What Is There To Do In Melbourne At Christmas?

Christmas is the time of year when people are full of joy, love and giving. For many people, this means spending time with their loved ones; for some, it means travelling to places that they don't get to see often; while others enjoy exploring new parts of the city or region that they live in.

FAQs About Christmas In Victoria

Victoria has some of the merriest Christmas markets and craft fairs that will only relax and get you and your family into the holiday spirit. So if you're looking forward to getting a jump on your holiday shopping, craft fairs and Christmas markets taking place across Victoria are a great place to start.

  • Melbourne Zoo.
  • Werribee Open Range Zoo.
  • Highpoint.
  • Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.
  • Eureka Skydeck 88.
  • Chadstone.
  • DFO South Wharf.
  • Eastland.
  • Christmas Square at Federation Square.
  • Santa's Big Workshop. 
  • Christmas Festival of Lights.
  • Carols By Candlelight, Melbourne.
  • Christmas High Tea at the Chocolaterie.
  • Docklands Christmas Maze. 
  • Christmas Carnival Melbourne. 
  • Myer Christmas Windows.
  • Grange Road, Sandringham.
  • Turnberry Drive, Sunbury.
  • Middlesex Court, Cranbourne North.
  • Hordern Road, Mount Evelyn.
  • Bethany Road, Hoppers Crossing.
  • Anthony Court, Hallam.
  • Meldrum Avenue, Mill Park.
  • Coleman Avenue, Kew East.
  • Christmas Square at Federation Square.
  • Myer Melbourne.
  • David Jones.
  • Westfield Plenty Valley, Mill Park.
  • Greensborough Plaza.
  • Myer Northland.
  • LaManna Santa Photos.
  • Chadstone.

Best Things To Do In Melbourne In December


Celebrations mark the conclusion of the academic year in Australia. The warm summer weather in the days leading up to Christmas and also the new year makes the month of December in Melbourne one of the busiest and most popular instances to visit the city all year, particularly for those seeking to make the best of the outdoors, soak up some light from the sun, and experience its beaches.

Soak Some Sunshine On The Beaches

A handful of the world's most beautiful and pristine beaches may be found in Melbourne. These beaches, with their clear blue water, silvery sand, and green palm trees, are perfect for a refreshing dip in the ocean and some much-needed vitamin D. The beach at Port Melbourne is conveniently accessible by the city's efficient light rail system.

St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne's most photogenic stretch of sand, sits on the outskirts of the city, close to a wide variety of excellent dining options. With its public barbeques and covered picnic areas, Sorrento Beach is one of the best beaches in Melbourne for a day of family fun.

Melbourne may not have the same number of world-famous, iconic beaches as Queensland or other parts of Australia, but it still has its fair share of wonderful seaside places that are perfect for a December vacation whether you want to swim, walk, or just lay around and soak up the sun.

Even if you're staying in the heart of the city without a car, there are still plenty of great beaches in Melbourne to choose from. For instance, you may reach the beach in Port Melbourne by taking the city's light rail all the way to its terminus, where you can then alight and walk roughly 400 metres to reach the shore. Though it becomes crowded with city dwellers trying to cool off in the water, this beach has everything a beachgoer might want, including broad expanses of sand, shallow waters suitable for swimming, and plenty of grassy lawns dottted with palm palms.

St. Kilda beach, near the bay's edge, is a favourite among locals and visitors alike because of its proximity to the center of the city and beautiful setting. The availability of nice, sandy beaches is a further plus. New construction in the neighbourhoods around them offers numerous eateries, cafes, and other places to stop for a bite to eat.

Last but not least, a discussion of the best beaches in Melbourne would be incomplete without discussing Sorrento. The main beach portion is backed by a number of foreshore reserves, each of which offers a unique set of amenities to the many people that visit each year. You may plan on spending approximately 1.5 hours on travel time getting somewhere, but if you want the nicest beach experience imaginable, it's well worth it.

Get your shopping fix in Melbourne's central business district


Whether it's a lovely dress for your better half or a thoughtful present for your besties. The Melbourne Central Business District has everything you could possibly need. Products of varying quality and price points (from deeply discounted to lavish) are easy to find. Some of the best stores in the city, selling a wide variety of items at low rates, can be found in the immediate vicinity of the city's central business district in Southbank, Docklands, and the Southern Cross Station. The Bourke Street Mall is one of the best areas in town to buy for high-end labels, and here is where you will find the internationally renowned clothing brand Zara.

