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Where Are Beer Gardens In Melbourne?

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    Some forms of hedonism seem to be universally cherished. Several cultures celebrate the custom of drinking beer with friends in a relaxed outdoor atmosphere. In order to help you narrow down the various possibilities, we have compiled a list of some of the best Beer Gardens in Melbourne, in no particular order.

    There are a plethora of beer gardens serving up gourmet fare and local brews in Melbourne. Some serve traditional bar fare to their customers. All of them feature beautiful gardens perfect for relaxing with close friends.

    The weather in Melbourne is always on when it's on. With everything falling into place like it has, you can rest assured that you will have a fantastic night, so let's dive right in.


    FAQs Beer Gardens In Melbourne

    A beer garden is an outdoor area attached to a pub, bar, or restaurant where patrons can enjoy alcoholic beverages in a relaxed and casual setting. It typically features tables, chairs, and umbrellas, and may also have plants, trees, or other greenery. In Melbourne, beer gardens are often popular during the warmer months when people want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while drinking and socializing.


    Walk-ins are available depending on capacity, though bookings are recommended. Indisputably one of the best beer gardens Melbourne has ever served up to the summer boozehound in us all. The Great Northern is equal parts sports pub and dog pub, and the beer sprawling beer garden is usually filled with both things.

    That’s not a beer garden, and this is a beer garden. Welcome to Thornbury is huge in all respects of the adjective. There is plenty of space, indoor and outdoor areas, and just shy of 40 taps on ready to cure whatever may ail you; it also has one of the best beer halls Melbourne could offer you.

    Melbourne has many establishments that specialise in craft beer and gourmet food when it comes to beer gardens. Others provide patrons with pub classics. All of them have wonderful gardens where you and some good friends can enjoy the amenities; when the weather is on in Melbourne, it's on.

    Yes, many beer gardens in Melbourne serve food, ranging from snacks and small plates to full meals. Some venues have a dedicated kitchen and menu, while others may offer food from a nearby restaurant or food truck. The type of food available can vary widely, from classic pub grub like burgers and fries to more upscale options like seafood and charcuterie boards. It's worth checking the menu beforehand if you're planning to visit a beer garden for a meal or snack.


    Melbourne Beer Gardens

    One of the nicest ways to enjoy a beverage is in the great outdoors. It's more pleasurable, particularly on a nice day. And thanks to a specific global incident that disrupted lives for a couple of years, drinking alcohol outside is more popular than ever. Many traditional pub beer gardens are featured here, but the term "beer garden" is used loosely here. Anywhere with a patio and a bar is fair game in our book.

    The Flying Duck Hotel

    At the top of the list is a watering hole that has become famous for one thing and one thing only: its beer garden. We're not trying to downplay the fact that the rest of the Flying Duck Hotel is fantastic; it's just that their beer garden is the stuff that drunk men dream of.

    You can relax with a drink at The Duck on a beautiful afternoon because of its quiet atmosphere. The perfect way to kick off a fantastic evening is with a glass of wine or beer and some of the tasty food that will be served at dinnertime.


    Located on the banks of the Yarra River, Riverland Bar is an outdoors beer garden. This waterfront pub is open all year, so you can enjoy a beer and some snacks while basking in the sun in the summer, or cozy up by the fireplace with a cocktail in the winter.

    There are light bar snacks for individuals who are hungry all the time, as well as heartier options including burgers, fish and chips, and grilled chicken breast. Whether you're looking to unwind with friends over a drink or get a bite to eat before the game, Riverland Bar has all you need, including a large variety of wines , craft beer (bottled and on tap), a few cocktails, even cocktail jugs for sharing.

    Standard Hotel

    The Standard, located on Brunswick Street's reverse side, might not look like much from the outside, but once you step inside, you'll find one of best beer selections in town gardens in Melbourne. On a nice day, the place will be crawling with locals, tourists, and even some furry friends.

