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Top 10 Melbourne Contractors for Timber Decking

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space, a few additions can match the timeless charm and versatility of a timber deck.

Melbourne, known for its stunning landscapes and temperate climate, offers the perfect backdrop for enjoying your outdoor oasis. However, choosing the right contractor to bring your timber decking dreams to life is crucial.

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of the Top 10 Melbourne Contractors for Timber Decking.

Whether you're envisioning a cozy retreat for family gatherings or an expansive entertainment area, these skilled professionals have the expertise and craftsmanship to turn your vision into reality.

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    Southside Civil

    southside civil

    Southside Civil specialises in designing and constructing retaining walls that enhance the aesthetics of Melbourne's landscapes. With years of experience, they offer a variety of services, including concrete retaining walls, treated pine retaining walls, decking, and pergolas. Their concrete retaining walls are known for their durability and modern design, while the treated pine retaining walls blend the rustic charm of natural wood with the strength of modern treatments. Southside Civil also provides high-quality concrete slab services, ensuring stability and durability for various structures.

    In addition to retaining walls, Southside Civil excels in creating luxurious outdoor spaces with their pergola and decking construction services. They transform outdoor areas into functional and beautiful retreats, offering solutions that combine functionality with style. Their expertise and commitment to quality make them a trusted name in Melbourne for retaining wall solutions and landscaping services.

    Services Offered

    • Concrete Retaining Walls: Durable and modern design, ideal for Melbourne's terrains.
    • Treated Pine Retaining Walls: Combines natural wood's charm with modern treatment for strength and longevity.
    • Pergolas & Decks: Expert construction for luxurious outdoor spaces.
    • Concrete Slabs: Provides solid foundations for various structures, ensuring stability and durability.

    Phone: 03 9988 9169

    Pergolas and Decking Melbourne

    pergolas and decking melbourne

    Pergolas and Decking Melbourne is dedicated to enhancing outdoor living spaces by providing stylish and durable timber decking solutions. Recognising the long-standing Australian tradition of enjoying the outdoors, the company offers a range of construction solutions that blend classic pergola, verandah, and decking designs with modern, resilient materials. 

    Their team of experts specialises in constructing outdoor timber decks tailored to individual lifestyles, ensuring each deck not only elevates the aesthetics of the space but also adds value to the home. With a focus on using durable timbers like treated pine, gum, ironbark, Merbau, and blackbutt, they aim to transform outdoor areas into sophisticated and functional spaces.

    Decking Services and Timber Options:

    • Decking Solutions: Elegant designs that suit various lifestyles and home aesthetics.
    • Timber Choices: Durable timbers, including treated pine, gum, ironbark, Merbau, and blackbutt.
    • Custom Deck Projects: Experience in numerous custom deck projects around Melbourne.
    • Versatile Applications: Suitable for expansions, alfresco rooms, pool decking, and entertainment areas.

    Phone: 0438 316 695

    Maliview Decks and Pergolas 

    maliview decks and pergolas

    Maliview Decks and Pergolas is a leading decking service provider in Melbourne, dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas. Recognising the multifaceted benefits of a well-crafted deck, the company emphasises that a new deck not only offers a convenient space for barbecues, events, and relaxation but also transforms non-functional areas into usable ones. 

    For gardens that are steep or challenging to use, a strategically designed deck can create a more practical space. Moreover, decks are an ideal solution around spas and pools due to their heat absorption properties and reduced slipperiness. Maliview Decks and Pergolas boasts expertise in handling various spatial challenges, including small areas, uniquely shaped gardens, steep terrains, and the removal of existing structures, ensuring that every garden is transformed into an entertainment haven.

    Decking Services:

    • Versatility: Decks provide a convenient space for hosting events, barbecues, and relaxation.
    • Functionality: Transform non-functional or steep gardens into practical spaces.
    • Safety Around Pools: Decks absorb minimal heat and offer a less slippery surface around spas and pools.
    • Custom Solutions: Expertise in handling spatial challenges, including small areas, odd garden shapes, and steep terrains.

    Phone: 0418 292 776

    Decking Melbourne

    decking melbourne

    Decking Melbourne is a premier decking service provider catering to homeowners across Melbourne and Victoria. With a team of qualified and experienced carpenters, the company specialises in various types of residential decking services, including composite, Merbau, and timber decking. 

