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What Can You Do In Melbourne For 5 Days?

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    Please use my five-day Melbourne itinerary as a jumping-off point if you're considering a trip to Australia but haven't yet. If you have already gone and, like me, are already planning a trip to see more of Melbourne, we hope this puts a bit more heat into all those plans to get you out visiting Melbourne CBD and adjacent locations.

    There are numerous day tours and day trips in Melbourne to the Ocean Road, Phillip Islands, Yarra Wine Valley, and many other popular destinations. A short flight will take you to nearby destinations like the Barrier Reef or New Zealand.

    Therefore, how many nights in Melbourne do you need? We recommend spending at least three days in Melbourne, but five days would be ideal for taking your time and seeing as much as possible without feeling rushed. In addition, we'll soon post a seven-day Melbourne schedule with even more flexibility to complement our Australia plan for five days in Melbourne.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Yes, Melbourne is one of those places you need to get set for packing for four seasons in one day, every day!

    We recommend including the following for your Melbourne outfit:

    • Cotton t-shirts.
    • Cropped jeans.
    • Dresses or skirts.
    • Cotton trousers.
    • Sandals.
    • Comfortable walking shoes.
    • Sunhat.
    • Sunglasses.

    Jeans are always popular and will serve as a versatile base for your wardrobe. Wear them with cool layers such as a t-shirt and light jacket for the summer (December, January, February) or warmer ones, e.g. a long-sleeved shirt and sweater in the winter (June, July and August).


    You'll need a jacket or a comfy sweater to stay warm in the cooler climate and something underneath so that you can peel off anything heavy when inside, in heated areas. It's a great time of year to escape to the alpine region, with snowfields as close as a 2.5-hour drive away.

    According to a study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, your vacations should be at least 8-14 days long, with the ideal length being eight days. The study looked at many respondent's experiences while on their vacations.

    It's no wonder that Melbourne consistently rates as the most liveable city in the world. Numerous public transport options, low crime rates, plenty of career opportunities, a fantastic arts and cultural scene, excellent universities and a relaxed lifestyle makes Melbourne the place for anyone and everyone.


    Advice on Your Trip to Melbourne

    what can you do in melbourne for 5 days2

    • You can arrive at either Tullamarine Airport or Avalon Airport. However, the former is the more convenient option due to its central location in Melbourne.
    • Ride the Train and bus Airport Shuttle via Tullamarine Airport into the heart of Melbourne. Getting into the city in this manner is both swift and inexpensive. The Southern Cross Terminal and Southbank or Docks are both convenient drop-off points. There, a free shuttle will take you to your hotel. Stops for the SkyBus can be seen from here.
    • Ride-sharing services and taxis are also available if you prefer not to use public transportation; the cost will range from AU$ 55 to AU$ 65, depending on your final destination. And you'll be happy to know Uber is readily accessible throughout Melbourne! So you're free to utilise them. However, we found their prices somewhat high.
    • Free rides on the Melbourne Circle Tram were a huge time saver for me during our trip. This brown tram line will get you anywhere you need across the city centre. It makes a full roundabout once every 48 minutes, and it only takes 12 minutes to arrive.
    • You'll need a Myki card to ride any tram in Melbourne other than the city circle tram. Many stores, including 7/11, sell refills and new cards for me.
    • It's important to pack for a wide range of climatic conditions, as Melbourne is renowned for its extremes.
      – The weather in Melbourne may change in the blink of an eye. For example, in April, we saw the sun, the rain, and the chilly wind, all in a single day.
    • Bring sturdy footwear since you will be doing a lot of walking in Melbourne; this is one of the reasons why people adore the city. Please take my word for it. You should get out and about and walk while you're here. I walked the equivalent three days' worth of steps during my first day in Melbourne: 30,000!

    Itinerary for Melbourne

    • First Day in Melbourne: Taking in the Street Scene, Federation Square, and Botanic Gardens
    • Day 2: Travel the Great Ocean Road
    • It's time for the St. Kilda Penguin Parade and a brunch in Melbourne on Day 3.
    • Day 4: Grampians and Puffing Billy Railway day trip possibilities
    • The Yarra Valley Winery and the Melbourne Markets on Day 5

    Melbourne Itinerary (and Why It's Perfect for Five Days)

    Even if you're well-prepared, a little jet lag is possible due to Australia's great distance. In light of that, the first day of this five-day Melbourne itinerary is designed to be relaxed and stress-free so that you can enjoy the city's attractions and figure out where you'll need to be to begin your day trips.

