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Where To Karaoke In Melbourne?

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    Karaoke is a fun activity for any social gathering, whether it's a night out on the town or a get-together with coworkers after hours. The night can be taken to a whole new level at one of Melbourne's many karaoke bars. If you're not good at it, that's okay; that's the point.

    Singing in front of your friends while they embarrass themselves is a great way to strengthen bonds with them, so muster up your courage (or some Dutch courage) and join them on stage. Look at the top karaoke bars Melbourne has to provide.


    FAQs Karaoke Bars In Melbourne

    One of the best karaoke bars in Melbourne, F.M Karaoke, does things a little differently with their themed private karaoke rooms. Choose from modern, Roman and Egyptian themed private rooms or took advantage of the free open karaoke if you dare. You could even have your Bachelor or Bachelorette parties there.

    Speaking of drinks, Jankara’s beer offerings are pretty extensive, from Japanese favourites Asahi and Kirin to Suntory Premium Malts on tap and Belgian Hoegaarden. One of the best karaoke bars Melbourne has to offer, just for its fun party atmosphere alone.

    Strike QV, located in the heart of the CBD, is one of Melbourne’s best entertainment experiences, fully equipped with a cocktail bar and gourmet kitchen. In addition, strike QV's private karaoke room, allowing you to ‘belt’ out the latest tunes.

    Melbourne is a city that loves karaoke, and there are many popular spots where you can belt out your favorite tunes. Some of the most popular karaoke venues include KBox Karaoke in Chinatown, where you can rent private rooms for your group; Heroes Karaoke Bar in the city center, which has a fun superhero theme and offers both private rooms and public karaoke nights; and Jankara Karaoke in Richmond, which is known for its extensive song library and fun atmosphere. Other great options include Tokyo Tina in Windsor, which offers karaoke alongside delicious Japanese food and cocktails, and the Asian Beer Cafe in Melbourne Central, which offers public karaoke nights with a large selection of songs.


    Not at all! Karaoke is all about having fun and enjoying the experience with your friends, regardless of your singing ability. Many karaoke venues in Melbourne have a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to give it a go, no matter how good or bad they may sound. Plus, many venues offer private rooms where you can sing with just your group, so you can let loose and have fun without worrying about anyone else hearing you. So don't be afraid to give karaoke a try in Melbourne, even if you're not a confident singer

    Melbourne Karaoke Bars

    From intimate settings to more public watering holes, we've selected the best spots for letting loose with the mic in hand.

    Jankara Karaoke

    A free Karaoke bar is a great place to kick off this list. You can find something to sing your heart out to after a few drinks at Jankara Karaoke, as they have more than 5,000 songs available in  Japanese, English, Chinese, and Filipino.

    Beer lovers will appreciate Jankara because it stocks a wide variety of brews, including Japanese staples like Asahi and Kirin, and international selections like Belgian Hoegaarden and Suntory Premium Malts from the tap. The finest karaoke venue in the country Melbourne has to offer, only for the sake of the enjoyable party vibes alone.

    Jankara Karaoke provides a free open mic and a small stage, allowing you to unleash your inner pop star. Enjoy drinks and Japanese snacks while belting out your favourite tunes in English, Japanese, Chinese, or Filipino. Choose pizza if you're not a fan of Japadogs (and really, what's not to enjoy about Japanese-style hotdogs?).


    PartyWorld, located in the heart of Melbourne, is the most popular karaoke chain in Taiwan and offers cutting-edge technology at reasonable prices. At one of PartyWorld's 44 private rooms, you and your guests may enjoy authentic Asian cuisine while singing along to your favourite songs in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. The bar manager at PartyWorld is up for any challenge, so feel free to bring it on if you have any unusual requests.

    The best karaoke venue in Melbourne to belt out a tune and meet some people means you're using Partyworld Karaoke. The facility has 44 comfortable rooms with sofas, current technology, and enough of space to yourself if you're nervous about speaking in front of a crowd. Also, there is an excellent assortment of domestic and foreign alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy as you take turns hosting the mic.

