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Top 30 Limo & Hummer Hire in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Are you looking for a way to make your special event even more special? Consider booking a limo or hummer! These vehicles are perfect for any occasion, and they will add an extra touch of luxury to your day.

There are many different companies that offer limo and hummer hire in Melbourne, so it can be tough to choose the right one. That's why we have put together this list of the best limo and hummer hire companies in Melbourne.

We hope it helps you find the perfect transport for your next event!

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    Ultimate List of Limo and Hummer Hire in Melbourne

    Euro Limo Hire in Melbourne


    1300 387 654

    Euro Limo Melbourne stands as the premier provider of chauffeured luxury limousines and cars in the Melbourne & Victorian region. They maintain a dedicated fleet of opulent limousines and cars, staffed with professional chauffeurs who pay meticulous attention to even the smallest details. This dedication ensures that every trip undertaken with them is nothing short of perfect.

    Melbourne Limousine Hire Company Since 1990 With Over 15,000 Happy Customers

    Trusted in Melbourne for more than two decades, the company has chauffeured over 15,000 satisfied customers with style and grace. Their services have encompassed a wide array of events, including weddings, formals, airport transfers, corporate events, and even funeral limousine services. Anyone in search of professional and affordable limousine car hire in Melbourne would find themselves in the right place with this company.

    Their offerings include:

    • Wedding & Formal Limousines
    • Airport Transfers
    • Bucks, Hens & Parties
    • Corporate Event & Travel

    Limousine, Chauffeur & Car Hire Services In Melbourne

    For individuals seeking top quality and an unparalleled limo hire experience, Euro Limo Melbourne offers the finest limousine hire service in the area. With a team of dedicated and professional chauffeurs, they pride themselves on catering to the highest standards of customer service.

    Euro Limo is equipped to assist with all hiring needs at the most reasonable prices. The confidence of their clients has been earned through the consistent provision of courteous, well-trained, and uniformed chauffeurs.

    Exoticar Wedding Car & Limousine Hire Melbourne

    exoticar wedding limousine melbourne


    Limousine | Limo Hire Melbourne

    A premium limo rental in Melbourne has never been more thrilling or competitive as it is right now! The leader is Exoticarhire, a pioneer in the field. We provide high-end, luxurious limousine services for weddings, birthdays, and car rentals. The ONLY Range Rover limousine in Australia. For a special day, we provide the ideal European exotic luxury automobiles and wedding cars. Exoticar is synonymous with quality, expertise, and cost-effective limo rentals around Melbourne.

    Exotic and limousine range

    Porsche Cayenne limousine. Mercedes-Benz E-Class stretch limousine. Exoticar has made a name for itself as Melbourne's premier Range Rover, Porsche, and Mercedes limousine provider. These vehicles are the first of their kind not just in Australia but also in the entire world. Exclusively for Exoticar, top interior designers created our limos. We warrant that when you exit one of our vehicles, heads will turn. And without having to rely on hiring a Hummer limo. There is no need to brag about how amazing our autos are. The best limousine rental service in Melbourne is offered by Exoticar.

    Euro Limo Australia - Wedding Car & Limousine Hire Melbourne

    eurolimo australia wedding car & limousine hire melbourne

    1300 387 654

    Euro Limousines

    Euro Limo claims to provide the best limo hiring service in Melbourne for people who demand the highest level of quality and an exceptional riding experience. With a team of committed and skilled chauffeurs, we take pleasure in providing the best caliber of client service. We can help you at the most affordable price with all of your hiring needs.

    Limousine Range

    Both sedans and extended cars are available in our fleet of limos. Beautiful limousines are available for hire for a variety of events. These are an excellent option for business trips, airport transfers, weddings, and other occasions. Your last-minute transfers to and from the place of your choice can be handled by us. The most shrewd method of traveling like royalty is with a Euro Limo. We may set up several packages for you with the handling of your parking and luggage requirements handled by professionals.

    You can count on our drivers to provide you with top-notch transportation and extremely courteous service. We want your trip to be something you'll never forget. Being one of Melbourne's top limo service providers, we appreciate how valuable your time and privacy are. You can travel comfortably with our specially designed limo service. We are the local stretch limo service you can depend on.