    With wide community tables and a variety of nooks and crannies, you can always find a place to sit. The food is top-notch, and you can choose from a wide selection of beers, including some local favorites like Stones & Woods Pacific Ale and the classic Melbourne Bitter.

    where are beer gardens in melbourne

    Hotel Great Northern

    Alistair Carragher isn't making his debut at the Great Northern Hotel. In 2008, he and a friend in Western Australia established Feral Brewery and moved the brewery's operations to the historic pub's former location. This classic pub from 1883 could be the perfect example of the craft beer movement.

    The sum of taps was raised by Carragher to a respectable 21. Lots of American brand names are poured. It's the only place in the world you can get Lagunitas, a California brewery that produces a wide variety of beers under the Lagunitas label, from pale ale to IPA to Czech-style Pilsner to a Cappuccino Stout with 9.2 percent alcohol by volume.

    Stone & Wood, Moo Brew, and 2 Brothers are still on tap at this establishment, showing that the proprietors are true blue Aussies. Similarly, you can't just take Carlton away from Carlton Draught.

    The wine selection is fairly stable, with about 16 reds and 16 whites from Australia. Extra bottles can be purchased from the adjacent bottle shop. The food is typical pub cuisine, and it's best eaten in the massive beer garden while watching a game on the several high-definition televisions (UFC included). Pet dogs are welcome.

    The bistro, which had a 1970s decor, was updated in 2016, however the original wood paneling in the bar's entrance was saved. And it was recently revealed that Anthony Pavlou, the son of a former Carlton player and director, painted the signed portrait of Alex Jesaulenko's famous specky.

    Food truck

    The Grub is a fashionable pub in the hip Melbourne neighborhood of Fitzroy Food Van is one of the best beer gardens Melbourne has to give If you find it hard to believe, then hear us out: the bar makes up for its lack of garden amenities with an abundance of lush greenery.

    Decorated with lush greenery and endearing garden gnomes, this bar also offers table tennis for the more competitive patrons. As with many other aspects of this establishment, the drinks menu features many small-batch alcoholic beverages from Australia that are uniquely Fitzroy.

    Gardens Hotel

    A massive four-story eatery and bar, Garden State Hotel may be found in Flinders Lane. It is separated into many dining rooms and decorated with lush vegetation.

    The Garden State Hotel provides all of your hydration and culinary needs, from traditional pub fare to exceptional produce-driven cuisine, local craft beers, finely chosen cocktails, and great wine lists.


    Even though it is still quite young, The Commons has already earned its place on any and all "best beer gardens in Melbourne" lists. After beer number five, even the heartiest of stomachs will be satisfied by the wonderful cheese and ham toastie that may or may not be available here.


    Howler's bedroom shared a wall with an eight-story building in Brunswick that was proposed to the Moreland City Council in 2017. The council wisely rejected the poorly designed scheme, but it was too late to consult the live music venue.

    Howler now owns the property at 8 Michael Street, Brunswick, where they want to open Howlerwood, a dog-friendly beer garden inspired by the warm climate of Palm Springs.

    Although the temporary 150-seat venue is simply a parry, it seems like a nice one. At now, the group is planning to remain open until at least the middle of 2021, weather permitting. Watermelon Margarita, peach-bourbon iced tea, banana daiquiri, and a Blue Hawaii prepared with fresh-pressed pineapple juice and Australian-made blue curacao are just a few of the goofy alcoholic slushies on the menu designed to quench your summertime thirst. Additionally, they offer Paloma and rosé sangria in jugs, as well as Aperol Spritz and Kahlua-infused iced lattes by the glass. The drinks menu features a variety of natural wines and session beers.

    The pizza truck from the vegan restaurant Red Sparrow is parked right here. It serves eight different types of wood-fired pizza on the weekends, including its iconic pepperoni, barbecue "chicken," and mushroom varieties. There are also spicy chicken wings made with fake meat.