    Recognising the transformative power of a well-constructed deck, the company emphasises the multifaceted benefits it brings, from enhancing outdoor entertainment spaces to adding value and functionality to homes. Whether renovating an existing space or embarking on a new landscape garden project, Decking Melbourne ensures that every deck they construct meets their high-quality standards, blending seamlessly with the existing aesthetics of the home.

    Services Offered:

    • Composite Decking: Modern, low-maintenance decks using brands like Trex, Fibreon, TimberTech, and Modwood.
    • Merbau Decking: Popular for its anti-rotting, termite resistance, and beautiful red-brown finish.
    • Hardwood Decking: Durable decking made from slow-growing deciduous trees like spotted gum, blackbutt, and ironbark.
    • Affordable Decking Services: Comprehensive decking solutions, from above-ground pool decks to floating and covered decks, at competitive prices.

    Phone: (03) 9122 5268



    Softwood is a renowned supplier of timber decking solutions in Australia. They offer a diverse range of decking materials, each with its unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. From the warm hues of Merbau to the distinctive spotted appearance of Spotted Gum, Softwoods ensures that homeowners have a plethora of options to choose from. 

    The company emphasises the durability, toughness, and aesthetic appeal of each timber type, ensuring that customers receive decking that not only enhances the beauty of their outdoor spaces but also stands the test of time. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Softwoods has positioned itself as a leading choice for those seeking top-tier decking solutions.

    Decking Options Offered:

    • Clear Treated Pine: Known for its stain-taking ability and durability.
    • Kapur: Imported from Indonesia, showcasing a beautiful grain pattern.
    • Ironbark: Highly durable with hues ranging from light grey to dark brown.
    • Spotted Gum: Distinct spotted appearance with a unique wavy timber grain.
    • Tallow Wood: Light-coloured yellow-brown appearance.
    • Blackbutt: Blonde or pale colour profile.
    • Jarrah: Vibrant red/brown colour profile.
    • Merbau: Deep red-brown colour with potential tannin bleed.
    • River Red: Shades ranging from deep to light red and brown.

    Phone: (08) 8346 1499

    Ferguson Landscape & Design

    ferguson landscape design

    Ferguson Landscape & Design is a leading decking construction company in Melbourne dedicated to enhancing outdoor spaces with beautifully crafted timber decks. Recognising the significance of outdoor entertainment areas, the company offers decking solutions that seamlessly blend with the natural environment of homes. 

    As Melbourne's top choice for decking, Ferguson Landscape & Design takes pride in delivering exceptional service and unparalleled quality in every deck they construct. Their expertise in timber and Merbau decking ensures that homeowners receive a deck that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and long-lasting.

    Decking Services Offered:

    • Merbau Timber Decking: A brilliant choice for outdoor areas, known for its aesthetic appeal.
    • Timber Decking: Emphasizing the natural beauty of timber decks.
    • Deck Building: Expert deck builders are committed to providing industry-leading service and quality.
    • Crafted for Excellence: Decks and pergolas designed to complement the natural flow of homes.
    • Decking Work Process: A straightforward process from initial consultation to construction.

    Phone: 0450 701 605

    Froggy's Decking Melbourne

    froggy s decking melbourne

    Froggy's offers professional decking services in Melbourne, aiming to transform outdoor spaces into stunning and functional living areas. Whether it's a summer barbecue or a quiet evening reading, a well-designed deck can elevate the experience. 

    Froggy's understands the importance of outdoor spaces and offers decking solutions tailored to individual preferences. With their expertise, they ensure that every deck is not only visually appealing but also practical and durable.

    Decking Services Offered:

    • Professional Decking Services: Customized decks to fit individual visions and preferences.
    • Value Addition: Decks that enhance the visual appeal and market value of homes.
    • Maximized Living Space: Decks that offer additional areas for grilling, dining, and relaxation.
    • Low Maintenance: Durable decks that require minimal upkeep.
    • Eco-friendly Options: Sustainable wood decking and eco-friendly design options.

    Phone: 0425 852 621

    Big Azz Constructions 

    big azz constructions

    Big Azz Constructions is a leading decking construction company in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, dedicated to enhancing outdoor spaces with high-quality timber decking. Recognising the transformative power of a well-constructed deck, the company emphasises the beauty and durability of timber as a decking material. 

