Melbourne’s Choice: 10 Top-Rated NDIS Cleaning Services

Melbourne, a city celebrated for its dynamic lifestyle and beautiful living spaces, is also home to pioneers in the NDIS cleaning industry who bring a level of detail and compassion to their work unmatched in the market. This listicle introduces you to the trailblazers who offer NDIS participants not just a cleaning service but a partnership in maintaining their quality of life. Each provider listed has been rigorously assessed to ensure they meet the high standards required for NDIS clients, focusing on creating environments that are not only clean but also supportive and empowering.

These cleaning specialists stand out for their ability to tailor their services to the nuanced needs of each individual, recognising the importance of a clean and orderly home for the overall well-being of NDIS participants. They take pride in their role as key contributors to the participant's ability to live independently and with dignity. As we take you through Melbourne's top NDIS cleaning services, prepare to find those who have the skills, dedication, and

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    A Max Clean Group

    a max clean group

    A Max Clean Group offers specialised NDIS house cleaning services in Melbourne, catering to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was introduced in Melbourne in 2016, aiming to provide more choice and control to people with disabilities. The NDIS covers a wide range of services, including therapy, personal care, assistive technology, home modifications, and employment assistance. 

    A Max Clean Group's NDIS cleaning services in Melbourne are designed to ensure that each client's specific needs are met. They follow a structured process that includes understanding the client's requirements, creating a service agreement, and then executing the cleaning service using the NDIS my place platform.

    Services Offered:

    • Quality NDIS House Cleaning: Tailored cleaning solutions to meet the specific requirements of NDIS participants.
    • NDIS Regular House Cleaning: Scheduled cleaning services to ensure a clean and organised living space.
    • NDIS Housekeeping Services: Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of various areas of the home.
    • NDIS Exit Cleaning Services: Professional cleaning services to facilitate a smooth transition during moves.
    • NDIS Kitchen Cleaning: Ensuring a clean and hygienic kitchen environment.
    • NDIS Bathroom Cleaning: Maintaining impeccable cleanliness in bathrooms, considering the unique needs of people with disabilities.

    Phone: 61 451 916 069



    Effly is a cleaning service company built on a foundation of trust and respect. Their mission revolves around providing a clean and healthy living environment for Australians. They prioritise open communication and tailored services to foster strong, long-term relationships with their clients, ensuring reliability, honesty, and integrity within the cleaning industry. 

    Effly's vision is to be the premier cleaning brand for households, emphasising exceptional service quality and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. They aim to not only meet but exceed client expectations, contribute positively to society, and offer employment opportunities that empower individuals to support themselves and their families.

    Services Offered:

    • Tailored cleaning services for households.
    • Commitment to sustainability in cleaning practices.
    • Employment opportunities in the cleaning sector.

    Phone: 1800 4 33359



    Maid2Match is recognised as Australia's leading house cleaning service, offering a wide range of cleaning solutions tailored to individual needs. The company was founded by three brothers and has grown to become one of the most trusted professional cleaning services in the country.

    With a commitment to delivering 5-star service across 33+ locations, Maid2Match ensures customer satisfaction with its 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their services are not just limited to house cleaning; they encompass a broader spectrum to cater to various cleaning requirements.

    Services Offered:

    • House Cleaning:
      • Tailored cleaning based on client needs and preferences.
      • Options for flat rate or hourly pricing.
      • Add-ons available, including deep cleaning, oven cleaning, and more.
    • End Of Lease Cleaning:
      • Comprehensive cleaning to ensure bond retrieval.
      • Professional end of lease cleaners with a 72-hour guarantee.
    • NDIS Cleaning:
      • Cleaning services for customers of all abilities in line with Plan requirements.
      • Collaboration with Plan Managers and booking through NDIS myplace.
    • Office Cleaning:
      • Comprehensive cleaning of office spaces, including reception areas, employee facilities, and more.

    Phone: 1800 207 686

    Green Clean Australia 

    green clean australia

    Green Clean offers professional home cleaning services to NDIS approved clients across Sydney, Central Coast, and Melbourne. As Australia's first green cleaning company, they prioritise the health of their clients by using non-toxic cleaning products, color-coded microfiber cloths, mops, and vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters. 

    Green Clean believes in the importance of a clean environment in enhancing well-being and reducing stress. Their services are designed to be thorough and reliable, ensuring homes are cleaned to the highest standards with minimal disruption.

    Services Offered:

    • Professional home cleaning for NDIS approved clients.
    • Use of non-toxic cleaning products and advanced equipment.
    • Carpet and rug cleaning.
    • Mattress cleaning and sanitising.
    • Oven and range-hood cleaning.
    • Internal kitchen and bathroom cupboard cleaning.
    • Balcony cleaning.
    • Wardrobe organising and cloth folding.
    • Upholstery cleaning.
    • Window cleaning.
    • Fridge cleaning.
    • Wall washing.
    • Glass doors and internal window cleaning.

    Phone: 1300 825 427

    Admire Support Services

    admire support services

    Admire Support Services is a registered NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider based in Melbourne, offering specialised support services to individuals with disabilities in the Ballarat and Melbourne areas. The organisation is committed to delivering safe, exceptional, and personalised care, emphasising the importance of inclusivity and tailored support. As a registered NDIS provider, Admire Support Services focuses on empowering the lives of its clients by providing a range of services that cater to various needs and life stages.

    The organisation's core values are Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, and Empowerment, focusing on honesty, consistency, ethical standards, passion, and respect for diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Admire Support Services also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land in the Ballarat and Melbourne regions, emphasising their respect and connection to the community.

