4 20+ best places to buy engagement and wedding rings in sydney

20+ Best Places To Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings in Sydney

If you're Sydney-based, and looking for an engagement or wedding ring, we've got you covered. We've compiled a list of over 20 places where you can buy rings in Sydney. Whether you're looking for something classic and traditional, or something more unique and contemporary, we've got you covered. So without further ado, here are the best places to buy engagement and wedding rings in Sydney!

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    Ultimate List Of Engagement and Wedding Rings in Sydney

    Temple And Grace - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    temple and grace


    0414 500 999

    The most beautiful wedding and engagement ring available in Australia.

    It's exciting to start arranging a wedding. Temple and Grace will help you with wonderfully created wedding bands and engagement rings so that your special day is celebrated in style. Temple and Grace are immensely proud of their standing as respected Sydney-based experts in engagement and wedding rings. All of the jewelry is hand-made with painstaking attention to detail by the owners, who are also experienced jewelers. If you're getting ready for the big day, stop by Temple and Grace in Sydney or buy wedding rings online to streamline the process. At Temple and Grace, there are more than a thousand distinct wedding rings and ring sets to choose from. Even if the appearance of the rings is significant, it is advised that you keep your preference for precious metal and your lifestyle in mind when choosing an engagement ring and wedding band.

    Compared to the costs of high-street jewelry stores, Temple and Grace's online engagement, diamond, and wedding ring sales will save you more than 40%. If you want to make the most of your money and make sure you get the most value possible, it's crucial to keep in mind this fact. How then do you save so much money? It's not at all difficult. Every jewelry item offered for sale at Temple and Grace is made onsite. You may rest assured that each diamond ring, engagement ring, and wedding band you see on the Temple and Grace website was personally made at the Sydney and Melbourne jewelry stores. We have a solid reputation as master goldsmiths and knowledgeable about loose diamonds. We promise that with our deep understanding of precious metals like gold and platinum, we will be able to create for you the most stunning diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings. Shop our collection online or come in to see the artisanship and excellent quality of our wedding and engagement jewelry.

    The history of how Temple and Grace came to be made into a film

    High-end, sophisticated fine jewelry is distinguished from jewelry that looks like it was bought on sale by the level of detail that goes into its creation. Temple and Grace's jewelry is expertly and with the proper amount of devotion made. Dealing with exquisite jewelry as a commodity differs from the process of creating it. Temple and Grace are both accomplished jewelers, so they are aware of the exacting standards that must be reached while making diamond and gold jewelry. Opening the presentation box for the wedding ring reveals the excellent craftsmanship of a Temple and Grace wedding ring right away. Because of the joy it offers to its clients, Temple and Grace can continue to run successfully. The wedding is a significant event, therefore choosing a reputable vendor is crucial. There isn't a ready-made, flawless wedding ring that can be bought. Even if you choose a specific ring design, you still need to have it customized to fit your finger. An exquisitely created platinum or gold wedding band feels incredibly comfortable and has a stunning appearance. The handcrafting of the most exquisite gold rings, platinum rings, and diamond rings that both men and women can wear has been Temple and Grace's passion since 2015. There is also a fantastic assortment of jewelry for women, including gemstone-set rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made of gold and diamonds.

    Midas Jewellers - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    midas jewellers


    Story of Midas Jewellery

    A young man's enthusiasm for jewelry design and his love for his wife, which resulted in a thriving jewelry company known as "Midas Jewellery," are the subjects of the wonderful story Mr. Sait Altundag. The 1930s saw the birth of Mr. Altundag in the Midyat village of Aramaic. As a young boy, he always showed an aptitude for the arts and was fascinated by artistic creations. He frequently took his time to doodle numerous patterns on his notepad. Alltundag began working at a modest jewelry store in Turkey. He took a lot of time to hear about the particular design requirements his various clients had. Then, using his creative ideas, he started creating some gorgeous and distinctive jewelry. Mr. Altundag frequently remarked that the "smile" on a customer's face when they finally found what they were seeking for gave him the most satisfaction.

    His first masterpiece was motivated by Mr. Altundag's love for his wife, Mrs. Nicme Altundag, and his enthusiasm for jewelry design. On the day of their wedding, he created a silver belt that was manufactured and given to his lovely wife. This marked the launch of his brand-new collection of superbly crafted, hand-made Telkari jewelry. His creations quickly gained public acclaim, and Mr. Altundag was able to start a jewelry store with a steady stream of repeat clients. Much though Mr. Altundag was passionate about designing jewelry, he was even more so about making his customers happy. He therefore went to great pains to obtain the ideal style his client wanted and made sure it was expertly created with each and every detail included.

