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Top 15 Math Tutors In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Whether you are looking for someone to help your child with their homework or need assistance preparing for an upcoming test, these tutors will be able to help. With various backgrounds and experience levels, there will be someone perfect for your needs. So take a look and see who stands out to you!

It can be a great help for students who need extra assistance in this subject. However, many different math tutors Melbourne are available, so it is important to find the right one for your needs. You can find the perfect tutor for your child by doing some research.

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    Ultimate List Of Math Tutors in Melbourne, Victoria

    SLAM Learning Centres Math Tutors in Melbourne

    slam learning centres

    1300 71 75 71

    If one is a student or a parent, it is strongly advised to continue reading. These lines have been heard numerous times, so much so that they are impossible to tally. Whether one has uttered them or has been a parent who has encountered this "excuse," it is important to keep listening. In the realm of academics, particularly mathematics and school in general, students and parents often face significant challenges. This can lead them to believe that such subjects are simply not their forte, causing frustration and discouragement. Parents may view it as a mere excuse, or they may have already come to accept it as a reality. If any of this strikes a chord, it is worth holding on, as there is hope.

    Do you find yourself:

    • Leaving math or homework until the night before?
    • Constantly procrastinating and postponing math for later?
    • Avoiding math because you believe it's too difficult and "not your thing"?
    • Planning to abandon math as soon as you're old enough?
    • Already giving your best effort but still struggling to make progress?

    It is common knowledge that most individuals have experienced one or more of these situations at some point. And understandably so! Picture this: You find yourself in a math classroom among a full class of up to 30 students, all being taught by a single teacher. Considering the fact that everyone learns differently, it becomes apparent why you might believe that math just isn't your cup of tea. This scenario can shed light on a lot of things. Doesn't it seem reasonable to assume that one-on-one or small-group instruction would yield better results? You're absolutely right!

    When we have the opportunity to focus on you and your unique learning style, success becomes much more attainable. Since we understand that every individual learns differently, wouldn't it be beneficial to gain insight into your specific learning style? Wouldn't it make sense to become an overall better learner? I'll let you answer that question for yourself. We are already aware of the incredible benefits of one-on-one tutoring or learning in small groups. Additionally, understanding your preferred mode of learning can be immensely helpful. That's why we offer both.

    Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are SLAM Learning Centres, and collectively, we possess over 30,000 hours of tutoring experience. With SLAM's proven teaching techniques, you can be confident in achieving tangible results. But how did it all begin? SLAM Learning Centres emerged in late 2018 with a simple vision in mind: to create the kind of math tutor that we wished we had during our own schooling years.

    Let's be honest. Tutoring centres are ubiquitous in every neighbourhood. We aspired to create something unique, something that students would eagerly anticipate attending. We aimed to develop a program that genuinely worked without overwhelming our students. Our goal was to create an experience similar to sports training or learning a new skill like playing a musical instrument—an endeavour that school-aged students genuinely enjoy. What does this mean for our students? It means tailored, enjoyable, and effective tutoring that students absolutely love!

    Tutors Australia Math Tutors Melbourne

    tutors australia math tutors melbourne, victoria

    1300 083 282

    Services We Offer.

    You are not compelled to leave on a certain day or at a certain hour. Instead, because we promote customer convenience, our professors will come to your home or meet with you online. Our instructors also have valid Working With Children Checks and are able to provide proof upon request. Our once-a-week one-on-one coaching aids in the confidence building of kids all throughout Australia. Students are not struggling because they are unintelligent; rather, it's because they aren't paying close attention. The standards for one-on-one tutoring at LGT are unmatched. Connect with one of our outstanding tutors in our online classroom. With video chat, a shared whiteboard, and pop quizzes, it's as near to in-person tutoring as you can get!

    Primary School

    It's all about creating the foundations in primary school, and if they aren't there, it could be challenging to keep growing later. Our primary school tutors are passionate, animated, and engaging in their work. They are also trained to work with younger students. Your child should enjoy each lesson, please! Our basic tutoring covers writing, reading, and math in its entirety. Additionally, your tutor can help them with any homework or other assignments linked to school, allowing you to spend more time with your family while they are learning.

    High School

    Having a role model at their side can make a world of difference when kids start to forge their own unique identities. Your child can receive all the intellectual and emotional support they require to succeed in high school from tutors in Australia. We favor one-on-one training since it enables us to develop sincere relationships with our students. In all high school topics, we offer help. Along with helping them with homework, your tutor can help them prepare for tests and other exams.

    Tutorpath Math Tutors Melbourne

    tutorpath math tutors melbourne, victoria

    +61 3 9077 8541

    An inventive Australian start-up company called TutorPath offers a complete one-stop online location for anyone looking for traditional tutoring services like driving schools, personal trainers, piano teachers, life counselors, and surf instructors!

