The Best Burgers In Melbourne To Hunt Down

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    Burgers are one of the most universally beloved types of comfort food. Consequently, there's a burger option for everyone, whether they consume meat or not. It can be challenging to narrow down the incredible number of burger-serving establishments in Melbourne. In order to help you narrow down your selections and pick the finest burger in Melbourne, we have compiled a list of the city's top burgers.

    Burgers are a global phenomenon, and their popularity in Melbourne is no different. However, it might be difficult to determine which burger shops are worth a visit due to the city's proliferation of such establishments. So that you can spend less time deciding where to eat and more time actually eating, we have compiled a list of the greatest burgers in Melbourne. It's time to settle in for some deliciousness, so grab a seat!

    We can't deny that Melbournians are the world's most devoted burger fans. However, when it comes time to find the best burger in town, it might be difficult to figure out where to begin given the city's number of top-notch burger establishments. That's why we compiled this guide: so you may sample the best burgers Sydney has to offer at the best restaurants. Do believe us when we say that you will not be let down!

    The Very Best Burgers In Melbourne

    Formerly, the tastiest burgers in Melbourne could be found at your neighbourhood fish and chip shop, where you could order them with a side of beetroot and some extra dim sims. To be honest, we had forgotten how fantastic those still are.

    However, burgers have changed a lot in the past decade. It doesn't matter where you are in Melbourne — north, south, east, or west — everyone loves burgers. For a while, milk buns were all the rage, but then the Brioche wave hit. We've eaten burgers with squid ink buns, doughnut bread, double stacks, quadruple bundles, fried chicken and waffles, sushi, and even meat pies for buns. They've always had their time in the spotlight, but now it's up to the people of Melbourne to decide who really deserves to be called the best.


    Goldieboy is one of Melbourne's more elusive burgers, and as such, it has achieved cult status among the city's burger enthusiasts. Goldieboy and its unique craft are often popping up in different parts of town, so staying in the know is essential. Here, offering just one burger is the secret to success.

    Scott O'Keefe's secret recipe for his famous burgers includes a thick potato bun, a burger patty made in collaboration with renowned butcher Michael Bouchier, tough outer American style mozzarella, grilled onions, and a special sauce. Keep an eye on their Instagram to find out where they will be setting up shop for a good time, and you can pick up a Goldieboy burger DIY Kit here.

    The B.EAST

    These burger experts from Brunswick East can't function without their daily intake of burgers, beer, and live music. If you're looking for some of the best places to eat in Melbourne, look no further than the B.East, a rock 'n' roll patty grilling bastion. Attempt the "Sexy Beast," a double beef, double cheese, smokey bacon, jalapénos loaded burger, or combine it with a vegan burger like the "Morrisey," fried fake chicken, sweet corn relish, and special sauce in honour of The Smiths' leader, Morrissey.

    Leonards House of Love

    If you're looking for the best burgers in Melbourne, look no farther than Leonard's House of Love, which consistently ranks high on best-of lists. Of course, the double bun is your go-to, and it could just be the best burger town Melbourne, but if you're primarily a plant-based bent, they also have fantastic vegan burger alternatives for you to dig through.

    Juanita Peaches

    You may get a lot more than just burgers, Beatbox Kitchen, Taco Truck's Brunswick outpost, Juanita Peaches, serves up a variety of diner classics like fried chicken, burritos, and burgers. Their cheeseburger, created with 120 grammes of grass-fed brisket, scallions, double mozzarella, and pickles on some kind of house-made bread, is one of the best burgers Brisbane has ever seen.

    Tuck Shop Take Away 

    Tuckshop Takeaway is a safe bet because it employs smart people who have learned their craft at restaurants like The Fat Duck and Attica. Ben Shewry, owner of Attica, says this is his go-to burger spot in Melbourne, and he has good taste. Because everything is made fresh every day, when they run out, that's it. Now you can indulge in some of the tastiest vegan burgers around with their signature style brought to you by plant-based patties. Tuck Shop is a must-try for any resident of Caulfield North, but you better hurry because the burgers sell out early.

    Meat Frankie

    In addition to serving a number of the best in town in Melbourne, Meat Frankie has made a name for themselves by not charging extra for toppings. They keep it basic with just the hamburger and cheeseburger, letting the customer decide how many toppings to pile on top.


