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Where To Find Bars For Dancing In Melbourne?

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    When it comes to nightclubs, you either go big, or you go home. You're either getting shoved around at the bar or having a good time and a decent conversation on the dance floor, right? Don't even bother thinking about it.

    When you need to take a moment away from dancing or have a long overdue D'n'M with your closest friend, you may do so in a bar because of its relative flexibility. On top of that, you can rest assured that your beer will be served in a proper glass, and your Negroni will be top-notch.

    FAQs Bars For Dancing In Melbourne

    One of the primary and most basic reasons people go to nightclubs is dance culture. Humans have an inherent enjoyment of dance, and many societies incorporate dance as a large aspect of entertainment, socialisation and progression.

    Barre in classical ballet is a horizontal, often wooden or metal, bar fastened to the walls or free-standing with supports on either side, in a rehearsal studio or classroom. While doing barre exercises, a dancer will stand and hold on to the barre for additional support.

    Melbourne has everything from the noisiest of nightclubs with some of the world's hottest celeb musicians gracing the DJ decks to the quiet pubs and bars for after-work drinks and hearty conversations with friends or even strangers!

    The music played at bars for dancing in Melbourne can vary widely depending on the establishment. Some bars specialize in particular genres, such as techno or hip hop, while others have more eclectic offerings. It's a good idea to check the bar's website or social media pages for information on the type of music they play before heading out.


    While some upscale bars in Melbourne may have a dress code, many of the bars known for dancing have a more casual atmosphere. However, it's always a good idea to check the dress code before heading out to avoid any issues at the door. This information can typically be found on the bar's website or social media pages.


    Dance Bars in Melbourne

    where to find bars for dancing in melbourne2

    The question, "Where can one go for post-work drinks with dancing?" is a common one heard in Melbourne on Friday afternoons. Despite the abundance of great bars in the city, the question often receives no response.

    Also, there are some excellent nightclubs. But rarely do you find a place with solid cocktails and a good dance floor. The Tote and similar establishments, where live music precedes alcohol, are not in the picture above. We've compiled a list of spots where you may while away an afternoon chatting and relaxing before breaking into a dance party.

    Angel Music Bar

    Known for his role in the creation of several landmark restaurants, this renowned restaurateur Melbourne venues such as The European and City

    Wine Store, in addition to Kirk's Wine Bar, the French Saloon, the Neapoli, and the Butchers Restaurant. Nonetheless, Angel Music Bar stands alone. It features DJs. However, it is not a nightclub or a bar serving alcoholic beverages. Instead, it is primarily a music venue with a state-of-the-art sound system that plays different music based on the crowd's mood.

    During the night, DJs from a wide variety of genres perform there. Below, at the far end of the bar, is one set up for playing records, while upstairs, in a small, enclosed room with a little bar, is another. Upstairs, where there's only room for 80 people, the sound of a dance record will make you feel like you're in the thick of a superclub.

    Clubs like Space in Ibiza and Berghain in Berlin both use Funktion-high-end One's sound systems. Therefore, the brand is well-known in the industry. Having one set up was step one for the location. He claims that from that point forth, all else was based.

    The primary bar was designed with rowdy evenings in mind. The only available seating is at the bar, and it's permanently fixed. The compact tables that are permanently attached to the wall across from you are just as sturdy as the rest of the room.

    Butchers Diner, the establishment next door, provides the bar with delectable but unpretentious bar snacks such as lasagne, a killer prawn cocktail, and mozzarella arancini, which are delivered via a secret passageway in the wall.


    The Night Cat has been instrumental in providing countless individuals with memorable nights out. With a spacious dance floor accommodating up to eight people, it's the perfect spot to let loose after a show at Bar Open or The Night Cat itself. Chances are, at some point in your life, you've found yourself dancing the night away on this floor.


    In addition to being a club, "The Pony" also served as an entertainment venue. They were in a nightclub. This is your final stop. Hell's dance floor, stocked with booze. The one-word excuse for attending brunch dressed in someone else's undergarments and upper clothing. Such like. When that stale, melodic moratorium shut down a year ago, our livers rejoiced while our feet were sad. Unfortunately, this city is woefully lacking in dancing clubs.

    The red lighting and stone walls are still present, but there is a new DJ booth and far less slippery floors in the band area as well as some shiny cushioned stools and tables. (Not that any Pony enthusiast would remember the previous furnishings — horse statue?) (Is this some sort of bizarre bed?)