    About Euro Limo

    Both sedans and extended cars are available in our fleet of limos. Beautiful limousines are available for hire for a variety of events. These are an excellent option for business trips, airport transfers, weddings, and other occasions. Your last-minute transfers to and from the place of your choice can be handled by us. The most shrewd method of traveling like royalty is with a Euro Limo. We may set up several packages for you with the handling of your parking and luggage requirements handled by professionals.

    Cassars Limousines & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    cassars limousines & hummer hire melbourne

    We at Cassars Limousines provide some of the most opulent transportation options in Melbourne. We take great delight in offering you cutting-edge limo and transportation services.


    Our support is unrivaled. For a bigger gathering, you can choose the luxury of our Chrysler 300C Super Stretch Limousines with jet doors or the formality of a Chrysler 300C Sedan. With elegance and comfort in one of our Super Stretch Limousines or Sedans, we take great satisfaction in providing you with the exceptional limousine service you deserve.

    Mustangs in Black Limo & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    mustangs in black limo & hummer hire melbourne

    0416 121 510

    Our collection of classic black Convertibles, Coupes, Shelbys, and Eleanors is impeccably presented and painstakingly repaired, and we are the only Mustang company in Victoria to own two Convertible Eleanors. Our vehicles are available for a wide range of events, including weddings and proposals, school formals, debutante balls, and graduations, engagements, anniversaries, hen's and bucks' nights, birthdays, winery tours, and other day trips, concert, sporting event, and awards night transfers, corporate events, work functions, and Christmas parties, as well as film and television productions, advertising campaigns, photo shoots, and promotional work.

    Whatever the occasion, we want to provide you with outstanding service and a memorable experience! Our qualified, experienced, and professional male and female chauffeurs operate all of our vehicles, which are fully insured.

    With over 20 years of weddings behind us, we know just what your special day needs.

    Our eye-catching fleet will give your day a timeless feel. On your big day, our knowledgeable, courteous, and professional drivers will go above and beyond to make sure you are at ease, on schedule, and comfortable. We will transport you from your home or hotel to the site of your ceremony, as well as to the location(s) of your photoshoot(s) and reception, giving you lots of opportunity for car-related images.

    Wedding packages range in length from three hours to a full day. As part of the service, we offer simple refreshments, white bridal ribbons, and the usage of our sizable golf umbrellas in addition to a red carpet rollout for the bride. We'll try our best to satisfy any other unique demands you might have. Why not end the evening with a late-night transfer as well? In order to ensure that you end your night in the most elegant manner possible, we may pick you up at any moment from your reception location and take you to your hotel or the place where you will be dropped off at the end of the night.

    White Classic Jags Limo & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    white classic jags limo & hummer hire melbourne

    (03) 97533390

    Your Wedding Day

    Choose from one of our 1954 Jaguar MK V11 sedans or a 1990 Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign sedan, both of which include leather and wood grain interiors and matching sunroofs. Our fleet's various pricing and car packages will complement your wedding day.

    About Us

    To celebrate the happy couple's special day, our skilled chauffeurs will lay out the red carpet and present them with a bottle of champagne. White Classic Jags is a member of the Wedding Car Association, and all of our vehicles and chauffeurs hold valid licenses from the Victorian Taxi Directorate. Inspections of vehicles are encouraged.

    FAQs About Limo and Hummer

    When you hire a limo, there are a few important things to think about. 

    First, make sure to book ahead of time. Limos tend to fill up quickly, especially on holidays and during the prom season. 

    Second, make sure you know what you want. What sort of event are you making plans for? How many people are going to be in the limo? How do you get where you need to go? The better it is if you can give as much information as you can. 

    Third, ask about the price right away. Make sure you know what's included in the price and ask if there are any extra fees.

    If you keep these things in mind, you can be sure that hiring a limo will go smoothly and be fun.

    Limousines are long, fancy cars usually used to take VIPs from one place to another. They have a lot of space and come with things like a bar and a TV most of the time. 

    Hummers are also big cars, but they are made to be driven on rough terrain. Therefore, they are much tougher than most other vehicles and have big tyres for driving on rough terrain. 

    Limos are usually used for special events like weddings or proms, while Hummers are more likely to be used for camping or going off-road. 

    So, a Hummer is probably a better choice than a Limo if you want a car that can handle anything. But if you need to get to a special event in style, a Limo is the way to go.

