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What To Do During Melbourne Cup Day?

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    FAQs About Melbourne Cup

    Undoubtedly one of the main reasons people flock to the Cup is the outfit they get to wear, showing off their best and most colourful dresses and suits! Hats and fascinators are a must for races, from small headbands to extremely wide brim hats.

    The 1874 Cup meeting was the last one to be run on a Thursday. In 1875 What moved it to the second Tuesday of the month. It meant the Cup was to be run on November 9, the Prince of Wales birthday.

    For general admission, stylish and comfortable is the go. But it is very formal when it comes to the members' areas. We're talking tailored slacks (or chinos), a sports coat or blazer, tie and dress shoes.

    Channel 10 has broadcast the Melbourne Cup for the last two years and will do so again in 2021. Channel 7 - which had broadcast the race for several years - will still broadcast Victorian race meets during 2020 and 2021, except the Melbourne Cup carnival.

    Melbourne Cup Day is observed in all Victoria unless a non-metro council has arranged an alternate local holiday. Since 1861, the Melbourne Cup has been an official race day and, since 1877, a public holiday in Victoria.

    Things To Do On Melbourne Cup Day

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    Here are the top activities for Melbourne Cup Day, whether you plan to attend the race or not.

    Indulge In A Delivery Of Fancy Food

    Even though we can't be in Melbourne for the Cup, we can at least enjoy the best part of it — the food — thanks to the abundance of eateries offering delivery and takeout. Have a meal of seafood, some charcuterie and caviar, or desserts only. Take pleasure in when relaxing in the park or watching the Cup.

    Enjoy a Film Under the Stars

    With some limitations, open-air theatres can reopen in time for the warmer months. Interested in the traditional outdoor movie-going experience? What about a roof in the middle of the city? Watching a movie on the sand is also an option. We highly recommend the following outdoor theatres in Melbourne.

    These drive-in theatres in and around Melbourne are perfect for moviegoers who long for a throwback experience. Simply find a comfortable viewing spot away from any potential dangers, turn on the FM transmission, and enjoy the film.

    Visit the Animals

    The Melbourne Zoo, the Werribee Open Range Zoo, and the Healesville Sanctuary have all reopened after implementing multiple procedures to ensure physical separation and the use of proper sanitation.

    Visit a Beach

    On November 3rd, temperatures will average 28 degrees and there will be no clouds in the sky. If you happen to be within 25 kilometres of Melbourne, you can easily access some of the city's finest bay beaches, perfect for a day of outdoor fun whether you prefer swimming, wading, beachcombing, or just lounging in the sun.

    The Ice Cream Is Ready

    Ice cream plus gelato are excellent buddies during hot weather and on public holidays. No matter how you like your frozen treats, these are the greatest ice cream, gelato, and soft serve shops in Melbourne. Want ice cream but don't feel like going out? We've included delivery information as well.

    Get Your Belly Full at One of Melbourne's Fabulous Restaurants

    Melbourne's restaurants and nightclubs have been granted the go-ahead to reopen, and they could use your patronage more than ever. You need to get out as much as possible because you've probably missed it.

    Beer Up!

    The prime minister has given us permission to start drinking, so let's do it! We have collected a live list of Melbourne bars that are accepting reservations or walk-ins as they reopen.

    Wherever You May Be, Including On Top of a Building

    Rooftop drinking is at least 20% more enjoyable than drinking on the ground. Get up on those steps or push that elevator button and see these magnificent treasures. Some of these are located in the city proper, while others offer excellent city views from the neighbouring suburbs.

    Do Some River Boating

    Now that you've had lunch but by river, why not have lunch on the river? Currently operating out of Melbourne, GoBoat is an electronic boat renting service that makes seaside picnics a breeze (well, a river). GoBoat's boats are 5m in length, can carry up to 8 passengers, and are operated without a licence. More importantly, though, A wooden picnic table is installed in the centre of the boat.

    Participate in Urban Surfing

    Interested in checking out Melbourne's indoor surf facility? On Monday, October 21, the park will reopen to visitors within a 25-kilometer radius. As per the existing regulations, there can be no more than 30 surfers on one side of the wading pool per hour. Surf lessons of one hour can continue normally, however guests are urged to keep at least 1.5 metres apart. Because Who disinfects surfboards and wetsuits between renters, you can still use them.

    Why Go To The Melbourne Cup?

    Dine on prosecco and delicious snacks while you watch one of the greatest moments in the history of horse racing.

