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Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Doughnuts

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    Believe us when we tell that Melbourne is home to certain seriously amazing doughnuts, even if they aren't the first thing that springs to mind when people think of Melbourne's best delicacies. To sum up, whether you're in the mood for an old favourite or anything more out there, we've got you covered. Without further ado, here are the best doughnuts in Melbourne, according to us.

    It can be difficult to track down the city's finest doughnuts in Melbourne. Don't fear though; assistance is at hand. Here is a list of a few of the popular and scrumptious doughnut shops in Melbourne. There's a wide variety of doughnuts on this list, from the traditional glazed variety to unique twists. The question then becomes, "Why not get started right away?" Prepare for your next doughnut-related adventure right away!

    A freshly made doughnut is one of the few things that can compete with its incredible flavour. You've found the ideal site if you're in search of the finest doughnuts in Melbourne. Here's a list of some of your favourite places to satisfy your craving. So, whether you're in the mood for a tried-and-true favourite or something a bit more out there, we've got you covered.

    The Best Doughnuts In Melbourne

    Oh, the simple excitement of pushing through the lines of people to acquire a hot, fresh doughnut. Since their humble beginnings, those cinnamon doughies have undergone rapid speciation, with Melburnians being able to get variants that are glazed, filled, and even cross-bred into croissants.

    Join us as we cruise to a dozen hedonistic haunts guaranteed to satisfy your doughnut needs, regardless of how you spell the word.

    melbourne doughnuts

    Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

    Tucked down in the alleys behind Lonsdale and Elizabeth is a sleek doughnut business. Founders Anthony Ivey and Sinye Ooi spent a year travelling the United States in search of the perfect doughnut recipe. The end product is light and airy dough that's just begging to be topped with anything. Keep an eye out for seasonal treats like Earl Grey, Red Velvet, or maple walnut with burned brown butter, in addition to the delicious organic honey & milk crullers.

    Penny for Pound

    Fresh pastries are a speciality at local favourite Penny For Pound. You may find their assortment of mouthwatering doughnuts by following the sweet aroma down a little street off of Bridge Road. Penny For Pound's raspberry jam doughnut, made with their distinctive brioche dough, is filled with jam and covered with cinnamon sugar, while a lime and white chocolate doughnut, also made with their characteristic brioche dough, is loaded with the silky softness of white chocolate green custard. They opened in 2018 and rapidly became a favourite among Richmond residents thanks to the dedication of their pastry chefs, who take pride in making sure you make smart carbohydrate choices when ordering their doughnuts.

    Cobb Lane

    If you're looking for the best in artisan goods, look no further than Yarraville's Cobb Lane; rest assured, they knows how to bake. They make doughnuts that will make you want to come back for more, and they also make moments that you'll remember for a long time. Envision soft, fluffy pillows stuffed with different materials. Treat yourself or a dessert-loving friend to one of their packed salted caramel, jam, or Cobb Lane surprise flavours. Don't worry if you don't live near their West Melbourne shop; you can now find their assortment of candies at Stall 42 at the South Melbourne Market. Get a box for the next outdoor gathering and find out what all the fuss is about.

    Bistro Morgan

    Bistro Morgan was founded by doughnut tyrant Morgan Hipworth when he was a teenager. As a result, Bistro Morgan has exploded in popularity and is now widely regarded as the source of some of Melbourne's finest doughnuts. But his crowning achievement is the Creme Brulee, a bread doughnut filled with homemade 1/2 tsp custard and topped with burnt crunchy toffee. They're essentially doughnut versions of the traditional French treat.

    Candied Bakery

    Advertised as "an Australian pastry with an American twist," Candied in Spotswood combines the best of both worlds. Organic bread, handcrafted crumpets, savoury pies, and 1 teaspoon vanilla soft serve are also available. They also make some delicious doughnuts. If you can only taste one flavour, make it the custard slice doughnuts. Sprinkled confectioners' sugar on top of a biscuit disc and filled with piped custard. Insidiously tempting. It pairs nicely with a dessert milkshake...

    If you're going to the west side, prepare your taste senses. One Australian bakery that combines American and European influences is Candied Bakery, winning of Time Out Melbourne's Best Bakery award in 2017. Never before have such multiethnic masterpiece doughnuts been the result of combining American know-how with European dough-making expertise.