    This blog post might help whittle down your Melbourne itinerary for two days or Melbourne itinerary for three days if you're short on time. It's recommended that everybody visiting Melbourne spend at least one day touring the Great Ocean Road.

    During ten days, you can also take good rest days between those day trips and day tours, which can be exhausting when you return late in the evening, so my next post with a seven days schedule would be one to check out if you have the time.

    First Day in Melbourne's Central Business District: Sightseeing

    Take it easy on your first day in Melbourne and see the sights. Then, get out and explore the Melbourne Central Business District. Federation Square is a great spot to check out because it is home to a wide variety of bars, interesting architecture, and exciting events.

    Numerous performances, pop-up exhibitions, and free workshops may be found at the Melbourne Festivals in October, the Melbourne Wine and Food Festival in March, and the Melbourne International Theatre Festival in March. In addition, Adelaide Street and Context, which occurs at Lane's intersection, is right here. Residents of Melbourne are urged to join in on the city's reputation as a hub for street art.

    Some of the city's best open-air galleries may be found in Hosier and Rutledge lanes and Centre Place, a hub of activity and colour. The streets of Hosier Lane are open to the public, but the best way to learn about the stories behind the artwork is on a guided street art tour.

    Explore Federation Square, stop by the Victoria National Gallery and then go down to Saint Kilda Road to visit the Shrine for Remembrance. When you follow this, you'll arrive at the Melbourne Botanical Garden. You may take your time wandering around here; everyone here is laid back. You can relax in the nearby park after eating at the nearby cafe.

    Following the riverfront, you may stroll back toward Fed Square and Southbank from the Botanic Gardens. A cosmopolitan crowd frequents Southbank's theatres and galleries. The contemporary Melbourne Recital Center, which features classical music performances, and the historic Malthouse theatre, housed in a refurbished brewery, may be found in this area.

    The Crown Casino precinct on Southbank features nightclubs, food courts, and high-end retail stores. You can enjoy a meal at one of the many riverside restaurants or a craft beer at one of the many bars in converted freight sheds along the bustling riverbank walkways. Before our afternoon trip to the Botanical Gardens, we visited one of the many rooftop bars.

    Day One Itinerary Overview of Melbourne Attractions

    • Locations in Melbourne's Central Business District include Flinders Street and Hosier Lane, the Remembrance Shrine, Botanical Gardens, Yarra River, and Southbank.


    Visit the Great Ocean Road on Day 2 of your trip.

    The tour must be taken if you are in Melbourne. It would be a shame to miss a chance to travel down Australia's famous Ocean Road and see some of the country's most stunning coastal towns and breathtaking beaches. If you only have five days to visit Melbourne, we recommend splitting your time between the city and Great Ocean Highway, where you can see the coastline and the Twelve Apostles. You can get an amazing look at the ocean from Melbourne as it crashes against the Great Ocean Highway's towering reefs and cliffs.

    Returning soldiers carved two hundred forty-three kilometres of the route from steep outcrops to a beautiful seaside road, making this memorial the largest in the world. There are many tours to choose from, some of which show you the sights. At the same time, others also give you a chance to sample some of Australia's most well-known cuisine and learn about the rich culture of Aboriginal people, who have lived in this region for more than 40 thousand years.

    While on a helicopter ride, you may get a birds-eye perspective of the famous Twelve Apostles. My blog entry on my 12 Apostles Flight of Wonder helicopter tour is available for your reading pleasure. In addition to the Otway Rainforest and other popular attractions, many excursions also visit the stunning Loch Ard Gorge. You can add snorkelling trips to explore the coral reefs and surfing lessons if you plan to stay for a while.

    A Preview of Great Ocean Road Attractions for Melbourne's Second Day

    • Cities along the coast, such as Torquay, may be reached by the Great Ocean Road's famous "Arch of Beauty,"
    • Limestone cliffs of the Twelve Apostles, the horrific shipwreck at Loch Ard Gorge, the charred ruins of London Bridge's razorback, and the storied past of the GOR GOR Lighthouse.
    • Koalas Need Our Help!
    • National Park of Great Otway

    The third day will consist of a brunch in Melbourne and a trip to either Saint Kitts Beach or Philip Island.