    Not only does the Boatbuilders Yard have a beautiful beer garden, but the scenery is also breathtaking. It's only appropriate that you're currently imbibing in a place called the Boatbuilders Yard while being able to see, yes, watercraft.

    Visit the South Wharf Promenade and you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the harbor below. In order to impress your out-of-town visitors with how awesome Melbourne is, bring them here. After all, it has been named the "most liveable city" in the entire world.

    College Lawn Hotel

    Prahran, a suburb of Melbourne, is home to a bar/restaurant that prides itself on giving old-school service alongside high-caliber beverages at affordable prices. During the weekend sessions at the College Lawn Hotel, the beer garden can get very crowded. However, it is possible to find peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city during the week.


    The Leveson features everything you'd expect from a trendy Australian watering hole, including a beer garden, restaurant food, and bar snacks, happy hour saturday night drink promotions and live music.

    The beer garden has a retractable roof for use on rainy days, and the extensive à la carte menu has fan favorites like chicken parmigiana and beer-battered fish and chips, as well as steak and burgers.

    Mount Erica Hotel

    Mount Erica has risen from its status as a typical Prahran dive to that of a hotspot in recent years. With a plant-filled patio illuminated by tea lights overhead and bar seating on the intersection of High Street and Williams Road, this establishment is like a beacon for sundown beers.

    This Northside staple is run by the same people responsible for the excellent Marquis Of Lorne, so you know the food and drink selection will be top-notch.

    Dr. Morse Restaurant

    Whether you're feeling under the weather or just in need of a great beer garden, you'll find what you're looking for at Dr. Morse Bar and Eatery in Melbourne. We all know Melbourne is notoriously difficult to anticipate weather in general. Even the best city beer gardens have this problem.

    Dr. Morse has planned ahead by allocating a sizable piece of the garden to a covered seating area. The sun can be blazing with fury and ferocity one minute, and the next you'll be yelling "Marge, Marge, the rains are come!" because you're drenched to the skin.


    The Standard lives up to its moniker as the undisputed best bar in the North End. It has been a Fitzroy favorite since it was initially licensed in 1865, and for good reason: the pub boasts a vast, leafy beer garden, rumored to be the largest in the area.

    From the front bar, you may go around the maze of chambers and enjoy the faux decaying grandeur of the building. In spite of its devoted following, there is little evidence of "locals rule" mentality. Enjoy a few beers in peace throughout the afternoon at The Standard, listen to some live music, and take in the friendly, laid-back vibe.

    Dishes like the Standard Burger are served in large portions and lack any fancy extras (egg, bacon, tomato, beetroot, onion, lettuce, cheese and chips). The beer garden goes from a quiet haven among the trees to a popular meeting place for weekenders and evening sunbathers. Get better at sharing and containing your elbows.


    You've found the wrong beer garden; this one is the real one. The scale of Welcome to Thornbury fully justifies the word. It's has one of the biggest beer halls around, with a ton of room, indoor and outdoor sections, and around 40 taps waiting to heal whatever ails you Melbourne could offer you.

    For whatever reason, when food is served from a truck, it's always better! Every day, six trucks pull up to the permanent Welcome to Thornbury food truck park and prepare a feast. You may view the daily menu on their website, but rest assured it will always be delicious and will likely include Mr. Burger.

    There is also a hidden bar that serves a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to help you get toasty inside. The eclectic clientele of this former auto yard turned food heaven means early arrival is recommended on nice days.


    where are beer gardens in melbourne2

    The Terminus Hotel, an Abbotsford landmark, has been renovated and given a new lease on life with a modern and stylish makeover that retains the building's signature green exterior. Intriguingly, the beer garden features two stories of urban jungle decor.


    Located in the same Fitzroy courtyard as its sister establishment, Bar Liberty, Drinkwell is run by the same group of people. It reminds one of a miniature beer garden. One wall features a large painting by Melbourne artist Kitt Bennett, while the floor is covered with grass (although false).

