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Top 15+ Primary Schools Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

If you're looking for a primary school in Melbourne, Victoria, there are plenty of great options to choose from. 

Teacher. All schools on our list are known for their academic excellence and a strong commitment to providing a well-rounded education. In addition, each school has a unique focus that sets it apart from the rest. For example, one school on our list specialises in STEM education, while another has a strong focus on the arts.  

So no matter your child's interests or needs, you're sure to find a primary school in Melbourne, Victoria, that's right for them.

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    Ultimate List Of Primary Schools in Melbourne

    Beverley Hills Primary School Melbourne

    beverley hills primary school melbourne

    (03) 9842 9632

    Welcome To Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS).

    The goal of BHPS is to support each child's intellectual and social development. The school's concept holds that every student can learn and make necessary progress. The goal of BHPS is to develop a learning community that actively involves parents and teachers in the educational process. As a result, we frequently get recognition as one of Victoria's finest schools. So give your child a solid start at Beverley Hills Primary School.


    Students from the neighborhood are admitted to Beverley Hills Primary School. The processing of enrolments takes place in the order listed below: pupils whose designated neighborhood school is Beverley Hills. The priority is as follows after giving precedence to kids for whom the school is designated as a neighborhood school and there are enough seats at the school for other students: In order of proximity to the school, children who have siblings living at the same permanent residence and are enrolled in the school at the same time. in order of how close their homes are to the school, kids who live outside the designated area. In unusual circumstances, students may be given consideration for enrollment. Children must be five years old by April 30 in order to start school. Enrolment forms are available from the school office upon presentation of evidence of address within the specified zone of the school.

    Serpell Primary School Melbourne

    serpell primary school melbourne

    (03) 9842 4526

    Teachers, parents, and students all share a dedication to high-quality education and personal development. We have developed a distinctive philosophy that is centered on maximizing individual potential and the understanding that, as a result of our collaboration, we are a community of learners.

    For Prospective Parents

    In addition to upholding high academic standards, Serpell Primary School has a long history of encouraging students to pursue and thrive in intellectual, creative, and athletic interests. The school, which is 15 kilometers east of Melbourne in Templestowe, offers a variety of programs to both domestic and international groups that encourage learning, curiosity, and creativity. The school also has a lot of experience assisting students in making the transition from interstate and foreign educational systems.

    About us

    At our school, we teach our kids to aspire to greatness, work with others, behave ethically, and cherish their cultural heritage. The school's ultra-modern architecture fosters a sense of belonging to and connection with the school's culture while also offering a calm, secure study environment. With interactive technology in every classroom, students may readily communicate through the internet and develop strong research and visual literacy abilities. Additionally, thanks to the school's substantial sporting facilities, kids can develop extraordinary talents in a number of sports. More than 1,100 students are enrolled at the institution. There are 48 classes, each with an average of 23 students. Seven Prep classes are also offered, with each having an average enrollment of 21 students.

    Presbyterian Ladies' College Primary School Melbourne

    presbyterian ladies’ college primary school melbourne

    +61 3 9808 4125

    PLC has been a leader in girls' education for about 145 years. As a result, while growing up in a Christian environment, girls are encouraged to acquire respect and compassion for others, leadership skills and self-discipline, as well as a sensitive, informed appreciation of other cultures. We firmly think that every opportunity should be chased on behalf of our students, that any objective can be accomplished, and that every lady has a special perfection that is just waiting to be found. We therefore look forward to working with your daughter as she gets ready to step into her role as a modern lady in the world of tomorrow in order to support, inspire, and help her realize her brilliance.


    Our inquiry-based methodology takes into account all the languages of childhood and motivates kids to become enthusiastic participants and communicators who actively contribute to their learning. In an environment that is significantly influenced by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education, children's natural curiosity is fostered and nurtured. Children are encouraged to conduct research, develop hypotheses, fantasize, and analyze data. Our programs, both indoor and outdoor, foster curiosity, independence, teamwork, and self-assurance. There are several opportunities every day to interact, experiment, create, laugh, run, sing, and express ideas.