    We've got you covered on all the essentials, from jam to more experimental fare like vanilla slice and salted caramel crumble. Their cherry pavlova is akin to a rich, cream-filled doughnut covered in a pink berry-colored frosting and topped with shattered meringue shards. It's a unique dessert that demonstrates both talent and originality in its careful balancing of sweet meringue and sour raspberry. After finishing your meal, wash it down with such a cherry pie shake and then head home for a nap. It's the stuff of which pleasant dreams are made.

    The Oakleigh Doughnut Co

    The Doughnut Company, with locations in Oakleigh and South Yarra, is surely a household name at this point. New to the scene but quickly making a name for itself is TODCO, which serves up some of Melbourne's finest doughnuts. The TODCO version of the traditional Greek delicacy Galaktoboureko is out of this world, but they also have the standard varieties of doughnuts. The "Galakdough" is a doughnut filled with vanilla custard and topped with a baked flaky triangle and caramel sugar syrup.

    The Oakleigh Doughnut Co. was established by two boys, Yani and Nic, who wanted to provide Melbourne with the best cake- and yeast-raised doughnuts possible.

    TODCO's doughnuts, which they fry and decorate by hand in tiny quantities to guarantee quality, can range from pleasantly simple to downright wicked in terms of complexity. Each and every one of your doughnut cravings may be satiated with anything from a chocolate-dipped and sprinkle-covered "Choc Freckle" to a vegan "Biscoff Crème" topped in caramelised biscuit buttercream.

    American Doughnut Kitchen

    Jump in line, buddy. The American Doughnut Kitchen has been cranking out fresh, hot jam doughnuts in the Bombolini style since since American pilots landed in Melbourne during WWII. Many people go long distances to participate. You can see the doughnut workers knead the dough and shoot out small balls at semi-automatic speed, so the wait isn't too horrible either. Jam sprays out hot, tasty, and unpredictable, so be careful when taking your first taste. The doughnuts here are a serious contender for the title of best in Melbourne.

    With just one bite of these hot jam bliss bombs, you'll understand why people have been lining up for them for decades. Since the 1950s, this business owner has been satisfying customers' doughnut cravings from the back of a blue and white van at the local farmers' market. Inside, workers are busy frisbeeing dough in to fryer and coating it with sugar; the recipe hasn't changed in nearly seven decades.

    The short period between when they are removed from the fryer and when you bite into them makes these doughnuts exceptional. Then, there's the jolt of hot crimson jam that could ruin your professional outfit. All of the American Donut Kitchen's offerings are genuine takes on old favourites. Long may they elevate the Vic Market.

    Daniel's Donuts

    It was necessary to keep Daniel's Donuts in Springvale open 24 hours a day because of the overwhelming response they received when they first debuted. That's ridiculous, even for foodie Melbs. The family-owned bakery has another location, Daniel's Bakery in Wyndham, which made headlines a few years ago when it sold more than 10,000 Nutella doughnuts in a single day. Do you think it's worth the hype? In a word, yes. If you need a sugar rush, I recommend the cookies and cream, which is topped with condensed milk and crushed Oreos. Really, this is excellent.

    Doughboys Donuts

    Doughboys Doughnuts, one of the finest doughnut shops that started the doughnut craze in Melbourne, is a local institution with outposts in both the Central Business District (CBD) and on Sydney Drive in Brunswick. Hand-dipping the doughnuts in small batches ensures that each one is of the highest possible quality. The taste is also really wonderful. Pandan doughnuts are a type of doughnut that are filled with a pandan tropical custard and then top with a pandan coconut milk sauce and salted coconut snow.

    Short Stop Coffee and Donuts

    We are the fortunate recipients of the educational pilgrimage that Anthony Ivey and Sinye Ooi made through the United States and Canada before to launching this little alley store. While the storefront of Short Stop Coffee & Donuts may be modest in size, the depth of its expertise is reflected in its pristine white tile floors, blonde wood accents, and navy blue packaging.

    best doughnuts melbourne

    Doughnuts are available in creative flavour combinations including sticky date and gingerbread, mandarin and dark chocolate, and quince and mulled wine. Earl Grey tea leaves be flecked throughout the dough of the classic Earl Grey and Rose cake, and the rosewater frosting is light and aromatic. The herbal and flowery notes in this doughnut's cakey centre will stay with you long after you've finished eating. Another surefire hit is the butter + milk chocolate doughnut.

