5 top 50 granny flat builders in sydney [2022]

Top 50 Granny Flat Builders in Sydney [2022]

Looking to build a granny flat in Sydney but don't know where to start? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the top 50 builders in the city, so you can find the right one for your needs. With prices and services ranging from budget-friendly to high-end, there's sure to be someone who can help you bring your granny flat dream to life. So get started today and see how easy it is to find the perfect builder for you!

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    Ultimate List Of Granny Flat Builders In Sydney

    Absolute Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    absolute granny flats


    1300 580 176


    For more than 40 years, the family-owned company Absolute Granny Flats has been building granny flats, homes, and cabins. We are a devoted group of competent granny flat builders, bringing the knowledge of a major organization to a small, welcoming workforce. We have amassed more than 40 years of worthwhile and applicable experience, and we are always looking for ways to improve. We are specialists who work throughout Sydney.


    We've been a reliable granny flat builder in Sydney for more than 40 years and have constructed over 1200 units since 1979.

    We offer more than 100 fully customizable granny flat designs, so if you're looking for a high-quality, reasonably priced granny flat builder, you've come to the perfect spot!


    Smart Choice Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    smart choice granny flats



    The following collection of Our Designs can provide you with ideas and inspiration; alternatively, if you find one of these designs particularly alluring, we can make an exact reproduction of it for you. We make an effort to make each Little Home distinctive because a Granny Flat will be someone's home and should appear, feel, and operate like a home. Because a granny flat is going to be someone's home, we think outside the box.

    Due to this, we go out of our way to guarantee that every construction project we do is completed to the greatest standards and that the designs of our granny flats not only have a pleasing aesthetic but also have the feel of a place you can genuinely call home.

    A comprehensive selection of different designs for granny flats to choose from

    The Hamptons Design is a fantastic choice to take into account for individuals who are interested in building a granny flat for their elderly relatives. It has an open floor plan and resembles a beach house you might rent for your vacation less than what you might anticipate a traditional granny flat to look like. The Modern Brick Design offers a choice that is both compact and elegant, and it will look great in any garden setting if you frequently have visitors stay over, such as family or friends. For those who are interested in building and renting out a granny flat to increase their present income, we have a variety of alternatives available in our Investor Range, from floor plans for studio apartments all the way up to four-bedroom granny flats.

    A1 Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    a1 granny flats


    1300 941 045

    Our approach is simple, and we embrace a philosophy of complete transparency in all of our business operations. You won't ever need to be concerned about any hidden fees or fine print when doing business with us.

    Whether you're searching for a plain and easy design for a granny flat with one bedroom or a complex building with many bedrooms, we can help.

    Sydney Granny Flat Design Ideas

    Every one of our projects adheres to tried-and-true granny flat construction standards, but we also heavily rely on innovative equipment and methods that have a minimal negative impact on the environment. We also incorporate a wide range of cutting-edge safety and technology elements in accordance with our customers' preferences. In the end, you will have a granny flat that not only provides good usefulness and increases the value of your property, but is also cozy, safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

    Design and Plans Made to Order for a Granny Flat

    In the present real estate market, housing options that can accommodate people of various ages and phases of life are becoming more popular. Property owners want to get the best return on their investments, but they also want the newest amenities in their Sydney granny flats. There are essentially no restrictions on the number of modifications and customizations that may be made to Sydney granny flat designs. Regardless of what those criteria may be, you can have entire assurance that our talented design team will create a granny flat that is tailored to them. It will completely match the architectural design of your home, fit in with the other features on your property, and be aesthetically beautiful. The structure will also be code-compliant.

    Granny Flat Builders FAQs

    Generally speaking, the minimum size you can build a granny flat is 40 square metres. The maximum size you can build a granny flat ranges anywhere from 50 to 100 square metres.

    The Granny Flat position should maintain a distance of at least 3 metres from any existing trees that are over 4 metres tall. Lots that are between 450-900 square metres must have a 3 metre setback from the rear and 0.9 metre setback from the side boundaries.

    Some prices you can expect to pay for a kit granny flat with a slab, plumbing and electricity might be: $81,000 for a 38m2 granny flat. $95,000 for a 50m2 granny flat. $120,000 for a 71m2 granny flat.

    Children benefit from the strong support system that comes from having a larger family unit. They also develop stronger senses of self and identity through intergenerational knowledge. This living arrangement doesn't just benefit the kids, though. Grandparents who live close to their grandchildren may live longer.

    However, because a granny flat is regarded as an additional housing unit, it is therefore deemed “development” under the planning and development Acts. This means it requires planning permission.

    Granny Flats For Less - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flats for less


    0410 691 245


    A team of professionals (draftsmen, builders, and engineers) that specializes in the approvals, designing, and construction of high-quality granny flats all around Sydney includes Granny Flats For Less. Granny Flats For Less provides the services for this group. We put a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality products and meticulously executed work because we are aware of the potential financial benefits that a granny flat may provide in terms of investment. As a result, we ensure that you won't have to deal with any construction-related issues in the years to come. We also comprehend the stress and difficulties associated with the design and building of granny flats as well as the general approval process.

