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The Ultimate Guide To Summersalt Swimwear

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    For many, swimwear is a big decision. Do I want to show my belly? Should I be showing more cleavage? What if the bottoms ride up and reveal too much?? Summersalt has you covered with its selection of comfortable, fashionable pieces that will have you looking your best in and out of the water!

    Is the need for a new swimsuit making you break out in hives? You're not alone. Summersalt's ultimate guide is here to help! This summer, looking fabulous at the beach has never been easier with our curated list of luxe bathing suits that will have all eyes on you. Whether it be for your next family vaca or fancy date, we've got you covered, girl! So grab your sunglasses and boogie board because we are about to hit the water, baby!

    Summer salt is an online retailer which offers a wide variety of clothing for women, including swimsuits and related accessories such as cover-ups and sun hats. Their collection includes both one-piece suits and bikinis in various styles, such as high waisted or low cut bottoms paired with halter tops or tank tops. Do you want to find the best swimwear for your body type? Do you have no idea what size to buy? If so, this guide is perfect for you. Summersalt has everything from one-pieces and bikinis to tankinis and more.

    The only problem is deciding which style is right for you! With so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why I put together this ultimate guide with my favourite styles, colours and sizes that will fit any body type perfectly. The only thing that can make a summer day better is finding the perfect swimsuit to wear. Summersalt offers a range of stylish options for all body types and needs, from basic one-pieces to trendy monokinis.

    We have something for everyone! You'll find your perfect match with our wide variety of different styles, colours, patterns and more. So whether you're looking for swimwear that's practical or fashion-forward, we've got it covered with everything in between. And if you're still not sure what kind of suit will work best for your lifestyle (or budget), let us know; we are happy to provide personalized style advice or recommend suits based on your preferences.

    Summer is in full swing, and it's time to think about what you're going to wear at the pool this year! Summersalt Swimwear has a wide variety of options for everyone from bikini tops and bottoms, one-pieces, tankinis, wraps, and more. From classic designs like black with white polka dots or stripes in various colours to floral prints with pops of colour. No matter your style, they have the perfect suit for you!

    For those looking for something simple yet stylish, there are solid colours that will match any occasion. The "Calypso" design features a turquoise background with accents of grey on top, which is perfect if you want something fun yet subtle. Whether it's going to the beach, staying at home, or travelling abroad, one thing that should be on your list is picking out a new swimsuit. There are so many different styles available for every body type these days, allowing you to find something that suits you. Therefore, we have put together an ultimate guide of Summersalt swimwear. Let's get started!

    FAQs About Summersalt Swimwear

    Summersalt is based in St. Louis, but it sells swimsuits directly to customers through its online website and partnerships with Madewell and J. Crew. The collection of swimwear ranges in price from $45-$50 for individual bikini tops and bottoms to $95 for a one-piece.

    As far as the Summersalt one piece styles go, the Marina runs a bit small while the Voyager, Ruffle Oasis and Ruffle Backflip run a bit more tts.

    We make it easy! Initiate your return or exchange here. (P.S. returns and exchanges are free!) All returned products must be returned within 30-days of the delivery date in unused, pristine condition with original tags attached and hygienic liners intact.

    Except for any products designated on the site as non-returnable, we will accept returns of unworn, unwashed items of unworn, unwashed items in original condition with product tags and hygiene liners attached within 30 days of delivery. *Please note that we don't accept returns after the 30 day timeframe.

    The short answer is, yes, I do think that Summersalt swimsuits are worth the price. But only for certain pieces, as some of their styles miss the mark for me. I think I own at least a dozen Summersalt bathing suits, so I'm giving you the scoop on everything I love (and don't love) about them.

    Summersalt: Information

    According to their Instagram page, Summersalt claims to be the swimwear brand that finally allows you to feel comfortable moving around in your suit again. A wide range of feelings is associated with buying a new swimmer in the months leading up to summer. The prospect of enjoyable, carefree times is met with excitement, anticipation, fear, and aggravation due to the needless complexity of swimmers purchasing.