    It's no easy task to serve a number of the best pastries in the Melbourne CBD, but Shortstop has no issue raising the bar. The proprietors of the warm and inviting Shortstop shop, Sinye Ooi and Antonio Ivey, spent almost a year perfecting their doughnut recipe by experimenting with different ingredients and visiting the doughnut's birthplace, the United States of America.

    The flavours are so spot on, it's hard to find fault. If you want to die happy, eat a "Banana and Choc Hazelnut" or a "Australian honey and sea salt Cruller." Find out right here what the heck a "Cruller" is if you've ever wondered that.

    All Day Donuts

    Raph Rashid, the creative mind behind the successful food truck franchises Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck, turned his skilled hands to doughnuts and created the runaway hit All Day Doughnuts. Inside, you'll find the same brown-brick walls, timber panelling, and laminex tables that you'd recognise from any 1970s suburbia at fried chicken/Mexican eatery Juanita Peaches. However, the doughnuts are thoroughly modern.

    For maximum freshness, these are produced twice daily using only fresh, in-house ingredients. This kind of commitment is evident in the doughnuts' original buttermilk icing, Iced Vo Vo, and lemon poppyseed flavours.

    Then, we dive into the crowd's favourite: the enormous, bouncy, and aesthetically pleasing strawberry cheesecake doughnut. The cream cheese filling and white sprinkles give the strawberry frosting a sweet bite, and the icing has a surprisingly natural flavour. The Don Homer, named after Simpson's favourite do(h!)nut, is a beautiful, bright pink tribute to Simpson's do(h!)nut of preference.

    All Day Donuts, also known as Juanita Peaches, has a straightforward arrangement. You can place your order at a counter topped with green tiles and surrounded by a few vintage Laminex tables and some hanging succulents. That settles the matter.

    Like the Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck eateries parked outside back, and the masonry Beatbox Cafe up the road, it's basic, but that's all part of its communal charm.

    Doughnuts, tacos, and burgers all have a common owner: Raph Rashid, who runs four different enterprises out of the same warehouse. A pastry chef behind the counter at the bright front counter at All Day Donuts churns out five different kinds of freshly made doughnuts whenever the customer orders them. Pair with only an espresso or filters coffee and place an order.

    Much time and effort was spent perfecting the dough. It's a decent launch pad, but all the frosting and fillings will give you weak knees. The most popular flavours evolve over time, but in the past they've included lime crème, coffee passionfruit, rose crème, and milkberry rubble. Only the crispness remains consistent. There is typically less than a 30-minute window from the time a meal is prepared to the time it is eaten.

    Baker D Chirico

    Artisan baker Daniel Chirico makes the hottest hot cross buns, the most bread-worthy bread, the bestest beef ragù pies, and just about everything else you can imagine. His bomboloni are out of this world; they're sophisticated little balls, deep-fried to a golden crisp and dusted with granulated sugar that has been flavoured with citrous zest for a delightful tang. And the fillings... You may expect the smoothest custard imaginable, dotted with vanilla bean seeds, after taking a piece.

    Only $4.20 will get you a doughnut this well-crafted, which is a steal compared to the price of admission to the afterlife. Look longingly at the quiche, mushroom brioche, and loaves of delicious bread on the counter of the pretty Carlton shop as you admire the compressed metal ceilings, herringbone marble floor, and undulating oak shelves. They also have locations in South Yarra and St. Kilda.

    Doughboys Doughnuts

    Doughboys Doughnuts is not your typical doughnut shop; instead, they focus on serving up creative twists on old favourites. This Melbourne doughnut shop is famous for its delicious hand-dipped treats. Don't be fooled by the word "artisanal," though; these sweets retain all the flavour of their "conventional" counterparts.

    Doughboys' doughnuts, such the irresistible "Hazelnut Truffle," as well as other snacks and beverages, will put some sugar back into the salty reality of Melbourne.

    Oasis Bakery

    In the same way that its namesake serves as a haven for people from all walks of life, Oasis Middle Eastern Café has earned a position in the top of the list of favourite restaurants for true Melburnians. While the restaurant's scrumptious main courses are sure to impress, it's the sweet finishes that really make diners salivate.

    In addition to the standard assortment of doughnuts, Oasis is known for their exceptional Lebanese doughnuts, which are drenched in a golden brown syrup and topped with orange zest. The trip to Murrumbeena is, without a doubt, rewarding.

    Sir Duke Cafe

    It stands to reason that in this day and age of do-it-yourself (DIY) music, furniture assembly, and sandwiches, the world is also ready for DIY doughnuts. Sir Duke, a bar and restaurant in Moonee Ponds, takes pride in its reputation for nailing classics and defying expectations.

