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Top 15 Wedding DJs & MCs In Sydney [2022]

tIt can be difficult to find the ideal wedding DJ and MC. You'll need someone who can keep the party going yet not take over your day.

We've compiled a list of Sydney's top wedding DJs and MCs.

We've got you covered whether you need someone to get the crowd dancing or keep things running smoothly. Continue reading to learn more!

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    Nick Read Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    nick read entertainment

    0488 558 566

    With over 20 years of music experience and ten years of event experience, Nick's passion for the wedding industry, as well as the music and entertainment industries, has grown dramatically over time. He has played at over 150 wedding venues, function centers, pubs, and clubs around NSW, as well as on television (CH9 Footy Show, Morning Show / CH7 Australia's Got Talent), radio (101.3 SeaFm, 104.5 Star), and both!

    18+ years of performance and musical experience. private gatherings and weddings for more than seven years. NSW ABIA 2019 ceremony music category winner in first place; state finalist in live wedding music, MC, and disc jockey categories. NSW ABIA 2018 Ceremony Music & Live Wedding Music winner in second place. For the DJ and MC category, state finalist. More than 60 five-star Facebook reviews Experienced MC with a focus on weddings. Genuine customer care and face-to-face consultations with EVERY client!

    Timeless Wedding Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    timeless wedding entertainment

    1800 811 981


    A simple setup best suited for individuals who are having a very small event with fewer than 50 guests is the Standard Wedding DJ Package 1. This would be ideal for a small function room, restaurant, or private residence wedding. The loudness is more than sufficient, and there is additional backdrop illumination. Please be aware that this package is only appropriate for a maximum of 50 people.

    The Standard Wedding DJ Package 2 is our industry standard and works for the majority of weddings with up to 150 guests. It is perfect for gatherings hosted at a community hall, wedding venue, or function room of average size. The lights will cover an average-sized dance floor with a combination of ambient effects and sound-activated fixtures. There is more than enough volume and clarity in the sound to create an awesome atmosphere on your dance floor.

    Jordan Vassallo Celebrant and MC - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    jordan vassallo celebrant

    0418 652 271

    Jordan is a Wedding Master who can officiate at exciting wedding ceremonies and host amazing receptions as your MC! Jordan has over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry and comes from a family of wedding providers, so he can answer any questions you may have. As a couple, Jordan's vast experience as a wedding MC may ease your worries. Skilled wedding MCs are able to handle any issue that arises during a reception because they've seen it all.

    Because of Jordan's experience in the performing arts and the events business, your reception will be enjoyable and personalized for you. He takes pleasure in highlighting the minute elements that characterize your relationship as an MC. From the very first chat, he will stand by you and make sure that planning your wedding is as fun and stress-free as possible.

    Wedding Dj & Mc FAQs

    For events like weddings, wearing a dress shirt and pants makes an ideal choice. You'll present a clean and professional outlook. Tie – If you think a tie is somewhat too much for a DJ, then you need to try it. There's no better option than a tie to make you look highly professional.

    The Master of Ceremonies (or MC as they're often called) is important because they will be the ones (s) making sure the introductions are done and the speeches run on time. But they also tell funny stories about you and your bride to keep the audience warmed up between speeches.

    Often the Best Man or the Maid of Honour can MC if they have the right characteristics. If you don't know someone appropriate for the role, the reception centre often has a member of staff who can take on the responsibility. Or you can hire a professional MC or ask the DJ to double up as MC!

    Some DJs subscribe to streaming services to temporarily download and stream songs they know they'll probably never want to play again. If you're using Virtual DJ 8, you can subscribe to its ContentUnlimited streaming library, which has a good selection of throwbacks.

    Licensing rules

    As a general rule, if you play or use music in public in a commercial context, you are legally required to obtain a licence. It does not matter whether the music is played on CD, radio, TV, via the internet or by a professional DJ.

    Hire A Bridesmaid - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    hire a bridesmaid

    0402 846 886

    Hire a bridesmaid who will work as a wedding planner for more than 100 hours to create your ideal day, from selecting and coordinating with suppliers to arranging your seating to bringing you a cup of coffee or champagne in case of an emergency. As your wedding MC, Kerstyn will keep things fun, loving, and lively for you and your guests while also making sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes for your reception. If you're looking for someone to watch your back (and your front!) on your wedding day, you've come to the right spot.

    Pump House DJs - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    pump house djs


    Why Should You Hire Our DJs?

    DJs are artists. They create a playlist and create the atmosphere rather than just playing other people's music. Most people regret not giving more thought to selecting the ideal DJ for their occasion. You won't be dissatisfied with our skilled mobile DJs. Here are a few justifications for hiring one of our DJs. Versatility - Our DJs have a wide range of skills. They have a broad knowledge of musical styles and are enthusiastic about what they do. They never stop learning about music, and they frequently unearth esoteric works that astound and fascinate listeners. You can use this adaptability for your event. If one of your guests surprises you with a request, our DJ can easily accommodate it.

    They are also capable of handling many musical genres. Each DJ on our staff has five years of professional experience. This implies that they can easily engage a variety of audiences. Our DJs have a lot of experience in the field and put in a lot of effort. They don't decline jobs much, so they have experience performing anywhere, from a teen's wedding to a couple's 25th anniversary. Professional - When you choose our DJ Hire Sydney, you can rest easy knowing that only knowledgeable, skilled individuals will attend your event. Last-minute cancellations and other such issues won't affect you. When you hire our DJ, you can be confident that he'll show up at the location on time and prepared to amuse.