    Most of the time, you can do a stylish suit that will require hundreds of adjustments throughout the afternoon but which you will persevere in wearing since, hey, at least you look cute, or opting instead for a comfortable but plain style. Maybe you're eyeing a particularly chic one with lustful intent, but the price makes you think twice.

    the ultimate guide to summersalt swimwear (1)

    That's why, in May of 2017, when the new swimwear brand Summersalt debuted, ladies everywhere heaved a collective sigh of relief and wanted to somersault with joy. One-piece swimmers and bikinis are produced by this internet business, which was started by swimwear industry direct-to-consumer veterans Lori Coulter and Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin.

    There's a wide range of alternatives, yet the designs and colour palettes don't feel like they were thrown together hastily. All suites have similar characteristics, such as clean lines and classic cuts with a modern touch.

    The costumes are loud and flashy, and their wearers don't mind showing off their love handles or thighs. They don't seem to have any second thoughts about getting wet.

    When it comes to caring for the planet, Summersalt is dependable. Fabrics and packaging are both made with recycled materials at this company.

    Is There Something Special About Summersalt Bathing Suits?

    Summersalt highlights many of its unique selling points on its website.

    Value for money, if you will.

    • Costing about $95 apiece, one-piece swimmers are more expensive than their bikini counterparts, which range from about $50 for the top to $45 for the bottom. However, Swimwear from Summersalt is promoted as "designer quality at the best price."
    • That's how well it fits. Summersalt claims that to create its "data-backed fit," "nearly 1.5 million body measurements were taken from 10,000 women." Intriguing.
    • Just the stuff. The suits are eco-friendly since they use recycled clothing and packaging materials.
    • Use and abuse. The swimwear is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dry quickly, and keep you feeling great while you're on the go.

    Summersalt's suits, as well as the company's advertising strategy, are said to be one-of-a-kind. Moreover, women of varying heights model suits on the internet and body types, reassuring to someone like me who isis neither tall nor sticks slim. More than anything else, this made me buy swimwear from Summersalt.

    Made with High-Quality, Form-Fitting Summersalt

    Summersalt's suits achieve the rare balance of style and practicality thanks to their impeccable tailoring and modern silhouettes. The 1.5 million body measurements the business collected from 10,000 women likely played a role in the perfect fit.

    It uses a patented technology called "TrueMeasure" to create its suits and manage its supply chain, which involves 3D body scanning, mass customisation, and computer-aided design.

    In addition to lazing on the beach, swimmers can be used for playing in the water, venturing out into the waves, diving into the sand to retrieve a volleyball, and many other summertime pursuits.

    Sweat, grease, chlorine, sunscreen, and dirt from outdoor activities are no match for a Summersalt suit.

    They have a UPF of 50+, which means they will block more than 98% of UV rays when you're out in the sun.

    They are also resistant to the hazards of chlorine swimming pools. Connie Chen, the senior writer, had swum competitively since middle school and has gone through her share of swimmers that no longer provide the same level of compression they did when she first bought them.

    Summersalt swimmers feature four times the compression of regular swimwear and can withstand being submerged in chlorinated water for more than a hundred hours without losing their form.

    The suits are also more technical, softer, and durable than conventional textiles since they are crafted from high-quality recycled materials.

    Summersalt makes it simple to select your preferred fit by categorising pieces by "Great Boob Support" and "More Butt Coverage" in addition to the standard size and suit type criteria. Your safety is its top priority. Thus it will accommodate your preferences.

    They aren't as cheap as the $20 bikinis on the market, but unlike other stores that sell quality swimwear, Summersalt sells directly to customers.

    The business also says its fabric is five times more durable than standard swimwear material and has built-in UV 50+ protection to hold up well on hot summer days.

    There Is a Wide Variety of Choices

    More than 40 distinct one- and two-piece designs are available from the brand, with options like high-waisted, naughty, sheer perforations, and super-plunge.

    The vast colour palette most suits offer, which typically includes five different tones plus colour blocking and leopard print, makes coordinating outfits a breeze.

    the ultimate guide to summersalt swimwear (2)

    Can I Get a Tan When Wearing a Swimwear from Summersalt?