    As a result, we will complete the entire process on your behalf considerably more rapidly than if you went to the council and approved it yourself. You won't have to worry about anything as a result as you go about your regular business. You can rest easy knowing that Granny Flats For Less is working with a skilled local builder who is properly licensed, insured, and up to date on Australian Building Codes because Granny Flats For Less is a proud member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

    Aarons Outdoor - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    aarons outdoor granny flat builders sydney


    61 1300 227 645

    Perform a Conversion on Your Workshop

    Your home is lovely, but it needs to work more to accommodate your family. Our Granny Flat range* was developed with all the amenities found in larger homes in order to meet the diverse needs of your expanding family. By simply hiring a builder, our structural lock-up stage build may be quickly transformed into a usable home. This construction was designed to the same specifications as a 1A structure. Consult the employees at the nearby store about your options.

    Simple and at a Low Cost

    You don't intend to use the entire inheritance for the kids, do you? To save money while still getting your desired layout and amenities, plan out your dream granny flat yourself. two rooms? (3) Bedrooms? A mysterious wardrobe that leads to a different dimension? When working with Aarons, you are not restricted by pre-designed floor layouts. You can count on our experts to help you create the space you need, complete with all the modern conveniences you long for.

    Master Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    master granny flats


    1300 643 545


    A well-known Australian company that is wholly owned and operated there is called Master Granny Flats. The founder and CEO of the business is Robert Daoud, who has more than ten years of expertise in the construction sector.

    Half Price Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    half price granny flats


    02 9822 9945

    Granny Flat Investing: A Series for Investors

    The investor line of granny flats is the ideal investment since it provides all the wonderful benefits of owning a second home while only requiring a small outlay for construction costs and producing a high rental income. With 60 square meters of the most luxurious living space and 15 square meters of entertainment heaven, this apartment has more room, modern architecture, and a layout created for the best living experience. a choice for a second home that you may add on your property that is both big and opulent.

    Cubitts - Granny Flat Builders Sydney



    1300 721 145

    Our financial conditions are significant, as are yours. Hence, we will work within your budget to add the maximum value to your project, whether it be by constructing a very marketable granny flat or a home addition that raises the value of your property by a significant amount.

    Flexible Granny Flats

    Whether your aim is to have a sizable source of rental income or to keep a strong contact with your family, we have a design for a granny flat that will work for you. Our primary goal is to help you realize your vision, so we will work with you to create a plan and then assist you in creating a cutting-edge, modern granny flat that meets all of your requirements. From the feasibility study to the design, building, and completion of the project, a committed consultant will work closely with you at every stage of the process.

    Sydney Home Show - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    sydney home show


    03 9276 5544

    Granny Flats: Some General Considerations to Keep in Mind

    This means that a granny flat cannot be constructed on a vacant lot because it must be connected to another home. If you plan to use your granny flat as a temporary abode while your principal residence is being torn down and rebuilt, it is essential that you build it before starting work on it.

    STEP 2 – Specific site requirements

    The specific characteristics of your block are addressed in the following step of this procedure. There are a number of requirements that must be satisfied, and they change depending on the size of your block. Your property must have a street frontage of at least 12 meters and a land size of at least 450 square meters. The minimum number of street frontages grows in proportion to the size of the block.

    The required width of the street frontage rises to 15 meters if the property's total land size is between 900 and 1500 square meters. Be aware that the 60 square meters allowed solely represents the outside dimensions of the granny flat. The granny flat's interior space will be constrained by the presence of exterior and interior walls. If the walls of your granny apartment are thicker, like masonry, the inside space will be proportionately smaller.

    Wisdom Homes - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    wisdom homes


    1300 855 754

    A Collection of Granny Flats

    They were created to fit a range of block sizes and go well with numerous WISDOM patterns. Every interior detail of these open-plan designs, including the distribution of space and the flow of traffic, has been carefully taken into account. Thanks to the stylish and useful features that have been added to our granny flats, such as built-in kitchens, built-in laundry facilities, built-in wardrobes, and covered outdoor seating, they offer a simple and stress-free way to live. With the assistance of the Sumitomo Forestry Group and over 20 years of experience building premium, award-winning homes, you may create your own personalized WISDOM home, complete with a granny flat, pool, and landscape tailored to your particular way of life.

    Bungalow Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    bungalow granny flats


    (02) 9984 8945

    The Procedures Involved in the Approval of Granny Flats

    The New South Wales government has passed new legislation to address the region's dearth of affordable homes. You won't need to go through the Council DA procedure to get your plans approved if your property and plans match the requirements;

    If your development is compliant, a private certifier can speed the approval process and grant it to you in 10 days. We are able to help you with this subject in every manner imaginable, and this procedure is known as "fast-tracking."

    The Stages Included in the Granny Flat Approval Procedure

    You're more than free to submit designs from different designers so we can give you a quote (there is no charge for this visit). In addition to ensuring compliance with Affordable Housing Legislation, conducting property searches, and creating a Site Build Zone Map, our designer will visit the location and conduct a thorough survey. ($2,400).  We are a very adaptable group. Bring your own plans, choose one of our pre-made granny flat designs, alter one of our designs, or request a totally unique design that is based on your requirements and the features of your particular location.

    Granny Flat Sydney - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flat sydney


    02 9785 4845

    The Cautious Course of Action

    Granny Flats Sydney only employs the most recognized and knowledgeable craftspeople in the industry. You may buy with perfect confidence knowing that your new granny flat will be built to the highest industry standards for design and construction, if not better.

    Worthington Homes - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    worthington homes granny flat builders sydney



    The Beginning of the Trip to Worthington Homes

    Liam trained as a builder and spent a sizable amount of time in Sydney's domestic building sector. He saw a few things during this time, but the fact that so many builders were performing mediocre work concerned him. The major Sydney builders were making a lot of money while driving away a sizable portion of their clientele. Liam came to the conclusion that clients shouldn't be misled by slick salespeople, treated like "another number," and then ignored when problems arose as they were constructing their dream home. He decided to start a business that would be unique as a result.