    Located in the trendy neighbourhood of Collingwood, Easey's is instantly recognisable thanks to the three decommissioned Melbourne trains that sit atop the building. Their core menu consists of burgers, appetizers, hot dogs, and desserts, and their innovative and experimental spirit has resulted in some of the best in town London has ever seen. You can get American burgers with a Melbourne twist, and we recommend that A double Barrel BBQ Cheeseburger if you can't decide between the two.

    Royal Stacks 

    Due to the success of its American diner-style burgers, Royal Stacks has expanded to three sites across Melbourne. The Australian chain Royal Stacks takes inspiration from the modest yet successful Shake Shack chain in the United States. The menu ranges from traditional items like single and double cheeseburgers to more unique dishes like "The King," which is a deep-fried mac 'n cheese croquette packed with a fried egg. Chilli cheese fries and a variety of shakes in flavor like Nerds , Golden Gaytime are just two of the many options available alongside the burgers.


    As one of Melbourne's longest-running burger joints, 8Bit has earned a reputation among the city's finest. While many people order the Double Dragon, the hotdogs on the menu are a delightful surprise. Do one, or do both, and see which you like more.

    College Dropout

    The owners of the new and improved burger establishment College Dropout Burgers claim to have been "Inspired by Ye." Of course, they're referring to Yeezy, Mr. Kanye West, whose copious output inspired the incredibly unique and delicious bun fillings.


    All of the burgers on the menu were either directly or indirectly inspired by one of Kanye's songs, and their names reflect this. The "Graduation," which consists of a smashed burger, cheese, pickles, dropout relish, and ketchup, and the "Gold Digger," which consists of fried chicken, ranch salad, chilies, and Northwest sauce, will be familiar to Yeezy fans.

    Mr T Burgers & Fried Chicken 

    Is Mr. T the only person in the world who has such an intense love for hamburgers? Everything at Mr. T is produced in-house, and it shows: smash patties have crisp edges and the fried chicken is juicy and flavorful. It's easy to see why this spot is so popular with locals; it's a genuine burger hotspot that's well worth the trip across town. The Mr. T. Chicken, Mr. T. Cheese, Mr. T. Meatlover, and the Mr. Nashville Chicken are all fan favourites.

    Mad Patties 

    With its constant quality, good choice of "crazy" burgers, and specials, Mad Patties has become a burger institution in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, and it's on its way to becoming a rock star. The Double Madness is the best burger in the joint because it is incredibly filling, with excellent patties, bacon, and cheese, and a great crumb to patty ratio. It's a meat fest, however Mad Patties has great vegan options. The loaded fries and chips are excellent as well.

    PHAT Pizza Burger 

    It's hard to pass up their piled burgers, especially considering the low prices and wide variety of tasty accompaniments, such as popcorn haloumi, chips and liquid mozzarella, and every thick shake imaginable.

    They can accommodate even the most outlandish demands. Whether you want a burger with three patties merged into one, a triple patty stacked high with french fries and mac 'n' cheese pieces, or fried chicken sandwiched between two dripping hamburgers in a brilliant red bun, they can produce it.

    Forget about soggy veggie patties; they have excellent selections for vegetarians, too. I love the zucchini fry burger with grilled halloumi, spicy aioli, beetroot, tomato, onion, and lettuce because it's so crunchy and flavorful.

    As the proprietor of Lezzet, an Anatolian restaurant that has been open for 15 years, next door, Kemal Barut has a deep understanding of what kinds of cuisine Melbourne residents enjoy.

    Rude Boy Burger 

    Located in Brunswick West, we highly recommend Nasty Boy Burger to anyone looking for a truly unforgettable burger experience in Melbourne. Aside from its numerous accolades, Already Rude Child Burger is a popular burger place because it sticks to its core beliefs and never compromises on the quality of its products.

    We enjoy visiting here because the proprietors are warm, welcoming, and really interested in making wonderful burgers. The beef and chicken there are of the greatest quality because of Franco's history in local restaurants, which he uses to ensure the finer details are attended to.

    The Hot Chick is a featured item, and it consists of fried chicken, mac n cheese, jalapeos, chipotle spice, Louisiana slaw, and chilli island sauce. A parmesan fritter and bacon were added to make it a truly legendary double. The burger was a colossus of juicy, crunchy goodness; it stood tall and beckoned like a swooning lover.

    Like a waterfall, the cheese poured off the burger. The fried chicken is really spicy, and the smokey sauce left us craving more. Since each chicken fillet looks like a complete breast, doubling the burger's size makes it taste like fried chicken on steroids.

