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Top 15 Plastic Surgeon In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

As the most populous city in the state of Victoria, Melbourne is home to a large number of plastic surgeons

Whether you are looking for a cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance or reconstructive surgery to repair an injury, you will be able to find a qualified surgeon in Melbourne, Victoria is also home to a number of world-renowned plastic surgery clinics. So if you are considering a plastic surgery procedure, you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality care in Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List Of Plastic Surgeon In Melbourne, Victoria

    Dr. Joni Feldman Plastic Surgeon Melbourne, Victoria

    dr joni feldman

    (03) 9824 4521

    It's crucial to pick the best cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne for your surgery. An skilled surgeon has a higher likelihood of achieving a successful outcome, which will provide about years of satisfaction and increased confidence. However, picking the wrong surgeon could lead to a less than ideal outcome. To find the best cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne for your needs, you must compare physicians' credentials, abilities, reputations, and post-operative care. You should also go with your gut instinct, which includes how at ease and trustworthy the surgeon makes you feel. Let's examine these things in more detail now. Few things are as intimately personal as your body and how it feels and appears. Your emotional health can be impacted by even minor changes to your look. Because of this, any cosmetic surgery should be carefully selected and carried out by a doctor you can trust and be honest with.

    A Melbourne-Based Female Cosmetic Surgeon

    No one knows a woman's body better than another woman when it comes to cosmetic modifications, which is just one of the reasons why so many women place their trust in Dr. Joni Feldman. Joni, a female cosmetic surgeon, is aware of the weaknesses and insecurities that all women have. She can easily put you at ease so that you may discuss your worries in an open manner. You may be sure that you're in good hands because the doctor has over 23 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field and was a pioneer of liposuction in Australia. Injectable wrinkle reducers, dermal fillers, and gynecomastia reduction are some of the surgeries Joni currently conducts on males using liposuction.

    Hobart Institute Of Plastic Surgery Melbourne, Victoria

    hobart institute of plastic surgery

    (03) 6128 7845

    The new Hobart Institute of Plastic Surgery is pleased to welcome you. A modern facility located in the CBD across from Hobart Private Hospital, where the majority of our surgeries are carried out. To facilitate communication and surgery planning, we provided cutting-edge aesthetic surgical technology, such as 3D imaging and augmented reality. Arthroscopy and joint replacement are among the most recent functional Hand & Wrist surgery procedures we offer. We also offer prompt skin cancer surgery. At each stage of your care, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will be by your side.

    Surgical Services

    wrist numbness (endoscopic & open). Dupuytren’s. Joint reconstruction arthritis in the thumb. Ganglions. The trigger finger. Fractures (finger & hand). fracture of the scaph. broken carpal bones. trauma to soft tissues. Limited and complete wrist fusion after arthroscopy. ligament reconstruction in the scapula. repair of TFCC. Arthritis of the distal radioulnar joint

    breast enhancement chest lift Reduced breast size. Abdominoplasty. Brachioplasty. body sculpting. Liposuction. Facelift. Neck raise. eyebrow lift grafting of fat. Blepharoplasty. Rhinoplasty. Otoplasty. Surgery for Plastic Reconstruction. cutaneous cancer reconstruction of soft tissues

    Bayside Plastic Surgery Melbourne, Victoria

    bayside plastic surgery

    03 9596 6952

    Facelift. eyelid surgery Rhinoplasty. ear surgery Temporal, neck, and brow lift. Facial enhancement and fat transfer. Breast enhancement. Reduced breast size. Breast augmentation revision. Boost Your Bust.

    Scar repair and other reconstructive surgeries. for skin cancer surgery. mastectomy as a preventive measure and breast reconstruction. cleft lip and palate surgery Birthmarks on the Hands vascular lesions that are congenitally colored. Contracture and the Dupuytren illness. Hand overuse conditions. Hand injuries and tumors. Syndromes of Muscle Tendon Overuse images showing skin cancer

    FAQs About Plastic Surgeon

     No, it is not hard to become a surgeon IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT. Sure at times, it was long hours and hard work, but you will enjoy every bit of it. It takes about 13 years to be a plastic surgeon in medical school. The path to becoming a plastic surgeon is a long and demanding one. The process involves:

    • Earning a Bachelor’s Degree.
    • Passing the Medical College Admissions Test
    • Applying to and completing medical school.
    • Completing a residency program.

