Top 20 Photocopier Rent & Lease in Melbourne [2022]

When it comes time to choose a photocopier for your office, there are a few factors you need to consider. What size do you need? How many copies per minute can it make? What features does it have? And most importantly, how much is it going to cost?

If you're not sure where to start, don't worry - we'll help you figure out the best option for your business. In this post, we'll look at photocopier rental and lease options in Melbourne. So whether you're looking for a short-term or long-term solution, we've got you covered!

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    Ultimate List Of Top Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    Abacus Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne

    abacus photocopiers


    1300 552 424

    For trustworthy and dependable office printing, we have just the service for you.

    Abacus was established in 1981 to fill a niche market need for office products designed specifically for micro- and small businesses. In Western Australia, Abacus was initially a modest business, but it has now grown to become the biggest privately held technology company in the region. Abacus is pleased to announce that Australians own and run the company entirely.

    Managed Print Service Company

    Specialized managed print services are provided for SMEs by the Australian business Abacus Photocopiers.

    Numerous industries, including real estate, education, and professional services, as well as hundreds of business owners, have benefited from our assistance in taking charge of their office printing requirements.

    To ensure effective utilization of your print solutions, our managed print service agreement includes hardware, supplies, maintenance, and vehicle management. Your monthly quantities can be changed, and you can even add equipment, depending on what your business needs.

    Abacus Rent It - Photocopier Rent & Lease Melbourne

    abacus rent it


    0438 944 231 | 1300 55 24 24

    Our experts go above and above to guarantee the caliber of your equipment rental. Our computer equipment offers unmatched support and replacement policies and may be customized to your requirements. Our Quality Assurance Policy guarantees that your equipment will be delivered on time and will be configured correctly. Abacus Rent IT works to provide customer satisfaction from the moment you call until the last pickup.

    Fast delivery is available from Abacus Rent IT, an Australian company that rents out computers and audio visual equipment and has offices in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

    Digital Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    digital document solutions photocopier rent & lease


    1300 174 277

    Melbourne photocopier and printer lease

    Not quite ready to purchase a printer or photocopier for the office? We rent out printers and photocopiers.

    Your business can have a printing device without spending a lot of money by renting photocopiers and printers. You may benefit from contemporary scanning and printing technology without frequently replacing your printers.

    For diverse businesses, we provide multifunction printers in color and black and white.

    Leading Edge Copiers Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    leading edge copiers photocopier rent & lease


    1300 138 151

    A Melbourne-based company called Leading Edge rents out printers all around Australia.

    We are able to recommend, distribute, and install the ideal printer for rental thanks to our knowledge and skills. Multifunction printers, color laser printers, and more are available from us.

    Melbourne-based Ricoh printers are available from Leading Edge Copiers. We both sell and rent printers to businesses and individuals. Due to our commitment to our clients, we are Melbourne's top A3 printer rental company.

    Our printer rental service is easily cancelled at any time, and monthly renters are not subject to a binding agreement. Delivery in two days is feasible. We promptly rent out printers to people in Melbourne.

    We provide Melbourne with affordable, high-quality short- and long-term printer rental. You can hire for a day to five years. Business printers are delivered, suggested, and installed by us.

    Intronics Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    intronics photocopier rent & lease


    03 9887 4877

    Turn to Intronics for all of your copier requirements. We provide hassle-free Melbourne copier leases. Purchasing a copier is an expensive venture for most businesses. A copier must be maintained in addition to being purchased. A working office is incomplete without a dependable copier, and Intronics provides a variety of photocopier lease options in Melbourne.

    Instead of purchasing a copier in Melbourne, consider leasing one. Melbourne copier leasing benefits small businesses financially.

    FAQs About Lease

    The lessor reports the lease as an asset on the balance sheet and individual lease payments as income on the income and cash flow statements. They must also account for the asset's depreciation over time.

    The first prevalent myth is that all leases must be capitalised or recorded with an asset and a liability on the balance sheet. While it is true that the vast majority of leases require capitalisation under the proposed lease accounting rules, there are some exceptions.

    The main tax advantage to equipment leasing is that you can write off the full amount of the equipment without paying the full amount. In this way, the amount you save in taxes may exceed the lease payments.

    Under a capital lease, the leased asset is treated for accounting purposes as owned by the lessee and is recorded on the balance sheet.

    To get out of a contract, you will need to pay the balance of your future payments. It is called a buyout to return, and as you might expect, it's the process required of the lessee to end a contract early. So make sure that you're comfortable with your buyout obligations before you sign.