Let's say there's one thing Melbournians can boast about more than residents of any other Australian city. If so, it offers a whole range of options, from cheap to expensive, in terms of its shopping centres' selection and quality. If you're looking for something on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, the three main areas closest to the city centre where you may able to get a deal are around Southern Cross Station, at the Docklands, and also in the city's Southbank. Large outlet malls and numerous smaller streets packed with shops and cafes make shopping in these places a pleasurable experience, especially in Docklands Harbour Town.

Chadstone is Melbourne's largest shopping centre, and some would argue the best in terms of completeness. It also offers a free shuttle service from the central business district.

The Cherryhill Orchard Picking Season

The necessity of including fruits and vegetables in one's daily diet is something that has been stressed for decades by both health experts and our loving grandmas and Nani pas. What could be more enjoyable than picking fruit off the tree on a sunny winter afternoon? A family-owned cherry orchard in the Yarra Valley of Australia, around 45 minutes from Melbourne. You're welcome to come pick your own cherries at CherryHill Orchards. You'll never have an opportunity like this again; the owners of the picturesque farm in the Yarra Valley are throwing up their gates to welcome you.

The CherryHill staff will show you how to select the best type of cherry, and the orchards are open every day from 9 am to 5 pm so you can eat them later. Cherry eating is included in the $15 adult admission price, however there is a nominal fee per kilogramme of cherries that you would like to bring home. We won't just be harvesting cherries; there will be cherry ice cream and concerts.

Cinematic Experiences Under the Stars

Want to have a thrilling time viewing awesome films under the moon and stars? The Moonlight Cinema sets up a trip to Melbourne's Botanic Gardens. It will be an unforgettable experience to watch some of the finest films ever made so under cool and soothing light of the summer moon at an outdoor cinema showing many cult classics as well as a few recent blockbusters. In addition to showing your favourite films under the stars, the venue also features a wide selection of food trucks, bars, and speciality beverages.

Feel the Rain That Won't Soak Your Clothes

Imagine how awesome it would be if you could go for a stroll in the rain while getting wet. Sounds fantastical, yet in Melbourne, Australia, there is a place called the Rain Room where you can make it a reality. The Rain Room is a notable piece of immersive art created by London's Random International; guests walk through a rainstorm without getting wet. Who, then, can visit the Jackalope Pavillion at the crossroads of Acland and Jackson avenues in St. Kilda to see the enigmatic installation there?

Rejuvenate Yourself At A Spa

It's a must-see for many visitors, especially during the colder months. The Hot Springs in Fingal, Victoria, are one of the most stunning natural springs where you may treat yourself over an exciting holiday in December. They are around two hours from Melbourne. You may get your fill of hot, natural, healing spring water from the springs, which will do wonders for your state of mind.

These hot springs are not only renowned for their curative properties, but also for the luxurious spa experiences they provide bathers. There is scientific evidence that bathing in hot springs can restore both body and spirit.

Pubs in Melbourne Are Great Spots for a Relaxed Meal and a Few Drinks.

Everybody knows that Melbourne has an amazing bar culture. Melbourne's cocktail culture has progressed considerably, despite the city's reputation for fostering and producing the best restaurant bars. When the weather in Melbourne in December is frightful, you can seek refuge in one of the city's many fantastic pubs equipped with cosy fireplaces.

Everyone will enjoy the warming and substantial food, and the cosy atmosphere will make the cold winter months go by quickly. Gather your loved ones around the fireplace for some wine or beer. In the midst of December's chilly winds, these pubs are the best and cosiest in Melbourne thanks to their fireplaces.

Free Holiday Film Showings in Fed Square, Featuring Popcorn

Celebration, feasting, and imbibing are the hallmarks of the holiday season. The screening of Christmas films in Fed Square will inject an extra dose of cheer into the holiday season. The free holiday movie screenings in Federation Square will be an unforgettable event. Even more so, the night takes on a magical quality when you get to see productions by the Australian Ballet Company.

Kick back in a deck chair with the family and watch holiday movies on the big screens as you wait for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve. There will be free peanuts with candy plum fairy floss for all moviegoers. Now go ahead and spend some quality time with your loved ones without worrying about breaking the bank.

Melbourne's Midsummer Festival is a great way to welcome the summer season

Traditions of the Summer Solstice Melbourne hosts Australia's most important cultural celebration every December. This tradition dates back many years and is always a hit with guests. The event typically spans 22 days between January and February of each year in Melbourne, Australia. Even so, certain Melbourne venues have this flower-crown themed celebration in the month of December, and it has such a packed schedule that What simply must not miss it.