    The Melbourne Cup is the pinnacle of the annual Event Racing Carnival, which features a full slate of exciting races. Over a hundred thousand people flock to Melbourne's Flemington Racecourse for a day filled with brightly coloured outfits and crinolines, plenty of wagering, and beautiful summer weather. The entire country stops what they're doing to watch the race as it airs live on television. Even while it is possible to enjoy the Melbourne Cup from the comfort of your own home, being physically there at the event is by far the most exciting way to spend the day. Check out our top five justifications for attending the Melbourne Cup!

    The Fashion

    One of the most exciting aspects of attending the Cup is getting to dress up in one's finest and most vibrant attire. At horse races, hats and fascinators of all sizes and styles are worn. Since the very first race, when only the affluent were invited, this has been a custom. The most elegant people were seen at the races, where hats, especially for women, were considered a must-have. The Field has even been the setting for fashion shows due to the trend's immense popularity.

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    The Food

    At the Melbourne Cup, it's all about the appetisers! Tempting treats to suit a variety of palates. The races are sponsored by gourmet food companies, who provide a variety of delectable gourmet goodies for attendees to compete with. Caviar, frittatas, and antipasto boards are staples, as are other light summer dishes.

    The Marquees

    The affluent and the famous are always found where there is a focus on high-end fashion and cuisine. Those wishing to splurge can choose from a variety of marquees set up just for the Melbourne Cup. The VIP visitors fill these marquees with famous people from all over the world who have come to celebrate. You don't have to be a part of the A-list to enjoy the finer things in life; all you need is the disposable income to buy this over-the-top offer. Enjoy the events in style with champagne, wine, and gourmet fare provided by the tents.

    The Races

    Of course, the primary attraction of the Melbourne Cup is the actual race itself, so don't miss out on your chance to witness history in the making! The top horses and jockeys in the world compete on Melbourne Cup Day, the most important day of the year for horse racing. Although the race itself doesn't start until 3:00 in the afternoon, the entire day is packed with action thanks to a massive 10-race schedule. In addition, the vast majority of carnival-goers will place a wager on the race, amplifying the competitive mood.

    Everything You Need To Know About Melbourne Cup

    As Australia prepares for its premier racing event, we took a look back at its "race that stops a nation." We've compiled a list of amazing information that will guarantee victory at your next trivia night.

    • Archer won the inaugural Melbourne Cup in 1861. 710 gold sovereigns or a hand-beaten pocket watch made up the total reward package.
    • In 2015, Michelle Payne made history as the first female jockey in Melbourne Cup competition. The Prince of Penzance was the name of her horse.
    • The first horse to ever win the Melbourne Cup three times in a row, Makybe Diva has done it in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In 2003, 2004, and 2005, they took home the Cup.
    • As many as 39 horses started the 1890 Melbourne Cup, making it the most ever.
    • In 1877, the day of the Melbourne Cup was recognised as a holiday.
    • Sixteen of Bart Cummings' horses have won the Melbourne Cup, making him the winningest trainer in the event's history.
    • Archer, who won the race but crossed the finish line at a slower pace of 3 minutes 52 seconds, also holds the record for slowest winner ever in the Melbourne Cup.
    • In 1972, the race's course was shortened to 3200m (18.7 m; 61.5 ft short of two miles) to conform with metric standards.
    • Peter St. Albans, who was only 11 years old when he rode the Australian mare Briseis to victory in the race, holds the record for the youngest jockey to win the event. As the official record shows, Peter St. Albans entered the race at the age of 13.
    • When the Australian Cup was held in 2003, a record-breaking 122,737 people showed up to see the race.

    Betting On The Melbourne Cup

    Here is a quick rundown of the various wagering options available at Australian horse races.

    Win & Place Betting

    The most common and straightforward form of wagering at the Melbourne Cup is the win-and-place wager. There are two types of wagers available on Sportsbet: Fixed Odds and Best Tote. All three of the top finishers in the Melbourne Cup will get place payouts in addition to the winner's victory payment.

    A definition of Fixed Odds would be helpful. The odds on the SP will not change after you place your wager. Late withdrawals from the race may result in penalties. You can bet on fixed odds races all year long using All-In Futures, and the odds are higher well before final Field is released, but you will lose your wager if the horse doesn't quite run. However, if the horse somehow doesn't start following the barrier draw, the Fixed Odds wager will be reimbursed. The better your odds are with a Fixed Odds bet, the sooner you place it.