    You might also have the The Big Cheese burger, which features two 150-gram patties of Wagyu beef, four slices of cheese, cucumbers, red onion, or Rude sauce. If you like double burgers with a strong dose of beef, you will rejoice at this burger's success. When the melted cheese starts to stream down, you know you're in for a winning cheese game. Although enormous, this burger manages to strike a nice balance thanks to the unpleasant sauce.

    Leonards House of Love - South Yarra

    If you're in Melbourne and craving a burger, you have to stop into Leonards House of Love. Nick Stanton, a Melbourne cook legend whose outstanding cuisine we have experienced in recent years, is behind the scenes, as are the cooks at many other famous burger establishments. The venue has the nostalgic ambience of the 1970s and is decorated like a log cabin. It doesn't really feel like a restaurant so much as a club. Some of the greatest burgers in all of Australia can be found at this restaurant. This is the spot to go to if you're in the mood for a traditional double cheeseburger.

    What do you think, whether this is the best place to eat in Oz? Twin patties of beef brisket and short rib, melted American cheese, secret burger sauce, crunchy pickles, and fresh, crisp green oak lettuce. Juicy and cooked to perfection, with a pink centre in the patty. High-quality char marks can be found throughout the burger. I thought that adding bacon, which is great on its own, would complement the burger, and I was right. The burger's meatiness was complemented by the bun's softness. The cheese melting all over the meat is a special touch. Wow, this is really good.

    This Melbourne burger joint has the coolest atmosphere. Sort of like a house party meets a club and a ski lodge. A draw is possible. Feel transported to another dimension amidst longhorns, mongooses, a fire, classic video games, and an old-school soundtrack.

    The John Curtin Hotel

    Takeout orders are accepted from 5 pm to 10 pm, Monday through Thursday, and from 12 pm to 10 pm, Friday through Sunday, at Sonny's Fried Chicken and Burgers.

    When you get to the city end of Lygon Street, where the John Murray Hotel is located, you might think it doesn't quite belong. It's closer to the schmaltzy, tourist-friendly Italian eateries, but it has more in common with the farther-out The B.East and Leonard's House of Love.

    The Curtin is the kind of bar that other bars aspire to be: laid-back, affordable, and unabashedly dive-y. The business community, musicians, and students are all represented among the clientele. Kegs of both speciality and standard beers are regularly swapped out, ensuring a fresh supply. In addition to beer, wine, and liquor, there is a good selection.

    One of the best places to see live music in Melbourne is at The Curtin. The walls are covered with concert posters from the past many decades. The upper bandroom is shaped like a torus, so doughnut, so that patrons can see the entire stage without having to move around too much. Attend the releases of singles by local artists or shows by smaller worldwide acts.

    Sonny's Fried Chicken plus Burgers, the on-site American diner, is reason enough to stay here. Both the fried chicken and the stacked cheeseburgers are among the best in town.


    One or two dogs may typically be found at Lulie, either chilling out under the tablecloths or circling the bar for some attention. Former employees of the Curtin House, Jon Farrell agus Brendan Kennedy, are the owners and they actively cultivate an atmosphere like that.

    There's a nice assortment of memorabilia that takes you back to the classic American pubs of your youth. The bar's padded stools were from the Kardinia RSL, and the several bentwood chairs were formerly from a pizzeria in Frankston.

    A good bar is much more than just fancy fixtures, and Lulie demonstrates that. The billiard table in the side and indeed the BYO records rotating behind the oak bar, that is covered in broken peanut shells, ensure that it is always lively and crowded.  As a result, classic rock from artists like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty may be heard cranked up loud and proud on any given night.

    The former bank vault, now housing 12 seats with its own tiny bar, is a great place to go if you're looking for some peace and quiet. In March 2018, the bar moved from its previous location, approximately 150 metres away, to its current location, which included these sites.

    There is a wide variety of longnecks , Guinness on tap, as well as other bottled, tinned, and draught beers. Apart from that, there are five house cocktails and a good assortment of whiskies. Though the price is low, the quality is not compromised in any way.

    Burgers, fries, and other bar food are available from a satellite kitchen of the close sibling venue Kelso's.

    Andrew's Hamburgers

    Burgers marketed as "gourmet" or "healthy" aren't worth the time of Andrew's regulars. They would much rather have their meat sandwiches prepared in the same manner as they were decades ago at the local fish and chip business. Since 1939, long even wasabi mayo, guacamole, and other trendy fillings made their way to our shores, Andrew's has had them covered.

    Greg Pappas, the founder Andrew Georghiou's nephew, currently runs the business. Most days you can find him behind the grill, or grinning from the photos that line the walls as he holds the arm of one of the numerous celebrities who have been by for a burger.

