Top 20 Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Shops In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Are you looking for the most reputable jewellery stores in Melbourne, Victoria, to purchase your wedding band or engagement ring? If that's the case, you've arrived at the right destination!

In this blog post, we will provide you with information regarding some of the best stores in Melbourne that are stocked with stunning bands and rings. Be sure to stop by each of these stores, whether you're looking for something for yourself or a gift for someone else.

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    Ultimate List Of Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Shops in Melbourne, Victoria

    Temple & Grace Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    temple & grace engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    0414 500 999

    Australia's Finest Engagement And Wedding Rings

    With exquisitely crafted engagement rings and wedding bands, Temple and Grace will let you enjoy the anticipation of preparing your special day in elegance. Being a reputed supplier of wedding and engagement rings in Sydney is something Temple and Grace takes great pride in. Each piece of jewelry is created with great care and attention to detail by experienced jewelers. Therefore, if you're preparing for your special day, visit Sydney's Temple and Grace or get wedding rings online. At Temple and Grace, there are more than a thousand different wedding bands and wedding ring sets available. While the design of the engagement and wedding bands is essential, it is also advised that you take your lifestyle and preferred precious metal into account.

    Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Bridal Jewellery

    Our online jewelry collection features stunning design and exceptional craftsmanship. By making your purchase directly from the jeweler, you can save up to 40%. For your comfort, we also offer a complete money-back guarantee. Discover a lovely selection of jewelry for both men and women. At Temple & Grace, we have the best collection of wedding and engagement rings in Australia, including diamond rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

    Some Of The Exceptional Services We Offer Include:

    Over 40% in savings are promised off both your wedding and engagement rings. As GIA-certified diamond wholesalers, we can promise savings. You can choose from a wide variety of diamond sizes and shapes as a result. Returns are free for 365 days. With each order, a jewelry appraisal certificate is supplied. Free shipping and a simple returns procedure. When placing an order, pay only 25%; the remaining amount is due on the day of delivery. Use our home trial service to try on and choose your men's or women's wedding band in the comfort of your own home. Shop online, schedule a visit to the showroom, or schedule a virtual appointment to browse our jewelry selection. Visit our engagement and wedding jewelry boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to select from our distinctive Australian jewelry, or shop online with our 100% peace-of-mind guarantee.

    Janai Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    janai jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9662 1455

    We have something for everyone looking for imaginative and well-designed jewelry. Our classy pieces are created and will undoubtedly end up being something you adore and wish to wear always.

    Australian Custom Engagement Rings

    So whether you're making your first proposal, celebrating your engagement, the first anniversary of your engagement, or marking your union's golden anniversary, communicate your sentiments with a piece of a diamond ring. We invite you to visit our store to browse through our selection of already created and on display jewelry creations if you'd like to learn more about our creativity. We are proud of the innovative jewelry designs created by both local and foreign designers in Melbourne.

    Our Craftsmanship

    We combine superior workmanship, knowledge, and ability to produce the ideal piece of jewelry according to your requirements. We are committed to providing a service that meets or exceeds your expectations and guarantees your pleasure. Any design you have in mind can be handcrafted by Janai Jewellery, bringing it to life in ways you never imagined. From gorgeous wedding bands and engagement rings to sentimental gift items like elaborate diamond earrings or pendants. Everything is within our power. Our services include repairing, remodeling, and resizing your priceless items as well as, upon request, reusing your stones in a new piece.

    The crafting process is only carried out by the most skilled and well-trained designers, sketch artists, jewelers, and diamond setters. Our team can give a complete, accurate, and structurally sound sketch since we have a thorough understanding of how to make jewelry.

    Kalfin Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    kalfin jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9670 3431

    Our Pedigree

    We started out by creating, producing, and supplying 3,500 jewelry retail stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. For 28 years, we supplied a wide range of independent merchants in addition to all the well-known jewelry chains and groupings. As we committed our lives to designing and making cutting-edge jewelry with exceptional quality and service, the name Kalfin came to represent excellence. Over the course of more than two decades, our urge to change and better serve the jewelry industry and customers became clear. The desire to influence design and outmoded practices evolved into the core of our philosophy.

    Engagement & Wedding Rings FAQs

    Yes, a woman can wear a wedding band for several reasons. For example, she may prefer simplicity or do jobs that require her to take off her rings. Her engagement ring may also contain gems that always snag, harbour dirt, or scratch when worn.

    After your wedding ceremony, you will continue to wear your engagement ring and your wedding band. So, yes.