    Junior School

    It is a dynamic and active learning community with a rich educational environment that helps students build strong foundations for their future academic careers and everyday life. We believe that the best learning occurs when there are strong bonds between people and when kids feel safe, at ease, and like they belong. It's a setting where every girl's input is valued and where she can develop a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. We encourage and present chances for girls to develop a thorough understanding of their surroundings. By concentrating on the development of the whole person on a physical, academic, social, and spiritual level, we help the girls as they move to senior school. All ages need friendships, therefore we encourage the girls to pursue them.

    FAQs About Primary Schools

    (The first two grades of primary school, Grades 1 and 2, are also part of early childhood education). Primary education usually takes place in a primary school or elementary school. In some countries, primary education is followed by middle school, an educational stage that precedes high school.

    In an all-girls setting, girls are far more likely to speak up frequently and make significant contributions to class than in a co-ed setting. Girls studying in a single-sex setting also earn higher scores on their College Board and Advanced Placement exams than girls who study in co-ed settings. Enjoy a personalised education.

    Many families begin thinking about their daughter starting school in Prep or perhaps in another year level well before the official school year commences. This is a significant moment for our girls and their families. However, it can be a time of great excitement and potential challenge if it is not managed thoughtfully.

    We consider each family's smooth transition experience to be of utmost importance. As such, our approach to transition is designed to ensure our girls and families feel comfortable so that everyone is relaxed and positive about this exciting new step.

    The application process differs from school to school; however, the process is as follows:

    1. Application: Parents submit an Online Application for Enrolment with the required documentation to place their daughter on the list of applicants.
    2. Reconfirmation of Intention: Approximately two years prior to commencement, the Enrolments Team will contact families to confirm their intent to proceed with the application.
    3. Interview: Families are invited to attend an enrolment interview with the Principal or her delegate (usually the Director of Programs).
    4. Acceptance of Offer: Upon receiving an offer for a place at the school, parents have 14 days to accept by completing and returning the Acceptance of Offer documentation with the non-refundable acceptance fee.
    5. Transition: Our transition program begins the year before our girls commence school and are designed to ensure our girls and families feel comfortable with this exciting step.

    Melbourne primary schools fees. Public primary schools (state schools) are fully government-funded and free to attend. However, you are usually asked to pay a voluntary school levy per student per year. You will also need to pay for uniforms, some books and extra-curricular subjects and activities such as excursions.

    Oakleigh South Primary School Melbourne

    oakleigh south primary school melbourne

    9570 9658

    The four houses that are allotted to students are Cuthbert, Fraser, Gould, and Landy, all of which are famous Australian athletes. The same home will be given to siblings. For accomplishments in the classroom and school setting, which are documented in each classroom, students can earn points for their house. House points are also awarded in the events of Cross Country, Swimming, and Athletics. Weekly house points are tallied by the house captains, and the winners are announced during assembly. The overall winning house is announced at the end of the school year and is given a place on the perpetual house trophy.


    Victorian schools include traditional disciplines like English, math, science, humanities, languages, and the arts in addition to physical and social learning topics like health and physical education and civics and citizenship. They also research how information and communication technology (ICT) is used in communication across all academic disciplines.

    Victorian Curriculum

    All foundation through year 10 students are required to follow the Victorian Curriculum, which is a set of guidelines. It creates a single, complete set of benchmarks for success that schools may use to create learning plans for students, gauge their progress, and interact with parents.

    Highvale Primary School Melbourne

    highvale primary school melbourne

    61 3 9887 3621

    Our school offers a lovely, serene parkland setting with a loving, secure, and active learning atmosphere. Each student is encouraged to realize their full academic, social, and physical potential at our high-achieving, medium-sized school. Our 330-student enrolment is supported enthusiastically by a team of professionals, including committed teachers and support staff who take pleasure in getting to know and value each child personally. Extended family involvement, which is supported by our parents, neighborhood organizations, and businesses, contributes to our strong feeling of community. Our dedication to high-quality, research-based instruction and "best effort" has led to some of the highest levels of student achievement in the state, and this has earned us a reputation for excellence. Our educational initiatives are designed to involve all children, provide them choices, and inspire a love of learning.