    There are many different limousines, from the classic stretch limo to the more modern SUV limo. Each kind of limo has its advantages, so choosing the right one for your needs is important.

    Stretch Limos: Stretch limos are the most classic and well-known type of limousine. They are usually long and thin, holding up to 10 people. Stretch limos are great for big events like weddings or proms where you want to make a big entrance.

    SUV Limos: SUV limos are a newer kind of limousine built on the SUV platform. They are bigger than stretch limos and can fit up to 14 people most of the time. SUV limos are great for bigger groups or people who want more room to move around. They also look more modern than stretch limos that have been around for a long time.

    Both types of limousines are comfortable and luxurious ways to get around. So, whether you want classic elegance or a more modern look, there's a limo out there for you.

    Since limousines are often associated with wealth and exclusivity, many people believe they are financially out of their reach.

    On the other hand, limousines are a reasonable option for special occasions when shared among several people. Other modes of transportation can't compete with the advantages that limos provide.

    For example, they offer much more legroom and comfort than taxis or buses and entertainment options like TVs and DVD players. It's worth noting, however, that the cost of a limo ride may not be as high as you might think.

    Limos are a popular way to get to and from a wedding, but it can be hard to decide who should ride in the limo. 

    You could book the limo for the wedding party as one option. This makes sure that everyone gets there on time and together, and it also gives you a chance to take some fun photos before the wedding. 

    Another option is to put the bride and groom in the limo by themselves to relax and spend some time alone. This is nice, especially if the wedding day feels like too much. No matter what you decide, talk to the Limo company about it ahead of time so they can make the necessary plans.

    Exotic Limo & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    exotic limo & hummer hire melbourne

    1300 532 531

    Hire the most prestigious fleet of limousines in Melbourne

    We have amassed an amazing selection of cars throughout the years that are ideal for any special occasion or event. Want to celebrate a night out on the town? large wedding? Or perhaps you just want to stroll Melbourne's streets in style? For you, we offer the ideal limousine.

    Being a limousine company that has won an ABIA award makes us incredibly happy. We firmly feel that this establishes us as Melbourne's most dependable and capable limo service. We have everything, even the most modern, state-of-the-art Supercars! We will be happy to customize our limo hiring packages to meet your unique requirements. We want to make finding the ideal luxury transportation for your occasion stress-free. To learn more, kindly click this link.

    Enrik Limousines & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    enrik limousines & hummer hire melbourne

    0423 555 904

    We adore nuptials! We like enhancing the excitement and memory of our couples' big day. We enjoy leaving you with a fantastic memory that involves more than just driving. Our drivers are competent, dependable, and entertaining. Although everyone talks about customer service, we actually do it and have a successful track record. We have more than 15 years of expertise in this field, multiple accolades for excellence in the wedding transportation category, and more than 500 positive internet evaluations! We live it and are proud of it, not simply talk about it. Why would you risk it on such a significant day to just anyone? No matter the occasion, our Chrysler limos are the perfect choice for your limousine hiring Melbourne. Let our experienced (licensed) chauffeurs make your limousine rental in Melbourne one to remember for weddings, school formals/debutante dances, anniversaries, wine tours, concerts, hens nights, birthdays, or just out for a special supper.


    Put your planning to rest and let Melbourne's prestigious limos with your special day. Enjoy the moment! Start off your school formal in style with one of our Melbourne limos. Our Melbourne stretch limo rental personifies luxury, sophistication, and enjoyment.

    Limos Hire & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    limos hire & hummer hire melbourne

    1300 939 260

    We provide our clients with a deluxe, immersive experience. As our hospitable drivers transport you on your tour through Melbourne, just sit back and unwind on luxurious leather seats.


    Whether you require a stretch limousine to celebrate a particular occasion or a chauffeur service throughout Melbourne, Limos Hire Melbourne works hard to provide perfect experiences to our esteemed passengers. Limo service is available all throughout Melbourne and is the ideal means of elegant transportation. Arriving in a limo adds elegance to your day if you need transportation for a wedding, party, or special occasion. Limos Hire Melbourne provides a chic fleet of Chrysler and Hummer limos with a private chauffeur who is always friendly and incredibly skilled. All of our limos are outfitted with everything needed to deliver the best stretch limo service Melbourne has to offer. We take a flexible approach to everything and are always eager to collaborate with you to develop solutions that are specifically catered to your needs.