    Juke Karaoke

    Popular karaoke songs include those from the 1970s, such as Born to Run, My Sharona, and Khe Sanh. With a decor scheme straight out of the 1970s, Juke's Karaoke Bar is all about embracing the era's love of nostalgia. Imagine a bright-colour party, a cheese fondue fountain, and disco cocktails. Get out your bell bottoms, practice your best Stevie Nicks impression, and prepare to relive the '70s in style.

    BLucky & Sons, the triumphant team behind Archie Brothers, has just inaugurated a third  spot for good times in Melbourne referred to as Jukes. Crown Casino is home to Jukes, Karaoke lounge with a '70s decor.

    With featuring mirrors, glass, disco balls, brilliant paint, and flowers dominating the landscape, Jukes has not been afraid to embrace colour and extravagance. Each hour on the clock, you'll be treated to a new and exciting entertainment experience, including a pianist who might serenade you.

    All 10 karaoke rooms adhere closely to the design concept, with brightly coloured walls and comfortable velvet seating. Each room has a prop box with period-appropriate accessories like maracas, tambourines, and feathered boas to let guests get into the spirit of the era.

    Shots come in the shape of jelly or liquid and are decorated with candies, and the cocktails are colourful and inventive. Feeling generous today? Feeling 1970s authentically? The bar serves a variety of disco-themed cocktails, such as Get The Cure (a mixture of ginger beer, lemon juice, orange cider, spiced and white rum, watermelon syrup and almond syrup,) and Grasshopper (a combined mint and chocolate liqueur).

    The menu is appropriately '70s, and you can order cheese and chocolate fondue if you'd like. Little hotdogs and burgers, a coconut shrimp prawn cocktail, shaved iceberg, and Mary Rose sauces, are also available.

    KBox Karaoke

    Around one hundred thousand speakers of Japanese, English, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, and Malay

    KBOX Karaoke has Melbourne's most extensive song library. You can have your talent quest in a private room, and CYBERDAM buildings can monitor your calorie intake. KBOX has a state-of-the-art video and audio system, complete with disco balls.

    If you're not into performing in front of a large group of strangers, KBOX Karaoke might be more your speed. In the privacy of the rooms, you, with your friends or coworkers, may get down and dirty to some of the best songs of all time. Everything you'd want in a karaoke bar is there, from disco balls and carpeted walls to luxurious couches and a song list that will keep you singing well into the wee hours of the morning. As little as a few minutes down the street from the Old Melbourne KBOX, Karaoke is what you need for a wild night out on the town after a few too many.

    The place features everything one could want in a karaoke bar: a wide selection of popular songs to belt out, shiny disco balls, and a full bar. KBOX is open till 2 am Sunday through Thursday and until 3.30 am Friday and Saturday if you're searching for a late-night place to get your kicks in.

    where to karaoke in melbourne2


    Do you ever think, "Oh, you're in luck?" The makers of Fancy Hanks have launched a new three-story bar called Heroes, where you can enjoy all your favourite sing-alongs, of South Eastern Asian street food; there must be a place to put the rooftop cocktail. Find the lift behind the Bourke Street shop that serves ice cream made with nitrous oxide, and you will arrive at your destination. A helpful security guy mans the gate and scabs you on what's up there.

    On the ground floor, you'll find the only restrooms and a warehouse window in an exclusive karaoke area overlooking the street and silver tinsel drapes. It costs $40 per person to book, so if you'd like to sing, you'd better start practising.

    The skewers of duck heart, chicken, and eggplant are ready to be charred on the second-floor grills. Once you've placed your order and paid at the kitchen worktop, you can relax at one of the elevated tables arranged in front of the festive Chinese New Year décor. The disco ball's lazy shimmers across the Asian knickknack-covered walls evoke a scenario from a John Hughes high school dance film.

    The available fare is more suited for snacking than entire meals due to its tiny size, heavy focus on meat, and simplicity. A dish of Szechuan beef cubes, for instance, lacks the trademark spicy heat and fragrant perfume for which the cuisine is renowned. A bowl of sambal stuffed with seafood is the better option. They're grilling stingray and serving it with a paste with a pleasant aroma, a lemon and fermenting shrimp sauce.

    There are many beers to choose from, from light Indian lagers on tap to the bottle-only, which is sweeter and less tangy than regular Saison but more yeasty and full-bodied than an IPA. There is a refreshing rosé from Adelaide Hills available by the glass, perfect for slamming, and a Western Australian chain delivers precisely what you need, being smooth and undemanding.