    However, here's the deal, Melbourne. We can safely eat those things. All things considered, they hold up very well.

    We are served a pile of tender, airy zucchini pikelets that we are instructed to stack with paper-thin slices of raw, lemony kingfish and a dollop of sour horseradish cream. The slow-roasted lamb shoulder is nestled in a bed of minty Israeli couscous pearls with a few crunchy chickpeas, and the spinach and feta dumplings (more like little pastry-less quiches) are concealed in a grove of balsamic-dressed young beetroot leaves and roasted beet hunks.

    You wouldn't use such equipment to hit tables that could be danced on later. To be fair, though, that's the weird contradiction of Boney. Up until midnight, the bar is somewhat decent, with a pleasant Dr Henry Jekyll offering surprisingly well-made Sidecars, Martinis, and local pinot Gris. However, once Hyde appears, the bar becomes a raucous dive, with smashed pints and tinnies being served at full throttle.

    What do you think about eating here? This is conditional on the severity of your flashbacks and your level of aversion to the spectral smell of sweat and stale beer. You want to get down like the bad old days, huh? You most certainly do.


    Lounge Chair DJs at Chaise Lounge in Melbourne's central business district play a range of R&B, hip hop, old school R&B, and new school R&B. Full venue rents for semi-private events, business events, and Christmas parties are available, as are packages for birthday parties, hens' evenings, and VIP guests.

    Whether it's a private booth, a VIP lounge, or anything else you need, they've got you covered. Stopover on a Friday night to take advantage of happy hour promotions and a menu that includes appetizers, shareable, pizzas, calamari, wings, and wedges. On Fridays and Saturdays, they'll give priority access to the VIPs on their guest lists. It seemed like everyone on a bar crawl in Melbourne was on the lookout for the city's top nightclub.

    Joey Smalls

    Most individuals eventually tire of going to nightclubs. On Sydney Road, they opened a bar that echoed the themes of New Guernica, Chuckle Park, and Chuckle Deli, so they must have been getting close. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest nights, but you may hear music there any night of the week. If you go to the former, you can dance to the sounds of other DJs specialising in soul music, while the latter features a fusion of house, hip-hop, and disco.

    There are also instances when the venue is used for international events or product launches. One of the later licenses in the neighbourhood (at 3 am), you may relax for the night. This is an excellent location for that purpose. A compact food menu features fried chicken, Beef patty patties made from wagyu beef, and loaded fries. Use it as a palate cleanser before diving into the extensive list of rums, tequilas, gins, and tap beers (Asahi, Blue Moon).

    The eccentric furnishings are a source of amusement in and of themselves. It combines styles that are at odds with the rest of Melbourne, such as American diner, midcentury modern, Memphis, and blonde-timbered Scandinavia.

    Section 8

    This venue is an ideal destination on a lovely Saturday afternoon, with the DJ creating an enjoyable atmosphere and the crowd in high spirits. Observing the exuberant dance floor from atop any of the wooden blocks while holding a cold drink in one hand and a dart in the other is a personal favorite of many patrons.

    Mendoza Social Club


    The words of tourists reading about Mendoza, Argentina, are what ultimately motivated the creation of Mendoza's Social Club. The largest area for wine production in all of South America. The Great Capitals of Wine organization includes Mendoza as one of its nine member cities. As a hub for trips to the hundreds of vineyards lining the Argentina Wine Route, the city is quickly becoming a popular destination for ecotourism (wine tourism). They decided to call themselves a "Social Club" since they all enjoy listening to Salsa music, particularly that of Buena Vista Social Club, and they wanted to establish a meeting spot where people could do so.

    The Carlton Club

    At the Carlton Club, you'll never have to socialize alone. One of the few decent bars on Bourke Street mall, it has transformed from a synonym for seedy to a popular hangout for everyone from girls in cocktail dresses to bogans in their best Ed Hardy tees. Nevertheless, there is the other, less obvious company that is always watching: the dozens upon dozens of stuffed and mounted exotic animals that line the walls of each and every room.

    Its origin is mysterious, but there's no denying its visual appeal. There are exotic birds like peacocks and parrots, preserved plant and animal specimens displayed in shadow boxes, and even an ostrich decked out in a massive pearl necklace.