    We offer some of the most affordable business rates for limos in Melbourne along with excellent promotions, package discounts, group discounts, and specials. Since we are aware of how busy life may be, we offer last-minute reservations at slightly higher rates. You will always arrive on time and in style thanks to Melbourne Limo Hire.

    Mr President Limo & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    mr president limo & hummer hire melbourne

    0458 444 667

    The Drive of your life

    We only use the most recent luxury vehicles and stretch limos to transport our clients. This guarantees our clients a relaxing and elegant experience that maximizes their delight. Mr. President assures that the trip will be comfortable, enjoyable, and full of sophistication, flair, and elegance. Limousines, Mercedes, and Land Rovers are all part of our fleet, making them the ideal choice for your particular event.

    Business that impresses

    We take particular pride in our high caliber of business. We will assure a smooth travel with a full team and complimentary services, making the experience more delightful while preserving the class, whether it's a long way to prom or a wedding. Our lives are filled with moments that stand out in our memories and are characterized by minor nuances that increase the thrill and satisfaction surrounding them. These occasions demand to be distinctive and special with an experience that will last a lifetime because they only happen once in our lives.

    Melmax Limo & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    melmax limo & hummer hire melbourne

    1800 635 620

    Luxury Van & Bus Charter Services

    Our company takes great pride in being a family-run enterprise. Our firm has expanded quickly thanks to our professionalism and knowledge, and we take great delight in providing the best service possible with our posh fleet.

    Experienced & Licensed Drivers

    Our qualified and experienced drivers are dedicated to provide you a timely, safe ride to your location. All of our drivers are knowledgeable about the finest routes in and around Melbourne and Victoria and are trained and properly licensed. All of our drivers have successfully passed the security tests and criteria for their Victorian drivers licenses.

    Flexible Services

    We are adaptable and able to tailor our service to meet your demands, be they for special occasions, sightseeing excursions, airport transfers, school runs, or anything else. Because you can rely on us to arrive on time, our 24-hour service is dependable and expert. We take pride in offering the best service possible at competitive costs.

    H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne

    h2 hummer hire melbourne

    0458 780 000

    With a large selection of hummer collections, including pink, white, or black, they can comfortably fit 8 to 24 passengers. The process of planning for a particular occasion is one of its best aspects. Why not treat yourself to some special indulgences for your wedding, anniversary, birthday party, business meeting, bucks party, or even a straightforward airport transfer?

    We are dedicated to provide top-notch, experienced, and economical stretch limos and hummer limos. Our fleet of limousines consists of classy sedans, elegant stretch limousines, majestic hummers, and roomy SUVs. To guarantee that our passengers have a secure and comfortable trip, they are fully equipped with opulent amenities and are well maintained and inspected by licensed personnel. The newest entertainment technology, including sound-surround systems, disco lights, etc., is included in our limos. Different group sizes can be accommodated by our premium choice of automobiles.

    My Limo & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    my limo & hummer hire melbourne

    0402 883 476

    Stretch Limo hire Melbourne – Hummer hire Melbourne

    We offer incredibly skilled super stretch limo service and rentals. Therefore, how much does it cost to rent a limo or a stretch limo? How many people can fit in a stretch limo or hummer? Get in contact with us right now for a free estimate. If you have any questions, we have the answers. You'll be delighted with the results! ”

    From the moment you contact us, we provide honesty in our communications with you and the services we offer. Presentation is essential for providing excellent service for limousine rentals in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, and the Yarra Valley. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service with passion and professionalism. It is a small family-run company that thrives and offers the top limousine services in Melbourne.

    Fantasy Limousines & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    fantasy limousines & hummer hire melbourne

    0433 800 409

    Our attention to detail, along with the professionalism and moral character of our chauffeurs, are what distinguishes us from the competition. We take great satisfaction in offering the greatest luxury limos at the most affordable stretch limo rates. Learn more about us.

    Options for Chrysler limo hire

    Our XR8 "Xhilerate" limousine, a recent arrival, is sure to make a statement. You can count on unmatched reliability, class, and quality. For more than 20 years, our esteemed clients have trusted us to cater to all important occasions and events.