    They give the consumer the tools to create their own edible masterpiece by providing a ball of depths dough, a sauce, and topping items. If you're in Melbourne and you're craving a hot jam doughnut, one of the most creative versions is the Jam Bam

    Daniel’s Donuts

    It's no surprise that Daniel's Donuts has acquired a devoted fan base among foodies. Daniel's takes great pride in its doughnuts, having set a record of purchasing over 10,000 Nutella doughnuts in some kind of a single day many years ago. Classic flavours are essential, even if there is a wide variety to select from. You should start with the doughnut stuffed with Nutella and begin working your way to the Snickers Custard. Absolutely no worries here; you won't be let down.

    Moon Cruller

    In 2016, Kate Reid tried a cruller for the first time at New York's Daily Provisions. New York Times restaurant reviewer and food writer Oliver Strand recommended them to her a year after he had made Lune famous with his gushing review under the headline "Is the World's Best Croissant Made in Australia?"

    Crullers resemble doughnuts in appearance, and they are ring-shaped treats made from a deep-fried choux pastry with a creamy, custardy core like eclairs and a crispy shell like churros. However, crullers are so unique that direct comparisons are difficult. It didn't take Reid long to become a believer after she tasted it for the first time.

    Reid has spent several hours deep-frying and tweaking the dough in an attempt to make her own version of the crullers sold at Daily Provisions. When she perfected her recipe, she set up shop directly next to the Lune base.

    Moon is located in a repurposed room just outside the Lune headquarters, which Reid co-owns with his brother Cam and Mulberry Group restaurateur Nathan Toleman.

    Moon always has six flavours available, but the ones that never change are the cinnamon sugar, vanilla glaze, and chocolate glaze. The last three have glazes in various shades of pink, yellow, and light brown. In addition, a coffee glaze and chocolate icing will be available atop flavours like raspberry, passionfruit, and cappuccino cruller.

    Coffee Supreme beans are used to make all of the standard beverages, such as half-and-half, which consists of milk and cream in equal parts. It's also possible to get a chai latte or a cup of hot chocolate.

    The walls behind the counter are tiled in white subway mosaics, and the counter top is a gorgeous slab of carrara marble set above a dark forest green base. The storefront is separated from the office by a thin curtain, and the artwork there is always being rotated. The room is optimised for takeout, with only a small standing bar suitable for a quick coffee opposite the ordering counter.

    Some Melbourne restaurants, including Shortstop, Doughboys, and Rustica, have been quietly frying crullers as an afterthought for years. Reid is crossing his fingers that Moon Cruller will introduce more Melburnians to the delicious delicacy.

    Rustica South Yarra

    For those who prefer their sourdough on the south side, the Rustica empire has expanded across the river, with a new flagship store in South Yarra joining the current outposts in Hawthorn, Maribyrnong, and the two CBDs.

    The Chapel Street location, directly across from the Jam Factory, is the largest Rustica to date, with seating for one hundred. It replaces the Fitzroy location as the flagship bakery.

    Sidney Tor, the restaurant's head chef, is responsible for the small menu that features a few new items and a few classics that have been brought over from other locations. During the day, you may get dishes like fried chicken burgers with gochujang mayo and a fried egg sandwich with pickled jalapeño and manchego. For example, a buttery buckwheat kouign amann, similar to a French croissant, is served with caramel, poached fruit, and mascarpone chantilly cream. Another option is a flaky scroll filled with creamy Vegemite bechamel.

    The drink selection is focused on regional producers. Beverages include brews from Abbotsford's Bodriggy and Noble Boy, as well as wines from Red Hill's Polperro. There is a limited yet tasty drink menu that is available at all hours of the day and night. Try the Negroni with rosé vermouth or the Bloody Mary with a healthy dose of sriracha.

    The minimalist decor, which features natural materials like marble and hardwood tabletop and hanging plants, was designed by architect Fiona Drago. You can watch the world go by outside the large windows that front the street, and you can see what's going on in the kitchen through the glass panels that run floor to ceiling.

    Dandee Donuts

    Dandee Donuts is already bringing its gold and purple food trucks to fairs and sporting events since the late 1960s, where it sells its signature light and airy doughnuts with a generous coating of sugar. Doughnuts with warm jam are prepared in a separate kitchen and baked as ordered.