    After travelling all day yesterday and seeing the sites along Great Ocean Road, today is a good time to relax and take it easy. To that end, it makes sense to begin one's day by visiting some of Melbourne's great brunch establishments.

    Melburnians are passionate about their coffee and place a premium on quality. Melbourne Brunches are posted on the site to suggest where to eat in Melbourne.

    Take in Melbourne, Australia's Victorian National Gallery Building, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The magnificent National Gallery Building is the sole Great Hall still in use today; it was built for exhibitions and continues to serve that function. Now a museum, it's a must-see if you're planning a trip to Melbourne.

    The evening's suggestions won't come until later, so you can relax and enjoy the day if you like.

    You may see the Penguins Parade at no cost on St. Kilda's beach at dusk. We arrived at the dock a little before sunset and had dinner there. Then, after dark, the small penguins waddle back to the coast. Photographs may be taken, but flash photography is prohibited.

    This is a low-cost option for seeing the critters. Visit the Phillip Island tour to view a larger colony and a boat excursion.

    A Day 3 Itinerary Overview of Melbourne's Top Attractions

    • Melbourne's Brunch at the Royal Exhibition Building Museum; Afternoon at Leisure at St. Kilda Beach to See the Penguin Parade or Take a Tour of Philip Island

    Fourteenth Day: Puffing Pony Railway Ride Or Day Trip To Grampians Nature Reserve

    Take a day trip outside the city to one of Victoria's more scenic regions. There is a lot of history and beautiful landscapes in the Grampians National Park. Visit the Aboriginal Community Centre to hear the history of the region's first settlers and learn more about the indigenous people who have lived there for thousands of years.

    Halls Gap is a charming town that may be explored on foot, including a stroll to the nearby Boroka viewpoint. Next, stop by the Verandas, Jaws to Death, or Reed's viewpoint to take the breathtaking scenery. Finally, visit the breathtaking Mackenzie Falls on your journey back to Melbourne after hiking the stunning trail there.

    Day 4 Itinerary Highlights in the Grampians, Melbourne

    • Aboriginal Cultural Center of the National Park
    • Observation Deck in Boroka
    • Specifically, the Halls Gap
    • At the vantage point of the Reeds
    • Falls of Mackenzie

    Fifth Day: Markets and Final Shopping Attempt

    Day 5 in Melbourne will consist of more relaxing. The day can be relaxed and spent in whatever way you like if you're leaving Melbourne today. It's up to you whether you want to use your free day to see something new in Melbourne or revisit an attraction you saw on a previous trip.

    If your plans take you out of Melbourne late at night, like me, you may have the whole day to sightsee. You can either take a day trip or visit the Melbourne markets. My companion drove me to see Gunnamatta Beach and Arthur's Seat, a mountain with breathtaking views of Melbourne. Yarra Valley was another location that we visited. An excursion to the Yarra Valley wineries is an absolute must for every oenophile.

    Summary of Sights to See and Things to Do on Day 4 in Melbourne

    • Farmers' Market in Melbourne's Yarra Valley

    The Best Places to Stay in Melbourne

    We usually stick around the city's core business district. However, the city centre of Melbourne is compact enough to be navigated on foot, and a free tram system connects the various neighbourhoods. We've stayed at the following establishments during our time in Melbourne.

    • The Rydges Melbourne is part of the Australian hotel chain Rydges. In addition to Brisbane, We also stayed together in Hobart. One of the nicest places to stay around Melbourne is Rydges. Nearby attractions include shopping, dining, and nightlife. Unfortunately, that's why we had to resort to foot travel.
    • Melbourne We stayed at the Central YHA and loved it; YHA is the best option for low-cost lodging in Australia. When staying in one of their hotels, you can rest assured that you will be in a convenient and comfortable setting. Though inexpensive, YHA's prime location on
    • Melbourne's bustling Flinders Street makes up for its lacklustre facilities. It's inexpensive, but that doesn't mean you have had to bunk with strangers; we stayed in a private room on the roof. The Melbourne central business area was visible from the window.
    • Melbourne, The Metro YHA, is less upscale than the Central YHA, but it's still in the middle of Melbourne and costs extremely little. However, it is convenient for public transportation.

    The Best Melbourne Restaurants and Bars

    After three trips, we make an educated guess about a city. There are a few things, maybe fifteen, that we would suggest. Listed below are some of our favourite Melbourne establishments.