    With decades of experience in beautifying residential properties, Big Azz Constructions offers homeowners the opportunity to create stunning outdoor living spaces that not only elevate the aesthetics of their homes but also add significant value. As decking specialists, they provide an extensive range of natural timber decking options, ensuring that every deck they install meets the highest standards of quality and design.

    Decking Services Offered:

    • Timber Decking: Utilizing natural timber to create beautiful and durable decks.
    • Hardwood Timber Decking: Suitable for crafting stunning residential decks.
    • Customised Decking Solutions: Working closely with homeowners from design to installation.
    • Affordable Pricing: Offering competitive prices without compromising on quality.
    • Versatility: From decking construction to carport construction, they handle a wide range of projects.

    Phone: 0417 535 032



    WoodEvo specialises in timber decking, offering homeowners in Melbourne a stylish and functional solution to enhance their outdoor spaces. Timber decking has gained immense popularity due to its aesthetic appeal and practicality. Not only does it provide a cost-effective way to improve outdoor areas, but it also offers durability and a natural look that can increase the value of a home. The article delves into the various types of timber materials available for decking, such as Pine, BlackButt, Merbau, Ironbark, and Jarrah. Each timber type has its unique characteristics, from colour variations to durability and resistance against external factors. The article also provides insights into different ways homeowners can incorporate timber decking into their homes, including creating sun lounges, decking staircases bar tops, and enhancing pool areas.

    The importance of durability in timber decking is emphasised, as these decks are exposed to various external elements. Durable decks can withstand heat, moisture, and regular wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance costs. For those looking to embark on a timber decking project, the article suggests conducting thorough market research, consulting with experts, and choosing a reputable timber deck builder. WoodEvo prides itself on delivering top-notch timber decking services in Melbourne, working closely with suppliers to offer premium quality materials tailored to the preferences of Australian families.

    Services Offered:

    • Timber Decking Installation
    • Consultation and Design
    • Selection of Timber Materials
    • Decking for Various Outdoor Spaces (Sun lounges, Staircases, Bar tops, Pool areas)

    Phone: 03 90000907

    Melbourne Rock Retaining Walls

    melbourne rock retaining walls

    Melbourne Rock Retaining Walls is a leading provider of rock retaining wall services in Melbourne, boasting extensive experience in the field. The team understands the dual functionality and aesthetic appeal of retaining walls, ensuring they serve as focal points in properties. 

    These walls, crafted from various materials like natural rock, shale, mudstone, brick, and concrete, are designed to hold back significant amounts of garden bed or soil. They play a pivotal role in stabilising slopes, reinforcing site cuts, and establishing split levels, especially in residential projects. Beyond their functional role, rock retaining walls have become decorative elements in landscape designs, adding a distinct look to any setting.

    Services Offered:

    • Site reductions and levelling
    • Retaining structures construction
    • Emergency work for landslips and service issues
    • Rock breaking for hard terrains
    • Landscaping services
    • Spoil removal and earthmoving with their truck fleet
    • Close-access excavation, large-scale excavation, and spoil removal
    • Post holes, site cuts, retaining walls, emergency excavation, rock breaking, landscaping, spoil removal, tight access excavation, and more


    Selecting the right contractor involves factors like experience, reputation, licensing, and cost. Look for contractors who specialise in timber decking and have a portfolio of successful projects in Melbourne.

    Melbourne experiences varying weather conditions, so it's essential to choose timber that can withstand these changes. Popular choices include treated pine, Merbau, and spotted gum, known for their durability and resistance to moisture and pests.

    In many cases, you may require a building permit for timber decking projects in Melbourne, especially if the deck is a certain size or height. It's essential to check with your local council or a professional contractor who can guide you through the permitting process.

    The project timeline can vary depending on the size, complexity, and weather conditions. On average, a standard timber decking installation might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete.

    The cost of timber decking can vary significantly based on factors like the type of timber, project size, design, and the contractor's rates. On average, you can expect to budget anywhere from $150 to $250 per square meter for the materials and labour involved in Melbourne. It's advisable to obtain quotes from multiple contractors to get a more accurate estimate for your specific project.

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