    The two rings sit together on the same finger, and to ensure they both fit together perfectly, engagement bands can be made with raised settings.

    The 1.0-carat centre stone used to be the most desired size chosen for engagement rings; however, more recently, we are seeing this shift towards a slightly larger stone, with couples choosing diamonds averaging 1.25 to 1.50 carats.

    With the average-sized engagement ring being a 1-carat stone, it's safe to say anything larger can be considered big. Most people think diamonds are big when they start to reach 2-carats or bigger. However, rings of this size are less common. It is one of the reasons that most people feel 2-carats is a big diamond.

    Victoria Mason Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    victoria mason engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    About Victoria

    Victoria Mason is a jeweler who works in Melbourne. CloseUpPortraitHiRes She distills a sentiment or an idea into a seemingly simple thing in order to tell stories through jewelry and miniature sculpture. We live in a state of busyness, hardly slowing down at times, afraid of the silence. Is it best to maintain this pace, or can we sometimes allow the quietness in, just for a few minutes a day, to recalibrate our emotions? Victoria has accumulated a collection of robust designs over the years, which tap into those quieter feelings and resonate with a broad spectrum of people.

    She has been able to use jewelry and miniature sculpture to tell stories through items and to remind us of times in our own life when more contemplation and deliberate observation were possible. Sometimes the most complicated concepts may be reduced to a straightforward shape or memory flash, and Victoria's work enables us to achieve this. Years of research into both the technical aspects and the emotional resonance of jewelry have led to the realization of the harmony between beauty & function.

    Work History

    Since she first began making jewelry at Sydney College of the Arts more than 20 years ago, Victoria Mason. She worked with modern jewelers including Helge Larsen, Margaret West, and Rowena Gough to get a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree with a focus in Jewelry & Object Design. She took an apprenticeship in trade jewelry after graduating, working for master jeweler Raoul Merten. She earned a diploma in gemmology in 1999, combining all three of her studies to enable her to transform concepts into exquisitely realized creations. Victoria began making jewelry in 2002, and since then, she has displayed her creations in exhibitions at the Sturt Gallery in New South Wales and the KickArts Gallery as well as venues like Makers Mark and Outre Gallery in Victoria (QLD). Witch & Book Protect are two limited edition works of art that Victoria collaborated on in 2012 with the multidisciplinary artist Ghostpatrol.

    Simon West Fine Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne


    +61 3 9639 1403

    Custom Designed Diamond Rings & Wedding Bands Melbourne

    We are situated in Melbourne's diamond district in Victoria, Australia. To assist record and celebrate the important milestones in life, we source, design, and make jewelry. We also offer the finest caliber of individualized service for personalized jewelry Melbourne-wide. We collaborate with you to create heirlooms in addition to merely designing jewelry for you. Therefore, there is a genuine sense that we have begun your tale when you take your item with you. It will be valued not just throughout your lifetime but also as a legacy for future generations. It will be worn with pride, grow with you every day, and be cherished. Milestones outlined today can be commemorated with jewelry for years to come.

    Ethically Sourced Diamonds

    We obtain our diamonds from a variety of locations across the world, such as Australia, Canada, Mumbai, Israel, and Belgium. All of our diamonds come with a guarantee against conflict and are often GIA certified. Our diamond suppliers are able to track and distinguish the majority of diamonds by origin and give a chain of custody protocol for their stones. The mine operators from which Simon West's diamond suppliers must purchase their stones must adhere to recognized labor, trade, and environmental norms. In 1993, Simon started working as an apprentice gold and platinumsmith for Michael Cook in Cobram/Barooga on the Murray River. He made the decision to go to Melbourne in 1995 with vision and desire in his eyes in order to learn more about the industry while working at Bennettswood Jewellers in Burwood for four years. Before going out on his own, where he knew he could add his unique touch and make exceptional occasions even more meaningful, the objective was to study as much as he could.

    Your Jeweller Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    your jeweller engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne



    Our Work

    Your jeweler provides specialized assistance and guidance with regard to the creation of jewelry, watch maintenance, and battery replacement. We can redesign and resize your jewelry, and we take great pride in providing good, old-fashioned customer service to all of our clients. Our work speaks for itself; we are conveniently located just off Swanston Street in the center of Melbourne's CBD. To discover what our clients are saying, kindly read our Google reviews.

    About Us

    Your jeweler provides specialized services and guidance for key cutting, watch repairs, watch battery replacement, ring size, and jewelry creation. We take great satisfaction in being the best at providing our community's jewelry needs as a family-owned jewelry store in the center of Melbourne's CBD. We provide our clients with pleasant, dependable service, quick turnaround times for the majority of repairs, and affordable prices. Check out what our customers are saying on Reviews. We've been in business at our current location for 18 years and are still going strong.