    Designs for Granny Flats

    The modern granny flat ideas we provide can help you generate extra income while also raising the value of your home, whether you intend to live in the space yourself or rent it out to renters. Granny flats, which have a more compact layout, can be utilized as guesthouses to host family members and friends without taking up additional space in the main house.

    If you are considering destroying and rebuilding your current lot or purchasing land with the aim of developing a house and granny flat, we can help you with the planning and design of an adjoining or separate granny flat as part of your new home construction. Our company has extensive expertise building high-quality granny flats for owner-occupiers, first-time homeowners, investors, and real estate developers throughout the greater Sydney area.

    Jct Group - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    jct group granny flat builders sydney


    0449 557 7545

    Where We Stand

    A family owns and runs JCT Group Pty Ltd, a construction company that has been around for more than 15 years. JCTG Pty Ltd is a family-run enterprise. We take great pride in upholding high moral standards and using morally sound business practices.

    JCT Group has successfully managed and built a variety of buildings, including granny flats, houses/duplexes, triplexes, and home expansions, to the delight of its clients. A crucial part of the activities of our business also entails commercial and repair work.

    Houses on the Ground

    A cozy and friendly atmosphere can be created in a granny flat to mimic the experience of being at home. Australia as a whole is experiencing a rise in demand for granny flats. As our population grows, there is a corresponding decline in the amount of available residential space in and around cities, which raises housing costs at the same time. Granny flats are the best options for housing needs for both families and investors. Building a second or vacation house, commonly referred to as a granny flat, is becoming into a more popular type of investment.

    Inspire Concrete - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    inspire concrete granny flat builders sydney



    What We Do: Providing Sydney With The Highest Quality Concrete Services At The Lowest Possible Prices

    We are among the most important companies in Sydney, and we have specialized in design, planning, construction, installation, maintenance, and repair. We also offer steel fastening and formwork for laying a slab of concrete on the ground. digging and tearing down in residential neighborhoods.

    Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    Inspire Concrete is one of the most reputable and reliable businesses for building granny flats in Sydney and the surrounding area.  Our concrete experts are quite skilled and knowledgeable, and they have completed a variety of granny flat projects for customers who were thrilled with the results. Depending on size, granny flats can house one or two persons. A mother-in-law suite, often referred to as a granny flat or mother-in-law suite, is a small, independent living unit that is frequently built on the property of a single-family house. Traditionally, a granny apartment was either attached to or separate from the main house. From the standard granny flats located in backyards to the odd portable granny flats, we have experience working on a wide range of them.

    Solutions for Granny Flats in Sydney

    We provide you the highest-quality granny flat options available in Sydney and the surrounding areas. These small, independent living units are frequently constructed on the grounds of larger homes to accommodate elderly family members. A granny flat typically contains between 100 and 400 square feet of usable space. However, this size might vary. However, there are other situations when it could be as small as 80 square feet or as large as 700 square feet. Regardless of the size of the granny flat you have in mind, hiring us as your granny flats contractor will enable us to deliver results that you will love. We will create a home that suits your needs, build it from the ground up for you using the colors and materials of your choice, and give it a distinctive look that represents your individuality.

    Kurmond Homes - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    kurmond homes granny flat builders sydney


    1300 764 745

    To Brothers, Constructing Their Dream Homes Is More Than Just A Dream

    "Peter and I both enjoy getting our hands dirty. Peter is in charge of sales and design, while Michael is in control of the construction crews, according to Michael. Customers should expect frequent communication from both brothers. Peter works with potential clients and walks them through the sales process while Michael is at frame inspections and client handovers. In order to set a standard for his managers and guarantee that homebuyers produce the highest-quality homes, Michael builds all of the company's display homes.

    Michael adds that it enables him to keep in touch with numerous suppliers and trades. In order for the tasks to be completed successfully, he continues, "I prefer to maintain great ties on job sites and make sure that people are cooperating." "The success of the jobs is essential to me." The company's essential values—a strong sense of family and a commitment to hard work—were instilled in the founders by their parents when they were still very young. Michael recalls his parents, who both put in a lot of effort to provide for the six of them. Peter and I shared a bedroom until we were both 24 years old since our family is so close. He was 18 at the time.

    Maximise Use Of Your Land

    a cozy, self-contained apartment with two bedrooms that may be used for a variety of purposes. Grandma's downsizing residence, a home for grown children to live independently, or a rental property that can generate extra revenue. The numerous windows give the room a cozy and welcoming environment. Kurmond is addressing the growth of the Granny Flat market.

    Aussie Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    aussie granny flats builders sydney


    0418 338 593


    We are happy to give you the exciting opportunity to create a home that reflects your individual preferences and way of life as bespoke builders and designers. Because our designers and builders work together, we can provide you with a quicker turnaround and less stress as we construct your custom granny flat on schedule and within your set budget. You will only work with one company throughout the entire process, from the time our pencil touches the paper until the time we hand over the keys. Once we and you have agreed on the design plan, we'll be able to expedite permissions with all relevant building authorities, start work on your project, and provide a finished product that meets your deadline expectations.


    We are happy to give you the exciting opportunity to create a home that reflects your individual preferences and way of life as bespoke builders and designers. Because our designers and builders work together, we can provide you with a quicker turnaround and less stress as we construct your custom granny flat on schedule and within your set budget.