    Even if everything fit perfectly, not every design was made with tanning in mind. To be more precise, it's The Sidestroke. The iconic one-piece is a great suit, but it isn't practical for lounging around. That shouldn't come as a surprise, as Summersalt's goal is to facilitate effortless movement while wearing swimmers, not to encourage lounging around on a towel to soak up the sun. You're bound to obtain a tan if you spend enough time in the sun at the beach or pool. And nobody likes a tan line down one shoulder. You won't find me upfront or in the back. While planning on getting a tan, you'll find that The Sunbather and the Marina are better suited to your needs.

    Have you tried Summersalt swimwear?

    Although we only had these swimmers for a month, we found them superior to the rest of my swimwear.

    Suits made by Summersalt indeed dry quickly, as the company claims. We can't say whether the rapid drying time of the swimmers is a result of the unusually high temperatures this summer or the quality of the swimwear's fabric. We'll take a chance and declare both explanations apply.

    The swimwear, it is said, also reduces the effects of wrinkles. We have rolled these swimmers into balls and stuffed them into suitcases for weekend getaways, and they have come out of storage wrinkle-free. Not even after being worn and dried did they wrinkle.

    In terms of importance, the swimmers' comfort is paramount. So is the quality much better than the other bikinis I've purchased from Everything But Water and Nordstrom for the same price? No, not that any normal person like us has noticed. The designs, though, are something I haven't seen on any of my other high-quality swimwear.

    Are Summersalt Swimsuits Really That Good?

    In general, the bathing suits offered by Summersalt are stylish, functional, and of high quality. Except for the countless imitations that have taken over my Instagram page since Summersalt, we have never seen bathing suits like these before. However, the nicest aspect of Summersalt is that it made me rethink my feelings towards bathing suits. We never imagined I'd overcome my fear of people's judgement and wear a bikini with such a bold colour scheme.

    However, Summersalt came through with their swimmers, which had flattering patterns and sufficient compression to make me feel secure and confident. We need more of them right now. Who knew we'd go from being anxious about wearing swimmers to being obsessed with doing so? You're very welcome, Summersalt.

    The Results

    The year is 2021, and everyone should have access to a flattering, functional, and aesthetically pleasing swimming suit and Summersalt agrees.

    There's no danger in giving them a shot because you may try on various designs before committing to a purchase. A word of caution, though: once you give them a try, returning them will be a major hassle. Summersalt has designer swimwear that won't disappoint you, whether you're shopping for a sporty bikini or a sultry plunge one-piece.


    Summersalt is a web-based shop selling a wide range of women's apparel, including swimwear and accessories. You can find bikinis and one-piece swimmers with halter or tank tops and low-cut or high-waisted bottoms. From the most essential of one-piece swimmers to the most cutting-edge of monokinis, they have something to suit any figure and occasion. So if you're having trouble deciding what size to choose or need help locating the ideal swimwear for your body shape, this is the guide. We are delighted to give you individualised fashion suggestions and suit recommendations.

    Now that summer has officially arrived, it's time to start thinking about what to wear in the water. Bikini sets, one-pieces, tankinis, wraps, and more are all available at Summersalt Swimwear. Swimwear veterans Lori Coulter and Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin founded the company, which features many options without sacrificing quality design or hasty colour palettes. Suits are uniform in their attention to detail, clean lines, and traditional cuts updated with a modern twist. If you're looking for a stylish option that won't draw too much attention to itself, choose the "Calypso" pattern with its turquoise base and grey details.

    A one-piece Summersalt bathing suit is a one-of-a-kind item of swimwear that retails for $95. They are friendly to the environment because they are made from recycled textiles and packaging and include convenient features like eliminating creases and rapid drying times. Created with 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women using a proprietary system called "TrueMeasure," the suits are produced, and their supply chain is managed precisely. You can use them for swimming, surfing, retrieving a volleyball from the sand, and a whole host of other summertime activities thanks to their UPF 50 rating.

    Swimwear from Summersalt is constructed from high-quality recycled materials and is resistant to the risks posed by chlorine. It can survive immersed in chlorinated water for over a hundred hours without losing shape and has four times the compression of ordinary swimwear. The fabric features UV protection of 50+, making it suitable for hot summer days, and it is five times more durable than regular swimwear fabric. 40 unique one- and two-piece styles, including high-waisted, naughty, sheer perforations, and super-plunge possibilities. Most suits come in at least five different colours, making it easy to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.