    The first office for the mobile company was a backyard in Oakleigh. Former worker and company founder Dick Bell built the mobile kitchens. Because of the length of time it took to construct, he gave one of them the moniker "Blue Hills," after the classic television series. Susan Bell, Dick's daughter, is now in charge of the company.

    Places like Oakleigh's Hurst Reserve and the Clayton Shopping Centre date back to the beginning. In order to keep up with customer demand, the popular stall at Dandenong Market—formerly located in an outdated caravan—has relocated to a new, more permanent location. Even though trendy Nutella doughnuts are now available, traditional hot-jam doughnuts continue to sell like hotcakes.

    Many Melburnians have fond recollections of the doughnuts thanks to the Oakleigh Football Club-themed vans that have been a fixture at events for decades.


    All kinds of doughnuts, from the classic glazed to more experimental varieties, can be found in Melbourne and are among the best in the world. Shortstop Coffee & Donuts and Penny for Pound are just two of the many well-known and delicious doughnut shops in Melbourne. We have what you're looking for whether you want a classic or something a little more out there. Doughnuts from Penny For Pound are a neighbourhood favourite. Flavor combinations at this bakery range from raspberry jam to lime and white chocolate to green custard and white chocolate. Candied in Spotswood blends the best of both worlds, with organic bread, handcrafted crumpets, savoury pies, and 1 teaspoon vanilla soft serve from Yarraville's Cobb Lane, an artisan bakery.

    Doughnut king Morgan Hipworth opened the original Bistro Morgan when he was just a teenager, and it is now widely considered to be the best place to get doughnuts in all of Melbourne. The Creme Brulee is a bread doughnut covered in burnt crunchy toffee and filled with half a teaspoon of handmade custard. Custard slice doughnuts, which are made with a biscuit disc and filled with piped custard, are worth trying if only for the novelty of their name.
    The Australian Candied Bakery, which takes inspiration from both the American and European baking traditions, was named Time Out Melbourne's Best Bakery in 2017. While the Oakleigh Doughnut Co. is well-known for its two shops in Oakleigh and South Yarra, TODCO is a relative newcomer that has quickly earned a reputation for producing some of Melbourne's best doughnuts. Since World War II, the American Doughnut Kitchen has been producing hundreds of hot jam doughnuts in the Bombolini style daily, while two young men in Melbourne, Australia, founded the Doughnut Company to meet the city's insatiable appetite for the finest cake and yeast-raised doughnuts. The level of complexity in TODCO's doughnuts varies from delightfully simple to positively nasty.
    Since the 1950s, locals have been able to fulfil their doughnut appetites at establishments including Daniel's Donuts, Doughboys Donuts, Short Stop Coffee and Donuts, and American Donut Kitchen. Since the demand is so high, the family-run bakery at Springvale, which goes by the name "Daniel's Donuts," is open nonstop. Doughboys Doughnuts is a beloved Melbourne institution with locations in the CBD and on Sydney Drive in neighbouring Brunswick. Anthony Ivey and Sinye Ooi, the owners of Short Stop Coffee & Donuts, opened up shop in a back alley after taking a sabbatical to study in the United States and Canada. Shortstop business owners Sinye Ooi and Antonio Ivey spent about a year honing their doughnut recipe by experimenting with different ingredients and travelling to the United States, the doughnut's home.

    Innovative flavour combinations can be found in doughnuts, such as sticky date and gingerbread, mandarin and dark chocolate, and quince and mulled wine. The doughnuts are made in-house twice daily using only fresh ingredients; the strawberry cheesecake doughnut is a fan favourite. The setup of All Day Donuts, commonly known as Juanita Peaches, is simple. Raph Rashid owns four businesses, including ones that sell doughnuts, tacos, and burgers, all of which operate out of the same warehouse. When a customer places an order, All Day Donuts will produce one of five unique varieties of doughnuts.

    Baker D Chirico bakes the best hot cross buns, bread, beef ragù pies, and bomboloni in the city. The hand-dipped delicacies at Doughboys Doughnuts are famous for their flavour, but they aren't any different from the "traditional" doughnuts sold elsewhere. The neighbourhoods of South Yarra and St. Kilda also host a location. When in Melbourne, many locals recommend eating at Oasis Middle Eastern Café. The orange zest and warm, golden syrup on their Lebanese doughnuts are what make them famous.