    The Granny Flat Experts - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    the granny flat experts sydney


    02 9863 2813

    Your backyard has become very sought-after real estate in Sydney as a result of the city's rising housing costs. Let us demonstrate how, whether you own the property outright or are a real estate investor, you can increase the value of your current home and receive a 20% return on your investment. A growing number of landowners are choosing to construct "granny flats," or additional dwellings. Your one-stop shop for all things related to granny flat building, including design, approval, and construction, is The Granny Flat Experts.

    Where We Stand

    We are passionate about providing each and every one of our clients with the very best service from the very first consultation all the way through to the handover of the property. We have a combined expertise of more than 25 years in the construction and real estate sectors.

    Outdoor Sydney Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    outdoor sydney granny flats


    02 8798 2121


    You can get help from Outdoor Sydney Granny Flats with every step of designing and constructing your very own granny apartment. We can offer the entire service or only the specific parts you require.

    Amescorp - Granny Flat Builders Sydney - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    amescorp granny flat builders sydney


    (02) 8798 9845

    Bespoke Home Builders

    Granny flats, duplexes, apartment buildings, and stunning luxury residences are some of our specializations, but we can handle any work, no matter how big or little. We are passionate about what we do, and it is our goal to provide you with a home or place of employment that meets all of your requirements.

    Our High Standards

    The caliber of their job is given a great deal of attention by Granny Flats Builders Sydney. We take pride in our outstanding artistry and pledge to constantly uphold this promise. Additionally, we prioritize the demands of our clients and provide them a range of solutions that take into account both their lifestyle and their financial limitations. Each project we have undertaken is unique and a wonderful example of superb design, unmatched quality, exceptional longevity, and forward-thinking innovation. We take steps to guarantee that your needs are met in a proper manner and that our services are up to par with industry best practices. The degree of quality we offer is unaffected by our policy of keeping prices low.

    Butres Group - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    butres group granny flat builders sydney


    0404 987 045

    Builders of Granny Flats in Sydney

    Due to rising rents, a granny flat could be a terrific option for you to keep your independence and generate rental income while also assisting your children in saving money for a down payment on their own home in the future. Elderly parents may occasionally need assistance or care, but managing a crowded house can be difficult.

    You and your partner can still keep your individuality and privacy with the aid of a granny flat. The studio apartment is a perfect space for a home office or an addition to your living quarters. It can be used for working from home, hobbies, crafts, music, or just as a lovely room to sit and escape.

    Croydon Constructions - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    croydon constructions granny flat builders sydney


    0414 716 345

    Services and Improvements to Your Home in Sydney

    Croydon Constructions specializes in constructing buildings for both residential and commercial spaces. The business also offers a wide range of remodeling ideas and home renovation services in the Sydney area in addition to these services. These are listed below: in addition to balconies, decks. Pergolas. Garages. Routes for walking and parking areas. Fencing. Landscaping Houses Under the Earth. First- and second-floor additions are among the changes. interior remodeling projects taking place in the kitchens. house improvements in Sydney. Baths being renovated in Sydney. Changes Made to the Interior of the Rooms. New cladding and sash were installed. re-roofs with metal or tile.

    We build Australia - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    we build australia granny flat builders sydney


    1300 000 145

    If You Choose Us To Be Your Granny Flat Builders In Sydney, You Will Not Regret Your Decision.

    In most local governments in every state, the procedure for building granny flats has become easier and more effective in recent years. Granny flats can be built in any residential area and may receive clearance in as little as ten days, according to the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009, sometimes known as the "SEPP." Due to Australia's rising cost of living, families are looking for ways to increase their income. The fact that hundreds of families in Australia have built granny flats on their land, either to rent to tenants or use as a home for members of their own family, is proof that they work as a solution. Additionally, research has indicated that they are among the most desired features of modern Australian homes. Recent research has demonstrated that consumers want them in their new homes almost as much as swimming pools, according to a survey that was conducted not long ago.

    Why Should You Construct a Granny Flat?

    A granny flat is a practical and adaptable housing option that may be utilized for a variety of reasons. The name "granny flat" refers to the fact that these residences were generally built to house elderly relatives. To achieve a better balance between their jobs and their free time, families in Australia have started investing in them as their popularity has increased recently. A granny flat is a great investment because it provides a space for entertaining without interfering with the family's main property. They also provide a reasonable substitution for a home office. They can also be built for use in a backyard business, like as a hair salon, which can help you avoid paying thousands of dollars a year to rent a commercial space. Granny flats are a great way to increase your rental yield and, as a result, your property's return on investment, in addition to improving your quality of life.

    I-build Building Solutions - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    i build building solutions granny flat builders sydney


    1800 679 245

    Houses on the Ground

    A granny flat is a completely self-sufficient home addition or second housing that is built on the same piece of property as the main house. It is essentially a modest addition to your property that would be perfect for elderly grandparents to live nearby or for a growing family in need of a retreat for their teenagers. In most jurisdictions, such as New South Wales and Victoria, a granny flat's maximum size is limited to sixty square meters. Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, however, have much laxer local government requirements (70 square meters) (90 square meters).

    Doumit Homes - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    doumit homes granny flat builders sydney


    02 8812 3045

    Project Management

    The first phase of every project should always be an assessment of the costs involved. We can monitor and manage the cost of your project or renovation during the design process thanks to cost planning. Additionally, we have developed relationships with a number of vendors, ensuring that we get the best labor at incredibly affordable pricing. To put it another way, you can depend on us to always receive the most value for your money.