    Holloway Diamonds Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    holloway diamonds engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9593 2190

    About You First

    Do you desire an expensive piece of jewelry or a diamond ring that sparkles maniacally and is flawlessly icy white? by use of a GIA certificate? Alternatively said, the nicest diamond cut imaginable. Working together with our designers and jewelers, you can select from a wide variety of custom designs for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. The best is us (not the cheapest). Because I am a master in diamond cutting, our diamonds glitter crazily. The tools Ideal-Scope, ASET, and HCA were created by me. The greatest diamond cutters, purchasers, and dealers use these tools globally.

    I am the company's founder, owner, and "CutNut." I am a geologist who graduated and traveled to London by rucksack. I learned how to produce jewelry by myself after purchasing diamonds in Asia. I started Precious Metals in 1976 on a tight budget. Holloway Diamonds was born in 2006. Back then, diamonds were out of my price range. In 1984, I excelled in the Gemmological Association of Australia's Diamond Technology course.

    Tinson Jewellers & Pawnbrokers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    tinson jewellers & pawnbrokers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9654 6880

    We have offered our customers amiable and expert service for more than 20 years. We provide the finest value for your stuff, and our prices are the most affordable in town with no additional fees that are not disclosed. We specialize in purchasing and selling luxury products such as diamonds, gold, jewelry, watches, high-end handbags, cell phones, and laptop computers.

    Are You Looking For Instant Cash?

    Are you looking to pawn or sell your possessions to raise money? To help you obtain rapid cash more quickly and easily, Tinson has streamlined the lending and purchasing processes. By doing away with all credit checks, paperwork, and other drawn-out procedures, we can give you cash right away. Do you have any expensive goods you'd like to sell for cash, such as diamonds, gold, jewelry, watches, designer handbags, or high-end electronics? Call us right away for further details.

    With Jewellery, We Can Do The Following:

    We vow to do the best job possible for your priceless goods, whether you need to have a broken piece fixed, resize a ring, or restore a treasure that has been handed down through many generations. To get a quote on your repair, kindly stop by the store and speak with our helpful team.

    Franco Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    franco jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9564 7756

    About Us

    Today, we are happy to be a jewelry shop with 50 years of experience in the retail jewelry sector, giving consistency, luxury, and top-notch customized custom creations. The Franco family has a long history of artistic fashion and accessory obsession. After completing a study in jewelry and watches, Franco Ceresiani left Italy in 1956 and opted to start a career in jewelry two years later.

    In 1968, Franco built his first jewelry store in Melbourne's central business district, close to the GPO. The Elizabeth Street shop served as the foundation for a flourishing family enterprise that expanded over three decades to include three storefronts. As one of the only Italian jewelers with a location in the CBD at the time, Franco Jewellers developed a loyal and strong clientele. Franco's success increased, and the selection of jewelry presented broadened, thanks to the inclusion of international jewelry and Swiss watch brands.

    Gray Reid Gallery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    gray reid gallery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 (0)3 9650 7705


    The jewelry on display includes bespoke handmade fine jewelry, contemporary Australian jewellery, antique and vintage jewelry, and objet d'art. We provide a remarkable selection of antique and vintage goods. To make your jewelry aspirations a reality, we will collaborate with you every step of the way. Every client receives a customized service from us. Choose a "ready-to-wear" item from our exhibitions and collections in the gallery, or be motivated to collaborate with our skilled team of Melbourne jewelry designers to create something completely unique. At Gray Reid Gallery, we have a specialized staff of Master jewelers and jewelry specialists working out of an on-site jewelry workshop. skilled in both conventional and modern jewelry making methods.

    H&H Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    h&h jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9650 2721

    Masterpieces Crafted By Diamond Specialist & Jewellers.

    We take great pride in providing a wide selection of stunning Engagement & Wedding Rings, Diamond Rings, Jewellery & Swiss Luxury Watches that are expertly crafted into amazing timeless pieces that are perfect for every occasion.

    Custom Jewellery Design Services In Melbourne, Australia.

    To assist you in realizing your idea, H&H provides bespoke jewelry design services with an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence. To help you commemorate life's most important milestones, our talented team of jewelry designers in Melbourne expertly craft and design one-of-a-kind custom wedding rings and engagement rings. Our area of expertise is custom-made fine jewelry and diamond design. You can build a piece that is entirely unique to you with the assistance of our Expert Jewelers and their unlimited jewelry design options! Contact our Melbourne jewelry designers for a free, no-obligation consultation or quote on a custom jewelry design.