    The purpose of Summersalt is to facilitate effortless movement while wearing swimmers, not to encourage lying around on a towel, so not every design was developed with tanning in mind. You'd have more luck at the Sunbather or the Marina. The swimwear from Summersalt is fashionable, practical, and of the highest quality. They dry rapidly, so you can pack them for a weekend trip without worrying about wrinkles. They feel safe and protected in these clothes because of the adequate compression and the bold, aesthetically pleasing patterns. Whether you're looking for an athletic bikini or a sexy plunge one-piece, Summersalt has you covered. Trying them out won't hurt anything, but sending them back will be painful.

    Content Summary

    • Choosing swimwear can be difficult for many people.
    • You can look your best in and out of the water with the help of Summersalt's wide variety of stylish yet practical clothing options.
    • That feeling is shared by others, too.
    • The complete guide to Summersalt is here to assist you!
    • Our hand-picked selection of high-end beachwear is sure to turn heads this summer.
    • We've got you covered, lady, for any upcoming travel plans, whether they involve the whole family or a beautiful dinner for two.
    • Please put on your shades and a boogie board because we're going swimming.
    • The online store Summer Salt sells many fashionable women's clothes, including swimwear and related items like cover-ups and sun hats.
    • You can find bikinis and one-piece swimmers with halter or tank tops and low-cut or high-waisted bottoms.
    • Fortunately, you've found the right manual.
    • One-pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and more may be found at Summersalt.
    • The only difficulty lies in selecting the ideal fashion for you.
    • Knowing where to begin is difficult when. There are so many possibilities.
    • That's why I compiled this comprehensive guide featuring my go-to designs, hues, and dimensions that work for everyone.
    • The only way to make a summer day better is to find the ideal swimwear.
    • From classic one-pieces to on-trend monokinis, Summersalt has you covered, no matter your body shape or swimwear requirements.
    • All of your needs can be satisfied here.
    • With so many cut, fabric, and hue options, we're sure you'll discover something just right.
    • That being said, we also have various items that fall between these two extremes, ensuring that your every swimwear need may be met.
    • Now that summer has officially arrived, it's time to start planning your swimwear wardrobe.
    • Bikini sets, one-pieces, tankinis, wraps, and more can be found at Summersalt Swimwear. Styles range from timeless black and white polka dots and multicoloured stripes to modern floral prints with bright accents.
    • They have a suit that will flatter any figure.
    • There are always classic, versatile solid colours to choose from to keep things understated but still chic.
    • Getting a new swimmer is a must whether you're headed to the beach, staying in, or travelling.
    • These days, it's easy to choose a look that works for your body shape because of the wide variety of options currently accessible.
    • As a result, we have compiled the complete resource on Summersalt swimwear.
    • Well, so let's begin!
    • Summersalt advertises itself on Instagram as the swimwear company that will restore your confidence while wearing a bathing suit.
    • In the weeks preceding summer, a wide spectrum of emotions is connected to purchasing a new swimming device.
    • Most of the time, you have the choice between donning a beautiful suit that will take hundreds of modifications throughout the afternoon but which you will continue wearing because, hey, at least you look cute and donning a comfy but simple design.
    • For this reason, women everywhere breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to somersault with pleasure when the new swimwear brand Summersalt debuted in May 2017.
    • This online store was established by swimwear industry veterans Lori Coulter and Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin, who specialise in producing one-piece swimmers and bikinis for direct sale.
    • Choices abound, yet the layouts and colour schemes don't appear to have been hurriedly put together.
    • The outfits are flashy, and the participants aren't bashful about showing off their love handles or thighs.
    • Summersalt can be trusted when it comes to environmental protection.
    • This firm uses only recycled resources in its manufacturing of fabrics and packaging.
    • On its website, Summersalt highlights many of its distinguishing features.
    • You may say it's good value.
    • One-piece swimmers are more expensive at around $95 each, while bikinis cost roughly $50 for the top and $45 for the bottom.
    • Yet Summersalt advertises their swimwear as "designer quality at the best price."
    • That's how perfectly snug it is.
    • Summersalt says that "almost 1.5 million body measurements were obtained from 10,000 ladies" to develop its "data-backed fit."