    When Having Brunch

    • There's a place called The Hardware Society, whose signature dish is chorizo-baked eggs.
    • Higher Ground is a stunning locale, but it's also extremely busy.
    • Cafe Stagger Lee's (in Fitzroy)
    • Fitzroy's Smith & Daughter is a vegan haven.

    For Coffee

    what can you do in melbourne for 5 days

    If you're in Melbourne, you can't possibly miss out on their coffee. The best cafes on the planet are right here in this city. So don't leave Melbourne without sampling some Magic Coffee.

    • Publishing House in Manchester
    • Queen Victoria Market's A-League for Honest Coffee Brothers: Baba Budan on Market Lane

    When you're hungry for Dinner or Lunch

    • It's best to plan for the weekend Brunch at Cookie Chin Chin.
    • Royal Stacks by Cumulus Inc.
    • We were happy to see Betty's Burgers open in Melbourne after enjoying them in Gold Coast.
    • Easey's (in Fitzroy) is an awesome restaurant since it's set up like a train car on a building's rooftop.
    • Although not a commonly recommended Melbourne spot, Menya Ramen is a huge hit with Asian tourists (or maybe it's just us.
    • Indonesians?) not for the noodles but for the incredible deal it offers. Gyu Tan Don, or beef tongue on rice that has been barbecued.

    For Alcoholic Beverages

    • The Chuckle Park Bar, above Curtin House


    • Located on Fitzroy's Cherry Bar-on-Brunswick

    Melbourne's Seasonal Attractions

    • In November, Australians gather for the Melbourne Cup, a horse racing event widely regarded as one of the country's premier athletic events. Locals refer to the event, which takes place on the first Tuesday of November each year, as "the race that stops a nation" because Australia pauses what they're doing to watch the results. Attendees will dress formally for the occasion and partake in day drinking at the race, as is customary in Australia.
    • Every year, as part of a Melbourne Food and Drink Fest throughout March, people from all over the world gather for what has become known as "The World's Longest Lunch." The table is 500 metres long, and the meal lasts for hours. For further details, visit the official website of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.
    • The March World's Longest Lunch - A Regional Event Don't worry if you don't get a spot at Melbourne's Longest Lunch. They have the Longest Lunch in outlying areas from outside Melbourne too. Last year, my family and I went to one in Yarra Valley, which was fantastic. Please read about our regional attempt at the World's Longest Lunch here.


    Fly into either Tullamarine or Avalon Airport and take the Train and bus Airport Shuttle into the centre of Melbourne for a hassle-free start to your trip. If you don't feel like taking public transportation, ride-sharing options and taxis are available in addition to the free rides on the Melbourne Circle Tram. Melbourne is known for its extremes, so it's best to be prepared for a wide range of temperatures. If you want to see as much of Melbourne as possible, you'll need to do a lot of walking, so pack comfortable shoes and plan to log the equivalent of three days' worth of steps on your first day. In Melbourne, you may see the Street Scene, Federation Square, and the Botanic Gardens; drive along the Great Ocean Road; BruncBrunch and watch the St. Kilda Penguin Parade on Day 3; tour a winery and shop at the Melbourne Markets on Day 5; and more.

    This five-day plan for a trip to Melbourne is meant to help tourists feel at ease as they explore the city and determine where they need to be to start their day trips. Vacationers should plan to spend at least one day on the Great Ocean Road and should schedule plenty of downtime in between sightseeing excursions. Central Business District is an excellent place to spend your first day in Melbourne due to the abundance of bars, landmarks, and events that can be found there. Hosier and Rutledge lanes and Centre Place house some of the city's finest outdoor galleries, and a guided street art tour is the best way to discover the backstories of the pieces and the artists who created them. After a satisfying meal at the neighbouring cafe, strolling around the nearby Melbourne Botanic Garden is a terrific way to unwind.

    Tourist hotspots like Flinders Street and Hosier Lane, the Botanic Gardens, the Yarra River, and Southbank are highlighted throughout the text. The tour is a must if you're in Melbourne; otherwise, you'll miss out on some of Australia's most beautiful coastal towns and beaches along the country's famous Ocean Road. Nightclubs, food courts, and upscale boutiques populate the Southbank area surrounding Crown Casino. Leaving Melbourne, spend Day 2 seeing the Great Water Road and the Twelve Apostles for breathtaking views of the ocean crashing against the Great Ocean Highway's towering reefs and cliffs. Some excursions focus solely on sightseeing, while others also allow you to try some of Australia's most famous dishes and introduce you to the country's rich Aboriginal culture. You can add snorkelling expeditions to the coral reefs and surfing lessons to your itinerary if you plan to remain for a while after your third day of sightseeing in the Otway Rainforest and other popular destinations.