    Services offered:

    • Accommodation/Tenancy Assistance
    • Assist-Life Stages, Transition, and Support
    • Travel/Transport
    • Assist Personal Activities
    • Community Nursing Care for High Needs
    • Assist Daily Tasks/Shared Living
    • Development of Daily Living & Life Skills
    • Household Tasks
    • Innovative Community Participation
    • Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities
    • Management of Funding for Supports in a Participant's Plan
    • Group/Centre-Based Activities

    Phone: 0412227813

    Clean Group

    clean group

    Clean Group is a reliable and trusted cleaning provider for NDIS individuals and families based in Sydney. They offer specialised cleaning services tailored to the needs of NDIS participants, ensuring that their homes are maintained in a clean and safe condition. 

    With a team of trained professionals, Clean Group provides comprehensive cleaning solutions, from basic household chores to more specialised tasks. Their commitment is to assist disabled individuals in leading a normal life by offering adequate support and services, ensuring their living spaces are clean, decluttered, and well-maintained.

    Services Offered:

    • Basic Cleaning: Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, furniture dusting, disinfection.
    • Carpet Cleaning: Steam & dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, rug cleaning, leather protection & cleaning.
    • Commercial Cleaning: Floor cleaning, driveway cleaning, graffiti removal, pressure washing, exterior cleaning.
    • Garden Cleaning & Maintenance: Grass trimming, plant cutting, weeding, watering, fertiliser application, composting.
    • Forensic Cleaning: Trauma cleaning, biohazard remediation, blood cleanup.Laundry Cleaning: Dry cleaning, washing, machine cleaning, ironing/pressing.
    • End of Lease Cleaning: Vacuuming, mopping, electronics cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, decluttering.
    • Decluttering Services: Cleaning & removal of trash, organising items, recycling.

    Phone: 1300-073-089



    Cleanabilities Australia is a specialised service that offers in-home cleaning support to individuals living in hoarded or squalor environments. These individuals often face challenges due to fluctuating capacities, which can be influenced by various life events, personal anxieties, and the aging process. The company recognises that managing capacity can be challenging, especially when it leads to feelings of shame, embarrassment, and self-imposed isolation. 

    Cleanabilities aims to build trust with their clients, understanding their unique anxiety levels and capacity management issues. They emphasise the importance of documenting high anxiety periods, especially for those living in hoarded or squalor conditions, and offer evidence-based reports to assist various stakeholders, including the government and health system.

    Services Offered:

    • In-home cleaning support for homes in hoarded or squalor conditions.
    • Capacity and change management.
    • Anxiety management in hoarding and squalor situations.
    • Documentation of high anxiety periods.
    • Production of evidence-based reports after large projects.

    Phone: 1800 796 157

    Magnum Support Services

    magnum support services

    Magnum Support Services offers reliable house cleaning services tailored to individual needs. They have dedicated teams of both male and female cleaners who are available for regular scheduled cleanings, whether it be weekly, fortnightly, or on an on-call basis. This service is especially beneficial for their clients and NDIS Participants, ensuring a healthier and cleaner living environment. 

    All of Magnum's cleaners are professionally presented and emphasise the importance of maintaining a clean space for families, pets, and guests. They come equipped with the most commonly recommended cleaning chemicals and equipment to ensure thorough cleaning. However, if clients have specific cleaning chemicals they prefer, the cleaners are flexible and prepared to accommodate such requests.

    Services Offered:

    • Regular scheduled house cleaning (weekly, fortnightly, or on-call basis).
    • Use of recommended cleaning chemicals and equipment.
    • Accommodation of client-specific cleaning chemical requests.

    Phone: 03 90137740

    Kilted Cleaners

    kilted cleaners

    Kilted Cleaners is an accredited cleaning service provider for NDIS participants, collaborating with several NDIS providers such as ECH, Anglicare, Trilogy, and more. They simplify the booking process for those eligible under the NDIS package. If you or a family member living with you is an NDIS participant, you might qualify for their cleaning services.

    Kilted Cleaners has a vast experience working with numerous NDIS participants, ensuring quality and ease of service. Their unique selling point is that all their cleaners wear traditional tartan kilts while working, offering a distinctive touch to their service.

    Services Offered:

    • Pressure cleaning
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Pool fence cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Solar panel cleaning

    Phone: 1800 54 54 54

    CTC Care

    ctc care

    CTC Care is a service provider specialising in cleaning and gardening services for various clients, including those with disabilities, under the NDIS Scheme, Aged Care, Work Cover, or TAC. They offer a range of domestic and commercial cleaning services, ensuring a clean, healthy, and well-maintained environment for homes and businesses. 

    The company prides itself on having friendly, reliable, and trustworthy staff who are continuously trained and certified. They are also covered with Public Liability Insurance and Work Cover, emphasising their commitment to safety and quality.

    Services offered by CTC Care include:

    • Aged care home help services
    • Carpet cleaning
    • General and regular commercial cleaning
    • Domestic cleaning
    • NDIS home help services
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Gardening services
    • Window cleaning
    • High-pressure cleaning

    Phone: 03 9335 1737

    Cleaning services are tailored based on the participant's NDIS plan, which outlines their specific needs and goals.

    You can discuss this with your NDIS planner to see if your plan can be adjusted based on your needs.

    Typically, there are no out-of-pocket expenses for services covered under your NDIS plan.

    NDIS cleaning services are generally for residential properties, as the scheme is designed to support individuals in their homes.

    Some service providers have review systems, and you can also find reviews on third-party websites or through the NDIS.

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