    • It's just the stuff you need.
    • These outfits are eco-friendly because they are made from recycled textiles and cardboard.
    • Overuse and mistreatment.
    • The swimwear is made to make you look and feel wonderful even when you're on the run by eliminating the effects of creases and drying swiftly.
    • The suits made by Summersalt and the company's marketing approach have garnered a reputation for being truly unique.
    • And I appreciate that there are ladies of various shapes and sizes modelling suits online; I can find inspiration even though I'm neither tall nor skinny.
    • This influenced my decision to purchase swimwear from Summersalt more than anything else.
    • There's a good chance the ideal fit was helped by the 1.5 million body measurements the company gathered from 10,000 women.
    • Its suits are made with a patented method called "TrueMeasure," which incorporates 3D body scanning, mass customisation, and computer-aided design to streamline production.
    • Swimsuits are useful for more than just lounging on the beach; they can be used for activities like wading in the sea, exploring the waves, or diving into the sand to retrieve a volleyball.
    • They can even withstand the risks of swimming pools with chlorine.
    • Connie Chen, the senior author, has been a competitive swimmer since middle school and has gone through many pairs of swimmers that no longer provide the same level of compression as when she first bought them.
    • Swimsuits made of Summersalt have four times the compression of ordinary swimwear and can resist being submerged in chlorinated water for more than a hundred hours without losing shape.
    • In addition to being more eco-friendly, the recycled materials used to make the suits make them more technically advanced, supple, and long-lasting than traditional textiles.
    • Apart from the typical size and suit type criteria, Summersalt additionally categorises garments by "Great Boob Support" and "More Butt Covering," making it easy to select your ideal fit.
    • You may rest assured that your security will be prioritised.
    • Thus, it can adjust to suit your needs.
    • Although Summersalt's bikinis are more expensive than the average $20 bikini, the company bypasses intermediaries by selling to clients directly.
    • Its fabric includes built-in UV 50+ protection and, according to the company, is five times more durable than regular swimwear fabric, making it ideal for use throughout the hot summer months.
    • The label offers over 40 unique one- and two-piece styles, including high-waisted, naughty, sheer perforations, and super-plunge options.
    • Most suits come in at least five different colours, making it easy to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.
    • Not every item was created with tanning in mind, even if it fits nicely.
    • The Sidestroke, to be exact.
    • The famous one-piece may be a fantastic suit, but it's not exactly made for lounging around in.
    • That shouldn't be surprising as Summersalt is designed to make swimming easier while wearing them, not to promote sunbathing on a towel.
    • You will get a tan if you spend enough time at the beach or pool.
    • And a tan line down one shoulder is never a good thing.
    • Summersalt's promises about the speed at which its suits dry are accurate.
    • We don't know if the swimmers' quick-drying times are due to the high summer temperatures or the high-quality fabrics used to make their swimmers.
    • Wrinkles, it is stated, are less noticeable after wearing the swimwear.
    • These swimmers have been rolled up into balls and stashed away in bags for weekend trips without a hint of a wrinkle.
    • They retained their shape even after being worn and dried.
    • The safety of the swimmers is crucial.
    • At least there hasn't been any noticeable effect on regular folks like us.
    • Nevertheless, I don't have any other high-quality swimwear with designs like these.
    • Summersalt's swimming suits, in general, are fashionable, practical, and of excellent quality.
    • We have never seen bathing suits like these unless you count the many knockoffs that have flooded my Instagram feed since Summersalt.
    • The best part about Summersalt is that it changed my mind about bikinis.
    • We had no idea I'd overcome my inhibitions and don a brightly coloured bikini.
    • Summersalt, on the other hand, saved the day with their swimmers, which fit well and featured a flattering design and enough compression to make me feel safe and confident.
    • Right now, we could use a few more of them.
    • Thank you so much for your help.
    • In 2021, Summersalt believed everyone should have access to well-fitting, multipurpose swimmers that also look good.
    • Since you may try on different styles before making a purchase, there is no risk in giving them a chance.
    • However, be warned that sending them back will be a huge pain once you've tried them.
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