    Drinkwell, like Bar Liberty, prioritizes high-quality fare and drinks, but its outside space is more intimate and casual. Only a few small plates are available, such as oysters, fried salami and stracciatella flatbread, and a house-made French-onion dip served with crisps.

    There will always be two different beers available on tap. There are also house-made bottled cocktails available, such the Negroni, Martini, and Old Fashioned. On the wine selection, you'll find a light red blend from Gippsland and a chardonnay from Bobar, both of which are designed to be consumed quickly (Yarra Valley).

    The maximum capacity of the room is 40 people, so it's a really tight squeeze. You shouldn't stress if you're unable to secure a seat. It's not uncommon to see people sitting barefoot on the grass.


    There are more daylight hours, warmer temperatures, and a more picturesque view of the river from Cargo's colorful beer garden. Sit down on one of their brightly colored patio chairs and take a photo of yourself with the city lights in the background.

    Then you may toast the sunset with a pitcher of Pimms and some fried fish tacos. There are many pizzas, a few burgers, several types of paella, and a large sharing menu if you'd like to order a variety of small plates to share with a group. The meals on the menu are inspired by cuisines from across the world and are presented in a contemporary Australian style.


    Welcoming to Brunswick is the brainchild of the same people behind Welcoming to Thornbury, with a helping hand from Four Pines Brewing Co. This massive indoor/outdoor beer garden, as you might guess, provides a wide variety of beers from 4 Pines Brewing Co., as well as a few special creations for the Brunswick area.

    There is no shortage of great places to eat in Brunswick, but if you've been to them all, you'll be glad to hear there's a newcomer.

    The 4 Pines Welcome To Brunswick, located just behind the Brunswick Mess Hall, is the first location of the Melbourne-based brewery. It has seating for 450 people.

    Welcome to Brunswick will feature a daily rotation of four food there are plenty of merchants who cater to those with dietary restrictions, such as those who are vegan, vegetarian, or avoiding gluten.

    Dogs are invited and welcomed to accompany their owners to any "Welcome To" location. The architects behind the design of this facility, Breathe Architects, prioritized sustainability in every aspect of the project, including the furnishings and fixtures. There are murals painted all over the walls of the beer garden by local artists.


    Once Arbory Afloat gets going again in earnest, you know summer isn't far behind. The raucous Yarra River bar is renovated and reopened year with a new appearance based on a tropical location across the world.

    The 69-meter-long pontoon has been previously decorated to imitate Palm Springs, the French Riviera, and Italy's Cinque Terre. The upper deck had a little pink and aqua pool in keeping with the Miami Vice motif last year.

    As a result of the present climate, the team has decided to focus on something more approachable and straightforward this year: Australian beach culture. This is appropriate, as international travel is currently out of the question.

    Staff uniforms (including face masks) this year were designed by Melbourne-based musical group Client Liaison, adding another fittingly cheesy Australiana touch. New items, such lobster spaghetti al cartoccio, join the already extensive pizza menu at Afloat. Though the final menu has yet to be set, diners can anticipate a variety of upscaled interpretations on traditional Australian fare. There is the standard selection of summery drinks, with a spotlight on Pia Coladas.

    The main attraction is a swimming pool on the second floor, which measures eight by two and a half meters and is surrounded by double bay beds and bespoke movable shades that are positioned to either shield you from the sun or make you its friend. That hasn't reopened just yet; for the time being, it's only on the ground floor.

    Cabanas can still be reserved this year. They have a pull-out center portion that allows them to be converted from a daybed into a dining table, with enough room for eight people to sit comfortably. The awnings above the cabanas could be opened or closed to provide as much or as little seclusion as required.

    Corner Hotel

    It's no secret that The Corner is a legendary music venue in Melbourne. The White Stripes, Ben Harper, Crowded House, and Queens of the Stone Age have all played to its rambunctious 800 strong audience.