    There is a bar and restaurant in Moonee Ponds called Sir Duke Cafe, and it has earned a stellar reputation for both masterfully executing classics and consistently surprising diners. After selling over 10,000 Nutella doughnuts on a single day many years ago, Daniel's Donuts gained a devoted following among foodies. The Moon Cruller is a delectable delicacy that combines the best of eclairs and churros: a flaky choux pastry filled with a rich custard and fried to a golden crisp. Moon Cruller is owned and operated by Reid, his brother Cam, and Mulberry Group restaurateur Nathan Toleman in a converted area adjacent to Lune headquarters. There are six different flavours to choose from, such as cinnamon sugar, vanilla glaze, and chocolate glaze.

    Coffee All the regular drinks, like cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolate, are prepared with supreme beans. South Yarra's flagship Rustica store has moved across the river. The restaurant's chief chef, Sidney Tor, created the limited menu, which includes some new dishes and some adaptations of famous dishes from various cuisines. Wines from Red Hill's Polperro and beers from Abbotsford's Bodriggy and Noble Boy are available. Architect Fiona Drago designed the spare interior, which is adorned with natural elements such as a marble and oak tabletop and hanging plants. Traditional hot-jam doughnuts continue to sell like hotcakes even though the popular booth at Dandenong Market has moved to a new, more permanent site.

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    • Finding the best doughnuts in Melbourne may be challenging.
    • A handful of the best places to get doughnuts in Melbourne are listed below.
    • Looking for the best doughnuts in Melbourne? You've found the right place.
    • We've compiled a list of some of your go-to spots to sate your hunger.
    • Penny For Pound is well-liked in the community for its freshly baked pastries.
    • Because of this, Bistro Morgan's fame has skyrocketed, and it is now widely acknowledged as the birthplace of some of Melbourne's best doughnuts.
    • Candied Bakery, which won Time Out Melbourne's Best Bakery award in 2017, is one Australian bakery that combines American and European influences.
    • Dan's Doughnuts
    • For obvious reasons, the initial success of Daniel's Donuts in Springvale necessitated keeping the shop open around the clock.
    • Daniel's Bakery in Wyndham is another outpost of the family-run business that gained notoriety a few years ago when it sold over 10,000 Nutella doughnuts in a single day.
    • Sinye Ooi and Antonio Ivey, the owners of the friendly Shortstop business, spent about a year honing their doughnut recipe by experimenting with different ingredients and travelling to the United States, where the doughnut first appeared.
    • In Melbourne, locals and visitors alike flock to this doughnut business for their hands-on, homemade glazes.
    • Oasis Middle Eastern Café, like its namesake, is a safe refuge for individuals from all walks of life, and thus, it is one of the most beloved eateries amongst true Melburnians.
    • Kate Reid had her first experience with a cruller in 2016, and it was at Daily Provisions in New York City.
    • To replicate the crullers sold at Daily Provisions, Reid has spent several hours deep-frying and adjusting the dough.
    • Reid, along with his brother Cam and Mulberry Group restaurateur Nathan Toleman, owns Lune, the building in which Moon is housed in a repurposed room.
    • The Melbourne eateries Shortstop, Doughboys, and Rustica have all been discreetly frying crullers as an afterthought for years.
    • Reid hopes that more Melburnians will try the delicacy thanks to Moon Cruller.
    • Ever since the late 1960s, Dandee Donuts has been providing its famous light and airy doughnuts with a heavy coating of sugar to fairs and athletic events from its gold and purple food trucks.
    • Mobile kitchens were developed by firm founder and former employee Dick Bell.

    FAQs About Doughnut

    Shortstop introduced Aussies to the cruller, a popular style of doughnut in North America, and their sea salt and Australian honey cruller is now the top-selling item on the menu.

    So which spelling is correct: doughnut or donut? Well, both are actually fine to use in Australian English. While the spelling 'donut' has typically been regarded as an American spelling, it was made popular in Australia through advertising.

    In Australia Dunkin' Donuts opened in the 1980s but by the late 2000s they had left the Australian market in 2014 Dunkin' Brands global chairman Nigel Travis said there were no plans in the short term to return the brand to the Australian market.
    Whether it's a vegan pumpkin-maple doughnut, a sour-grape-and-cream glazed that's topped with popping candy or a crème brulee flavour, there is an Australian doughnut shop that caters to your desires.
    A "glazed doughnut" commonly refers to a plain, yeasted doughnut in a sweet sugar glaze, though many other types of doughnuts have glazes, as well.
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