    Diamond Wedding Rings

    Your wedding jewelry will serve as a lasting reminder of the memorable days you and your loved one shared. Bring your visions to life with designs that can complete and complete your bridal look with statement or subtle appeal and give you a piece to cherish as much as the memory of your wedding day.

    Michael Hill - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    michael hill


    61 1800 445 545

    Since 1979, jewelry made with love and for love.

    Sir Michael Hill and Christine Hill's basic yet revolutionary purpose on opening their first jewelry store in 1979 was to make fine jewelry accessible to everyone. After 40 years, Michael Hill now runs more than 300 locations in three different countries. We are still dedicated to making high-quality jewelry that our customers will treasure forever. One constant has guided all we've done since 1979 and will continue to do so in the future: we're for love.

    Moimoi Fine Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    02 88 599 545

    View Our Collection of Sydney Wedding Bands and Wedding Rings

    The ultimate representation of a lifetime commitment to one another is a wedding ring. It is customarily worn alongside an engagement ring, enabling you to create a special wedding set that embodies your preferences and style. Traditional wedding bands can be created with Moissanite jewels set in pave, channel, and prong settings. Vintage wedding rings with art-deco inspired components can make a stunning complement to many wedding sets. They enhance the vintage charm of both traditional and contemporary engagement rings.

    Engagement Rings in Sydney

    An engagement ring is one of the most sentimental items of jewelry one may own because it is such a unique declaration of love and commitment. They signify a fresh start in life and represent oneness among one another. An engagement ring should ideally reflect the taste and sensitivity of the wearer because it will be cherished for a lifetime. You can choose from a huge selection of ethical engagement rings that have been expertly created in-house using Moissanite or high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Discover halo rings, vintage-inspired rings, classic solitaire styles, and everything in between. With a complimentary engraving on the inside of the band, you may personalize your engagement ring with a meaningful statement.

    Engagement and Wedding Right FAQs

    If the term is new to you, a bridal set is the technical term for your engagement and wedding rings when worn together, in a set, as they will be after your wedding day.

    Unless you're planning to wear your diamond engagement ring without the wedding band or vice versa, at anytime, most brides prefer to have their rings soldered together.

    Do You Still Wear Your Engagement Ring After You Get Married? After your wedding ceremony, you will continue to wear your engagement ring along with your wedding band.

    There's nothing that shows whether or not wearing your wedding bands before the wedding is really bad luck, but many people feel it's like “jumping the gun,” so to speak. The wedding bands are for married couples, not engaged ones, so wearing the bands is seen as bad form. You Can Use It as an Opportunity to Size Them.

    A bride and groom typically exchange rings during their wedding ceremony, placing the ring on each other's wedding ring finger—the fourth finger of the left hand—after saying their vows. As for determining what hand does the wedding ring go on, the choice is really up to you.

    Daniella - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    02 9235 1645

    About Us

    You can buy your favorite piece of jewelry with confidence, directly from the designer and jeweller, avoiding markup and intermediaries. A wide variety of exquisitely handcrafted jewelry is available for immediate purchase online, or let us help you create an exclusive custom design piece of jewelry. At Daniella, we take great pride in our high-end products, unwavering personal attention, and expertise in diamonds and custom design. We are devoted to maintaining the reputation of our business and are passionate about jewelry. We recognize that buying jewelry involves more than just the desire for a beautiful piece and operate with the utmost integrity. According to our opinion, a credible jeweler should establish a connection based on trust by being completely transparent in order to let customers make an informed decision.

    We want to be the preferred jeweler. We consider ourselves to be in the business of bringing happiness to others rather than just manufacturing jewelry. Daniella believes in building long-lasting connections and becoming your jeweler for life. We get true satisfaction when customers smile every time they look at a piece of jewelry they own from us. We enjoy celebrating our clients' important occasions alongside them.

    Custom Made Wedding Rings

    Your wedding day has been a lifelong fantasy of yours. The idyllic location, the stunning flowing dress, the partner of your dreams...Form your enduring connection with hand-crafted, personalized Daniella wedding rings. Your wedding is entirely personalized. Your jewelry stands out the most. Let skilled hands and eyes construct your customized wedding bands to represent your unique union. We assist you in creating custom wedding rings to commemorate the most important day of your life, whether you have an idea in mind or might use some inspiration. Your relationship is revealed in full by the design of your engagement ring. It is a sparkling representation of your love and close bond. It requires your deep understanding along with the skill and inspiration of our professional jewelers to create the design of your partner's fantasies.