    Since the 1940s, the pub has hosted live music, and the current proprietors (who are also active in the Northcote Social Club) have held the helm since 1995. In order to keep you energized during shows, there is a limited late-night menu consisting of burgers and snacks. However, if you arrive earlier in the day, you'll have a wider selection to choose from, including steaks and parmas as well as larger dishes to share, like smoked pork hock as well as 12-hour beef short rib.

    Unless you have a serious beer aversion, a rooftop garden is a great spot to while away a sunny afternoon with a cold one. Beers like Carlton Draught, Melbourne Bitter, Fat Yak, and Mountain Goat Steam Ale, along with wines and elemental spirits, are the primary drinks served.

    Wesley Anne

    Where you want to be is at the Wesley Anne. At least, if a verdant beer garden is part of the deal. The bar's interior has a gothic feel, but once you're inside, you'll find a peaceful, relaxing environment perfect for kicking back with a drink.

    You'll be chanting their praises after visiting this tavern, which is located in a converted church. If the ambiance doesn't have your taste buds watering, the extensive drink selection and excellent cuisine menu will.

    Windsor Castle

    If you're a fan of tiki-themed cocktails and a relaxing outside drinking area, you'll like what the geniuses at Windsor Castle have created. This building's exterior is painted a bright, vibrant shade of green that looks like it came out of an energy drink. What's it, though? I spy something strange up there. The answer is a herd of Elephants.

    It's a very unusual location. There's no better location to spend a beautiful afternoon, and if you look closely, you might even spot one of the bar's famous stuffed peacocks. Do not exert undue effort.


    There is a seemingly endless supply of bars in Melbourne's central business district. How therefore does a bar stand out from the rest of the competition? Trunk achieves this by providing an unprecedented breadth of selections for its customers. Based only on this criterion, it should be included among the finest bars and best beer gardens in Melbourne

    Similar to the previous businesses that were converted, Trunk's current residence was originally built as a synagogue in the 1850s. Get what you want from our selection of over 100 wines and 14 beers on tap.


    Beer gardens in Melbourne are many, and they often feature high-end cuisine and regional beverages. In terms of beer gardens, the Flying Duck Hotel's is the stuff of intoxicated men's dreams. Located on the banks of the Yarra River, the seasonal Riverland Bar serves as an outdoor beer garden. You can always count on having a great time when you go out at night in Melbourne since the weather is always perfect. The Riverland Bar in Melbourne has a wide selection of drinks and food options. They have a number of different wines, craft beers (bottled and on tap), a handful of cocktails, and cocktail jugs for groups.

    Alistair Carragher opened Feral Brewery and relocated its operations to the historic pub's original premises, increasing the number of taps to 21. Lagunitas, a California brewery, manufactures a vast variety of beers under the Lagunitas name, and this is the only site in the world where you can obtain them. There are consistently 16 reds and 16 whites from Australia in the wine list. Food is standard pub fare, and it's best enjoyed in the spacious beer garden while taking in the action on one of the many high-definition screens. Animal companions are warmly welcomed.

    The Garden State Hotel is a four-story diner and bar with beautiful vegetation and table tennis, while the Grub is a trendy pub in Melbourne's chic Fitzroy neighbourhood. Howlerwood is a dog-friendly beer garden inspired by Palm Springs' sunny weather, and The Commons has made its way onto many lists of the top beer gardens in Melbourne. Temporary Melbourne venue The Boatbuilders Yard plans to stay open until at least the middle of 2021, accommodating a maximum of 150 guests. There is a retractable roof for those wet days, as well as a beer garden, restaurant fare, and bar snacks. On the weekends, you may order one of eight different styles of wood-fired pizza or some spicy chicken wings made with synthetic flesh from the pizza truck at vegan eatery Red Sparrow.