    At the same time, the rooftop's rainbow plastic furnishings and coloured fluorescent tubes reflect off the lofty white walls, giving the area the feels like a daycare for grownups.

    On the other hand, the slow-burning aroma of incense is a welcome addition to a chai and a cup of apple pie moonshine, while Campari and rye whisky make for a delightful cocktail that is artfully garnished with incense. As a result, Heroes as a whole comes off as messy. Although this may cause some uncertainty, if you and your friends can rent the karaoke area, you will have a fantastic time. Get blitzed to clear the airways, fill up on some skewered pork, and conquer the world.

    The F.M. Karaoke

    F.M. Karaoke, one of Melbourne's top karaoke spots, stands out from the crowd with its uniquely decorated private karaoke rooms. Guests can pick from various themed private rooms, including those with a modern, Roman, or Egyptian theme, or they can try their hand at the free, open karaoke.

    Bachelor and bachelorette parties could be held there as well. It's conveniently positioned in the middle of Bourke Street, speaks several different languages, and plays both current and classic hits.

    Will you use the FM Karaoke Bar's free public option located on the ground floor? Or, perhaps you'd prefer a more intimate affair with less chance of public humiliation if it were held upstairs? Popular, rock, and R&B/hip hop tracks in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are added daily.

    You may get your fill of public or private shame at FM Karaoke on Bourke Street. There's a trendy bar on the first floor where you can sing karaoke with strangers, and eight private rooms on the upper floor decorated in Egyptian, modern, Roman, and Korean styles, all available for rent. Many Chinese and Korean songs are also available on FM Karaoke.


    There's a second-floor karaoke club at the end of a dark alley where the embarrassing tales are never-ending. Pool sharks prowl in Charlton's (named for snooker player Eddie Charlton), but at 10:30 p.m., the mics are set up, and the performances of "Bohemian Rhapsody" begin. Those who are courageous enough to do so must sing their hearts out to total strangers in an open space.


    where to karaoke in melbourne3

    Strike QV, situated in the Central Business District, provides various entertainment options in one convenient location. You may spend the entire day inside thanks to the 12 bowling lanes, 3 escape rooms, private karaoke room, cocktail bar, and gourmet cuisine.

    Incorporate some Karaoke into your next game of bowling at Strike Bowling. By reserving a private space, your embarrassment will be contained to a smaller group of people, rather than broadcast to everyone in the building.

    If all that singing makes you thirsty, you may either go to the bar or have some beverages brought up to your room. With their low hourly prices (instead of the more expensive per-person rate), you can sing until your tonsils ache and dance until dawn without breaking the bank.

    Rice Queen

    In addition to its excellent pan-Asian cuisine, Rice Queen also boasts a killer karaoke room that can accommodate up to 30 of your closest friends. Cozy and friendly nooks are strewn across a kitsch space in the most excellent possible manner, with features like vaulted ceilings, bright lanterns, and plastic cherry blossoms.

    After you've had your fill of singing, peruse the extensive menu containing cuisine from all around Asia (including some really good vegan selections) and the beverages menu, which features a nice blend of Asian-themed cocktails.

    Board Game Café

    Milk tea, nerdy games, and crispy pork bowls: Marche is known for all three. But, Singstar will be singing the night away in the karaoke rooms. To sing your heart out in one of 15 private karaoke rooms, head up to A'Beckett street. Even the most reserved introvert will be unable to keep their eyes off the sparkling mirror balls, table service, and fantastic music selection.

    Those who enjoy playing board games and belting it out at karaoke will love Marche Board Game Café.

    It offers a large library of games, with both English and Chinese versions. You may also book a private karaoke room, where you'll find any song you could ever want in various languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. Great sound systems are standard in every guest room.

    Tacos, bao, and rice bowls are available, and you can even have some Taiwanese bubble tea on the side.

    Lounge Stars Ktv

    Stars KTV and Lounge is the newest addition to Melbourne's karaoke industry, located on Bourke Street. The establishment features more than 200,000 songs in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. With 21 individual suites, you can feel like a celebrity while sipping a drink from the bar. You can even find venues that provide laser illumination to amplify the impact of your performance.