    Affinity Diamonds - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    affinity diamonds


    61 2 9221 0745

    Our story

    The leading bespoke jeweller in Australia and New Zealand is Affinity Diamonds, and we are aware that perseverance, tenderness, and patience go into creating something beautiful. Based in the CBDs of Sydney and Auckland, we have spent the last 20 years finding the best diamonds available. Sam Rahme established Affinity Diamonds in 2001 as a result of his love of exquisite luxury and his desire to make the intangible more affordable for regular people.


    A beautifully created diamond engagement ring not only represents enduring love, but also your togetherness and dedication to one another. It signifies the beginning of your next adventure together. We'll work with our master jewelers and accomplished artisans to help make your dream diamond engagement ring a reality.

    With decades of combined knowledge, our staff will walk you through the whole creative process. Our master jewelers are careful, leaving no detail untouched.

    Temple And Grace - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    temple and grace


    0414 500 945

    Australia's finest engagement and wedding rings

    It's thrilling to plan your big day, and Temple and Grace can make sure that it's celebrated in style with exquisitely created wedding bands and engagement rings. As reputable wedding and engagement ring experts with a Sydney presence, Temple and Grace take great pride in their work. Every item of jewelry is created with meticulous attention to detail by the master jewelers themselves. You can thus visit Temple and Grace in Sydney or order wedding rings online if you're preparing for your big day. Over a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets are available at Temple and Grace. While the aesthetics of the wedding and engagement rings are significant, it is advised that you also consider your lifestyle and preferred precious metal.

    Wedding Rings for Women

    The top-rated five-star engagement and wedding ring retailer in Australia is Temple and Grace. We craft stunning wedding bands for ladies, men, and engagement rings. We create and make distinctive women's rings since we are master jewelers with locations in Sydney and Melbourne (no middlemen).

    Engagement Rings

    Online and in the jewelry boutiques of Temple and Grace Engagement Rings, discover Australia's most distinctive diamond engagement rings. We create and construct the finest engagement rings Sydney and Melbourne have ever seen since we are Master jewelers ourselves. By cutting out the intermediary and purchasing your engagement ring directly from Temple and Grace in Australia, you can save over 40% on your diamond ring. We warrant:

    Waldemar Jewellers - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    waldemar jewellers


    02 9232 6245


    Why do our customers consider Waldemar Jewellers to be the best jeweler in Sydney? The simple explanation is that we genuinely enjoy what we do. It is evident in everything we do, from how lovingly we design and create each one of our clients' custom jewelry pieces to the connections we form with them. We take great delight in always providing amazing value, fine craftsmanship, and trustworthy counsel. Mark Poter, our founder and chief designer, has 20 years of expertise. He has been given the opportunity to create jewelry for famous people and royal families because of his enthusiasm and attention to detail.


    We'll create a masterpiece based on your ideas. The best is what such a wonderful purchase deserves! We make certain that every ring is made to the greatest possible standards. Our rings are made from the highest quality, ethically sourced materials, and will become a treasured heirloom for you.


    Our uniquely created wedding bands can precisely match any engagement ring and fit each wearer's unique personality. Whether a traditional, vintage, or contemporary design is preferred, we will work with you to make sure the rings accurately represent your commitment to one another.

    Just Gold Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    just gold jewellery


    0405 922 045


    In 1975, Just Gold Jewellery was founded. Our company has a large workshop with jewelers and designers in Hong Kong, where the company's headquarters are. The staff at Just Gold Jewellery works hard to provide each of our clients with only the finest jewelry. Our company was built on the principles of ethics, continual improvement, and quality. The creators of Just Gold are second generation jewelers and industry experts with more than 30 years of expertise creating excellent jewelry by hand. The Cabramatta store of Just Gold Jewellery first opened in Sydney in 2000. Strong bonds, trust, and word-of-mouth from all of our clients who have referred their family and friends have supported the growth of our firm over the past 20 years in Sydney. At Just Gold Jewellery, we take great satisfaction in the fact that we are real jewelers and not just a retailer. Our in-depth expertise, historical origins, and first-rate craftsmanship enable us to establish a new standard for jewelry design and expertise that is available right at your fingertips. Additionally, we strive to offer a superior level of customer service, a wide selection of jewelry, and consumer education & guidance. Our goal is to produce jewelry of the highest caliber to commemorate your important occasions.