    Chicken, steak, and plain ground beef with just salt and pepper are the menu constants. After that, simply top with your prefered combination of egg, pork, onion, tomato, cheese, pineapple, or beetroot. And for under a buck and a half. Unless you're craving a classic side dish like roast potatoes, dim sims, or spring rolls, or a souvalaki. Veggie burgers and gluten-free buns are our only nod to the "gourmet" clientele.

    You might expect to find the standard display refrigerator stocked with retro soft drinks but alas, no beer or cider. While Andrew's may seem unremarkable in comparison to other cutting-edge burger joints, we assure you that there is a good reason for its longevity. The Friday lunch rush still sometimes lasts an hour or more, despite all of these years. Suggestion from us Make a prior arrangement by calling.

    Royal Stacks

    In honour of the American burger joint Shake Shack, we present to you: Royal Stacks. Owner Dani Zeini, who first gained fame with his burgers and Dandenong Pavilion, now serves them at Grand Trailer Park Taverna the Motorhome Majestic, both owned by Josh Lefers.


    All but one of the restaurant's eight burgers are made with beef.

    The Single Stack is the bare minimum: a single beef patty wrapped in some kind of a soft white bread and topped with tomato, purple cabbage, American mozzarella, special burger sauce, and pickles. A huge, artery-clogging mac 'n' cheese croquette is also included, along with bacon, raw onion, jalapenos, and other assorted creepiness.

    They have both fries and Tater Tots. Frozen curd, which is really simply ice cream but a touch smoother and silkier, is in charge at St. Kilda's 7 Apples Gelato and is overseen by Mark Mariotti. There will be some unique tastes, such cheesecake or Sour Skittles. Even the shakes make use of the frozen custard.

    There is a tower of doughnuts or waffles topped with frozen yogurt and other toppings, and a Pepsi freestyle station with more than a hundred different flavours. It can be controlled by touching the screen or through an app.

    The Collins Street establishment is spacious, with dozens of brown leather booths, a pink neon "burger" sign, and a seasonal living wall garden.

    The second location, in Brunswick, features brighter decor and a revamped halal cuisine to better serve the area's substantial Muslim population.


    I am thrilled to see the arrival of RocoMamas, a South African burger chain, on Chapel St in Melbourne. The original restaurant serving the world-famous Smashburgers is decorated in a rock and roll style, complete with a glassed-in kitchen so customers can watch their food being prepared.

    Is it just me that thinks that a picture of your face against a neon sign on a red wall makes for a great Instagram as rib sauce clings to your lips? This spot is hip enough go from a quiet dinner to an exciting night out.

    No mater what you have planned for the evening, a visit to RocoMamas for a smashburger is a great way to kick things off. Some restaurants have started using the smashed method, which yields extra-tasty and -juicy burgers.

    Smashburgers, loaded fries, wings, and ribs are just some of the items that can be found on RocoMamas' menu. Have something to drink, whether it is alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, or a cocktail. After all, with drinks like espresso martinis, it would be foolish to stay home.

    Have an espresso with your build-your-own-burger, since I highly recommend that combination. You can gorge yourself into an eternal food coma by loading yourself on endless patties that might sustain a community for weeks.

    Or you could just get my personal favourite sandwich, the Classic Cheese. This classic cheeseburger has just the right amount of cheese and flavour in every bite. Double up, then wash it down with a couple of local brews. Also, if you're feeling saucy, order a side of their world-famous ribs to go with your delicious burger.

    Juanita Peaches

    The owner of Juanita Peaches is Raph Rashid, who also owns Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck. Both places serve excellent fried chicken. Juanita Peaches receives the chickens whole, and her crew then proceeds to dissect them. The Juanita Peach Stand can be found on Edward Street, not far from Sydney Road.

    Everything about the decor is what you'd expect from a modest Mexican restaurant. It reminds me of a cosy living room in the 1980s, yet with a touch of contemporary style. After indulging on a fried chicken sandwich at Juanita Peaches, head down the hall to the 24-hour doughnut shop.

    Now, I can get my hands on the tastiest fried chicken burgers in the city at Juanita Peaches. An establishment that takes itself seriously, this burger joint really walks the walk. In 2014, on a first date, I came here for the first time. That plan failed, alas. What's important is the connection, not the burgers.

    No other romance has lasted as long as my one with Juanita Peaches and delicious fried chicken burger. Their buns are made from scratch using mashed potatoes included into the dough.