    At Highvale, our students and their successful completion of anticipated learning outcomes across a wide-ranging curriculum are at the center of everything we do. To do this, our school provides a progressive teaching and learning curriculum based on the common body of knowledge, skills, and abilities found in the Victorian Curriculum. The Victorian Curriculum thus plays a significant role in the school's educational program. Our Curriculum Design is a school-based method for disseminating, enhancing, and extending this common body of information, abilities, and skills in ways that benefit from available assets, knowledge, and circumstances in the area. To fulfill the objective of our school, this is essential. It enables us to concentrate on particular skills and innovative areas while yet guaranteeing a wide curriculum.

    We employ evidence-based, high-impact teaching strategies across the board in order to meet each student's developmental learning needs. Our talented and dedicated teachers work together to create innovative teaching and learning programs by thoroughly analyzing student development through thorough evaluation. Each student's needs and skills are supported while being stretched and challenged by unique classes and work units. As a result, our children are encouraged to develop the critical thinking, teamwork, resilience, and curiosity that are necessary for 21st-century learners.

    Parkmore Primary School Melbourne

    parkmore primary school melbourne

    03 9878 4125

    The bulk of our students are from the nearby suburbs, despite the fact that the school is in Forest Hill. A brand-new, purpose-built school with adaptable classrooms, a kitchen/dining area, a multipurpose room, a room for the visual arts, and a library opened its doors in 2012. The school offers numerous playgrounds and athletic facilities, and all students have access to outside learning spaces. A sizable green belt borders the campus.

    The energetic learning environment at Parkmore Primary School enables children to grow in their morals and fortitude. The guiding principles for all of our learning are respect, resilience, excellence, responsibility, and inclusiveness. Education at Parkmore Primary School is conducted in a cutting-edge manner. Globalization calls for strong interpersonal skills, high levels of emotional intelligence, resilience, technological aptitude and intellect, as well as solid literacy and numeracy skills. Each youngster's

    Visible Wellbeing

    Parkmore Primary School is seeking to become a Visible Wellbeing Partner School (VWB). In order to make wellbeing visible and real within the school community, our cooperation brings together teaching and learning with the science of wellness.

    Vermont Primary School Melbourne

    vermont primary school melbourne


    Vermont Primary School is thrilled to have such a distinguished educational past. The committed team provides a distinctive and thorough curriculum that fosters each child's academic, social, physical, and emotional growth to the fullest extent possible. In our safe, welcoming environment, challenging curriculum, and emphasis on personal responsibility, we foster self-esteem, good values, personal accountability, and respect for others. We also work to instill in our kids the importance of lifelong learning.


    2023 (Foundation through Year 6) (Foundation through Year 6) Tuesday, April 26, 2022, is the first day of enrollment. Email the required documentation to the school at 1022- by Tuesday, April 26th, 2022. The Department of Education created a recognized neighborhood boundary map for Vermont Primary School.

    Our school zone

    A website called offers the most recent details on Victorian school zones for the year 2020 and beyond. Residents of this area are guaranteed a place in our school, which is based on your permanent address. In accordance with facility restrictions, the School Placement Policy offers guidance to ensure that students have access to both their designated neighborhood school and the freedom to attend other schools. On the Department's website, you can find further details and responses to frequently asked questions about school zones.

    Clifton Hill Primary School Melbourne

    clifton hill primary school melbourne



    With a massive, original 1874 Victorian building, a converted "boot" and later "organ" factory, a sizable multipurpose space, library, and music facility completed in 2011, and a purpose-built Science Center established in 2013, Clifton Hill Primary School is a blend of old and new. In 2011, funds from the Building Education Revolution were used to build a new library at CHPS. This resulted in the establishment of a bright, spacious area that could house the collection of picture books, novels, and informational publications that support both the educational needs of the staff and the needs of the children in terms of amusement. Additionally, it enables out-of-classroom small group work with support staff. Reference materials for teachers are also provided. Additionally, the library has modern borrowing methods and computers. The library has a trained teacher-librarian who is passionate about children's books and a teaching staff with extensive expertise who alternate days as the teacher-librarians. Students can check out books from the library and use the computers there every week.