    The wedding band is a special item of jewelry that you wear every day to symbolize your love and commitment to one another. We at Just Gold Jewellery are aware of its significance. We provide several different styles of 18k White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum wedding rings. So, whether you want something basic or something adorned with diamonds, we will have it. If you have something specific in mind and want to entrust the best hands to create it for you, you've come to the correct place. We also specialize in custom-made fine jewelry.


    It takes a lot of thought to choose the ideal engagement ring for you and your partner. There are numerous factors to take into account, including as the center diamond's selection, shape, size, quality, and qualities, as well as the final ring design. We at Just Gold Jewellery recognize the significance of this choice and will work with you to aid you and your spouse at each stage of selecting and designing your ideal ring. Your design you have in mind can be custom made to fit any budget and your specific requirements.

    Tok Jewellers - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    tok jewellers


    1300 101 754


    Tok Jewellers was founded in 1974 by master jeweler Alex Tok. In the 1980s, he developed his artisanal talents in Zurich, Switzerland, and made sure that the company remained family-owned and operated throughout its expansion and success in Australia. Tok Jewellers has established a famous reputation for excellence and service in the eyes of its clients because to its sharp eye for quality and quest of perfection in every piece. Jewelry is something personal, in our opinion. Each item should therefore satisfy your specific preferences. We specialize in creating custom fine jewelry, such as wedding bands and engagement rings, using top-quality diamonds and colored gemstones from nature. We mix the most recent 3D CAD and CAM technologies with conventional manufacturing methods. By doing so, we can provide you a 360-degree virtual representation of your specially made item, eliminating any uncertainty. Our business is based on a solid foundation of knowledge, experience, and trust between our clients and ourselves. You can be sure that your jewelry is being handled with the highest care and accuracy because all of our work is done in our on-site Sydney workshop. Get in touch with us for further details.


    Brides can choose from a wide variety of handmade and ready-to-wear engagement rings from Tok Jewellers, which specializes in doing so. Only a small portion of the gorgeous rings in our gallery are really offered at our Sydney CBD store. They can be personalized with the diamond, colored gemstone, and precious metal of your choice. To match your own taste, we can also design and make bespoke engagement rings.


    The gorgeous range of men's wedding rings from Tok Jewellers includes simple styles for everyday wear as well as more elaborate styles for special occasions.

    Zappacosta Jewels - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    zappacosta jewels


    9232 1945

    A little about us.

    Zappacosta Jewels is truly passionate about creating one-of-a-kind designs that appeal to all tastes. Zappacosta Jewels, located in Australia's leading design district, The Strand Arcade, works directly with customers to realize their dreams of stunning engagement and wedding bands, diamond rings, and jewelry made of pearls and other precious stones. Zappacosta Jewels, which was founded in 2003 by one of Australia's top jewelry designers, and its creations have an advantage over other Sydney jewelry stores thanks to Manuela Zappacosta and her team of skilled designers and jewellers.

    Custom Designed Jewellery for You

    Hand engraving for names, patterns, and textures by our talented engraver adds something special. Heirloom remodelling, redesigning, and recycling your gold and Platinum are available for you with our experienced team of qualified jewellers, designers, and Gemologists. We also offer in-house custom design, repair, remodelling, re-stringing, and resizing.

    Australian Wedding Rings - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    australian wedding rings


    02 8006 8645


    I'm Alex, a jeweler, expert web shopper, and former bride. It made me consider other couples and how difficult and complex wedding ring purchasing may be. When I was planning my wedding, our wedding bands were the easiest thing on my to-do list because I didn't need to shop for them and I understood exactly what makes great quality, durable rings. You're essentially comparing "apples with oranges" when you compare the prices of two very similar-looking bands due to differences in specifications, alloy grades, manufacturing processes, and location of origin. Why then aren't you just given the best of everything? I can help you out by combining my knowledge of jewelry, online shopping, and wedding preparation! Affordable, fully online-shoppable, and delivered anywhere in Australia are wedding rings created in Australia to boutique standards. That was my lightbulb moment, and I've been passionate about it ever since. Today, you may have a stress-free shopping experience and the best rings created in Australia, most conveniently and affordably. It is a great honor and a dream job to be a part of your love story. I'm eager to show you your stunning new wedding rings!