    It's important to select a doctor certified in plastic surgery by the  Board of Plastic Surgery. Generally, a surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery has graduated from an accredited medical school and has completed at least five years of graduate medical education.

    Plastic surgeons spend many hours in operating rooms. Whether they are completing a breast reduction or a brow lift, plastic surgeons must exhibit great skill and precision as they lead a surgical team. When not in surgery, plastic surgeons spend a good deal of time seeing patients in their offices.

    Plastic surgeons fill in where orthopaedic surgeons cannot, dealing with cosmetic issues as well as the inner workings of the hand. In addition, plastic surgeons can specialise in hand surgery as part of their board certification, allowing them to treat problems like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendon damage.

    Usually Permanent. The procedure can last a lifetime, but the results vary. Maximal healing and change of the nose occur in the first few years after the procedure. In some cases, a second procedure may need to be done to correct irregularities in the shape or size of the nose.

    Dr. Craig Rubinstein Plastic Surgeon Melbourne, Victoria

    dr craig rubinstein

    1300 599 4536


    Do you wish your breasts were bigger? Do your drooping breasts after a recent pregnancy or weight changes upset you? Do your excessively huge breasts, on the other hand, negatively impact your quality of life? Then having breast surgery might be advantageous for you. Do you have skin rashes as a result of your stomach's sagging skin? Do you believe that pregnancy or weight changes have significantly altered your body? Tummy surgery might help you if these conditions affect you. Learn as much as you can about the charges, fees, and pricing associated with your cosmetic plastic surgery.

    Melbourne Institute Of Plastic Surgery

    melbourne institute of plastic surgery

    03 9508 4587

    Our dedicated team of plastic surgeons, nursing staff specialized in plastic surgery, and other support staff committed to giving patients the greatest care and unmatched results has been successful in this endeavor. Our Institute places a high priority on confidentiality, and patients can enter through a private entrance. To improve our practice's quality of care and your outcomes, we push ourselves to constantly learn and grow. We respect our relationships with other experts and take great satisfaction in the reputation we have built locally, nationally, and worldwide.

    The Stonnington Day Surgery, a cutting-edge operating complex that is fully furnished, authorized, and registered, is affiliated with the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. In order to maintain the high standards of excellence at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, we also have strong ties to Monash University, private hospitals like Cabrini Hospital and The Avenue Hospital, as well as the public hospital system. We are proud of our robust fellowship program, which was created a number of years ago, in addition to our hospital affiliations that support teaching and research.

    Dr. Jeremy Hunt Plastic Surgeon Melbourne, Victoria

    dr jeremy hunt

    1300 157 4522

    Plastic Surgery Procedures

    A "mummy makeover" combines abdominal and breast surgery to help you regain your pre-pregnancy form. For patients looking to change their bodies and affirm gender, top surgery and FFS facial feminization are recommended.

    Peter Callan Specialist Plastic Surgeon Melbourne, Victoria

    peter callan specialist

    61 3 5222 7856

    We are aware of the wonderful effects that self-confidence may have on practically every part of your life. In order to get the outcome you want and deserve, we are passionate about assisting you in defining your goals and collaborating with you on the optimal strategy. We have a reputation for providing the best standards in plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for clientele who appreciate experience, knowledge, and quality. We stay current on the latest techniques and developments.


    One of the trickiest procedures in plastic surgery is the rhinoplasty. Therefore, it is crucial to select a surgeon with extensive training and expertise. It takes time and work to have a nose job. It entails adjusting the nose's size and form while making sure it fits the face and works properly. Blepharoplasty is another name for eyelid surgery. Upper blepharoplasty treats extra skin and sagging or drooping upper eyelids. Lower blepharoplasty treats lower eyelids that are saggy or loose. Repositioning the facial tissues to their youthful position is the goal of a facelift. A full facelift treats jowls, marionette lines, a sagging neck, and the jowls (lower facelift, neck lift). It also improves the lower eyelids and nasolabial folds by lifting the cheeks (midface lift), and it resolves forehead lines or sagging brows (brow lift or forehead lift).