    While the view from the South Wharf Promenade of the bay below is stunning, the service and drinks at the College Lawn Hotel are quaint and reasonably priced. Mount Erica, located at the corner of High Street and Williams Road, has transformed from a standard Prahran hole into a trendy hangout in recent years thanks to its plant-filled terrace, which is lit by tea lights in the ceiling, and its bar seating. The Standard is the best North End bar, hands down, thanks to its expansive beer garden and chill, neighbourhood atmosphere. Thornbury is the genuine deal; it has more than enough room, indoor and outdoor areas, and roughly 40 taps to treat any ailment you could imagine.

    Thornbury's famed Welcome to Thornbury food truck park is the perfect place to enjoy a meal from a mobile kitchen. To further assist in warming up, there is a secret bar that offers a large selection of alcoholic beverages. The same people who manage Bar Liberty also own Drinkwell, but its outside area is cosier and more relaxed. The Terminus Hotel has been given a fresh start with a sleek and contemporary refurbishment. There are longer hours of sunlight, warmer temperatures, and a more attractive view of the river at Cargo's vibrant beer garden.

    With support from Four Pines Brewing Co., the same people that created Welcome to Thornbury have created Welcoming to Brunswick. There's room for 450 people at this, the brewery's first outpost outside of Melbourne. The menu takes cues from all over the world, yet it's presented in a sleek, modern Australian way. Sustainable design was a top priority for the architects who designed the building, down to the furniture and fixtures. Located on the Yarra River, the pub Arboreal has recently reopened after a makeover inspired by a tropical locale.

    The Corner Hotel is a famed Melbourne music venue known for its premium takes on classic Australian fare like lobster spaghetti al cartoccio and innovative elements like staff outfits designed by Melbourne-based musical duo Client Liaison. On the second story, guests can enjoy the main attraction: a swimming pool outfitted with double bay beds and custom moveable blinds. It is still possible to hire a cabana, which, thanks to a pull-out table, may be transformed from a daybed into a dining table. Beers including Carlton Draught, Melbourne Bitter, Fat Yak, and Mountain Goat Steam Ale, as well as other beverages, are available at the rooftop garden. Windsor Castle is a bar housed in a former cathedral that offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and delicious food.

    If you look attentively at the building's facade, you might be able to make out a herd of Elephants against the green background. The current location of Trunk, which dates back to the 1850s when it was constructed as a synagogue, now features more than a dozen beers and a hundred wines by the glass.