    Classic Gold or Platinum

    The beautiful wedding band should be worn on your perfect day. So enjoy looking at your wedding band on your big day and every day after that. Because it was responsibly created in Australia, you can wear it with even greater affection. The simplest option is to say "I do" with Australian Wedding Rings because of the ease of delivery to your home within 12 calendar days and the low rates!


    Our traditional wedding bands for ladies and men are the ideal representations of your unique union. Your devotion to one another is mirrored by our commitment to you in the form of strong, bespoke wedding rings at unbeatable pricing. Look through our extensive collection of designs, which are offered in your choice of precious metals, including 9ct and 18ct yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, two-tone gold, and 950 platinum. Additionally, to customize your treasure to your preferences, we provide flawless craftsmanship in our ring designs, including domed and flat forms and matt or brushed finished textures. Additionally, you can commemorate your union with a matching set that will last a lifetime. Hers and Hers wedding bands are another area of expertise for Australian Wedding Rings. Choose to laser engrave a message to your loved one on any of our available brands for a personalized touch. We want this milestone to be as stress-free and memorable as we can. Order your Australian wedding ring online from the convenience of your home, and quick delivery is available throughout Australia. Our easily accessible finger-sizing kits, which are delivered in four to seven business days, ensure there will be no ambiguity on your special day. You may be confident that your purchase will also help those in need by spreading love. Each ring helps the Harding Miller Education Foundation, which gives poor Australian girls access to education.

    AE Design Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    ae design jewellery


    0400 780 745

    Our Story

    We take pride in having the knowledge and experience to source the very best diamonds and gemstones from key markets around the world while upholding the professionalism to deliver them to our sophisticated clients at fair and competitive prices. AE Design Jewellery is a family-owned and operated jewelry house founded in 1957 and located in the historic Westpac Trust Building of King Street, Sydney CBD. We collaborate closely with our clients to design and make distinctive jewelry that reflects their characteristics and sense of style. Even though our custom engagement ring design services are in high demand, we also offer wedding bands for the bride and groom as well as emotional keepsakes that might need to be refreshed for their big day.

    Engagement Rings Sydney From AE Design Jewellery

    Welcome to AE Design Jewellery, one of Sydney's top vendors of distinctive engagement rings. We are a family-run company that was first founded in 1957, and we are conveniently situated in the historic Westpac Trust Building on King Street, right in the middle of Sydney's Central Business District. We specialize in creating Sydney's finest personalized engagement rings as well as other exquisite pieces of jewelry. For individuals who would want to choose a pre-designed engagement ring in Sydney, we also have our ready-to-wear Pronto Collection of distinctive settings.

    Custom Engagement Rings Sydney – One of a Kind

    We have been a leading supplier of bespoke engagement rings in Sydney for many years, and our award-winning designs highlight the skill of our master jeweller. Sydney couples who are conscious of their finances like to stay within their budget, despite the fact that many individuals are frightened off by the idea of selecting a custom engagement ring. But without exceeding your budget, you can choose unusual engagement rings in Sydney's central business district. We'd be pleased to walk you through the various Sydney designer engagement ring features we have to offer. Just ask one of our knowledgeable staff members. For stunning engagement rings, Sydney couples, and love, go no further.

    Zoe Pook - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    zoe pook


    0434 911 054

    About Zoë Pook Jewellery

    Our customers come to us looking for a one-of-a-kind piece to announce their love, mark an occasion, or simply treat themselves to something special. Zo Pook Jewellery was founded in 2006 and specializes in crafting bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands, signet rings, and other accessories.

    Bespoke Commissions

    We take great pride in producing one-of-a-kind, sentimental jewelry pieces. We provide advice, design, and create unique treasures that are precisely customized to our clients' preferences! Our headquarters are in NSW, Australia. We can speak with you over the phone, video calls, or email, though. The entire process can be completed remotely, and after that, we'll ship your gorgeous jewelry to you locally or abroad. You are welcome to schedule an appointment to come in and start the production of your custom jewelry if you are able to visit one of our two studios. We adore being a part of elaborate marriage proposal plans or special birthday surprises because we are also very adept at keeping secrets.


    We can assist you if you'd like to revitalize any of your old jewelry or recycle some of your emotional or vintage jewelry into something special and more suited to you. Sending us pictures, any relevant details, and any concepts for the jewelry or stones' future use is a good place to start. You can send the goods to us or schedule an appointment with us to bring the items into our studio for evaluation. Call or email us to schedule a consultation. We are prepared to assist.