    Corky Saint Clair Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    corky saint clair engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    0415 249 806

    Our extensive collection of gems from Australia and around the world demonstrates our passion for gemstones. We take great delight in creating intricate structures, delicate stone clusters, and delicate jewelry. We love using bright jewels, salt and pepper diamonds, and Australian gemstones. You have the option of ordering jewelry for a bespoke design or simply purchasing it off the shop floor. Visitors are welcome Monday through Saturday in our lovely studio, showroom, and indoor garden. You are welcome to stop by whenever you like, or schedule an appointment for a longer consultation.

    Ethical Production

    We offer many of Australian sapphires in our inventory. To identify Australian gems that are both stunning and robust, we collaborate with regional cutters and fossickers. Purchasing guarantees a short supply chain and gives us greater control over the caliber of our raw materials. (We also have Australian gems including topaz, garnet, and zircons.)

    Recycled Metals

    All of the jewelry we produce at Corky Saint Clair is made entirely out of recycled metals. The strictest sustainability standards are adhered to by Penrose Pty Ltd, our metal supplier, to guarantee that our products are completely ethically and environmentally responsible. Recycled gold and sterling silver have the same color and molecular make-up as mined metals. The unmined raw metal was refined from items like salvaged jewelry, old coins, and cutlery. We use diamonds that are mined ethically. We are drawn to unusual diamond specimens like salt and pepper diamonds, rough-cut diamonds, macle diamonds, and others. The best salt and pepper diamonds in Melbourne may be found here. They come from India and are expertly cut in Antwerp. Our entire inventory of white diamonds adheres to the Kimberley Process.

    Anny's Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    anny’s jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    1300 092 000

    Anny's Story

    For more than 30 years, Anny's Jewellers in the Mornington Peninsula has specialized in making high-quality, custom-made jewelry. We have made it a habit to treat every client as though they were a member of our own family. From the design phase to hand-selecting your diamond from a large range sourced globally, we engage with you at every level. Of course, no two diamonds are exactly alike. Therefore, at Anny's, we make an effort to give our clients professional expertise to help them through the procedure. We adhere to our guarantee because jewelry is a highly personal item.

    The Anny's Experience

    We specialize in producing completely bespoke jewelry pieces, realizing our clients' visions for their dream engagement rings. Some of the top master craftsmen in the business work for us. We accommodate any bespoke diamond ring design and jewelry orders thanks to our proficiency in both classic and modern creating processes. We collaborate with you to create the ideal piece of jewelry using your ideas. YOU conjure. WE produce.

    Purplemay Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    purplemay jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9939 5169

    Natural Gemstone Jewellery

    We have a wide selection of items that will add color, vitality, and elegance to your life whether you're going out for a big occasion or just wearing them to the office on a regular basis.

    There is nothing our jewelers can't design, from unique engagement rings to help you begin a new chapter in your life to a stunning gold necklace or pair of earrings for a significant birthday. View our inventory in person at our Melbourne shop, or use our contact page to schedule a consultation for custom jewelry.

    We'll be pleased to assist you in starting the process of creating a magnificent new piece.

    Reign Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    reigne jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9639 9564

    Our Stunning Collections

    From sapphire pendants and solitaire rings to Edwardian and Art Deco-inspired jewelry, our selection is full of stunning pieces. In order to enhance your experience, we also provide a number of services. For example, we can reset gemstones to create entirely new designs. We also offer cleaning, repairs, and restoration to preserve your jewelry in the finest possible condition. We can also help you with lay-by payment alternatives, valuations for the jewelry you want to sell, and other services.

    About Us

    Luxury jewelry company REIGN is owned by Dana and Zac Aviv, a married couple. When you walk into REIGN, you don't need to be an expert on jewelry or even know what you are looking for. A contemporary collection of handcrafted, collectible pieces that deliver the ideal balance between timeless, wearable pieces of art and modern luxury has been designed and curated by experts in diamonds and precious gems.