The one hosted by the pub Munich Brauhaus has numerous live performances, face painting for children, and other activities. The festival would already be fantastic, but they also added a brand-new beer garden, a spectacular cocktail menu, and limited-edition flavoured beers, all of which add to the spectacle. This festival in Munich Brauhaus is the best time to really let your inner life force shine.

Queen Victoria Market Offers One-of-a-Kind Items for Purchase

Melbourne is often considered Australia's cultural epicentre due to the abundance of independent art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants serving delicious, handcrafted fare. This holiday season, Queen Victoria Market will serve as a one-stop purchasing market where you can find one of the rare finds in Australia.

With all the preparations being made for the upcoming feast and the merriment that is sure to follow, it is no wonder that this market is so charming. More than 60 stalls sell fresh fruits and vegetables at the market, which also features a wide variety of speciality cuisines and a wealth of one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

You'll find unique works of art ranging from jewellery and books to apparel and accessories, decorative items, and delicious wines at the market. If you're planning on being in Melbourne in December, you should definitely check out this market and stock up on exciting and unique gifts for your loved ones.

Visit Phillip Island to see beautiful natural attractions

The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is an absolute must if you're in Melbourne in December. Nature enthusiasts will find paradise on Phillip Island. Every night, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, flock to view the Penguin Parade. There are suddenly hundreds of the small penguins waddling and scrambling up the beach. Colonies of marsupials, fur seals, and Australian kangaroos are some of Melbourne's other popular natural sights.

Phillip Island is one of the more popular wildlife viewing places in Australia, thanks in large part to its enormous colony of Little Penguins, and is the perfect place to visit if you're looking for an amazing time near Melbourne in December outside of the city. The warmer weather of summer makes it much more comfortable to be outside at night to watch the cute little lifeforms slink up the sand, and tours departing from Melbourne's central business district will take you to the island so you can witness this unique spectacle for yourself every evening at dusk.

Finally, keep in mind that although if the weather is warmer during the day, nights on Phillip Island in December from Melbourne can be chilly and damp.


Must-Visit Places In Melbourne During Christmas

At this moment of year, most individuals are with their loved ones to celebrate the season, but circumstances may prevent some from doing so. Some foreign students choose to spend their winter break abroad rather than buying a plane ticket home. It may be the first time some people have spent the holidays away from home.

If this is like you, you shouldn't let missing out on spending the holidays with loved ones dampen your spirits too much; there's plenty to see and do in Melbourne that won't break the bank and will keep you busy.

Fed Square Decked Out For The Holidays

To kick off the holiday season, make your way to the free Christmas event in Federation Square, where you can enjoy a variety of performances, exhibits, and more. During the week running up to Christmas, the stunning Christmas Projection Show is the highlight of every evening. The Christmas mood will also be lighted by a six-meter-tall bauble that will become a highlighted beacon for people of all ages to admire.

For all of your holiday shopping, feasting, and relaxing needs, Fed Square will play host to a lively fair. Local busking talent will be on display to put you in a cheerful Christmas spirit, staying true to the spirit of giving.

Santa Claus' Enchanted Forest At Caulfield Racecourse

For the previous four years, the city of Melbourne has celebrated the holiday season with Santa's the Magical Kingdom. There will be things to do and see for individuals of all ages included in the event. If you haven't yet enjoyed a white Christmas, you may do so at the Snowland section, where you can experience the snow and even visit Frosty the Snowman!

You must have some spare time, else you wouldn't be able to write a letter to Santa. Make one with the help of Mrs. Claus, who will have the perfect words to say. A fantastic spectacle is put on by the great performers and circus acts at the International Christmas Show Spectacular.

Also, gingerbread might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas. If you're hungry, stop into Gingerbread Land and decorate your very own gingerbread man. Make it your own by decorating it whatever you choose, and then finishing the project by devouring it.

Christmas Square

City Square on Swanston St. will be transformed into Christmas Square, so after perusing the wares in the windows, you may stroll across to take in the holiday spirit. This year, the event will take place in a magnificent woodland where guests can meet nutcracker troops, play with interactive candy canes, and even get their picture taken with Santa Claus for free.

At night, there is a light show that will make you want to stay in this enchanted wood forever. So drop by anytime in the day or evening.

Weather In Melbourne In December

In Melbourne, summer officially begins in the month of December. Melbourne's summer season typically runs from December to February. The average maximum temperature in December is about 24–25 degrees Celsius. Temperatures drop and become more comfortable in the evenings. 14 or 13 degrees Celsius is possible as the minimum. Since December is often the warmest month in Melbourne, it is also the busiest travel month.