    BlueMoon Karaoke Bar

    The Blue Moon Karaoke Bar, right in the middle of Melbourne's central business district, is the ideal spot to blow off some steam after a long day at the office or school. Large groups can gather, mingle, and let their voices be heard in the same communal karaoke setting. You can find everything you need for a fun evening at Blue Moon, including one of the finest hi-fi systems in town to a wide variety of drink specials every night of the week.

    What else could you want from a bar than a particular room set aside for karaoke, complete with low prices on beverages and an entertaining clientele? It's like Spotify comes to life every night at Blue Moon Bar at 8 p.m. from Wednesday through Sunday, though not everything is in tune. Fear not, for between the hours of 5 and 7 on Fridays, espresso martinis are only $10, and the bar food is delectable (and even has gluten-free alternatives!).


    Yes, you are aware that Supernormal, the Asian-inspired creation of chef Andrew McConnell, is one of Melbourne's most popular restaurants. Did you realize, though, that the basement private dining room also serves as a karaoke hotspot? With your reservation, you get free use of the premium karaoke system, which features a 65-inch screen. So, did Andrew just slam the mic down?!

    One of the many restaurants in the chain, Supernormal is known for its extensive menu of Asian-inspired meals and fine wines, sake, whisky, and cocktails. A large open kitchen and bar, a main dining area, and a private dining area for gatherings, parties, and karaoke are all included in the thoughtfully designed facility.

    Its menu offers beautifully executed takes on classic Asian food, a fusion of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine. A lobster roll on a brioche bun or a peanut-butter parfait is just two of the hallmark dishes available alongside dumplings, buns, ramen, BBQ pork, and Szechuan-pepped brisket.

    Rainbow Karaoke

    Rainbow is Melbourne's largest karaoke venue, and it features 44 private rooms, all of which have their own unique decor. The cowboy room is the perfect place to channel your inner John Wayne, while the pirate room is the perfect place to let your inner scallywag out. Visit the Oscars room if you want to party like a star, or go all out in the Barbie room. Even the most spoiled diva will find three VIP suites to her liking. After you've had your fill of out-of-tune performances, head over to the VS Sports Pub for a round of pool.

    Holey Moley Golf Club

    Mini golf is fun, but if you want to stay for some real entertainment, stick around for the karaoke. Private karaoke rooms may be found at the Holey Moley Golf Club, just waiting for you to break into song after a few drinks at the Caddyshack Bar.

    Holey Moley Golf Club takes the classic game of mini golf and transforms it into a multi-sensory maze with its 27 pop-culture-inspired holes spanning across two floors. Their Caddyshack Bar serves pizza and munchies for individuals who are hungry after playing, in addition to various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If any of the players still have some steam left in them, they can end the night in the karaoke room and sing their hearts out.

    There is no shortage of karaoke bars to choose from, whether you want to hold a talent show with your pals or have some fun with your coworkers all around Melbourne, ones that welcome humiliation and applaud less-than-perfect displays of talent. Compare your performance to Cameron Diaz's in My Best Friend's Wedding; it may start out unsteady and off-key, but at the conclusion, you'll have released a performance fit for any stage.


    Whether you're going out for the night or having a get-together with coworkers after work, karaoke is always a good time. Both small and large karaoke bars may be found in Melbourne. More than 5,000 songs in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Filipino are offered at Jankara Karaoke, a free karaoke bar. If you're looking for the best karaoke chain in Taiwan, go no further than PartyWorld, which has state-of-the-art equipment at affordable costs. If you have an uncommon request, the bar manager at PartyWorld is up for the task.

    The winning team behind Archie Brothers, BLucky & Sons, have opened a third-party location in Melbourne called Jukes, a '70s-themed Karaoke club. Jukes has boldly embraced colour and ostentation using elements like mirrors, glass, disco balls, vivid paint, and flowers. Each of the ten karaoke rooms features plush velvet couches and vividly coloured walls. There are over 100,000 people there who speak Japanese, English, Thai, Chinese, and other languages, and the cuisine is suitably '70s with cheese and chocolate fondue, little hotdogs and burgers, a coconut shrimp prawn cocktail, shaved iceberg, and Mary Rose sauces. Popular Melbourne nightlife includes karaoke, where patrons can sing out their favourite songs in front of a glittering disco ball and a stocked bar.