    A guide to the best Tote betting options. Top Tote + (TT+) on Sportsbet is the best Win & Place pricing among the three state TABs (Totes). This means that even if you don't happen to live in Australia, you can still get the best odds upon that Melbourne Cup winner from the UBET market. As the TT+ Price is established at the jump, it may be preferable to Fixed Odds if a horse is losing ground in Tote betting.

    Protest & Dead Heat

    What exactly is a protest? If a horse's chances of winning the race were hampered by outside influence at any point in the competition, a protest might be filed. In Australia, if a protest is successful, the unsuccessful protestor is moved to the finish position of the popular protest group, and the other runners are given a one-place bonus. If a protest results in a different horse being named the Melbourne Cup victor, bettors who used Sportsbet need not fret since both animals will be paying out as winners.

    Just what is a "dead heat"? In the event that the judge is unable to establish a clear difference between two or more finishers in any place that awards money, the race will be called a dead heat. Those that finish in the top three will share in the dividend. In the history of the Melbourne Cup, there has never been an tie for first place.

    Exotic Betting

    A Running Double is... These are merely the two most recent race winners. The number of choices in each leg is not limited. First, multiply the Fixed Odds prices of both runners to gain a ballpark estimate of the Running Double's potential payout. The amount of your wager is then determined by multiplying the number of runners you choose.

    The TAB also offers a specific wager known as a Daily Double, which consists of wagering on the winner of the headline race of the day (the Melbourne Cup) and another event that is not necessarily consecutive.

    Please explain the meaning of the term "Quinella." If you bet on the first two finishers, it doesn't matter which order they come in. A Melbourne Cup Quinella bet can include more than two horses; for example, you could wager $10 and obtain a payout of $100 by selecting five horses. Double the sum of the SPs of the first and second horses to get a ballpark figure for the Quinella payout.

    An Exacta is...? Two racers cross the finish line together, just like a Quinella. If you bet $20 on five runners and win 100% of the payout (Quinella: $10), then you could win up to $40 (Exacta: $20).

    When asked, "Define Trifecta," many people struggle to find the right words. The first three finishers are these three runners. To maximise your return on investment, you should either box your selections (meaning they can finish in any order) or pick one or more runners to start with and additional picks for second and third.

    How much does a Trifecta in the Melbourne Cup cost? For only $6, you may box a trifecta of three horses into any finish position and keep the entire reward if you're right. For an additional $15, you can play the Trifecta with five horses instead of three, increasing your odds of winning to 25%. (see Flexi-betting). The Trifecta dividend at the Melbourne Cup is typically highly substantial, and a bet of only 25% might pay hundreds of dollars even if the favourite wins.

    Which fours make up the "First Four," exactly? Like a Trifecta, you simply pick the first four finishers and it doesn't matter what order they come in. If you get the Melbourne Cup First Four correctly, the results might be as excellent as winning the lottery, despite the fact that the first Four costs more due to the greater number of possible combinations.

    Flexi-Betting is a new type of betting that has recently emerged. You can choose your own investment level and dividend payout percentage. If you want to boost your odds of winning big here on Melbourne Cup, you can use this to your advantage when placing your First Four and Quaddie bets.

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    Why We Love Melbourne Cup Day

    Cup Day Lasts A Week

    The Melbourne Cup Carnival lasts for a whole week and include four days of horse races, a fashion show, and plenty of other festivities. The Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour takes the Lexus Melbourne Cup trophy, an 18-carat gold loving Cup now endorsed by Lexus, around the state to auction it off for charity.

    Humans Become Clotheshorses

    The day of the cup is not a casual event. Women who care about their appearance go to Flemington. Myer Fashions on the Field is a year-long competition for women in which regional winners go on to compete in state and national finals. Male peacock punters, however, will go to great lengths to ensure they win the national fashion prise by not being outdressed.

    We Eat Like A Horse

    You may choose from a variety of restaurants at Flemington Racecourse, serving everything from gourmet burgers to high-end buffets and even exclusive entertainment bundles that kick up with canapés upon your arrival. Follow that up with some lamb shank, grilled fish, pumpkin and ricotta gnocchi, and afternoon tea while you watch the race.