    Science Centre

    The Di Nevile Science Centre was formally inaugurated in late 2013 by Professor Peter Doherty, a Nobel Prize winner and former Australian of the Year. The building bears Di Nevile's name, a long-time teacher at CHPS and fervent advocate for science education. Without the outstanding fundraising efforts of the school community, the vision and commitment of principals Geoff Warren and Megan Smith, as well as members of the School Council, this facility would not have been possible.

    Glenferrie Primary School Melbourne

    glenferrie primary school melbourne

    (03) 9818 0098

    When parents, instructors, and students work together as a vibrant learning community, amazing learning opportunities are created. With the help of a variety of learning technologies, we offer a well-rounded education that incorporates rich experiences in inquiry learning, reading, numeracy, Italian, physical education, and the performing and visual arts.

    The educational ideals of respect, excellence, confidence, and resilience encourage learning. We want children to grow up to be active, compassionate, lifelong learners who are interested, knowledgeable, and caring. My top responsibility as principal is to make sure that all of our students have the chance to achieve and realize their full potential. Please spend some time browsing our website to learn more about what Glenferrie does. We would be honored to share our accomplishments with you and your child because we are very proud of them.

    Our Curriculum

    Additionally, we've been approved as a candidate school for the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate, and we're working to integrate IB practices into our curriculum. The Victorian Curriculum is a set of prescribed curriculum and common success standards for Victorian schools that is uniform, comprehensive, and coherent. The Victorian Curriculum will be superseded by student learning activities, assessments, and reporting that are developed within the framework of the IB PYP program. An inclusive and tailored curriculum will provide every student the chance to realize their full potential. Giving students a variety of learning opportunities at a level that individually challenges each learner is the basis for good teaching, which is known as differentiated learning. The goal of differentiated instruction is to help each student learn at their own speed. This is achieved through ongoing review. A student's ability to "Do, Say, Make, or Write" is one way to measure their learning. Students are impacted by a variety of elements, including gender, culture, language, financial status, aptitude, and personal interests. In order for all students, regardless of ability, to learn effectively, teachers design their curricula to account for these variations in their classes. This is done through evaluation, a variety of learning strategies, ideas, and teaching materials.

    Wattle Park Primary School Melbourne

    wattle park primary school melbourne


    In 1914, Wattle Park Primary School first welcomed students. There are currently slightly fewer than 400 students enrolled, representing many racial and socioeconomic groups. The school is located on 3.4 hectares of property in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, close to a sizable greenbelt.

    Guiding Principles

    Children can value and adore learning in the positive and secure environment that our school fosters. In the curriculum, individual needs are taken into account. The following elements, in our opinion, will aid students in developing confidence and self-worth: achieving curriculum mastery, especially in English and Mathematics. fostering the growth of one's mental, emotional, social, physical, and creative capacities. learning how to function well in both solitary and team settings. gaining knowledge of how to make decisions, solve problems, and think critically.

    One thing that sets the school apart is the priority we give to creating and maintaining a feeling of community. A kind, approachable team that provides each child individual attention achieves this. According to Wattle Park Primary School, the greatest way to prepare pupils for secondary school and a fulfilling life is to foster fundamental skills, self-assurance, and a love of work and learning.

    Erasmus Primary School Melbourne

    erasmus primary school melbourne

    03 9819 9641

    The nondenominational, independent primary school Erasmus Primary School incorporates some of the best philosophical traditions from around the globe. We are a global network of Renaissance schools dedicated to providing students in Years Prep through 6 with the best education possible. St James Schools London, the first Renaissance school, was founded in London in the 1970s.

    A group of teachers and parents wanted to educate children traditional philosophy, motivated by the philosophy teachings. Since its founding in 1996, Erasmus Primary School has been committed to using philosophy in the classroom, fostering both the inner and outer growth of each student, and achieving a harmonic union of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of each student.