    Melbourne's Great Ocean Road tour's second day will start BruncBrunch before heading to either Saint Kitts Beach or Philip Island. Melbourne Where to find the BruncBrunch in Melbourne is suggested on the site, and the Victorian National Gallery Building is home to the city's lone surviving Great Hall. However, you can take it easy and enjoy the day because the recommendations for the evening won't arrive until much later. The free Penguins Parade on St. Kilda Beach offers a low-cost way to observe the critters, and the Phillip Island tour features a larger colony and a boat ride. The Puffing Pony Railway Ride, often known as a day trip to the Grampians Nature Reserve, is a scenic excursion outside Melbourne to one of Victoria's outlying regions.

    The information presented here primarily concerns the activities and attractions available on your fourth day in Melbourne. A pleasant town, Halls Gap is easily visited on foot, including a trip to the nearby Boroka lookout. Next, go to Reed's viewpoint, Jaws to Death or the Verandas to soak in the beautiful panorama. Finally, after a beautiful hike, stop by Mackenzie Falls on the way back to Melbourne. The Rydges Melbourne, part of the Australian hotel company Rydges, is among the city's best options for lodging.

    Melbourne's central business district is walkable, and the city's free tram system makes getting about the various neighbourhoods a breeze. But, of course, every wine lover must pilgrimage to the vineyards of Yarra Valley. If you're looking for a cheap place to stay in Australia, your best bet is the Central YHA. It's on Melbourne's busy Flinders Street, making accessing the city's public transportation easy. The Metro YHA may not be as fancy as the Central YHA, but it's still in Melbourne's heart and dirt cheap. The Hardware Society, Cafe Stagger Lee's, Smith & Daughter in Fitzroy, Publishing House in Manchester, A-League for Honest Coffee Brothers at Queen Victoria Market, Baba Budan on Market Lane, Cookie Chin Chin, Betty's Burgers, Easey's, and Royal Stacks by Cumulus Inc. are just a few of the best restaurants and bars in Melbourne. Some of the top cafes, restaurants, and brunch spots in Melbourne.

    Gyu Tan Don, or grilled beef tongue on rice, is a speciality at Menya Ramen and a big draw for Asian visitors to Melbourne. The Melbourne Cup, held annually in November, is a horse racing event widely considered one of Australia's top athletic events. As part of the annual Melbourne Food and Drink Fest, "The World's Longest Lunch" attracts participants from all around the globe. The feast is spread out over hours and a table 500 metres long. If you can't snag a table in Melbourne proper, don't fret; the rest of Victoria and Australia enjoy the longest lunch hours. We went to one in Yarra Valley with the family last year, and it was wonderful.