    Half of a placid-looking giraffe protrudes from the wall at the required decks, complete with a bit of bird resting on one of its defunct ears. Things grow worse yet in the dining hall, where you can find a menagerie of (perhaps artificial) half-animals standing in funny attitudes and painted in bizarre colours, all of which are more likely to turn you off than make you hungry.

    The contemporary fittings were built with decadence in mind, and their effect during the daytime can be somewhat nostalgic. Each and every surface is covered with crimson velvet, and the walls and ceilings are coated with gold. Candles burn constantly. Thankfully, there is a deck area that is more suited to daytime workouts, thanks to the sun's rays pouring through the gaps between the neighbouring buildings.

    Nighttime, especially during the colder months, is when the outrageously extravagant Carlton Club decor actually shines (you know, to whatever extent a dead, pearl-sporting ostrich can). The round booths with high backs are great for idle chatter while sipping cocktails, and the loud music is usually inoffensive.


    Monty's is not a posh restaurant. A turntable is set up beside the bar, and a salvaged church pew is in the back. The proprietors insist on it being this way.

    They've worked the bartending shift at places including Joe's, Prudence, and the Workers Club Shoe Store; Milne was a partner in the now-defunct Mercy Seat Cafe and worked at City Wine Store. There are only two beer taps, yet they offer the kind of simple brews that always feel like drinking since that is the main lesson they've learned from all their experience: simplicity is best.

    Chimay, Coldstream Porter, and Coopers Sparkling are just a few of the many choices that can be found in the refrigerator. Herman is in charge of the wine list, which features 11 selections. It starts with the cheeky Bollinger Champagne ($120), then moves on to more affordable chardonnay, riesling, shiraz, malbec, and pinot noir.

    Next door at Red Olive, you can get pizzas that fit the classic concept and anything else you could want to eat.

    There's the Margherita, the veggie, the capriccioso, the mushroom, and the sausage. The adjacent Moroccan Soup Bar and Monty's are currently collaborating on a menu. You can enjoy the backyard whether you're inside by the fire or out in the fresh air among the natural ferns and plants that line the perimeter.

    Town Toff

    The sheer volume of fantastic pubs and nightlife rooms in Curtin House is absurd. One of the classiest establishments in the complex is the Toff in Town. As you ascend the stairs, you will notice the wonderful band area on your right and the private booth bar on your left.

    A plethora of talent, both local and international, has graced this cozy little room with crimson curtains. It's a swanky hangout that adds tons of personality to Melbourne's buzzing nightlife. You may either get down and dirty at the stage's foot, or you can relax and enjoy the wide selection of food and drinks available.

    Club Color

    Although Colors is relatively new to the scene, it has quickly established itself as a top-tier nightclub. The strength of this Carlton bar lies in its many faces; bad puns aside, everyone is welcome at Colour. The next night might include a travelling jazz band, while the night before might feature a big dance party.

    Romantica Bar

    Café Romantica ceased operations in May of 2017, Brunswick East was devastated since the 24-hour diner would no longer be the scene of parties, pizza, and pool games. To prevent tarnishing Cafe Romantica's reputation, the owners of Bar Romantica have smartly shifted the bar's focus.

    Pizza is still available late at night, but the menu has been significantly altered by chefs (Lume) and (Host Dining). Indulge in the delicious olive-leek vinaigrette with pickle kohlrabi and char-grilled kingfish for your main course after sampling our trademark appetiser, smoked eggs and potatoes crisp steak tartare. We finish off this delicious dish with some capers and dill. The classic cocktails and all-Australian drink menu (including artisan beers of Victoria and wine from Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula) are served alongside friendly, unpretentious service.

    The original terrazzo floor and pool table (playing is free) remain, but the ancient granite bar has been transformed into heart-shaped tabletops. Yet, the area has undergone significant transformation and currently boasts some exquisite joinery.

    The front of the space is now dominated by a giant crescent of the American oak bar. Meanwhile, booths with deep scalloping lines on the opposite wall to the bar, are connected by a half arch in the ceiling. Aside from the booths, there is also a bar with views of the cafe's open kitchen, where you can see the restaurant's original pizza oven.

    Bar Romantica is the perfect spot for a cozy night out - with its lush art deco milk-glass pendant lights, red vinyl booth seating, and invitingly dimmed lighting. Come have some fun in this romantic atmosphere!