    Content Summary

    • Beer drinking is a culturally significant ritual in a number of different communities.
    • So that you can limit down your options, we have provided a list of some of the greatest Beer Gardens in Melbourne, in no particular order.
    • In Melbourne, you can find a plethora of beer gardens that provide both high-end cuisine and speciality beers from the area.
    • Each one has lovely outdoor spaces ideal for unwinding with good company.
    • In Melbourne, the weather is usually good at the right time.
    • Drinking in the fresh air is one of life's simple pleasures.
    • The beer garden at one particular watering spot is so well-known that the establishment itself is almost secondary on the list.
    • Riverland Bar is an outdoor beer garden that can be found on the Yarra River's banks.
    • Riverland Bar has everything you need to enjoy a night out with friends or fuel up before the game, including a wide selection of wines, a few cocktails, and even cocktail jugs to share.
    • The Great Northern Hotel is not the scene of Alistair Carragher's first public appearance.
    • There is a good chance that this 1883 bar is the pinnacle of the modern craft beer movement.
    • As an analogy, Carlton Draught would be nothing without Carlton.
    • The bar's original wood panelling in the entryway was preserved throughout the 2016 renovation that brought the bistro's design into the modern era from the 1970s.
    • One of the nicest beer gardens in Melbourne is located at The Grub, a trendy pub in the trendy Fitzroy neighbourhood. Try not to laugh too much; the bar makes up for its lack of garden amenities with an abundance of luxuriant flora.
    • The Garden State Hotel, located on Flinders Lane, is a huge four-story eatery and bar.
    • From classic pub fare to amazing produce-driven cuisine, local craft beers to carefully curated drinks and wine lists, the Garden State Hotel has it all.
    • Despite its youth, The Commons has already established itself as a must-visit on any "best beer gardens in Melbourne" lists.
    • Howlerwood
    • Howler's bedroom was adjacent to a proposed eight-story structure in Brunswick that was presented to the Moreland City Council that same year, 2017.
    • Howler has recently purchased 8 Michael Street, Brunswick with the intention of opening Howlerwood, a dog-friendly beer garden modelled after the popular establishments in the sunny Palm Springs area.
    • The current strategy calls for keeping the establishment operating until at least midway through 2021.
    • The beer garden at Boatbuilders Yard is lovely, but the surroundings are truly stunning.
    • Indulge in a breathtaking panorama of the water below by strolling along the South Wharf Promenade.
    • Located in the Melbourne neighbourhood of Prahran, this bar and restaurant is known for its inexpensive drinks and old-school service.
    • The beer garden at the College Lawn Hotel tends to grow full during the sessions on the weekend.
    • The Leveson is a hip Australian watering spot complete with a beer garden, restaurant meals, bar nibbles, happy hour drink specials on Saturday nights, and live music.
    • Now, Mount Erica has gone from being a typical Prahran dive to a popular hangout spot.
    • If you're in Melbourne and in need of a terrific beer garden or a quick cure for whatever ails you, stop into Dr. Morse Bar and Restaurant.
    • The Standard is, indeed, the finest North End watering hole.
    • It has been a local favourite in Fitzroy since it first opened its doors in 1865, and with good reason: the bar features what is rumoured to be the largest beer garden in the neighbourhood.
    • Spend a relaxing afternoon listening to live music and sipping beers with friends at The Standard.
    • In the permanent Welcome to Thornbury food truck park, six trucks deliver freshly prepared meals every day.
    • The urban jungle-themed beer garden is a unique attraction.
    • Drinkwell shares a Fitzroy courtyard with its sister bar, Bar Liberty, and is managed by the same people behind both establishments.
    • Cargo's vibrant beer garden is at its best in the summer, when there are longer hours of daylight, warmer temperatures, and a more stunning perspective of the river.
    • The dishes are a fusion of international flavours served in a modern Australian setting.
    • With support from Four Pines Brewing Co., the same people that created Welcome to Thornbury have created Welcoming to Brunswick. Large enough to enjoy both indoors and out, this beer garden serves brews from 4 Pines Brewing Co. and some regional specialities brewed just for Brunswick.
    • Located directly behind the Brunswick Mess Hall, the 4 Pines Welcome To Brunswick is the pioneering outpost of the Melbourne-based brewery.
    • At the beer garden, the walls are covered in murals made by local artists.
    • The rowdy Yarra River bar reopens every year with a fresh theme inspired by a different tropical destination.
    • Swimming pool measuring eight by two and a half metres with twin bay beds and bespoke adjustable shades that can be positioned to either shelter you from the sun or make you friends with it is the primary feature on the second level.
    • Near the intersection, there's a hotel on the corner
    • The Corner, as everyone in Melbourne knows, is a legendary club.
    • Its rowdy 800 strong audience has seen acts like the White Stripes, Ben Harper, Crowded House, and Queens of the Stone Age.
    • In the absence of a severe allergy to beer, a rooftop garden is the ideal place to pass away a beautiful afternoon with a cool one.
    • After visiting this bar, which is housed in a former church, you will be singing their praises.
    • The Windsor Castle bartenders have come up with a winning formula if you want tiki-themed drinks and a laid-back drinking environment in the great outdoors.
    • It's not your typical setting.
    • The CBD of Melbourne is home to what feels like hundreds of bars.
    • Trunk is able to do this because it gives its clients access to a plethora of options.
    • Just on this measure alone, it should be considered one of Melbourne's greatest bars and beer gardens.
    • To follow suit with the other renovated businesses, Trunk's current home was initially constructed as a synagogue in the 1850s.
    • One hundred wines and fourteen beers on tap are at your disposal.
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