    Content Summary

    • However, the former is preferable due to its central location in Melbourne.
    • Take the Airport Shuttle from Tullamarine Airport via Train and bus to the centre of Melbourne.
    • This method is a quick and cheap way to enter the city.
    • Drop-off locations include the Southern Cross Terminal, Southbank, or the Docks.
    • A complimentary shuttle will transport you from there to your accommodation.
    • The SkyBus terminals are visible from this vantage point.
    • If you'd rather not take the bus, you may opt for a cab or ride-sharing service, costing you between AU$ 55 and AU$ 65.
    • To your relief, Uber is available pretty much anywhere in Melbourne.
    • Use of them is entirely at your discretion.
    • You can travel just about any place in the downtown area by taking the brown tram line.
    • Except for the tram that circles the central business district, all other trams in Melbourne require a Myki card.
    • When visiting Melbourne, it's best to prepare for a wide range of temperatures and weather patterns.
    • A rapid shift in Melbourne's climate is always possible.
    • One of the many reasons people fall in love with Melbourne is all the walking you can do there.
    • Acknowledge my word as true.
    • When you're in town, take some time to explore on foot.
    • Due to the considerable distance between the United States and Australia, even the most well-prepared travellers may have jet lag.
    • Thus, the first day of this five-day Melbourne itinerary is meant to be easygoing and stress-free, allowing you to settle into your hotel, see the city's sights, and plan out where you'll need to be to start your day tours.
    • If you only have two or three days to spend in Melbourne, this blog post may help you prioritise what to see and do.
    • To get the most out of your trip to Melbourne, choose a day to travel the Great Ocean Road.
    • Since day trips and day tours can be demanded by the time you get back in the evening, my next piece will detail a seven-day schedule that will allow for adequate rest days.
    • Relax and take in the sights on your first day in Melbourne.
    • Next, venture out into Melbourne's CBD and see what all the fuss is about.
    • Federation Square is a must-see since it features numerous bars, historic buildings, and fun activities.
    • Here at this very spot is the crossroads of Adelaide Street and Context at Lane's.
    • We encourage all Melburnians to contribute to Melbourne's growing status as a street art mecca.
    • Places like Hosier Lane, Rutledge Lane, and Centre Place, a hive of bustle and colour, have some of the city's best outdoor galleries.
    • Although anybody can walk around on Hosier Lane, a guided street art tour is the best way to learn more about the area's history and the inspiration for murals and other artworks.
    • If you stick to doing this, you'll eventually reach the Melbourne Botanic Gardens.
    • Everyone here is chill, so feel free to take your time exploring.
    • After refuelling at the adjacent cafe, spend some time unwinding in the park.
    • Back towards Fed Square and Southbank, you may stroll down the riverbank from the Botanic Gardens.
    • Southbank is home to a diverse international audience that enjoys its theatres and art galleries.
    • Classical music performances can be seen at the state-of-the-art Melbourne Recital Center. At the same time, modern plays are performed at the historic Malthouse theatre, located in a repurposed brewery.
    • Nightclubs, food courts, and upscale boutiques populate the Southbank area surrounding Crown Casino.
    • The riverfront pathways are lined with restaurants and bars, many of which are located in repurposed freight warehouses.
    • We stopped at a rooftop bar in the afternoon before exploring the Botanical Gardens below.
    • On your second day in Australia, drive along the Great Ocean Road.
    • If you're in Melbourne, you must do the tour.
    • It would be a shame not to take the opportunity to visit some of Australia's most beautiful coastal towns and spectacular beaches along the famous Ocean Road.
    • We suggest dividing your five days between Melbourne and the Great Ocean Highway, where you can view the Twelve Apostles and the shoreline.
    • Amazing ocean views crashing against tall reefs and cliffs along the Great Ocean Highway may be seen from Melbourne.
    • This memorial is the largest in the world, with 243 kilometres of the route created by returning soldiers, from rugged cliffs to a scenic beachfront road.
    • Some tours will take you around to see the sites.
    • While other tours focus on showcasing the rich culture of the Aboriginal people who have lived in this area for over 40,000 years, you may still enjoy some of Australia's most famous dishes.
    • Take a helicopter ride, and you might be able to see the Twelve Apostles from above.
    • Please read about my experience taking a helicopter tour of the 12 Apostles and other natural wonders in a blog post I wrote about it.
    • Many tours include a stop at the breathtaking Loch Ard Gorge, the Otway Rainforest, and other renowned destinations.
    • Cities along the coast, such as Torquay, may be reached via the Great Ocean Road's iconic "Arch of Beauty," Limestone cliffs of the Twelve Apostles, the horrible shipwreck at Loch Ard Gorge, the charred wreckage of the razorback at London Bridge, and the fascinating history of the GOR GOR Lighthouse.
    • After yesterday's lengthy journey and exploration of Great Ocean Road's attractions, today is the perfect day to kick back and take it easy.
    • Thus, it is logical to start the day by eating at one of Melbourne's many excellent brunch spots.
    • When it comes to coffee, Melburnians are picky and only settle for the best.
    • Melbourne, The website features brunch suggestions in Melbourne.