    There is a new three-story pub called Heroes that serves South East Asian street food and has a private karaoke room with an outdoor balcony. Reservations can be made for $40 per person, and the duck heart, chicken, and eggplant skewers are waiting to be grilled on the rooftop barbeques. Due to its small portions, predominant meat content, and relative simplicity, the available menu is more suited for snacking than full meals. Melbourne locals and visitors alike flock to the F.M. Karaoke Club on Bourke Street for its accessible, open karaoke and tastefully equipped private karaoke rooms. There are many beers to pick from, and the rainbow-coloured plastic furniture and neon bulbs on the rooftop shine brightly against the white walls.

    Chai and apple pie moonshine both benefit from the slow-burning aroma of incense, and a drink made with Campari and rye whisky is an actual work of art. More songs in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, as well as other genres like rock and R&B/hip hop, are added daily. The bar is located in a prime spot in the centre of Bourke Street, has a diverse clientele, and plays both modern and old tunes. The combination of Charlton's, Strike-Bowling, Rice Queen, and Board Game Café provides a wide range of activities in a single, easily accessible area. Guests can enjoy a variety of entertainment and dining options at both establishments: 12 bowling lanes, three escape rooms, private karaoke rooms, a cocktail bar, and gourmet cuisine are available at Strike QV, while a killer karaoke room that can fit up to 30 guests is available at Rice Queen.

    Singstar will be singing the night away in the karaoke rooms, while milk tea, nerdy games, and crispy pork bowls can be found at Board Game Café. Whereas Singstar is well-known for its extensive music library, Marche is famous for its assortment of board games and karaoke.

    The newest karaoke venue in Melbourne, Stars KTV and Lounge, can be found on Bourke Street. The database includes almost 200k songs in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. With one of the best hi-fi systems in town, Blue Moon Karaoke Bar is the place to unwind after a long day at the office or in class. One of Melbourne's most popular restaurants, Supernormal is an Asian-inspired fusion menu item created by chef Andrew McConnell. It features an expansive open kitchen and bar, a main dining room, and a private dining section perfect for meetings, parties, and karaoke. Food and drink options at Melbourne's karaoke bars range from lobster rolls and dumplings to buns, ramen, BBQ pork, and Szechuan-pepped brisket.

    With 44 individual rooms, Rainbow Karaoke is Melbourne's largest karaoke centre. Mini golf is given a modern, multi-sensory twist at Holey Moley Golf Course, which features 27 holes themed after various pop culture references. At VS Sports Pub, you may play pool, order pizza, snack on some appetisers, and drink some beer or soda. The night can culminate in the karaoke area, where the players can let loose and sing their hearts out if they still have the energy.