    This budget plan covers every aspect of the design and construction work you'll be doing. As a result, we are able to offer you competitive pricing and value management techniques. The main reason for creating a budget should be to better understand your spending and keep it under control. In other words, we make sure you make wise financial decisions.


    Design management's goal is to help you manage your project's design, strategy, and supply chain strategies so you can control the creative process and create appealing products. Our projects cover either the entire structure or its functional components, and we make every effort to make our work as individualized and practical for you as possible while yet upholding its high caliber. In a word, we make it our business to see that your suggestions are taken into account during the building process.

    Modularwa - Granny Flat Builders Sydney



    08 7111 1355


    Since the legislation controlling their construction was changed, granny flats have grown in popularity among many individuals in Western Australia as an addition to their backyards. Growing numbers of people in and around Perth are choosing to build movable houses or granny flats for their elderly parents so that they can live with them as West Australia's population continues to age and land prices rise at the same time.

    However, people of various ages now use granny flats in Western Australia in addition to its traditional function. Living together in one place can be very crowded because the average Australian does not move out of their parents' house until they are 27 years old. Because you may build a granny flat rather than spending the considerable quantity of money necessary to buy each child their own plot of property, you will be able to maintain tight family ties even after your children leave home.

    Tekton Building Group - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    tekton building group granny flat builders sydney


    0422 605 345

    Constructors of Granny Flats in and around the Western Sydney Area

    The business is known by the name Tekton Building Group. Make plans to have the granny flat of your choice built with your builder. These apartments are becoming more and more valuable as a cost-effective and adaptable living alternative for a range of purchasers as more and more individuals express interest in them. Land is, after all, a very expensive good. Given the number of people who need independent housing for their children, retirees who want to downsize, and people who want to keep their elderly parents close to home in order to have a flexible multi-generational and living arrangement, it should not be surprising that granny flats have become so popular in today's society. Granny flats are great for housing the members of small families as well as offering the best possibility for long- or short-term rental investment.

    Additionally, it is a practical and affordable way to increase living space while utilizing the backyard's space to the fullest. If you're seeking for the most recognized granny flat builders to create and design the granny flat that best meets your requirements and preferences, take a look at the name Tekton Building Group. We are renowned for giving our customers a comprehensive building and design plan for the administration of new granny flats. As a result, our business is currently regarded as one of the most well-known in the Sydney-area granny flat construction market.

    You may rely on Tekton Building Group, the leading provider of granny flat construction: Because we manage the granny flat construction project at the greatest level of quality currently offered, people prefer us over our rivals. Every granny flat that Tekton Building Group builds in the city of Penrith is uniquely customized thanks to our one-of-a-kind methodology. Our business manages the entire construction process with the utmost care, from the very first step to the very last one. We are regarded as one of Western Sydney's most famous granny flat builders because of the excellent caliber of our work. Because of this, even if you're unsure of what you want in a granny flat, we can help by giving you unique design possibilities that are completely consistent with the property you already own.

    Bellcast Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    bellcast granny flats builder sydney


    1300 661 345

    What are the benefits associated with constructing granny flats?

    Granny flats are more useful, more space-efficient, and more compact than other forms of buildings. Furthermore, its construction may be finished in a lot less time. Utilizing a piece of land that is already there on the property is necessary to construct a granny flat. Once you have satisfied the minimal requirements, you are immune from needing to ask the council for permission. Overall, granny flats offer a tremendous chance for investment. They are close by and have a range of uses, which is an additional benefit. Renting gives you more control because, in the event that something goes wrong, you will be living next door.

    What Are Some Of The Downsides Of Having A Granny Flat?

    Renting a granny flat does not pose any serious difficulties if you realize there will always be someone living nearby you. You are essentially turning the area already there into a tool with more capability. What conditions must be met in New South Wales before a granny flat may be built? You do not need council approval once you fulfill the minimal standards.

    Db Homes Granny Flats Sydney - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    db homes granny flats sydney


    1300 050 645


    You should schedule a meeting with one of our consultants to talk about your preferences, requirements, and available budget. Based on the data you supply, we will subsequently be able to design and coordinate the optimal plan for you and your potential property. As soon as you've decided on a plan, we'll start working to implement it. Prior to starting a project, we check to see that everything is in order and that we fully comprehend both the regional needs and the actual procedure involved. After that, we will start working as soon as possible to build the granny flat of your dreams. You will be able to utilize and enjoy a building once we have finished building it. We will inspect the building and make sure everything is in functioning order before we validate it. Now that your new granny apartment has arrived, you can start enjoying all of its benefits.

    Keep in Touch

    Our warranties cover a period of time following the project's completion because we value your business. During this time, we will check in with you to ensure that everything is, in fact, perfect—despite the fact that we constructed it and it is finished. Now that you've achieved this sense of tranquility, you can truly unwind and make the most of your D.B. a studio apartment.

    Premier Granny Flat Builder - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    premier granny flat builders sydney


    1300 122 402

    It's in our blood to design and construct the classic granny flat, and we take great pride in doing so.

    Someone who takes care in their profession is easy to see; they are the ones that show up on time, have a pleasant look on their face, and are giddy with anticipation at the idea of making another happy customer. That encapsulates us fairly well! For proof that we are the "genuine thing," read some of our client testimonials. The phrase "inappropriate question" is nonexistent. At this moment, we will gladly take your call!

    We are a reliable source for you! To achieve 100% customer satisfaction, all that is needed is to concentrate on one single crucial attribute, namely reliability. How many times have you requested a quote from a tradesperson just to have them cancel last minute? It was just the feared "no show," with no phone contact or text message in between. Most likely, they don't believe your job is essential enough to bother with.