    • After Lunch, visit the Victorian National Gallery Building in Melbourne, Australia, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    • The beautiful National Gallery Building is home to the only Great Hall still operating today.
    • It is now a museum and a must for any Melbourne visitor.
    • You can take it easy and enjoy the day because the recommendations for the evening won't arrive until much later.
    • If you go to St. Kilda's beach around sunset, you may watch the Penguins Parade free of charge.
    • The little penguins waddle back to the coast after dusk.
    • In terms of pricing, this is a reasonably priced way to observe the animals.
    • A larger colony and a boat ride await you on the Phillip Island tour.
    • You may get to know the lovely town of Halls Gap on foot, including a trip to the neighbouring Boroka viewpoint.
    • Visit Reed's viewpoint, Jaws to Death, or the Verandas for amazing views.
    • After a beautiful hike, stop by the gorgeous Mackenzie Falls on your way back to Melbourne.
    • Top Things to Do on Day 4: Visit the Grampians and the Melbourne Aboriginal Cultural Center on the National Park's Observation Deck in Boroka
    • Viewed from atop the Reeds
    • In the shadow of Mackenzie's Falls Day 5: The Markets and One Last Attempt to Do Some Shopping, we plan to take it easy on our fifth day in Melbourne.
    • If you're leaving Melbourne today, take it easy and do what you want with the day.
    • You may spend your day off doing whatever you like in Melbourne, whether that's checking out a brand-new destination or going back to one you visited before.
    • It's possible to have an entire day to explore Melbourne if, like me, your travel plans involve leaving the city late at night.
    • Day trips are an option, as are the Melbourne markets.
    • My tour guide took me to the scenic Gunnamatta Beach and the towering Arthur's Seat in Melbourne.
    • Every wine lover must pilgrimage to the vineyards of Yarra Valley.
    • Still, Melbourne's central business district is small enough to explore on foot, and the city's free tram system makes it easy to get around town.
    • During our trip to Melbourne, we stayed at the following hotels.
    • Family Rydges Located in Australia, Rydges Melbourne is a larger Rydges hotel brand member.
    • We vacationed together in both Brisbane and Hobart.
    • Rydges is among the finest hotels in the Melbourne area.
    • There is a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and nightlife venues in the area.
    • Unfortunately, that's why we had to resort to foot travel.
    • Melbourne We had a great time at the Central YHA; YHA is the best budget hotel chain in Australia.
    • You can trust that each hotel provides a relaxing and hassle-free environment for its guests.
    • YHA is budget-friendly, and its convenient location on Melbourne's lively Flinders Street more than makes up for its bare-bones accommodations.
    • We stayed in a separate room on the roof, so even though it was cheap, we didn't have to share a room with strangers.
    • From the window, I could see the Melbourne core business district.
    • The Metro YHA in Melbourne is less posh than the Central YHA but is still in the city's heart and offers great value for the money.
    • However, it is accessible by the bus line.
    • When we visit a city three times, we can safely assume that we have a good grasp of what it has to offer.
    • We have a list of recommendations, maybe around fifteen items.
    • Following is a selection of our top picks for restaurants and bars in Melbourne.
    • What to Expect at Brunch The chorizo-baked eggs at a restaurant named "The Hardware Society" are legendary.
    • Even though Higher Ground is beautiful, it is always bustling with people.
    • Places like Smith & Daughter in Fitzroy and Cafe Stagger Lee's in neighbouring Brunswick are great for vegans.
    • It would be best to try some of Melbourne's famous coffee when visiting the city.
    • This city has some of the top cafes in the world.
    • To sum up, before you leave Melbourne, try some Magic Coffee.
    • Manchester Publishing Company (also great for Brunch)
    • The Honest Coffee Brothers are in the Premier League at Queen Victoria Market. On Market Street, at Baba Budan Weekend, Brunch or dinner at Cookie Chin Chin is where to go if you're feeling peckish.
    • Having enjoyed Betty's Burgers on the Gold Coast, we were excited to see a location open in Melbourne.
    • Located on the roof of a building and designed to resemble a train car, Easey's in Fitzroy is a fantastic eatery.
    • Not because of the noodles but because of the fantastic price.
    • Barbecued beef tongue on rice is called Gyu Tan Don.
    • Australia stops what they're doing on the first Tuesday of November every year to watch the results of the annual horse race, which has earned the moniker "the race that stops a nation" among locals.
    • As is traditional in Australia, attendees will dress formally for the event and indulge in day drinking during the race.
    • The "World's Longest Lunch" is held annually in Melbourne, Australia, during March as part of the Melbourne Food and Drink Fest.
    • The meal is spread over several hours, and the table is 500 metres long.
    • Check out the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival's homepage for more information.
    • We're on the March The Longest Lunch in the World, a Local Celebration. So do not fret if you cannot secure a seat at Melbourne's Longest Lunch.
    • It's not just Melbourne's suburbs where residents enjoy a long lunch break.
    • We went to one in Yarra Valley with the family last year, and it was wonderful.
    • Here you may learn about our recent regional World's Longest Lunch attempt.
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