One of the busiest and most popular times of year to visit Melbourne is December, when many people come to enjoy the warm weather, the sunshine, and the city's beaches. Sorrento Beach, Port Melbourne Beach, and St. Kilda Beach are just a few of Melbourne's many stunning beaches. The beach in Port Melbourne, for example, is easily reached by the city's light rail system and features wide stretches of sand, shallow waters appropriate for swimming, and plenty of grassy meadows speckled with palm palms, all of which are available even if you don't have a car. Many restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments have opened up in the recently developed areas nearby. In the city's central business sector, shoppers can find stores ranging in price from very affordable to very costly.

The Bourke Street Mall is a great place to shop for designer brands, while the larger Chadstone Shopping Centre is conveniently located and provides a free shuttle service throughout the mall. During the Cherryhill Orchard Picking Season, visitors can also enjoy a day of shopping. Family-run CherryHill Orchards can be found in Australia's Yarra Valley, and it offers tourists the chance to both harvest their own cherries and watch movies beneath the stars. London-based art collective Random International is known for their innovative immersive art installation The Rain Room, in which visitors may experience a rainfall without getting wet. At the corner of Acland and Jackson streets in St. Kilda sits the Jackalope Pavillion, a spa where clients can relax and regenerate.

Many people travel to Fingal, Victoria specifically to soak in the hot springs there, especially when it's cold outside. Guests flock there for the restorative hydrotherapy and lavish spa treatments for which they are known. Melbourne's pubs are perfect for a laid-back supper and a few drinks, and the Midsummer Festival is a fantastic way to usher in the warmer months. You may also enjoy the holiday season with the Australian Ballet Company's free performances and free screenings of holiday films in Fed Square. The Summer Solstice festival, which lasts for 22 days between January and February, is held in Melbourne every December and is the country's most major cultural celebration.

You may enjoy live music, face painting, and other activities at Munich Brauhaus, and shop for one-of-a-kind treasures at Queen Victoria Market. If you're in Melbourne in December, a trip to Phillip Island is a must so that you may witness the famous Penguin Parade and enjoy the island's beautiful scenery. Given its large population of Little Penguins, Phillip Island is one of the best spots in Australia to see wildlife. Tours go from Melbourne's CBD every evening at twilight, taking you to the island, which is excellent for a December getaway from the city. Fed Square Decked Out For The Holidays, Santa Claus' Enchanted Forest At Caulfield Racecourse, and the Christmas Projection Show are just a few of the many holiday attractions in Melbourne.

It's important to remember that December nights on Phillip Island from Melbourne can be quite cool and wet. For the past four years, Santa's the Magical Kingdom has been a part of Melbourne's wintertime festivities. At this year's event, held in a beautiful forest, visitors will be able to take free photos with Santa Claus, interact with nutcracker troops, and have fun with interactive candy canes. Great performers and circus acts put on a show in Christmas Square, Gingerbread Land, and the International Christmas Show Spectacular. In December, the average high is a pleasant 24–25 degrees Celsius, and the weather improves as night falls. Similarly, December is Melbourne's busiest travel month.

Content Summary

  • The month of December is one of the busiest and most popular times to visit Melbourne all year, especially for those seeking to make the most of the outdoors, soak up some light from the sun, and experience Melbourne's beaches because of the warm summer weather in the days leading up to Christmas and also the new year.
  • Sorrento Beach is one of the best beaches in Melbourne for a day of family fun thanks to its public barbeques and covered picnic spaces.
  • Visit Melbourne's CBD to satisfy your shopping needs.
  • It could be a beautiful dress for your spouse or a considerate present for your closest friends.
  • In the Yarra Valley, about 45 minutes outside of Melbourne, is a family-owned cherry orchard.
  • CherryHill Orchards encourages customers to come select their own cherries.
  • Going to the Moonlight Movie at the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is like going on a holiday.
  • One of the most beautiful natural springs is the Hot Springs in Fingal, Victoria, where you may indulge in a fun December vacation.
  • Festive mood will be amplified with the showing of Christmas movies at Fed Square.
  • This year's free movie showings in Federation Square during the holidays will be an experience you won't soon forget.
  • Solstice customs and rituals Each December, Melbourne plays host to Australia's premier cultural event.
  • Beautiful sights of nature may be seen on Phillip Island.
  • If you're in Melbourne during the month of December, you just must visit Phillip Island to witness the annual Penguin Parade.
  • Finally, remember that even if the weather is nicer during the day, the nights on Phillip Island in December from Melbourne can be cool and damp.
  • Come out to the free Christmas celebration in Federation Square to start off the holiday season with a wide range of performances, displays, and more.
  • Santa's the Magical Kingdom has been a part of Melbourne's holiday traditions for the past four years.
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