    OROGINALE - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    (02) 9719-1145

    Oroginale Jewellery Australia

    Custom diamond wedding and engagement rings Finding the ideal band for your partner can be challenging. Oroginale is still a great option if you want a place with a ton of customization possibilities and wedding bands that are stunning. Sydney residents may rely on Oroginale for exquisite wedding bands. We provide uniquely designed engagement rings that will be cherished forever. We can give you the cut or color you want. Sydney inhabitants are not the only ones who can appreciate and enjoy our wide assortment of diamond engagement rings. Therefore, no matter what your preferences or needs are, we can assist you in finding or creating the ideal ring for you and your significant other.

    Engagement Rings

    We have a variety of engagement rings at Oroginale that Sydney will adore. We provide rings with solitaire settings, side-stone settings, halo rings, and numerous more designs. There are a lot of models on display for you to browse. Additionally, we can assist you in designing the ideal unique engagement ring. Sydney may depend on us for lovely diamond rings. Depending on your taste, we can hand-craft bands out of yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. We also work with platinum, 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold. Our display rings come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and we can construct bespoke items with straightforward or complicated designs. While diamonds are the most expensive and well-liked jewels, we also have colored gems in a variety of designs and hues. Whatever your preference, you will leave Oroginale happy with your ring because there are so many distinct cuts to pick from. Additionally, Oroginale delivers a large selection of ideal cut GIA certified white diamonds ethically acquired at wholesale costs from all around the world, as well as an exceptional assortment of colored and Argyle Pink diamonds. There is no need to be concerned if you are unaware of your particular needs. You can visit us with ideas for your personalized engagement rings in Sydney, or you can look through our lovely collection of pre-made settings. From there, we may work with you to design a completely original ring that is masterfully made especially for you. In other words, we can create the ideal ring for you.

    Wedding Rings

    Like our engagement sets, we have a wide variety of wedding bands that Sydney residents will adore. You can select the ideal band for you and your partner from our selection of wedding bands for men and women. We can work with you to design the ideal matching rings for you and your spouse, regardless of your preferred gold color or your creative goals. We provide bands made of titanium, black zirconium, white gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and yellow gold. You can go for a straightforward design or use tiny stones and twisting bands to create a more detailed pattern. Whatever you want, we can work with you to create a unique piece that will forever symbolize your love.

    LeiL - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    61 2 8367 0945


    LeiL was created out of a desire to lead the way in jewelry. We produce quality, sustainable jewelry with an emphasis on structural integrity and aesthetic design. We have backgrounds in both architecture and jewelry. We adhere to the unadulterated truth and work to arm you with the information you need to dress appropriately. LeiL's ecological, ethical jewelry pieces and diamonds combine simple beauty and scientific accuracy rather than relying solely on aesthetics. We concentrate on removing the superfluous to produce lab-grown jewelry designs that are structurally sound, timeless, and made to endure a lifetime.


    Every item of jewelry made by LeiL is 100% ethical, gentle to the environment, and crafted to last a lifetime of wear. We draw inspiration from many different disciplines, so each piece has dimensions, symmetry, and proportions that have been carefully examined. We want to highlight how sustainable jewelry and architecture may influence designs and production methods. Each piece of sustainably made jewelry aims to rethink the conventional definition of luxury by eschewing extravagance and highlighting materiality and structural integrity. We support ageless design, the elegance of simplicity, and the aesthetic value of form following function. We design to enhance the rich life around that product as well as to produce a stunning, ethical piece of jewelry.


    The jewelry industry has a reputation for not explaining how jewelry is made clearly. We at LeiL want to alter that by giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your purchases. Our sustainable, ethical production processes are distinctive and rely on the rediscovery of long-forgotten knowledge. We combine conventional techniques with the most recent developments in manufactured technology, such as lab-grown and responsibly produced diamonds. We are able to produce a variety of ethically sourced, environmentally friendly jewelry items because to our special process, which combines technology and handcrafted artistry to achieve great technical precision. LeiL casts its eco-friendly, high-end jewelry in two to three readymade pieces. It is then put together, set with lab-grown diamonds or gemstones that were sourced ethically, engraved, and polished. Using a special blending technology developed by LeiL, high-quality, environmentally friendly jewelry is produced more quickly and precisely than by hand.