    David East Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    david east jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9654 6335

    About Us

    As a result, they have built a strong reputation for knowledge and quality in their products at fair prices. All of our GIA-certified diamonds are imported straight from the producers and polishers of diamonds and offered for sale to our customers at a fixed price inside Australia. We now provide all of our services and goods directly to the public from our Level 5 location at 227 Collins Street, right in the middle of Melbourne's CBD. Are you looking for the lowest price on a loose GIA certified diamond or an entire engagement ring? If so, "We will price match guarantee on all our items." may be of assistance. We can assist. Purchase a GIA-certified loose diamond from us at a discounted wholesale rate, and we'll work with you to create a custom diamond engagement ring. A.Perelberg Diamond Wholesale Importers of the 1940s

    With so many Australian, Melbourne, and international online diamond wholesalers, importers, retailers, and watch traders to choose from, it's crucial to find a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced business that takes pride in the design and craftsmanship of its jewelry and timepieces while also providing top-notch customer service and a price-match guarantee. The skilled jewelers and diamond specialists at David East Jewellers and A.Perelberg & Co. have in-depth knowledge of precious stones, including Colombian emeralds, Australia Argyle pink and white diamonds, Burmese and Mozambique rubies, Ceylon and Australian sapphires, and Swiss watches from brands like Rolex, IWC, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Jaeger LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Tiss Your prized diamond watch, diamond jewelry, or engagement ring is precious, distinctive, and priceless.

    Arnold Goldsmith & Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    arnold goldsmith & jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9650 2996

    We remain here! We're still open and following the co-vid19 regulations set forth by the government. appointments only for reservations.

    We are a specialized, artisanal firm that works closely with each client to create a singular piece of jewelry. Our strategy involves including the client in the design process and assigning responsibility for the end product; this ensures that the design does not detract from the product's quality. We begin by engaging with each client to develop preliminary design sketches, then we hone these into a final design brief before producing the finished item.

    By using this strategy, we are able to establish a close connection with each customer and show genuine interest in the work we produce. Our customers admire our strategy for attaining this since they seek a distinctive product. Our entire product line is made to order. We do not carry or serve "readymadereadymade" merchandise.

    Michael Hill Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    michael hill engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 1800 445 597

    Shop Jewellery, Engagement Rings & Diamonds Online

    Our wedding bands and engagement rings are designed to last a lifetime. In addition, we offer exquisitely crafted pendants, rings, and earrings to commemorate life's significant events. Discover your perfect match by browsing our eye-catching collection of watches, chains, bracelets, birthstones, and men's accessories.

    We are still dedicated to making high-quality jewelry that our customers will treasure forever. We're for love has been the guiding principle of everything we do since 1979 and will continue to be so in the future.

    E.G.Etal Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    e.g.etal engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9639 5117

    Browse the selection of handcrafted modern bridal jewelry, unconventional wedding rings, and one-of-a-kind engagement rings at e.g.etal. Each of our rings has a unique narrative. Each item is designed and created by an expert craftsperson. E.g.etal is the best site to locate your ring if you're looking for unconventional gemstones, technically stunning settings, and designs that challenge the conventional notion of an engagement ring. Join us in our Melbourne gallery for a stress-free, casual consultation where we'll help you identify your style, pick the perfect ring, and personalize it to make it uniquely yours. We take attention of every little thing to make sure you have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that you will cherish forever and beyond.

    Jewelry has traditionally served as a means of individual expression. A person's jewelry collection reveals a lot about them. It can depict a person's life story. A Melbourne gallery called e.g.etal represents and promotes the burgeoning contemporary jewelry design trend in Australia. Since its founding in 1998, e.g.etal has been dedicated to creating modern jewelry. With sporadic visits from other countries, the gallery presently features over 60 jewellery designers and artists from Australia and New Zealand. At e.g.etal, dozens more artists have had exhibitions of their work during the course of its existence. The collection, which is always changing, features an inspiring range of modern jewelry created by independent designers.

    Jasmine Fraser Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    jasmine fraser engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9663 6117

    Handcrafted In Melbourne

    Jewellery design and production are Jasmine Fraser's area of expertise. Since its establishment in the city's center more than 15 years ago, Jasmine Fraser has earned a reputation for integrity, superiority, and style. Jasmine can provide individualized expert guidance to build a uniquely designed piece for any occasion thanks to her additional gemmology and diamond grading certifications. Take advantage of the personalized approach by scheduling a free consultation with Jasmine to discuss your jewelry requirements.

    Designing and making exquisite, classic jewelry is Jasmine Fraser's specialty. Jasmine Fraser has been regarded for honesty, quality, and design for more than 15 years in the center of Melbourne. Clients can learn about all facets of jewelry production because each piece of Jasmine Fraser jewelry is individually created on the premises. Your unique needs are covered by a wide range of precious metals and gemstones. Jasmine can provide individualized expert guidance to build a uniquely designed jewelry for any occasion thanks to her further gemmology and diamond grading credentials.

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