    Elegant Wedding Limos

    The best wedding limousines are offered by Fantasy Limousines. Step out in absolute style on your big day. The small touches are frequently what make the difference between a decent experience and a wonderful one! We prioritize accuracy in presentations for events hosted by our clients. To fit any wedding style and price range, we provide a variety of wedding limousines. Additionally, a range of colors, including typical white limos, black, and two-tone. As part of a wedding limousine package, our limos are tastefully displayed. as well as the legendary red carpet service, ribbons, tulle, and flowers, champagne on ice, chilled soft drinks, and waters. a customer-focused Melbourne limo service.

    Limousine King & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    limousine king & hummer hire melbourne

    0401 266 036


    Our commitment to providing high-end vehicles for any special occasion or function is motivated by exceeding expectations. Because of our dependable service, high standards, and stunning vehicles, we are one of Melbourne's top stretch limo and car rental companies. We cater to both adults and children, with a car and booster seats for the youngest members of your family, and we provide exceptional customer service with integrity. We went to great lengths to find the best booster seats, and they are of the highest caliber.


    You can choose from a variety of wedding packages and services at Limousine King. Our vehicles receive routine maintenance, are constantly spotless, and have a terrific appearance. We take steps to make sure your trip is stress-free, fun, and safe. You will be picked up by your considerate and pleasant chauffeur with plenty of time to spare. We offer transportation to all wedding-related activities, including the wedding ceremony itself, the reception, the photo session, the hen's night, etc. Afterwards, we may bring you to your honeymoon location, hotel, or return home. You can also organize cars for your family members, the wedding party, and the groomsmen. We serve Melbourne, Gippsland, and the majority of rural areas.

    Silver Service Limousines & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    silver service limousines & hummer hire melbourne

    1300 788 868

    Melbourne, Victoria Limousine Service

    We have everything you could possibly need or want, and because we recognize that your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life, we strive to make it even more memorable by offering a bottle of champagne and a red carpet service for each wedding. Prices for three hours start at around $600.

    Limousine Hire for Weddings and Special Occasions

    There is no occasion more special than a wedding, so if you're traveling for one, hiring a limousine is the ideal way to start the experience off right. Silver Service offers wedding automobile rental options that are affordable for all means-tested couples. It is feasible to locate a cheap limo service in Melbourne because we provide limo hire alternatives for as little as $150 per hour. Even though you wouldn't typically connect the word "cheap" with silver service, there are occasions when hiring a limo for you and your friends to get to a function can be less expensive than getting a few cabs.

    Black BeautyLimousines & Hummer Hire Melbourne

    black beauty limousines & hummer hire melbourne

    0400 338 704

    Our services include:

    Melbourne wedding limousine packages, birthday and hens party limousine packages, special night limousines such as school formals and debs, Melbourne sporting event limousines such as spring racing events, and luxury limousines for business and corporate occasions are all available. We specialize in limousine wine excursions of the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley.

    Love Limo Hire Melbourne

    love limo hire melbourne

    0477 504 776

    Weddings, corporate pickups, and special events in Melbourne and throughout Victoria are handled by a professionally managed limo service. Love Limo will live up to your expectations for the best limousine rental in Melbourne. You may anticipate more than just a journey when you choose Melbourne's most prestigious and spotless BMW Stretch Limo! Travel in comfort and style in our 10-seater limo, which offers all the amenities that come with premium travel. Call us right away for your limo hiring in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs because our limos are the only ones of their sort in Australia.


    Hire one of our wedding limos on its own, or select our Complete Class package, which also includes a 7 Series BMW Sedan. We will take care of EVERYTHING. Call to discuss any unique needs for your Melbourne limo hire. Our 10-seater limousine provides a relaxing and opulent ride. To and from Tullamarine Airport, Avalon Airport, Essendon Airport, Moorabbin Airport, and other regional airports in Victoria, Love Limo offers luxurious chauffeured Melbourne Airport Limo transfers. Talk to us about your upcoming Melbourne limousine rental. The 10-seater BMW limousine from Love Limo radiates elegance, sophistication, and first-class travel. It is a match for any executive needing corporate travel, VIP transportation, airport transfers, or wanting to drive customers to a corporate function when paired with our first-rate experienced chauffeurs.

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