    Our dual-purpose goal is to (a) help education, recreation, and training service providers connect with new clients across the country, and (b) provide a straightforward 21st century way for users to find the ideal trainers, tutors, instructors, and coaches for their needs. As a result, we are encouraging people of all ages and skill levels to succeed and try new things in addition to helping thousands of small and large enterprises grow and achieve their goals.

    FAQS About Math Tutors

    Two hours of tuition a week is seen as the best option for providing high results in the shortest time. It provides a more consistent and free structure for the student where they will be able to get the most out of each tuition lesson, focusing on whatever they need to without feeling rushed.

    Teaching mathematics methods include lecture, inductive, deductive, heuristic or discovery, analytic, synthetic, problem-solving, laboratory and project methods. Teachers may adopt any method according to the specific unit of the syllabus, available resources and the number of students in a class.

    • Homework, tests, classwork, and NOTES.
    • Calendar or planner.
    • Textbook. 
    • Test-specific questions.
    • Test study guides. 
    • Laptop. 
    • Paper, pens, and pencils. 
    • Something to do in case of a wait.
    • Create the setting. The first thing the student and tutor can do is create an atmosphere that makes tutoring more enjoyable.
    • Ask the student to teach the tutor. 
    • Choose topics the student is interested in.
    • Take adequate breaks. 
    • Encourage open and honest communication.
    • Give you positive feedback.
    • Listen as you describe the problem.
    • Help you identify and correct recurring errors.
    • Help you understand the ideas presented in your textbook.
    • Demonstrate similar processes and refer you to other sources.
    • Ask questions that will help you in the problem-solving process.

    Kumon Footscray Math Tutors Melbourne

    kumon footscray math tutors melbourne, victoria

    0401 922 932

    We provide specialized Math and English study programs at Kumon Footscray that allow every student, regardless of age or grade level, to study at a level that best suits their academic aptitude and advance beyond their present school grade level. To learn more about how we can help your child develop their reading and math abilities, focus, daily study habits, and self-confidence, get in touch with us today.

    Melbourne Family Hub Math Tutors Melbourne

    melbourne family hub math tutors melbourne, victoria

    0435 808 211

    Our Homework Helpers work one-on-one with young children in primary schools, helping them with their regular homework assignments and any additional reading, writing, and math tasks that their teacher may have given them.

    Each tutoring staff member has a valid Working with Children Police Check. They all have a contagious zest for learning, and many have degrees in education or are enrolled in education programs. Our tutors are kind, enthusiastic, goal-oriented, and subject-matter specialists. English, mathematics, science, social science, art, health, LOTE, and information technology are just a few of the topics for which tutors are offered. The lifeblood of our company is its employees. Each educator is carefully screened and examined before joining our team to ensure that they are really dependable and passionate about their work. Through a thorough screening and interview process, all new Tutors are chosen. The procedure includes a rigorous application, a face-to-face interview, a thorough reference check, and a required Working With Children Police Check.

    Wise Old Owl Tutoring Math Tutors Melbourne

    wise old owl tutoring math tutors melbourne, victoria

    (03) 9723 6852

    Keep studying math and leave the rest behind! I have 15 years of experience as a fully qualified math teacher/tutor in Melbourne, helping students of all abilities realize their full potential.

    Introducing Your Maths Tutor

    I don't only teach math; I also comprehend the difficulties that pupils face. I have therefore spent a lot of time determining the needs and preferred learning style of each pupil. Based on this assessment, I then create an individualized learning plan for each student. My students can therefore use a variety of tried-and-true methods to satisfy their diverse learning needs.

    Why Work With Me?

    I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics and Mathematics Education from the University of Melbourne and am a compassionate, understanding, and experienced math teacher. Has experience tutoring and teaching for more than 15 years keeps their VIT registration up to date.

    Ainos Math Tutors Melbourne

    ainos math tutors melbourne, victoria

    +61 3 9663 69441

    AINOS EDUCATION CENTRE is an educational facility dedicated to fostering student success. We approach our work with the goal of providing students with DIRECTION and positioning them at the TOP of their respective community, organization, or institution. Our goal is to give them the resources and assistance they need to achieve excellence. We concentrate on VCE education for students in Years 8 through 12, and our areas of expertise are English, Mathematics, and Science. Utilizing our special approach, we successfully develop students' talents in order to maximize their VCE scores.