    Or could it be that they're just too busy? Not us. If we decide that you are not the right person for the job, we will let you know right away and will probably recommend another applicant. In actuality, we are authorities in this area. Our company specializes in building granny flats, and we've never had a client who wasn't satisfied with the results. Every time we pledge to appear on time and perform the task to your great satisfaction, we actually keep our word. You will have a hard time getting that kind of company guarantee anywhere, but we're eager to stand behind it.

    Benco Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    benco granny flats builders sydney


    0403 773 574

    What We Have Done

    Houses on the Ground

    carefully and precisely planned, then tailored to satisfy the unique needs of each and every customer. From obtaining the local council's approval to finishing the construction, we handle everything. Awnings and Locations to Amuse Visitors We can help you realize your objectives in the entertainment industry and improve your lifestyle by fusing our cutting-edge items with our excellent craftsmanship. Customers can receive assistance from professionals in carpentry, construction, and renovations everywhere in Sydney. We may aid with concept and design by offering consulting and project management.

    Looking to construct a mother-in-law apartment?

    Every step of the design and construction of each of our granny flats takes into account the unique needs of each of our clients. From obtaining the local council's approval to finishing the construction, we handle everything.

    All Custom Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    all custom granny flats builders sydney


    1300 669 741

    Planning, Design, and Cost Estimates in Sydney

    The design phase is the most crucial stage of the procedure. We are certified builders who are passionate about and skilled at producing practical ideas. Simply pick one of our floor plans, or let us create a layout especially for you.

    Acceptances in Sydney

    We work with certifiers that have been fully accredited in order to comprehend your concept. Then, we will prepare and submit all applications, and we will use every effort to get them approved. By reading this, you can learn more about submitting an application. Our experienced team will handle everything while providing the least amount of interruption to you. The solution is already there outside your front door. Both affordable and simple. By reading this, you can find out more about the processes.

    RB Sydney Builders - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    rb granny flat sydney builders


    0413 128 441

    The Services We Offer

    Remodelling of the House

    Reimagining and restyling home areas gives us a lot of joy. Put all your worries aside and give us a chance to make things right at your home. Your free consultation with one of our design professionals will include gorgeous design recommendations for your property. No matter how big or small your design may be, we are here to give you a superior solution at every single stage of the process. Your updated home will be easier to envision thanks to the help of our design consultants. a huge increase in the value of your property and way of life. The options are practically unlimited and vary from creating cozy bedrooms for each of your kids to enlarging your current living area and adding space for entertaining visitors.

    Houses Built to Order

    We have built luxurious homes all across Sydney for more than ten years. We work directly with home owners, interior designers, and architects on the building of new homes of all sizes. Our team is committed to offering the best possible craftsmanship and paying close attention to every last detail. Our attention to detail and high caliber of service ensure that projects are successfully finished and pleasurable for all parties. We have over ten years of combined expertise in the building sector. Our team has extensive experience in every step of the procedure, from designing and securing approval to constructing granny flats. Our aim is to guarantee that the building you commission is finished on schedule and at a cost that is fair.

    Country Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    country granny flats sydney


    +61 1300 030 475

    We hope you enjoy your stay at Country Granny Flats.

    We're here to make it easier for you to focus on what matters most. It might be having more time, money, mental peace, or the capacity to keep a loved one nearby. We can show you how to transform that unwanted space in your yard into something that will give you benefits both financially and emotionally for a considerable amount of time in the future. For most people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At Country Granny Flats, we'll not only explain the stages involved in the design, approval, and construction processes; we'll also demonstrate how to complete them!

    What exactly is a "granny flat"?

    Simply described, a secondary residence, usually referred to as a granny flat, is a second, smaller home. It is located on property where there is already a house serving as the primary residence. A granny flat can have up to three bedrooms, but it can only be sixty square meters in size (measured including the perimeter walls). With the addition of a porch and an outdoor dining area, the enjoyment of outdoor living areas can be increased. Families would find the property to be excellent if there was space for a garage to be added to it.

    Chesterfield Constructions - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    chesterfield constructions granny flat builders sydney


    02 8065 3312


    We have developed a strong reputation as a reputable and well-known new house and granny flat builder within the Sydney Metropolitan Area. In order to ensure that your granny flat is made to your exact specifications, we have experienced granny flat builders who will walk you through every step of the process. Our team takes great pride in executing building projects on schedule and to the highest standard. We'll make sure that your new granny flat is built on schedule and within your authorized spending limit. Utilize an underutilized resource in your own backyard to start producing money.


    As soon as one of our Consultants visits your property to help you choose a personalized design, we will be there for you. A Chesterfield Account Manager who is entirely responsible for your account will be designated after you have signed the contract. Throughout the construction process, your Account Manager will be your exclusive point of contact for any queries or issues you might have. We do not believe that each of our clients is the same, and we do not believe that there is a one size fits all solution. To ensure their contentment, we instead build Granny Flats to the unique requirements of each of our clients.

    Sydney Building & Construction Group - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    sydney building construction group granny flat builders


    02 9636 7141


    Affordable Flexibility in Quality and Price Living Spaces You'll Fall in Love With: Granny Flats. Despite the fact that property prices in Sydney are still rising, our premium granny flats can be the perfect answer for you to add more usable space without having to move from your current residence. Our ready-to-use granny flats include everything from backyard offices that can be rented out to residences that can house many generations. Although they are inexpensive, the units' quality and design are unaffected in any way.