    Bridge Hotel

    Back in the day, the building that now houses the Old Bridge Pub served as a watering hole for the locals. There's certainly nothing wrong with all of that, but you probably wouldn't bother telling someone in the next suburb unless it were right outside your door or you suddenly needed a drink. We're shouting it from the rooftops today because the ol' gal has received a radical facelift that's transformed it into a genuine palace of amusement.

    We don't know why the Sand Hill Road employees and the architecture rebels at TECHNE waited until last year to build their own bar, but they did. Once just another watering hole, the establishment has been transformed into an interior cobblestone laneway from which balconies, saloons, and gardens rise. Something very Banksy-like street art. The establishment is a traditional American diner, complete with a checkered floor.

    There are stuffed birds in the garden, drums and a bathtub in the music room, and a life-size cow figure hanging from the window. We dare any grownup to tell us that the idea of Main Street Disneyland meeting their favourite bar doesn't make them giddy with excitement.

    The fact that it's still a pub is the real deal, elevating the glitz and glamour of the place from naff to applaudable. In that case, how about a beer? Good.

    Since that's what everyone else is doing and since the average price of a pot of beer is four dollars, it's safe to assume that they're all drinking Carlton Draught. The bartenders may not be wearing fedoras, but they'll gladly prepare you a Negroni and charge you by the shot if you're being too snobbish about it.

    Do you need some snacks? The menu is treated with the same disdain. Classics like dips, parma, burgers, and steaks remain popular despite the occasional improvement, such as bowls of chilli & garlic prawns with their spicy oils. It's been established that every Tuesday is always a $13 steak night. After you've recovered from being taken aback by the setting, order the thick house burger, complete with the typical shirt-staining accessories (beetroot, egg, relish), and don't try to pass it off as anything other than a hearty beef sandwich. To that end, hurry over. Immediately. We're telling anyone we can, and everyone who's been has been telling their friends.

    where to find bars for dancing in melbourne


    The much-loved rock-and-roll dive bar on AC/DC Lane announced its impending closure at the start of 2019. James Young, the bar's proprietor, was looking for a new spot because the landlord had wanted to cash out. Cherry Bar's new spot, the former Boney on Little Collins Street, has been verified after an exhaustive search.

    The bar is licensed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can accommodate up to 260 customers. The original Cherry Bar's charm lay in the chill atmosphere it exuded, and the new one does, too. After all, it's still a music venue. Hence, Cherry Bar continues to have the same familiar atmosphere. On most nights, the place is bustling with a demographically diverse population, making everyone feel right at home.

    You can get by with just jeans and a T-shirt. Cherry has no frills in the form of decor, and seats are always in high demand, so be prepared to stand during your visit. There is still a strong emphasis on music in this establishment. Each night will feature a different style of rock, from modern to classic to Britpop, with a dash of techno for good measure. Weekly schedules and resident DJs make it easy to find a night that's just right for you.


    The Go-Go Bar is where the Melbourne underground really gets going. You won't find any Pimms here, just pure nightlife fun as you shake it to some killer tunes and chill vibes with your drink of choice. The best of Melbourne life happens after dark when the city's neon lights illuminate the streets, and the locals throw unforgettable parties.

    Let's try something out of the ordinary; the Candied Ginger and Thai Basil cocktails are two examples of speciality drinks that have been made with affection and enticing flavours in mind. The former is a delicious mix of peated whisky, pickled ginger-infused Japanese cognac, citrus, honey, aromatic liqueurs, and egg white. Thai basil, gin, citrus chartreuse, and pepper syrup are some of the vital components of its accomplice. The flavour profiles of these beverages have been carefully crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

    Spicy food that extends beyond bar appetizers into complete sit-down alternatives pairs well with Asian beers like Shiki, Singha, Chang, and Asahi. Kingfish ceviche is the perfect appetizer before diving into the roasted duck with red curry sauce.


    Where to go for drinks and dancing after work on a Friday in Melbourne is a regular topic of conversation. There are several fantastic nightclubs in the city, despite the plethora of wonderful pubs, but it's unusual to stumble onto a spot that serves both nice cocktails and a decent dance floor. Angel Music Bar is a club with an advanced sound system that adapts the music it plays to the patrons' emotions. Places like The Tote and its ilk, where patrons are treated to live music before they are served booze, are conspicuously absent from the aforementioned scene. There is only bar seating available, and the few tables across from you are as solid as the wall they are linked to.