    TJ Your Mobile DJ - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    tj your mobile dj

    1300 275 478

    A professional DJ with 10 to 15 years of wedding, party, and event experience will be provided by us for you. With cutting-edge lighting, smoke machines, and a wide selection of music from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and current top 40, our Premium DJs represent the peak of DJ service.

    Our DJs have played at a range of events, including weddings, birthday parties, club events, and corporate gatherings. Book a professional DJ with us right away rather than a novice DJ.

    AMP Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    amp entertainment

    0456 949 896

    Let's start by introducing each other. Our company, AMP ENTERTAINMENT, is situated in Sydney and loves to socialize, make new friends, and celebrate special occasions. A full-service event planning company, AMP ENTERTAINMENT is available to assist you in organizing your upcoming wedding, corporate event, party, or any special occasion or celebration. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience that you can personalize and share with your dear ones. We are aware of the challenges involved in event organizing.

    Why Choose Us

    Choosing AMP ENTERTAINMENT is an investment in your event because we value and care about each of our customers and are willing to go above and beyond to make every event special and unforgettable.

    With the help of our knowledgeable staff, we guarantee the success of your event, so we don't just handle things—we "orchestrate" every detail of your special day so that what you see and experience goes well above anything you could have imagined! We offer a one-of-a-kind service that includes everything from locating the ideal venue to planning and organizing every aspect of your event or party. We have years of special event management experience.

    Event Entertainers - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    event entertainers

    02 8283 7348

    We aim to offer top-notch services that both meet and exceed the demands of our customers. At Event Entertainers, we make an effort to offer excellent customer service and good comments. We have the entertainment you'll need, from the performers who support the theme to the theme itself, no matter what kind of event you're planning. We collaborate with a select group of industry performers who provide each of our clients with shows of the highest caliber.

    We offer many different types of entertainment, such as guitarists and singers, acoustic duos, DJs, string players, and party bands. The all-day live music packages are the most well-liked ones. By carefully preparing entertainment with you, we make sure that every moment is delicately accentuated.

    Special Snaps - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    special snaps


    Flower Wall & Photo Booth Package

    Flower Walls & Photo Booth Packages are currently quite affordable. You can get a photo booth and a flower wall for $1200. Get a personalized backdrop and a photo booth for $1500.

    One Round Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    one round entertaiment

    0406 427 785

    One Round Entertainment was established with the sole intention of simplifying and personalizing events for our clients. We can help you whether you want to get married or advertise your new gym. With our wide range of services, which include DJs and party rental equipment like slushy machines and photo booths, you won't find a simpler or more exciting way to start your event.

    Prestige Wedding Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    prestige wedding entertainment

    1300 188 586

    We Do It With A Passion It's the beginning of a brand-new experience that promises to be exciting and joyous. With our upscale wedding DJ service in Sydney, it makes sense for any couple to want their special day to be perfect. They want the music to be entertaining, the food to be delectable, and the setting to be gorgeous. Sydney wedding entertainment and music services. You'll need a talented Sydney wedding DJ for the latter.

    Our Services

    We offer hassle-free, all-inclusive DJ services. We manage all musical components of the occasion. Our DJs will guarantee that the music played during your wedding is entertaining and lively. Our DJs love communication and planning, so they'll keep in touch with you frequently, take your preferences into consideration, and put together a playlist that will set the tone. Before they begin creating the playlist, they will speak with you to better understand your musical interests. Additionally, they'll try to comprehend your visitors' musical tastes in general. That enables them to be ready in case a visitor has a particular requirement.

    Our Wedding MC Services

    Any event benefits from having a wedding MC present. To keep your guests amused and content, they'll play music, tell stories, and make jokes. This ensures a successful and enjoyable event. Great wedding MCs are endearing and approachable, having a sense of humor that works with the crowd and the capacity to read it. Thanks to our MC, you can be confident that your guests will have a great time.

    Robert Galati - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    robert galati

    0419 432 221

    Call Master Of Ceremonies to book a Sydney MC and check their availability. "Relax and enjoy the moment on your wedding day. Your MC is ready for anything." The bride and groom, not the MC, are the main attractions at weddings, according to Robert. He is a perfectionist who is meticulous and has an acute sense of timing both on and off the microphone. Robert has developed a reputation as one of Australia's top wedding event host MCs because he is a consummate professional with a youthful, dynamic, yet classic manner.

    Slide McBride - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    slide mcbride

    0415 104 238

    Live public performance is scheduled for May 18th. Jazz in the 1920s is being played at Stitch Bar in Sydney, 61 York Street. This will be done with a double bass and guitar trio.

    Play Slide Mcbride's music

    Have you given Slide McBride a chance to join your music collection? There are currently 22 tracks that can be listened to.

    Bollywood Live - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    bollywood live

    0414 29 88 62

    The foundation of Bollywood Live is experience and knowledge. With years of experience in the entertainment and events industries, we take pleasure in offering our clients the best in cutting-edge technology and going above and beyond to make sure every event is worthwhile attending.

    Our primary advantages are our adaptability, excellent customer service, and specially designed packages for you. Bollywood Live is one of the top brands in the sector since we are the absolute experts at creating custom event stage sets.

    Ben Fox Band - Wedding Dj & Mc In Sydney

    ben fox band


    Ben Fox Band is a DJ, band, and solo performer from Sydney who delivers live music for events like weddings and corporate parties. Ben's guiding principle is to make organizing your wedding, corporate event, or private party as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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