    Twinkle Diamonds - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    twinkle diamonds


    (02) 9261 5054


    Your once-attractive antique and outdated jewelry can be repaired. Your jewelry will appear appealing and nearly new thanks to our transformation services. Our diamonds are hand-selected and measured for their exceptional proportions and long-lasting, observable effects.

    Engagement Rings

    Our GIA-certified stones are hand-selected for their Excellent proportions all around. Our heart and arrow-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds produce effects that are long-lasting and obvious.

    Lovelle Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    lovelle jewellery


    (02) 9267 9945


    The following thrilling turning points in the history of the engagement ring: A declaration of ownership. The custom of giving jewelry as a gift dates back to the time of Ancient Rome, when ornaments of this type were made of iron, copper, and ivory. This action represented mutual affection and submission. Additionally, it resulted in a formal agreement between men and women. Such jewel evidence was discovered in Pompei. 850. Diamonds first appeared in jewelry in 1477, and engagement rings are the formal symbol of the intention to wed. Gold is the most popular metal for jewelry. Jewelry is still evolving as a symbol of commitment, with diamonds taking center stage in the late 1940s as De Beers started mining diamonds in South Africa. Millennials. People who have barely reached maturity in the early 21st century are starting to replace their taste for diamond engagement rings with colored stones like blue sapphire and ruby.


    The round brilliant is the most popular diamond cut, followed by the princess and emerald cuts. Other than these cuts, the following unusual shapes can be found in our selection of diamond engagement rings: Marquise. This 18K Lovelace 1.00ct solitaire diamond ring features a laser inscription and is GIA certified. The center stone is encircled by a halo of tiny natural diamonds that extends down the ring. Pear. The 18K Mist 1.01ct, the Lumiere 0.40ct solitaire diamond rings, and the white gold cluster diamond rings all have this cut as a characteristic. Options for different price ranges. Cushion. The 1.00ct solitaire diamond ring in 18K Milliardaire is suited for royalty, with the center stone flanked by two natural diamonds cut in a trilliant shape. We have pink and yellow diamonds in 0.41ct and 1.00ct certified GIA cuts in our collection.


    These are some of the gems you can expect to find when browsing our selection, whether you're looking for couple's rings, wedding bands, or engagement rings:Diamonds. These can be paired with gold that is yellow, white, or rose. Sydney wedding bands for both sexes are available in delicate styles like the 18K Sommet circular diamond ring or the traditional curve diamond band. Instead, if you're searching for a statement piece, think about the yin yang diamond band or the diamond ribbon ring. If your budget is less flexible, we have the equally rich moissanite Sydney engagement rings. Despite being more cheap than diamonds, they are less durable and more prone to scratching. In Sydney, opal jewelry from Australia. Did you know that the formation of these priceless stones takes 1.2 billion years and that Australia produces 95% of the world's opals? 10% of them are black opal dark grey and have every color in the rainbow. The boulder opal, which is a variation of this gem, is taken as a single piece from Northern Queensland, Quilpie, and Winton. While Welo or African/Ethiopian opal has characteristic patterning that catch the light and sparkle, white opal has a milky or translucent look. Precious stones. In addition to rings, we also have exceptional pendants like the playfully aristocratic treasure chest with ruby and pendants like the old-world locket with emerald and mother of pearl. There are also certain items that look lovely together, like the multi-sapphire ring and the rainbow drop pendant. You can also wear our gemstone rings, which come in amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, citrine, garnet, moonstone, morganite, peridot, tanzanite, and tsavorite, with our gemstone earrings.

    Victoria Buckley - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    victoria buckley


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    Welcome to Victoria Buckley.

    We specialize in elegant and distinctive bridal designs using only the highest quality diamonds and precious gemstones. "Where jewelry meets poetry." When looking for the ideal bespoke piece, we provide ready-made one-off pieces in-store or a tailored experience. Having worked in the fine jewelry industry for more than 30 years, Victoria Buckley has developed a cult following among those looking for strong, statement pieces that have been expertly honed and finished with the designer's own creative style. Our designs are made here in Sydney from fair traded solid Australian gold and ethically sourced gemstones, and they are inspired by long-forgotten fairytales and whimsical dreams. Victoria's designs will delight you forever as treasures that exist from a time outside of time, only defined by their timeless and moody, romantic beauty. Visit us in our retail studio, located at 64 Castlereagh St. in Sydney's Bvlgari Building. Visit our online store to browse our expanding collection of fine jewelry and take advantage of expertly crafted heirloom pieces that will be cherished for a lifetime.