    Bar appetisers like the lasagne, prawn cocktail, and mozzarella arancini at Butchers Diner are delicious and simple. The Night Cat has played an important role in giving unforgettable nights out, thanks to its big dance floor that can fit up to eight people. The Pony was also used as a concert hall, and while the red lighting and stone walls are both still there, the DJ booth has been updated, and the stage area now has much less slippery surfaces. A plate of the restaurant's crisp, fluffy zucchini pikelets is topped with thin slices of raw, lemony kingfish and a dab of sour horseradish cream.

    Chaise Lounge is a rowdy bar in Melbourne's CBD that features Lounge Chair DJs and serves a variety of small plates, pizzas, calamari, wings, and wedges. In a nod to New Guernica, Chuckle Park, and Chuckle Deli, Joey Smalls has opened a bar on Sydney Road. Packages for birthday parties, hens' nights, and VIP visitors are offered in addition to full venue rents for semi-private events, business events, and Christmas parties. There is a wide variety of rums, tequilas, gins, and tap beers to choose from, as well as fried chicken, beef patty patties made with wagyu beef, and loaded fries. When visiting Mendoza, Argentina, wine lovers often stop at the Mendoza Social Club.

    It's well-known for its collection of rare and unusual creatures, including a gigantic pearl-encrusted ostrich and other exotic birds like peacocks and parrots. Women in cocktail gowns can be seen at the Carlton Club on Bourke Street mall, as can bogans in their finest Ed Hardy tees. The modern fixtures were designed to look luxurious, and their effect throughout the day might evoke feelings of nostalgia. There are several bars and nightclubs at Curtin House, including the Carlton Club and Monty's. While the Carlton Club is more suited for daytime exercise, Monty's is a classy restaurant complete with a turntable and a church pew recovered from a nearby building.

    There are two beer taps and a stage at the Toff in Town, a more upmarket bar in town. The Moroccan Soup Bar and the pizza restaurant Red Olive have joined forces to create a menu. There's a bar and a stage at the Town Toff, a nightclub in downtown Portland. Colours, located in Brunswick East, is a top-tier nightclub known for its extensive menu and warm, welcoming service. The menu at Bar Romantica has altered to emphasise pizza, and it now features items like olive-leek vinaigrette, pickled kohlrabi, char-grilled kingfish, smoked eggs and potatoes, crisp beef tartare, and capers and dill.

    With its art deco milk-glass pendant lights, red vinyl booth seats, and warmly low lighting, the Bridge Hotel is the perfect place to spend an intimate evening together. Cherry Bar was created by TECHNE's employees and architectural rebels on Sand Hill Road and now resembles an indoor cobblestone laneway from which balconies, saloons, and gardens emerge. The restaurant has a chequered floor and a life-size cow decoration in the window, making it a classic American diner. Even if the bartenders aren't wearing fedoras, they'll still make you a Negroni and charge you by the shot if you act pretentious. Disdain is shown for the cuisine, although old standbys like dips, parma, burgers, and steaks keep selling out.

    James Young, the bar's owner, is on the prowl for a new location every Tuesday, which is steak night and costs customers only $13. Located in a racially and ethnically diverse part of Melbourne, Cherry Bar is a popular music venue. There is no fancy decor, but the seats are always taken. The rock music will range from modern to vintage to Britpop, with some techno thrown in for good measure. Cocktails like the Candied Ginger and Thai Basil are handcrafted with love and attention to detail, and their flavours are sure to entice. Spicy cuisine, from bar snacks to full meals, goes well with Asian beers like Shiki, Singha, Chang, and Asahi.