    We take great satisfaction in offering a flexible selection of Granny Flat package options that are priced to fit a variety of budgets at Sydney Building and Construction Group. We are more than delighted to guide you through the options and help you choose the strategy that most closely satisfies your unique needs. Our team of specialists, who are highly specialized in their specialties and have years of experience, ensures the best quality of work. We build with pride, integrity, and an open-hearted excitement for the work we perform. We guarantee that your project will be completed on schedule, within budget, and to your client's utmost pleasure. This is a promise we're making to you. Do you wish to learn more? Call us right now for a no-obligation, cost-free quote estimate.

    Creative Living Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    creative living granny flats builders sydney


    02 9654 0841


    You may rest easy knowing that your investment won't be impacted by stock market movements. Make additional monthly contributions to your income to hasten the mortgage balance reduction. increases the value of both your home and your investment portfolio.

    The Possible Advantages of Having a Granny Flat

    You can earn more money each month (usually more than $1,000 after interest payments) by legally renting out second property. On average, a 20% return on investment (ROI) should be reached. Transform a negatively geared investment into a positively geared investment to help investors pay off their mortgages faster and, as a result, enable them to buy more real estate. Increase the property's resale value to help you realize the most capital gain feasible from the sale of the property. If you benefit from additional tax depreciation advantages, your return on investment (ROI) will rise even higher.

    Grandeur Builders Sydney - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    grandeur builders sydney granny flat builders


    02 9869 7178


    A home that is not only comfortable and functional but also exudes an impression of sumptuous refinement. Granny flats are boutique-style luxury living with no corners made; they are created with the intention of inspiring feelings of wonder and amazement. Having a granny apartment on the property of your main house has several advantages, both practical and beneficial. Even in times of economic uncertainty and struggle, on top of a flourishing real estate market, adding a granny flat to your Sydney house can elevate it to the next tier of great real estate. Building granny flats could seem like a less important undertaking, but you cannot afford to let your standards go in this area. In Sydney, there is no shortage of contractors with a focus on creating affordable granny flats.

    Builders of Granny Flats in Sydney

    Never settle for anything less than the very best. We only use the highest-quality materials when designing and building granny flats, and we put the same amount of effort into them as we do with all of our other primary home design and construction projects. We treat every project, no matter how big or small, with the same amount of dedication. Whether you are adding a granny flat to an existing home construction project or your new granny flat IS the project you are working on, we are here to make sure you get the most for your money. Why bother searching for a trustworthy builder after spending time seeking for an architect? When you work with Grandeur Builders Sydney, you have access to a group of highly qualified architects and construction experts that work together to produce the results you need.

    Orison Homes - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    orison homes granny flat builders sydney


    1800 674 712


    As one of Sydney's most well-known independent granny flat builders, we are committed to creating exceptional granny flats that are made with your way of life in mind. At Orison Homes, we put a high focus on your comfort. Instead of choosing from pre-made floor plans, go with Orison Build Custom, which offers modern design choices and layouts. In the building of opulent, custom homes, The Orison Team is a market leader. Our complex designs serve as the foundation for all we do, and they are reinforced by our tailored approach to client service and top-notch craftsmanship. We have used our 10 years of experience to create a beautiful selection of homes that are ideal for the lifestyle and climate of Sydney. Additionally, you can manage your plan while working virtually with our partner because the Orison Team interacts with them from lifesize plans. To find out more about how Orison can help you with the creation of your dream, get in touch with us.

    Granny Flats Australia - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flats australia


    (02) 9899 9154


    Welcome to the website for granny flat designs. You can pick from a choice of contemporary granny flats that can be used to maximize the possibilities of your property and are independent of one another. Almost often, investing in a granny flat is a smart financial decision. They have many diverse purposes in addition to immediately raising your home's value. Use them as an old relative's residence, a home office, a studio, a hangout for teens, a guest house for a few days, or even as rental housing. These are all respectable possibilities. Whatever you have in mind, we have a wide range of modern granny flat designs that will give your property a whole new level of utility, additional value, and aesthetic.

    We take great satisfaction in offering a full range of granny flat services, from design and approval to high-quality construction. We also offer a huge selection of options for materials, colors, and improvements. Additionally, we never miss a deadline and our granny flat builders always produce on time.

    Backyard Grannys - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    backyard grannys


    (02) 4947 2845

    Our main goal is to provide high-quality granny flats at reasonable prices for our clients. These apartments were developed with the intention of maximizing return on investment while also meeting the various needs of our clients.


    Backyard Grannys provides its clients with whatever they need. Backyard Grannys works closely with each of its clients to make sure the granny flat they are having built turns out well. We built our systems to be as effective as we could make them. Our skilled team oversees every project from the conceptual stage through completion, taking care to follow all design phases, development approval procedures, and construction processes.

    Granny Flat Solutions - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flat solutions


    (02) 9481 7454

    Our Granny Flats

    We have never constructed two granny flats that are 100% identical to one another in our 35 years of construction experience. This might be as simple as the paint color or as complex as a complete redesign tailored to the needs of the client. Every task is exciting to us, and the stranger the issue, the better! Everyone on our team is urged to come up with creative solutions that don't go in the (metaphorical) box. A granny flat is more than just a simple shed that is only used occasionally. They are built to last a lifetime and are similar in design to houses. They have all of the amenities and comforts that one would expect to find in their own home.