    Steamed, it's ready to absorb all the flavorful liquids you can imagine. The fried chicken and creamy slaw within the bun make you forget about KFC, even when you're feeling hung over.

    For those who prefer beef over chicken, Juanitas serves up one of the best burgers in town. Believe me when I say that after you've been there, you won't want to go anywhere else.


    The popularity of burgers is a worldwide phenomenon, and Melbourne is no exception. We've produced a list of the best burgers in Melbourne to help you choose the best one. Burgers have evolved significantly over the past decade, and now it's up to Melburnians to pick which joint serves the best. The Goldieboy burger is legendary among Melbourne's burger fans, despite being notoriously difficult to track down. Scott O'Keefe uses a thick potato bread, a burger patty co-created with renowned butcher Michael Bouchier, hard-boiled American-style mozzarella, grilled onions, and a secret sauce to create his world-famous burgers.

    Among the top restaurants in Melbourne include the B.EAST, Leonard's House of Love, Juanita Peaches, Beatbox Kitchen, Taco Truck's Brunswick outlet, and Tuck Shop Take Away. It's important to keep up with where Goldieboy and its distinctive trade are appearing around town. Tuckshop Takeaway is a successful Melbourne burger joint staffed by knowledgeable individuals who honed their skills at acclaimed eateries like The Fat Duck and Attica. In Melbourne, Meat Frankie has become famous for its no-extra-cost toppings policy, and Royal Stacks has opened three locations. College Dropout Burgers is Melbourne's newest and best burger joint, although the classic 8Bit has been around for a long time.

    All Caulfield North locals should make a point of trying Tuck Shop at least once, but you'd best be quick about it because the burgers go fast. You may find burgers named after songs by Kanye West at Mr T Burgers & Fried Chicken, a renowned restaurant in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. The Double Madness has the best crumb-to-patty ratio of any burger on the menu, in addition to delicious patties, bacon, and cheese. PhAT Pizza Burger is a popular layered burger that offers inexpensive costs and a wide selection of excellent toppings, and Mad Patties provides amazing vegan choices. Mr. T, proprietor of Mr. T, has a passion for hamburgers that is unparalleled.

    Two of Melbourne's most well-known burger joints are called Nasty Boy Burger and Already Rude Child Burger, respectively. The Nasty Boy Burger is a towering mountain of crispy, juicy, deliciousness that calls to you like a wooing lover. Featuring fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, jalapeos, chipotle spice, Louisiana slaw, and chilli island sauce, the Hot Chick is a must-try menu item. Two 150 gramme patties of Wagyu beef, four slices of cheese, cucumber, red onion, and your choice of Rude sauce make up the Big Cheese burger. The rustic log cabin decor of Leonards House of Love evokes a warm, wistful feeling reminiscent of the '70s.

    If you're craving a classic double cheeseburger, you've found the right place. Twin patties of beef brisket and short rib, melted American cheese, secret burger sauce, crispy pickles, and fresh, crisp green oak lettuce make the John Curtin Hotel the best spot to eat in Melbourne. The meatiness of the burger was balanced off by the softness of the bread, and the cheese oozing all over the meat was a nice touch. The Curtin is the model dive bar: comfortable, cheap, and without pretence. Because of the doughnut shape of the top bandroom, audience members are able to observe the full performance without having to shift around too much.

    The American cafe, Sonny's Fried Chicken and Burgers, right in the hotel is worth a visit alone. Lulie is an old-school American tavern, complete with a pool table and a jukebox hidden behind the oak bar. The owners, Jon Farrell and Brendan Kennedy, both formerly of the Curtin House, are committed to maintaining a similar vibe. Besides the many longnecks and Guinness on tap, you may also choose from a large selection of bottled, canned, and draught beers. Five signature drinks and a wide range of whiskies are available.

    The pub serves burgers, fries, and other bar food via a satellite kitchen at Kelso's, its closely related twin establishment. Andrew Georghiou's nephew Greg Pappas is the current CEO. Andrew's is an Australian fast food restaurant that specialises on burgers, but also provides chicken, steak, and salted and peppered ground beef. The sole concessions made to the "gourmet" clientele are vegetarian burgers and gluten-free buns. The Single Stack consists of one beef patty, special burger sauce, American mozzarella cheese, tomato, purple cabbage, and pickles sandwiched between two slices of soft white bread.