    APS Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    advanced print scan solutions photocopier rent & lease


    1300 226 995

    For small enterprises, we provide printer and photocopier rentals. Our consumers refer to us as the most dependable and skilled business in Melbourne because we believe all organizations, regardless of size, deserve the same level of care.

    We improve business workflows. Creating and saving documents using our printer leasing services streamlines workplace operations.

    You may find knowledgeable I.T. and software specialists at APS Solutions. To help businesses, we lease copiers and printers.

    Sharp Expensive It Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    sharp expensive it photocopier rent & lease


    133 348

    From beginning to end, we make it simple for you to purchase, rent, or lease a printer for your company. You'll receive the best print solution at the lowest cost thanks to our more than 20 years of industry experience.

    Learn how Sharp Extensive IT has helped businesses just like yours reduce their printing expenses by up to 40%.

    Rent A Copier Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    rent a copier photocopier rent & lease


    03 9793 7773

    Copier, Printer Rental And Leasing Melbourne

    Hire a Copier Melbourne, a market leader in copier and printer sales, repairs, and servicing, provides affordable colour copier, black and white copier, printer, lease, and rent-to-own options to Melbourne businesses. There are options for short-term copier and printer rentals.

    FTG Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    ftg photocopier rent & lease


    1300 055 933

    Melbourne Photocopier Lease

    FTG Australia is aware that most small businesses cannot afford a photocopier that costs several thousand dollars. The majority of Melbourne businesses require a printer or copier. Leasing a printer or photocopier in Melbourne is affordable thanks to our leasing solution.

    A photocopier can be leased instead of being purchased outright. You'll receive a monthly itemized bill from us. The bill details the leased goods and payments.

    With our leasing option, you can upgrade to the most recent printer or copier as soon as it is available.

    Faxcomm Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    faxcomm solutions photocopier rent & lease


    03 9543 3744

    Below are some of our plans for photocopier rentals. We can create a rental plan specifically for you. Our daily photocopier rental rates begin at $2.75 plus use.

    To meet the demands of each customer, we provide a variety of photocopier rental options. Depending on your needs for the course, you can rent a copier for a short or lengthy period of time. We are willing to adjust as needed.

    From a day to a week, several months, a year, or even longer, you can hire a copier from us. In order to accommodate this, we offer total flexibility with our photocopier rental options.

    Whether you need a straightforward black-and-white machine or a simple full-color machine, we will supply the appropriate hardware throughout Melbourne.

    Even if you lease your machine from another source, we can provide a one-time service if it hasn't received maintenance in more than a year.

    The comprehensive inspection, testing of all mechanical and electrical components, and written report detailing the machine's condition and any required repairs are all included in our one-time service.

    Global Office Machines Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    global office machines photocopier rent & lease


    1300 882 852

    High-end copying, printing, scanning, and faxing can increase your output. Utilize wireless and built-in security measures to operate from anywhere. The Samsung MultiXpress MX7 series, the Fuji Xerox C2060 and C3060 laser multifunction photocopiers, the HP Laserjet Managed E78330z, and other options are available for high-volume copying.

    You can use our managed print service with your new photocopier, which takes care of all supplies, maintenance, and repairs.

    KISS Print Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    kiss print solutions photocopier rent & lease


    1300 5477 77

    Melbourne-based KISS Print Solutions is a provider of photocopiers, printers, and software. To deliver exceptional customer experiences in every engagement, we use the greatest personnel, the best technologies, and the best financial products.

    Managing the wide mix of technologies can considerably deplete time and money because each device in the office requires a distinct set of supplies, software, and service agreements.

    Having dealt with significant photocopier suppliers, we are aware of the challenges faced by both large and small Australian businesses in obtaining necessary service.

    We will essentially give you a single point of contact for any problems you could have with any of your office output devices. Additionally, we offer speedy, hassle-free print and photocopier solutions for any business in Melbourne and around the nation.

    Copywell Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    copywell photocopier rent & lease


    (03) 9793 7773


    We offer a five-year warranty on all of our equipment and sell both new and refurbished photocopiers and printers. Refurbished equipment must pass a 100-point inspection and is sold with brand-new drums and rollers.

    Considering renting, if possible? Don't wait to contact us to find out more about our adaptable, no-down payment copier rental and leasing choices. The rental fee covers all components, services, and supplies.

    Mitronics Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    mitronics copiers photocopier rent & lease


    1300 207 122

    We assist businesses with document security & privacy, worker effectiveness, revenue growth & expense savings, and more with our individualized technical solutions.

    Your office will become more efficient and productive thanks to MICRONICS Managed Office Technology & I.T. Services, freeing you and your personnel to concentrate on your company. It takes talent, knowledge, and commitment to manage structural changes and technological advancements.