    What we do

    We design and manufacture all of our precious gold and gem jewelry here in Australia. Victoria Buckley creates enchanting, soulful jewelry that is meant to enthrall for a lifetime. Her designs are influenced by folklore, enchantment, and poetry. Victoria's designs have gained a stunning following for the past thirty years, and she has never stopped demonstrating her love of the art via her unique and exquisitely crafted creations. Victoria's clients look for strong yet understated statement pieces that have been painstakingly honed and perfected by the designer's own imaginative spirit and hand. Every piece of our art is made to endure the test of time. Victoria has committed her life to providing service to this enormous honor of being so closely involved in someone's life journey. When Victoria Buckley learned about the tradition of the Posy rings hosted at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1992, she was enchanted by the allure of carved phrases on gold. Making her own potently significant talismans became her unquenchable fixation, which is still going strong now.

    We specialize in engagement and wedding jewelry set with diamonds and colored gemstones as well as larger gem set rings and pendants, engraved with intricate designs painstakingly carved by hand. Victoria's designs are inspired by long-forgotten fairytales and dreams of unexplored wild places. Victoria's designs will delight you forever as treasures from an era outside of time, only defined by their timeless and moody, romantic beauty. Victoria's customers serve as her creative inspiration, and she enjoys working on commissioned creations that have genuine personal significance. In Sydney, Australia, Victoria Buckley creates her designs using ethically sourced gemstones and Australian gold that has been fairly traded. At our retail studio, located upstairs in the Bvlgari Building at 64 Castlereagh St. Sydney, we only visit clients by appointment. Additionally, we provide a wide range of fine jewelry through our online store so that everyone in the globe can enjoy our carefully crafted heirloom items.

    GF Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

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    In Sydney, Gavin Fisher began his career in jewelry as an apprentice in 1996, learning from renowned Australian jeweler Russell McCullough. Gavin gained extensive knowledge of the jewelry industry during his time there, including understanding of gemstones and both conventional and cutting-edge manufacturing methods. Here, he improved his traditional jewelry design with a contemporary twist. Gavin left for Canada in his mid-twenties, worked in Vancouver, and then proceeded to the US to work in New York. The selection of Gavin as the Master Jeweller for the famed Greenwich Street Jewelers in Manhattan, New York City, was the pinnacle of his professional career. He had the opportunity of meeting with clients face-to-face to work with them to create unique jewelry. Gavin was asked to instruct at numerous exclusive jewelry schools while he was living in New York, which he found to be quite satisfying. Gavin quickly rebuilt his reputation in 2014, moving back to Sydney and opening a private workshop to serve his customers with custom jewelry design. Gavin is a master craftsman with nearly 20 years of expertise who specializes in designing unique jewelry, preserving family antiques, setting gemstones, and remodeling worn-out or broken jewelry.

    Special Occasions Jewellery

    Custom-made jewelry for special occasions is the ideal present for a loved one or for you. I create one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches by hand. We will create a unique piece together using metals and precious and semi-precious stones. And I'm happy to update your most priceless pieces using family heirloom metals and stones. Anniversary and eternity rings are significant symbols of your life partner's devotion. Celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship by giving them an eternity ring that was custom-made just for them. Create a unique eternity ring with any kind of gemstone and precious metal you like to light their heart on fire. I frequently create exquisite custom jewelry for graduations and christenings.

    Custom Engagement Rings

    With a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted diamond engagement ring, you may share your love story. To make genuinely spectacular engagement rings, I only use the best natural diamonds and gemstones, pairing them with the finest metals and skilled craftsmanship. I walk you through the process from the first meeting to the moment you shock them with the question of a lifetime. Your wedding band should look stunning on its own and properly compliment your engagement ring. I manufacture wedding bands with stunning beauty and useful utility that you'll want to wear every day. I also create wedding bands for males out of precious metals and occasionally tiny accent stones. I also welcome requests for wedding rings from couples.

    Mondial - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



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    Pink Diamond Collection in Argyle. Each Mondial creation is a one-of-a-kind item made by our Australian jewelers.

    The diamonds and gemstones that are used in each item are carefully sourced and hand-selected. We specialize in creating jewelry to order, and we will locate the ideal diamond or gemstone for your requirements in the ideal form, size, and color.

    Our jewelry can be made in your choice of platinum, white, rose, or yellow gold.

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