    By using an injectable, you can attain a more rested and youthful face without surgery in one of the easiest and most efficient ways possible. By calming down the muscles in the face, fillers that provide volume and rigidity to hollowed-out areas of the face, and injections that remove fat, anti-wrinkle injections minimize wrinkles. Peels, cosmetic courses, and skin microneedling are some more non-surgical therapies. Breast reduction surgery is frequently chosen by women whose naturally large breasts are lowering their quality of life. A burden may come from large, hefty breasts. Weight gain can cause back and neck pain as well as posture issues.

    Sometimes, having large breasts can make it difficult to exercise or restrict the kinds of clothes a woman can wear. Breasts are reshaped during breast reduction surgery to make them smaller and more erect by first removing breast tissue. Breast augmentation is the use of breast implants to expand the breasts. You might desire a breast lift depending on your goals (please see additional information on augmentation with mastopexy).

    Cosmetic Avenue Plastic Surgery Melbourne, Victoria

    cosmetic avenue

    (03) 9111 0569

    "Confidence is the Ultimate Freedom," we believe at Cosmetic Avenue. Our goal is to provide our clients with the exceptional cosmetic procedures and customer service they deserve so that they can achieve the confidence they deserve. Our main goal is to deliver a moral and straightforward approach to cosmetic surgery while making sure your time with us exceeds your expectations. Your happiness, health, and comfort are our top priorities at Cosmetic Avenue.

    Our Philosophy

    Our motto at Cosmetic Avenue is "Confidence is the Ultimate Freedom." Our goal is to provide each of our clients the confidence they deserve by offering first-rate cosmetic procedures and a fantastic customer experience. Our commitment to offering an ethical and sincere approach to cosmetic surgeries and treatments goes hand in hand with our desire to make sure your time spent with us exceeds your expectations.

    Parkside Plastic Surgery Melbourne, Victoria

    parkside plastic surgery

    03 9021 7889

    A wide spectrum of reconstructive surgeries, including skin cancer surgery, hand surgery, reconstructive breast surgery, and face trauma surgery, are provided by our highly skilled reconstructive surgeons. In order to make you appear your best, we also provide a wide range of aesthetic surgery for the face, breast, and body.

    Cosmetic Procedures

    Reduced breast size. Breast enhancement. the breast (Mastopexy). breast augmentation and lift. asymmetrical breasts. Otoplasty (Ear pinning surgery). Earlobe reduction and repaired torn lobe. surgery on the upper and lower eyelids (blepharoplasty). repair of ptosis. Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck). correction of gynecomastia using body contour (male breasts). Lifted Arm (Brachioplasty). Leg lift. Liposculpture (Liposuction). face/nose cosmetic procedures

    Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

    Breast reconstruction by microsurgery (DIEP, TUG). reconstruction with breast implants. Acellular Dermal Matrix for Breast Reconstruction (ADM). reconstruction following a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Reduced breast size. breasts with tumors. flipped nipple. rebuilding of the node. wrist tunnel.

    Chris Moss Plastic Surgeon Melbourne, Victoria

    chris moss

    (03) 9826 9459

    He is a plastic surgeon with exceptional talent who is committed to modern advancements in his field. He is also regarded as an expert in contemporary surgical and non-surgical methods of facial rejuvenation. He likes being at the cutting edge of his profession. He continues to provide his patients with access to technologies and methods that are always improving and expanding the possibilities and choices they have.

    The modern office of Dr. Moss is situated in the Toorak neighborhood of Melbourne. He specializes only on cosmetic surgery of the nose and face. Dr. Moss specializes in rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, fat grafting, facelift, neck lift, and these procedures. He is known for his top-notch and realistic-looking outcomes because to his creative approach to face rejuvenation.

    Waverley Plastic Surgery Melbourne, Victoria

    waverley plastic surgery

    (03) 9807 3478

    WPS is largely a healthcare organization, with David doing 80% of all procedures through referrals from general practitioners around Australia. Additionally, David's cosmetic patients come from a variety of backgrounds and travel great distances. Many of them are members of the families of other healthcare professionals who prefer David's considerate and professional demeanor to pushy sales techniques. Before a patient decides to have surgery, David makes sure they are clear about their goals in order to secure the best possible outcome.

    Non-surgical rejuvenation.

    Work places for David Ying in East Melbourne and the South Eastern suburbs include both public and private hospitals. He is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Royal Australian College of Plastic Surgeons (FRACS) (ASPS). Understanding how and why a surgeon joins FRACS and ASPS is crucial before undertaking any type of cosmetic surgery operation. Learn more about selecting a surgeon.