    Guests can choose from over a hundred different Pepsi flavours at the restaurant's "freestyle" station, which also features fries and Tater Tots. An abundance of brown leather booths and a pink neon "burger" sign decorate the roomy Collins Street restaurant. The Chapel St location of South African burger restaurant RocoMamas has recently opened in Melbourne. The original location of the restaurant known for its smashburgers has a rock and roll theme and a see-through kitchen so that diners can watch their food being made. Smashburgers, loaded fries, wings, and ribs are all available.

    Kick things up with a Classic Cheese burger, which has the perfect balance of cheese and flavour, or a cup of espresso and a build-your-own burger. At last, they'll be able to down it with some of the region's finest. Raph Rashid, who also operates Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck, is the proud proprietor of the Mexican eatery Juanita Peaches. It's known for having the best fried chicken and ribs in town, as well as the city's best fried chicken burgers. The mashed potatoes on their homemade buns and the creamy coleslaw and fried chicken within will have you forgetting about KFC for good. If you're not a fan of chicken, Juanitas has one of the best burgers in town, and you won't want to eat anywhere else once you've tried it.

    Content Summary

    • We have produced a list of the best burgers in Melbourne to assist you in narrowing down your options and making the best burger choice possible.
    • One of the more hard-to-find burgers in Melbourne, Goldieboy has gained legendary reputation among the city's burger fanatics.
    • Royal Stacks, famous for its burgers in the American diner style, has opened three locations in Melbourne.
    • Royal Stacks, an Australian fast food franchise, was apparently inspired by the simple but hugely popular Shake Shack restaurants in the United States.
    • The menu's burgers all have names that reference one of Kanye's songs, whether they were the direct or indirect inspiration.
    • Mad Patties has become a burger institution in Melbourne's eastern suburbs thanks to its consistent quality, wide selection of "crazy" burgers, and specials.
    • It's a meat-lovers' paradise, but vegans can feast with ease at Mad Patties.
    • If you're seeking for the best burger in Melbourne, look no further than the Brunswick West establishment, Nasty Boy Burger.
    • The South Yarra Location of Leonard's House of Love
    • Leonards House of Love is the place to go for a burger if you're in Melbourne.
    • This burger establishment in Melbourne has the best vibes.
    • Among Melbourne's many great venues, The Curtin is where you want to be to hear live music.
    • The pub serves burgers, fries, and other bar food via a satellite kitchen at Kelso's, its closely related twin establishment.
    • In the face of more innovative burger establishments, Andrew's may seem unimpressive. However, we can tell you that there is a strong reason for its endurance.
    • We introduce the Royal Stacks, named after the famous American burger joint Shake Shack.
    • I'm quite happy to see the South African burger chain RocoMamas open up shop on Chapel St in Melbourne.
    • You can't go wrong with a smashburger from RocoMamas as a prelude to your evening's activities.
    • RocoMamas offers a wide variety of American fast food favourites, such as smashburgers, loaded fries, wings, and ribs.
    • Both establishments offer delicious fried chicken.
    • Edward Street, not too far from Sydney Road, is where you'll find the Juanita Peach Stand.
    • After stuffing your face with a fried chicken sandwich at Juanita Peaches, walk a few steps down the hall to the 24-hour doughnut shop.
    • I recently discovered that Juanita Peaches has the best fried chicken burgers in town.

    FAQs About Burgers

    Fun Burger Trivia
    • The name of Hamburger was derived from the Hamburg steaks brought to the USA by German immigrants.
    • Hamburgers weren't popular until they were introduced at the St. ...
    • 50 Billion hamburgers get eaten every year in the United States.
    • The Hamburger Hall of Fame is housed in Seymour, Wisconsin.
    The bite of the burger should be soft and moist, yet it should not fall apart and disintegrate in your hands. The burger meat should have some springy bounce. Burger that lacks this texture feels like you're eating an old tire. Blending different grades of ground beef influences the burger's texture.
    First, the Library of Congress agrees it was Louis Lassen who invented the burger when he put scraps of ground between slices of bread for fast, easy eating.

    The invention of hamburgers is commonly attributed to various people, including Charlie Nagreen, Frank and Charles Menches, Oscar Weber Bilby, Fletcher Davis, or Louis Lassen. White Castle traces the origin of the hamburger to Hamburg, Germany with its invention by Otto Kuase.

    The best ground beef to buy for burgers is 80/20 ground chuck – 80% lean meat and 20% fat. Ground chuck is ground from the shoulder and has that ideal lean-to-fat ratio of 80/20 (i.e. not too lean) for a super flavorful, juicy burger.
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