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    • A night out at a club means one of two things: you're either getting pushed around at the bar or you're having a great time and actually having a discussion with someone while dancing.
    • Due to its adaptability, a bar can be an ideal setting for a quick break from the dance floor or a long overdue D'n'M with your best friend.
    • Melbourne nightclubs where you can dance
    • Even though there are plenty of excellent watering holes in the area, people rarely answer that question.
    • On the other hand, bars that serve nice cocktails and have a decent dance floor are hard to come by.
    • We have developed a list of possible hangouts where you may spend the afternoon conversing and resting before breaking out into a dance party.
    • Angel Music Bar is unique, though.
    • Only barstools are offered, and they're not even adjustable.
    • Bar appetisers including lasagne, a killer prawn cocktail, and mozzarella arancini are brought to the bar through a hidden wall tunnel from Butchers Diner, the establishment next door.
    • Several people owe their best night out to the Night Cat.
    • There's enough room for eight people to dance after a show at nearby Bar Open or at The Night Cat.
    • The Pony was more than just a nightclub; it was also a place to see live shows and other performances.
    • Drinking and dancing on Hell's dance floor.
    • There is a severe paucity of nightclubs in this city.
    • The DJs at Chaise Lounge in Melbourne's CBD play a variety of R&B, hip hop, old school, and new school. Packages for birthday parties, hens' nights, and VIP visitors are offered in addition to full venue rents for semi-private events, business events, and Christmas parties.
    • No matter what you're looking for, from a private booth to a VIP area, they've got you covered.
    • Everyone on a Melbourne bar crawl seemed to be searching for the best nightlife in the city.
    • International events and new product introductions are also held there.
    • Since it has one of the latest licences in the area (3 AM), you can kick back and unwind after a long day.
    • This spot is perfect for your intended use.
    • Mendoza's Social Club was inspired in part by the positive reviews written by foreign visitors to the city.
    • Throughout all of South America, this is the most fertile region for growing grapes into wine.
    • Ecotourism is booming in the city as it serves as a jumping-off point for journeys to the numerous vineyards that dot the Argentina Wine Route (wine tourism).
    • Since they wanted to create a gathering place where people could listen to Salsa music, notably that of Buena Vista Social Club, they decided to call themselves a "Social Club."
    • When you join the Carlton Club, you'll never have to worry about being lonely.
    • Still, there is always another set of eyes on you: the dozens upon dozens of stuffed and mounted exotic creatures that decorate every area.
    • An ostrich is adorned with a big pearl necklace, and there are also exotic birds like peacocks and parrots, preserved plant and animal specimens displayed in shadow boxes, and more.
    • The situation deteriorates further in the dining hall, where an assortment of (perhaps manufactured) half-animals stand in comical poses, their oddly coloured paint jobs doing more to put you off than make you hungry.
    • The light shines through the cracks in the neighbouring buildings and warms the deck during the day, making it ideal for midday workouts.
    • The absurdly lavish furnishings of the Carlton Club truly come to life at night, especially in the cooler months (you know, to whatever extent a dead, pearl-sporting ostrich can).
    • You won't find any fancy fare at Monty's.
    • The 11 wines on the menu were hand-picked by Herman.
    • Next door at Red Olive, you'll get traditional pizzas and any other dish your heart desires.
    • Monty's, a neighbouring restaurant, and the Moroccan Soup Bar have joined together to create a shared menu.
    • There is an incredible number of great bars and nightclubs in Curtin House.
    • Despite Colors' newness to the clubbing scene, it has already attained the status of a premier venue.
    • When the 24-hour eatery Romantica Bar Café Romantica closed its doors in May of 2017, residents of Brunswick East were saddened.
    • The owners of Bar Romantica have wisely adjusted the bar's focus in order to avoid damaging Café Romantica's standing.
    • There is still the original terrazzo floor and pool table (playing is free), but the ancient granite bartops have been repurposed into romantic heart shapes.
    • With its plush art deco milk-glass pendant chandeliers, red vinyl booth seating, and invitingly dimmed lighting, Bar Romantica is ideal for a romantic evening out.
    • We don't know why it took until last year for the folks working on Sand Hill Road and the architectural rebels at TECHNE to establish their own bar, but they did.
    • What was once a run-of-the-mill watering hole has been turned into an elaborate labyrinth of balconies, saloons, and gardens built out from the building's interior cobblestones.
    • The restaurant has a chequered floor in the style of a classic American diner.
    • We challenge any responsible adult to tell us that the prospect of having their favourite watering hole merge with Disneyland's Main Street doesn't make them thrilled with anticipation.
    • Despite its flash and glamour, the fact that it is still a pub makes it far more endearing than it otherwise would be.
    • The same disdainful attitude is taken towards the menu.
    • Remember, it's still a concert hall.
    • That's why there hasn't been any change to the cosy vibe at Cherry Bar.
    • Here, music remains a central focus.
    • The Go-Go Bar is the heart of Melbourne's nightlife scene.
    • Spicy cuisine, from bar snacks to full meals, goes well with Asian beers like Shiki, Singha, Chang, and Asahi.
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