    On Melbourne Cup Day, locals and visitors alike may splurge at some of the city's finest eateries, see a movie under the stars, relax on the beach, meet some of the city's animal residents, and more. Let's get drunk because the prime minister just gave us the green light! Restaurants and nightclubs in Melbourne have been given the green light to reopen, and they could really use your support. It's ice cream season, and Melbourne has no shortage of frozen treat shops selling anything from gelato to soft serve.
    Over 100,000 people gather at Melbourne's Flemington Racecourse every year for the Melbourne Cup, the culmination of the annual Event Racing Carnival, to enjoy a day of betting, crinolines, and summer sunshine. Rooftop bars, river boats, urban surfing, and runway fashions round out the top five reasons to visit Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup. River boats are 5 metres long, with a passenger capacity of 8, and may be operated without a licence, making drinking on the water 20% more fun than drinking on the ground. Anybody within a 25-kilometer radius can go urban surfing, but at any given time there can be no more than 30 surfers on one side of the wading pool. The best horses and jockeys in the world compete for the Melbourne Cup, making it the most important day of the year for horse racing in Australia.

    Attendees are encouraged to wear their finest and most colourful outfits, and gourmet food firms are sponsoring the refreshments. Celebrities from around the world throng the marquees, where they sip champagne and dine on gourmet fare. The race itself is the event's main draw, so don't miss your chance to be a part of history. The first female jockey, Michelle Payne, the first horse, Makybe Diva, to win the Melbourne Cup three times in a row, the most successful trainer, Bart Cummings, the winner with the slowest winning time, Archer, and the shortest race distance, 3200 metres, all make history. Win and place wagers, Fixed Odds, the Best Tote, and All-In Futures are all available.

    Sportsbet's Top Tote + (TT+) Win & Place odds are the best of the three state TABs (Totes). You can receive the greatest odds on the Melbourne Cup winner from the UBET market even if you don't live in Australia. The two main forms of wagers placed at the Tote are the Protest & Dead Heat and the Running Double, in which the bettor must pick the victor of the day's feature race (often the Melbourne Cup) plus a second, non-consecutive race. If a protest is successful in Australia, the runner who lost the protest moves up to the finish position of the more popular group, while all the other runners receive an additional place. Sportsbet customers need not worry if a different horse ends up being declared the Melbourne Cup winner as a consequence of a protest, as both horses will be considered winners and pay up in full.

    The "Quinella" bet covers the first and second place finishers in the Melbourne Cup. You win an Exacta bet if the first two finishers in a race are tied at the finish, and you win a Trifecta bet if the first three finishers in a race are all horses. These three runners end up in the top three. In order to get the most out of your wager, you should either pick one or more runners to start and extra picks for second and third place, or you should "box" your selections (meaning they can finish in any order). The week leading up to Melbourne Cup Day include horse races, a fashion show (the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour), and other events (such as Myer Fashions on the Field).

    You can increase your chances of winning with Flexi-Betting, a novel form of betting that lets you set your own investment amount and dividend payout percentage. At Flemington Racecourse, we fill up like a thoroughbred on gourmet burgers, buffets, and premium experience packages.

    Content Summary

    • Activities on the Melbourne Cup Day Whether or not you plan to watch the race, here are the best things to do on Melbourne Cup Day.
    • The following Melbourne outdoor theatres come highly recommended from us.
    • Enjoy a glass of prosecco and some tasty appetisers as you witness a historic milestone in the world of horse racing.
    • As the most prestigious race of the Event Racing Carnival, the Melbourne Cup attracts millions of spectators each year.
    • Look at our top five reasons to go to the Melbourne Cup!
    • Melbourne Cup Day is the pinnacle of the horse racing calendar, and it features the best horses and riders in the world.
    • Michelle Payne, who rode for the first time in the 2015 Melbourne Cup, made history when she became the first female rider in the event's history.
    • Makybe Diva is the only horse in history to win the Melbourne Cup three years in a row (2013, 2014, 2015).
    • The youngest jockey to win the race was Peter St. Albans, who was only 11 years old when he rode the Australian mare Briseis to victory.
    • How to maximise your winnings on the Tote.
    • Sportsbet's Top Tote + (TT+) Win & Place odds are the best of the three state TABs (Totes).
    • These three runners end up in the top three.
    • When it comes to the Melbourne Cup, how much does a Trifecta cost?
    • Recently, a novel form of gambling known as "Flexi-Betting" has evolved.
    • This can help you win more money on the First Four and Quaddie bets you place for the Melbourne Cup.
    • All the Reasons We Adore the Melbourne Cup One Week Long Cup Holiday There are horse races over four days during the Melbourne Cup Carnival, as well as a fashion show and other events.
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