    Tutor2you Math Tutors Melbourne, Victoria

    tutor2you math tutors in melbourne, victoria

    1300 4200 63

    We Help Struggling Students Succeed Even If They Are Falling Behind, Lacking Confidence And Motivation

    Every student should acquire the knowledge, self-assurance, and drive needed to put these skills to use in order to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

    Professional Math Tutoring Done Differently: In-Home & Online

    Every student should receive the training they need to succeed in school and beyond, along with the knowledge, self-assurance, and drive to put that training into practice. Diagnostic tests can help reveal knowledge gaps, ensuring that your child's instructor can support them where it matters. Spending money on a tutor who won't engage your child is a waste. Meet your local math tutor in person or online before deciding. Spending money on a tutor who won't engage your child is a waste. Meet your local math tutor in person or online before deciding. We're not about to lock you in—we're about faster results. No significant upfront commitments (only pay for what you use). There are no hidden costs, and you may cancel at any moment. Our instructors are qualified teachers with expertise and the right tools. Our entire staff of private math instructors is qualified and permitted to deal with children.

    The Tutoring Company Math Tutors Melbourne

    the tutoring company math tutors melbourne, victoria

    0432 221 223

    We specialize in offering personalized, one-on-one instruction at your home or via the internet. The Tutoring Company places a strong emphasis on offering individualized education by getting to know your child's particular requirements and creating a tailored program. Our sessions give students the chance to focus on their areas of interest or concern, complete assignments, revise, or stay one step ahead of the curve by learning new subjects. Our instructors are passionate about working with children and have extensive training. All of our tutors have access to regular professional development training, which helps them learn new teaching strategies and resources. Additionally, each instructor has either a Working With Children Check or a Teacher Registration. As a tutoring and educational service provider, we adhere to a complete philosophy in which we collaborate with you, your child's teachers, the school, and other experts including educational psychologists and speech therapists.

    Year 7-9 Math Tutoring

    For students to develop a deeper comprehension of math ideas and create a solid foundation for senior math, middle school math tutoring is essential. Students must fully learn all of the numeracy courses taught in elementary school if they are to understand the many new math topics taught in the Middle Years. Additionally, students need to be able to solve written questions and synthesize many concepts into a single problem. Each child is different and will experience difficulties differently. As a result, students benefit more from a tailored approach than from accepting a predetermined curriculum frequently provided via the computer by other tutoring organizations.

    Our one-on-one tutoring can be customized to meet the individual learning needs of each student. encouraging for raising academic achievement and resolving children's worries. Our math tutors will assist pupils in comprehending concepts, erasing misunderstandings, resolving written issues, and handling multi-concept issues. Additionally, tutors help your child think mathematically rather than just following a procedure. They have skills that will be useful as they age. Students can learn these skills from The Tutoring Company's qualified math tutors. Our math teachers are recent graduates with excellent grades in math from Year 12 who are either pursuing mathematics in college or are certified math teachers in Australia. All tutors must possess a current Working with Children Check or Teacher Registration.

    Slam Learning Centres Math Tutors Melbourne

    slam learning centres math tutors in melbourne, victoria

    0481 243 091

    Slam Learning Centres was founded toward the end of 2019. Our objective was clear-cut. Make the math tutor you've always wanted to have for students. How will this impact our students, then? Students enjoy individually targeted, effective tutoring!

    If You Are A Student Or Parent, We Urge You To Read!

    Have you ever heard anything comparable? In that case, you should definitely pay attention! We have all probably heard these phrases before. It's impossible to count them all! Math and education can be challenging for students and parents. If you've said this before or if you're a parent who has heard this "reason," continue listening. It's unfortunate that you may come to the conclusion that it "simply isn't your thing," which may be challenging and discouraging even in the best of circumstances. If any of this resonates with you, sit tight. You might think this is just a parent's defense, or you might have already accepted it for "what it is." Still, there is hope.

    You're taking a math class. Your class has up to 30 students. However, you only have one teacher, which is awful. If we already know that each person learns differently. How are they going to get everyone to understand a "one size fits all" teaching method? I'm really sorry. It's not surprising that you struggle with math. That may offer several explanations. Do you think one-on-one or small group sessions would be more productive? You're right. When we can devote time to focusing on you and your preferred learning style, success is guaranteed. If everyone learns in a different way, would it still be useful to understand how you learn? Would it be beneficial to increase your total capacity for learning? I'll let you make that choice. It is commonly established that learning one-on-one or in a small group has several benefits. We also acknowledge the value of knowing your preferred method of learning.

    RL Education Math Tutors Melbourne

    0478 805 551

    0426 108 801

    The knowledge and abilities students acquire in our learning centers should be transferable to all facets of their lives. Once their time with us is over, we want these skills to come naturally to them. We actively work toward this goal because we want our students to become leaders one day, not merely talk about it.


