344

    As a boxing-specific gym, we provide authentic boxing workouts to get you sweating. Our boxing gym is an aspiring boxer's main income source. The Fighters Factory is your home away from home for a workout, a game, or one of our legendary fight nights.

    Build core strength and endurance with our full-body workouts. You can train like a boxer at your own pace with our boxing circuits or in one-on-one sessions. If you complete our courses, you'll want more.

    At the Fighters Factory, women and men of all ages can train for weight loss, boxing, or self-defense. Train hard and keep your head down.

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