    How does a Plastic Surgeon differ from a Cosmetic Surgeon?

    In addition to a medical degree, being a (FRACS)and (ASPS) needs ten years of rigorous training. David Yin graduated with honors from Melbourne to obtain his medical degree. David had his training at The Royal Children's, Royal Melbourne, Frankston, Geelong, Footscray, Sydney Children's, Westmead, and Dandenong Hospitals, all of which are locations where he currently practices as a consultant and instructs aspiring plastic surgeons. Waverley Private Hospital and St. Vincent's Private Hospital East Melbourne both perform surgeries for David's private patients. On behalf of Interplast, David also oversees a group of surgeons in Labasa, Fiji, once a year.

    Me Clinic Plastic Surgery Melbourne, Victoria

    me clinic

    1300 852 689

    About Us

    We are honored to be a member of the global Me Clinic organization, which also has cosmetic surgery centers in Australia and the US. The Me Clinic was founded to guarantee that patients receive the best counsel and direction from the world's top cosmetic surgeons when undergoing surgical operations. From the initial consultation through surgery, recovery, and life after surgery, it attempts to inform and direct patients.

    The Me Clinic employs some of the most skilled cosmetic surgeons from Australia and the United States who share the same ideas and principles to make sure that every patient has a loving and happy experience. This method aids patients in making the most of their operation and obtaining the desired outcomes.

    Bryan Mendelson Plastic Surgeon Melbourne, Victoria

    dr. bryan mendelson

    61 3 9826 4169

    The development of surgical rejuvenation techniques that work in harmony with the underlying anatomy and are able to meet people's inherent desire for a subtle rejuvenation that has no signs of having undergone surgery has been made feasible by his research on facial ageing, which has been published in multiple academic publications including the online edition of the venerable anatomy textbook Grey's Anatomy.

    The emotional benefit of this approach is that patients can be liberated from the common feeling of conspicuousness after surgery. More than ever, people want to work and socialize without being constrained by their age or disappointed by how they look. Patients value having faith in his aesthetic judgment, as well as his anatomical expertise and surgical ability, in this case, as well as with his rejuvenation surgery.

    Patients of Dr. Mendelson come from all over the world and Australia. They are aware that his insistence on excellence goes beyond the finest surgical standards to cover each patient's mental health as well. He travels for several weeks each year to meet the demand for his anatomical and surgical instruction, performing real-time demonstration surgery at surgical symposia and instructing at courses and conferences all over the world. He is one of the most well-known plastic surgeons on a global scale.

    Dr. Anh Plastic Surgeon Melbourne, Victoria

    dr anh

    (1300 8-355664)

    The patients who come to Dr. Anh's Perth plastic surgery, Medispa, and wellness clinic are her top priority. For her patients' emotional and physical well-being, she has created her practice. You can learn more about Dr. Anh's treatment philosophies, as well as frequently asked questions and blog posts about her Perth clinic and procedures, on the pages that follow.

    Popular Breast Surgery Procedures

    Boost Your Bust. In order to give the breasts a firmer, perkier, and more youthful appearance, a breast lift is intended to tighten the skin and realign the breasts. Reduced breast size. Breast reduction involves removing extra skin, glandular tissue, and fat in order to contour, lift, and reduce the size and weight of excessively big breasts. Envisage. Gynecomastia, or "man boobs," is a condition in which the male breast tissue is enlarged and needs to be reduced or sculpted.

    Niche Plastic Plastic Surgery Melbourne, Victoria

    niche plastic surgery

    03 9853 6321

    Our surgeons have specialized competence in facial cosmetic surgery, including rhinoplasty (nose), blepharoplasty (eyelid), and facial rejuvenation. They specialize in both adult and pediatric plastic surgery. We also handle breast surgery, body contouring, reconstructive microsurgery, hand surgery, and skin malignancies.

    The rooms come with an operating room where those with small skin blemishes can receive comfortable care. Additionally, Northpark Private, St. Vincent's East Melbourne, St. Vincent's Kew, Epworth (Hawthorn, Richmond, and Freemasons), Mildura Private, Bellbird Private, the Royal Children's Hospital, and Frances Perry House are among the facilities where our surgeons offer excellent care.

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