    Content Summary

    • At one of Melbourne's many karaoke bars, the evening can reach new heights.
    • Gather up your confidence (or some Dutch courage) and join your buddies on stage as they sing embarrassing songs for the audience.
    • Here are some of the most incredible places to let loose while holding a microphone, ranging from more private settings to more public watering venues.
    • The list would be incomplete without mentioning how awesome a free Karaoke bar is.
    • Melbourne is home to some of the best karaoke bars in the country.
    • For those who want to channel their inner pop star, Jankara Karaoke has an open mic night with a tiny stage at no cost to you.
    • Sang your heart out in English, Japanese, Chinese, or Filipino while enjoying drinks and Japanese snacks.
    • PartyWorld, centrally located in downtown Melbourne, is Taiwan's most well-known karaoke chain, known for its cutting-edge technology and affordable costs.
    • Songs from the 1970s like "Born to Run," "My Sharona," and "Khe Sanh" are often played in karaoke bars.
    • The decor at Juke's Karaoke Bar is very '70s, in keeping with the era's penchant for the past.
    • Picture a disco cocktail party complete with a cheese fondue fountain and flashy decorations.
    • The successful group behind Archie Brothers, BLucky & Sons, have opened up a third-party place in Melbourne called Jukes.
    • The Karaoke lounge Jukes, decorated in a '70s style, can be found inside Crown Casino.
    • Each of the ten karaoke rooms features plush velvet couches and vividly coloured walls.
    • There are plush couches, disco balls, and a song list that will keep you singing till the wee hours of the morning, everything you could want in a karaoke bar.
    • Karaoke is just what you need for a wild night out on the town after a few too many drinks, and the Old Melbourne KBOX is only a few minutes down the street.
    • There are disco balls, a full bar, and an extensive song list, all of which are staples of any good karaoke club.
    • If you're looking for a place to get your kicks late at night, KBOX is open until 2 am Sunday through Thursday and until 3.30 am on Friday and Saturday.
    • Heroes, a new three-story bar from the minds behind Fancy Hanks, features South East Asian street cuisine and all your favourite sing-alongs; surely they'll find room for a martini on the rooftop.
    • You can reach your location by taking the elevator located behind the shop on Bourke Street that sells nitrous oxide ice cream.
    • The sole facilities are located on the ground floor, next to the karaoke room, which features a warehouse window with a view of the street and silver tinsel drapes.
    • Booking is $40 per person, so get ready to practise your vocals if you want to perform.
    • Contrarily, the slow-burning aroma of incense is a beautiful addition to a chai and a cup of apple pie moonshine, and a cocktail made with Campari and rye whisky with incense as a garnish is a thing of beauty.
    • While this certainly raises some eyebrows, be assured that you and your friends will have a blast in the karaoke room if you can rent it out.
    • Fill up on a skewered pig and get blitzed to clear your sinuses, and then take over the world.
    • One of the best karaoke venues in Melbourne, F.M. Karaoke, is distinguished by its tastefully decorated, intimate private karaoke rooms.
    • The public can sing in the basement of the FM Karaoke Bar for free, so will you take advantage of this?
    • More songs in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, as well as other genres like rock and R&B/hip hop, are added daily.
    • Striking QV in the CBD is a one-stop shop for many fun activities.
    • There are 12 bowling lanes, three escape rooms, a private karaoke room, a cocktail bar, and gourmet cuisine, so you may not want to leave the building all day.
    • When you go bowling at Strike Bowling, don't forget to bring your singing voice and sing some Karaoke between frames.
    • If you reserve a quiet area, your shame won't be broadcast to the entire building, but rather to the people who are already there.
    • Not only does Rice Queen serve up a delicious pan-Asian fare, but it also has a terrific karaoke area that can fit up to 30 of your closest friends.
    • Karaoke rooms, however, will be filled with Singstars belting out tunes all night long.
    • Up on A'Beckett Street, you'll find 15 private karaoke rooms where you may belt out your favourite tunes in peace.
    • The glistening mirror balls, attentive wait staff, and top-notch music will draw in even the most reclusive introvert.
    • On Bourke Street, you'll find the newest karaoke venue in Melbourne: Lounge Stars KTV and Lounge.
    • Located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, the Blue Moon Karaoke Bar is the perfect place to let off some steam after a long day.
    • The Blue Moon has one of the best sound systems in town, as well as drink deals every night of the week.
    • Every Wednesday through Sunday night at 8 p.m., Blue Moon Pub is transformed into a real-life version of Spotify, with certain songs out of tune.
    • You're probably already aware that one of Melbourne's most acclaimed dining spots is Chef Andrew McConnell's Asian-inspired Supernormal.
    • But did you know that the private dining area in the basement doubles as a popular karaoke spot?
    • The 65-inch quality karaoke system is included in your reservation at no extra cost.
    • Supernormal is one of the several restaurants in the franchise that serves upscale Asian cuisine and premium beverages like whisky, sake, and cocktails.
    • The largest karaoke establishment in Melbourne, Rainbow, has 44 private rooms, each with its own theme.
    • If you want to party like an A-lister, head to the Oscars room, and if you want to go all out, visit the Barbie room.
    • You can have a good time playing mini golf, but if you want to remain for some real entertainment, check out the karaoke.
    • After a few beers in the Caddyshack Bar, the Holey Moley Golf Club has private karaoke rooms where you can let loose with your best renditions of your favourite songs.
    • The night can culminate in the karaoke area, where the players can let loose and sing their hearts out if they still have the energy.
    • If you're looking for a place to hold a talent show with your friends or have some fun with your coworkers in Melbourne, you won't have any trouble finding a karaoke bar that will cheer on your less-than-perfect performances.
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