    Our experts can assess your company's operations and recommend the best course of action to maintain a secure, seamless, and effective office technology system, drive your digital infrastructure with the least amount of disruption, and address problems before they negatively impact your company.

    Laserscan Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    laserscan australia photocopier rent & lease


    03 9727 4117

    Melbourne's Printing Equipment Specialists

    Laserscan provides the tools and support your organization requires to produce high-quality documents. Laserscan has years of experience renting printers, copiers, and scanners in Melbourne for both short and long-term rentals. The best equipment will be recommended, installed, and serviced for you.

    Businesses may stay up with the rapidly evolving digital printing and scanning technology by leasing a printer, scanner, or photocopier.

    For businesses, schools, and organizations that are owned and supported by the government, we sell, maintain, and rent office photocopiers and printers.

    Our Kloud Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    our kloud photocopier rent & lease


    1300 700 929

    Melbourne Printer & Copier Service

    Melbourne copier or printer? We provide sales, maintenance, and assistance for printers and copiers from the majority of well-known manufacturers. Define your search first. We may dig into the details of your assessment and uncover issues. After that, we'll conduct a walkthrough to take note of where the copier and printer are located and gather data on their setup, operation, and functionality.

    Toner Power Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    sharp photocopier rent & lease


    03 9808 0355

    Your workflow can be enhanced and crucial documents can be produced by renting a printer. To help our clients set up the perfect office environment, we provide bespoke printer lease solutions in Melbourne and stock nearly every kind of photocopier, printer, and scanner.

    Get qualified advice on renting printers in Melbourne. When offering printer leasing in Melbourne, we consider the quantity of employees, printing speed, average daily copies, setup space, and digitisation needs.

    Our team offers efficient and clever workflow solutions to meet our customers' printing needs. You can create and send office documents digitally with a Melbourne printer leasing. Modern printers and copiers can be used to automate and streamline work processes.

    We assist clients in setting up an efficient, quick, and quick workplace. In Melbourne, we provide printer leasing and technical support.

    Your ability to work efficiently and finish tasks on schedule. By using the most recent networking photocopiers and printing equipment, you can develop an efficient document printing system.

    Copier Printer Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    copier printer photocopier rent & lease


    1300 226 995

    CopierPrinter Melbourne - Printer Rentals, Service and Repairs

    Melbourne's Copier Printer rents, maintains, and fixes A3 multifunction printers. We lend printers and photocopiers to big, small, and governmental organizations.

    Copier Printer is an approved and suggested service/repair center for the majority of commercial printers, offering a dependable and cost-effective option for your company.

    Comparison Advantage Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    comparison advantage photocopier rent & lease


    1300 549 226


    Any company, startup, or freelancer should hire a printer in Melbourne.

    In Melbourne, Comparison Advantage offers comprehensive business solutions. We can assist you in finding international suppliers thanks to our affiliations.

    Printers are rented, leased, and hired by our partners in Melbourne. A variety of office products are available at Comparison Advantage, including printers that increase production and productivity.

    Whatever your office needs, we'll provide it.

    Global Document Solutions Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    global document solutions photocopier rent & lease


    1300 942 678

    HR, accounting, and other divisions must work together. Without the proper tools, workers could be less productive.

    Our business only collaborates with reliable producers. The trust of our customers ensures their happiness. We are a reputable seller of office supplies, printers, and IT hardware. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide technical support.

    Copysonic Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    copysonic photocopier rent & lease


    1300 159 814

    Copysonic offers a range of photocopier rental options to meet your business' needs. In case your company needs one, you can rent one from us. We are a top supplier of photocopying products and services. Each organization's needs are taken into account as we customize our print solutions. The unique features of our photocopiers boost productivity. Right now, locate the ideal photocopier.

    Your workflow could be impacted by a photocopier. Small businesses might need to rent a photocopier rather than buy one. Our range depends on the requirements and size of your company. Among our wide selection of photocopiers, you'll find the ideal one.

    Copysmart Photocopier Rent & Lease In Melbourne

    copysmart photocopier rent & lease


    1300 267 976

    Managed Print Services – Photocopiers Melbourne

    The leading printer and copier in Melbourne is called CopySmart. We offer top-tier technologies from manufacturers like Xerox. Superior office and home goods are available from us. We provide copiers and printers to companies in Melbourne and Sydney.

    Our areas of expertise are MPS and Print Management. Along with selling, installing, and maintaining printers and photocopiers. We guarantee the smooth operation of any photocopier you hire.

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