    At Erasmus Primary School, kids learn about the joys of service and how everything they do has the potential to be a sacred act. The children also discover that service can involve engaging in enjoyable activities that benefit both themselves and others. Each morning, extend a handshake and make eye contact with the class instructor to show your appreciation for the crucial assistance they give the students as they collaborate to create the learning environment. Children and adults both share meals at lunchtime, and once everyone has finished eating, classes help to clean up the year group's lunch table. At nearby senior centers, students from various classes can showcase their vocal prowess. both parents and kids

    Huntingtower Primary School Melbourne

    huntingtower primary school melbourne

    +61 3 9807 99320

    At Huntingtower, each individual is viewed as a limitless manifestation or spiritual reflection of God. The foundation of our school is Christianity. Success-promoting attitudes are those that are promoted by encouraging optimism and constructive introspection.

    Forward To The Light

    The theme is based on the final lines of the Huntingtower School anthem, "Forward, Huntingtower, Forward to the Light," because progress is the only option and everyone has a bright future ahead of them.

    South Yarra Primary School Melbourne

    south yarra primary school melbourne

    (03) 9866 0036

    South Yarra Primary School

    Our school is a thriving, forward-thinking organization committed to upholding a friendly, inclusive, cooperative, and open atmosphere in which all students are encouraged to reach their full potential. All students are welcome in our varied, high-performing learning environment, which is designed to help them reach their full potential. South Yarra Primary School understands that when the entire school community supports the school staff, their goal is more likely to be realized.


    A high-performing institution, South Yarra Primary School inspires and enables its students to continue learning throughout their lives. We are committed to excellence in all areas, and our entire leadership and teaching team is focused on producing results of the highest caliber. Giving pupils demanding and doable learning objectives is a goal of our teaching and learning pedagogy. Our explicit teaching and learning curriculum places a strong emphasis on the needs of each student, and the school has been thoughtfully designed to maximize learning opportunities for our diverse population of young people. Programs are created to fit individual differences and learning requirements, and students are regularly reviewed. Self-reliance and accountability for their education are modeled for students.

    The school employs a team of highly skilled and committed teachers and education support personnel, whose varied skills, characteristics, and experience offer kids a creative, challenging, and encouraging learning environment. In addition, the shared accountability that staff members share for the efficient functioning of the school is supported and strengthened by the collaborative decision-making and distributed leadership approaches. The school is strengthened by the value that students, families, teachers, residents, and local businesses place on the community. Parental involvement and support are very strong, and the home-school partnership is highly valued.

    Hartwell Primary School Melbourne

    hartwell primary school melbourne

    03 9889 6630

    I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our current, prospective, and future families on behalf of our school community. We share your happiness and responsibility in making sure that your kids enjoy, feel safe, and succeed in their education at our school. Working with your kids is an absolute joy.

    We take pride in working together with the school community to deliver a top-notch education. Parents are valued for their support of and involvement in our instructional programs, school events, and organizations like the School Council and its subcommittees. We value your support of the school because it will strengthen the bonds between home and school and enhance the educational outcomes for the kids. We work hard to provide a welcoming environment, and we appreciate input from the local community about our school. We want your time at our school to be profitable and enjoyable.

    Blackburn Primary School Melbourne

    blackburn primary school melbourne

    +61 3 9878 9963

    BPS students have a strong feeling of community and a long tradition of academic accomplishment. Our dedicated, compassionate staff offers top-notch programs and a setting that challenges students' learning in ways that are catered to their individual needs.

    Virtual Tour

    While the school still uses the historic building from its first 130 years, it has almost entirely been refurbished in the last ten years. Facilities are offered. Please enjoy our virtual tour to get a sense of the structures and learning areas that surround our lovely school and to get a 360-degree view of the site.

    In order to really understand and convey what our school values mean to us at Blackburn Primary School, students and staff worked incredibly hard to discover them. I have no doubt that our students could articulate the ideas and what they mean to you. We have incorporated Credits' personal incentive program into our school's House Competition and principles. These two initiatives make sure that children are acknowledged and rewarded even for being exceptional scholars at our school. Through a range of activities and events, including but not limited to sports, they may support the success of our House Teams.

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