    Our mathematics programs are created to give students practical, rigorous instruction that meets their needs and educational objectives. The classes are taught by Ricky Liu, the chief lecturer and director of RL Education. He is a certified specialist in VCE/IB Mathematics with more than ten years of classroom teaching experience and more than five years of experience as a VCAA Examiner for mathematical techniques (CAS) and Specialist Mathematics. Based on his years of experience, Ricky has put together a thorough set of notes that covers a whole year's worth of material.

    Alchemy Tuition Math Tutors Melbourne

    alchemy tuition math tutors in melbourne, victoria

    1300 914 221

    Why Alchemy Tuition?

    Early in high school, I struggled in class, but I didn't want anyone to know. I started acting out instead of dealing with my issues head-on, skipping classes, forgetting to turn in homework, and causing a lot of trouble for both my parents and professors. This "bad kid" character was a cover for my insecurities and lack of self-assurance. Finally, worn out and unsure of what to do, my parents made the decision to look for a tutor. Sadly, this tutor was not what I had pictured a tutor to be—a seasoned retired teacher who would see right through my foolishness. Instead of a retired teacher, it was a young man who was now enrolled in college after just graduating from high school. I didn't feel the least bit stupid around him. He had faith in me, on the other hand, for some reason. I had never experienced that before. He was kind to me, and his confidence in my potential inspired me to work harder and see what I might achieve.

    He was the turning point in my life; without him, everything would have happened quite differently. After failing the eighth grade, I improved and won the HSC year. It was all thanks to a young man who patiently guided me while believing in me and helping me realize my potential.

    Australia's Best Tutors

    Select Alchemy as your ally. We have state-ranked tutors, duxes, captains, and tutors with ATARS scores of 99 or higher. Your child will be inspired and motivated by them to realize their greatest potential, whatever that may be. All of our tutors also successfully complete our triple security check, which entails a face-to-face interview, two reference checks, and a verified working with children check. This ensures complete peace of mind.

    Artin Education​ Math Tutors Melbourne

    artin education​ math tutors in melbourne, victoria

    61 400 096 983

    The only subjects that Artin Education specializes in are English and mathematics, and it serves students of all academic levels in Glen Waverley, Melbourne. Our students excel because they understand the material and have self-motivation skills.

    What Can We Do For You?

    Weekly tutorials to aid in understanding, preparation, and exam mastery. Small interactive group tutorials enable unrestricted debate. With our expert teachers working at your pace, you may improve your grades and self-confidence, workshops to hone your skills for VCE English and Mathematics. Maintain a competitive edge over your rivals by staying ahead of the game. Detailed notes include theory, practice, and success strategy.

    Pure Local Math Tutors Melbourne

    pure local math tutors in melbourne, victoria

    (03) 9021 3792

    Only math tutors are required! teaches children in grades 5 through 12 in-depth personalized tutoring at home. Due to their training, credentials, and expertise, our private instructors are the best in their industries. Our tutors will help your child advance in all areas of math covered by the Victorian Curriculum and Certificate of Education while you relax in the comfort of your own home (VCE). We'll pair you up with a tutor who is compatible with your child's particular learning needs and interests.

    The Only Math Tutors You Need!'

    The Pure Local Business Directory publishes evaluations and reviews of Maths Tutors Melbourne after manual verification and screening. If you have received compensation or are related to the owner, refrain from leaving a review. Negative reviews for members of the directory give them the chance to respond before they are published. If relevant, you can leave a customer review by clicking here.

    Maths Tutors Melbourne

    It was amazing to speak with Jenny and quickly find a fantastic tutor for my child. Her grades and confidence have consequently greatly increased, and we anticipate further support and development over the course of the upcoming year.

    Ed Atlas Math Tutors Melbourne

    ed atlas math tutors in melbourne, victoria

    0423 083 991

    Who We Are

    We are a team of former top 1% VCE graduates and extremely talented teachers who cover a wide range of VCE topics (e.g. Maths Methods, Specialist, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, etc.). We believe that every kid has the ability to transform their trajectory and emerge as the best in their class, year, or state, regardless of where they are right now. Your mindset, performance, and results will all change significantly if you are committed to making the most of the year.

    Experienced Expertise

    Receive one-on-one guidance from subject-matter experts who are the best in the business at what they do and have helped numerous former pupils rank in the top 1% of their state. Instead of just memorizing formulas, learn how to use them in the real world and how math may help you in your life after high school. Learn how to maximize efficiency in the VCE and how to optimize every aspect of your high school experience. Surround yourself with players who will continue to define your state in the future. Create networks of enduring relationships that go well beyond VCE. Access a select group of high achievers who are dedicated to outperforming the state's average performance.

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