    With 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms available, Granny Flat Solutions has a wide selection of brand-new granny flats to pick from. Any size lot and pricing range can fit one of these granny flats. The same high-quality service that our Standard Range offers is also available to you through our Designer Range, but with a quicker turnaround time and without sacrificing the quality of the overall construction. We have never constructed a granny flat that we didn't utterly like. We invite you to browse through the custom-designed and excellent projects we have on hand so you can get a sense of the variety of services we provide. Although you enjoy what you see, something seems to be lacking. No issue! The staff at Granny Flat Solutions will be delighted to collaborate with you to design yet another unique project that is precisely suited to your needs, way of life, and financial restrictions.

    Granny Flat Sydney - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flat builders sydney by blue gum


    1300 06 06 45

    Constructed to the Highest Standards

    Our transparent approach is aimed to help you make more informed decisions as we work with you to develop the ideal granny flat to satisfy the needs stated in your particular brief. Because only top-notch materials and labor were utilized in its construction, you may have complete confidence that your newly built granny flat satisfies the strictest regulations.

    Experience It in Full 3D!

    Utilizing walkthroughs that are available on our website, you are able to visually experience the excellence of our projects without having to leave the comfort of your own home thanks to the usage of cutting-edge 3D technology. Make an appointment for a consultation right away to talk to our friendly staff regarding the layout and style of your granny flat.

    Granny Flat Approvals - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flat approvals


    1300 205 045

    By skipping the "Building Company" phase and going straight to the source of the wholesale inventory instead of via the conventional method, our customers in Sydney have discovered that they can save thousands of dollars. Us would be that. Therefore, avoid using a middleman and get in touch with those who frequently design, examine, and build granny flats directly. Simply said, no other business in New South Wales (NSW) offers all Australians transparent, turn-key build prices. Therefore, construct with confidence in the individuals performing the work:

    Designs for Granny Flats

    Our granny flat designs give them the appearance and feel of fully furnished residences all throughout. Granny flats must be built in a way that maximizes the amount of usable space while still being comfortable and energy-efficient.

    Our roof lines are the same as those on recently constructed project homes, and our eaves lines go beyond 485 millimeters. We provide insulation that is, at the very least, better than that specified by BASIX. We therefore make it a point to give you everything you could possibly need for a primary residence. For your convenience, we've included links to our one-, two-, and three-bedroom granny plans below.

    Granny Flat Builders - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    granny flat builders


    02 87573745


    Granny flat builders are professionals in granny flat designs, approvals, and high-quality construction in Sydney and on the Central Coast. We won't be beaten on price or quality and provide the most affordable granny flats in Sydney along with fully established turn-key prices.

    Custom granny flats, kit homes, traditional homes, additions, studios, and home offices have all been built by granny flat builders for incredibly affordable costs that are among the most aggressive in the market. We strive to offer affordable housing through methods including the FAST construction methods, COST-EFFECTIVE granny flat packages, and EASY approval process. Our objective as market leaders is to offer affordable housing.

    Rescon Builders - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    rescon builders


    1300 109 345


    Our multi-award-winning granny flat designs seamlessly blend beautiful contemporary architecture with practical living areas. To guarantee that every project is finished on time and within budget, we make use of our wide network of knowledgeable partners. Every RESCON project is guided by our simple five-step methodology, which is in place from the outset and guarantees that every stage complies with our strict quality requirements.


    The Best Granny Flat Builders in New South Wales If the block size is at least 450 square meters, the property is at least 12 meters wide, and there is space at the rear, side, or even front of the property, it is probably ideal for a granny apartment. Your granny flat will be able to get approved in just 4-6 weeks if you follow our simplified method, and it will be erected in just four months after getting approved.

    5 Star Granny Flats - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    5 star granny flats


    1300 843 945


    What You Deserve in a Dependable Quality - You must choose a business that will provide you excellent results because adding a granny flat to your house can be an expensive endeavor. We have incredibly high standards, and we only use tried-and-true components in the projects we work on. Our contractors and experts have a great deal of expertise in this area and are knowledgeable about the best practices. They will undertake a comprehensive assessment of everything to ensure that the granny flat is safe, sturdy, and comfortable.


    One-of-a-kind and fascinating designs We take the time to understand your needs and those of your older people, and we then build the flats in accordance with those needs and preferences. After all, a lot of people in their retirement years adore modern and contemporary design ideas. Sydney Granny Flat.


    The 5 Star team, one of the few granny flat building businesses in Sydney, works hard to reduce project costs without compromising the caliber of the granny flats they build. They offer reasonable and affordable packages, making them one of the few granny flat builders in the world.  Like a granny flat builder, we will offer the most affordable solutions for you during our conversation with you. We will discuss the building materials, aesthetics, and designs that represent potential cost-saving measures for your granny flat. Every step of the way, as they lead you through the construction process, our builder team members will be there to help you. They will also communicate with you regarding your granny flats in Sydney in an open and honest approach.

    Inhouse Granny Flat - Granny Flat Builders Sydney

    inhouse granny flat


    9659 9045

    Sydney Granny Apartments That Are Specifically Constructed to Order

    We at Inhouse Granny Flats are conscious of the distinctive features that each person possesses. We are aware that occasionally the set design may not be to your taste. We allow each of our customers to specifically design their own layout, in contrast to the methods of other firms.

    There is no reason for you to choose a design that was made for someone else because your backyard is special. With the help of our on-site granny flat designer, each buyer will be able to build their own floor plan, complete with the flexibility to move rooms about and alter their sizes. In this way, your granny flat will be totally unique and special.

    Patterns for Popular Types of Granny Flats

    If creating your own granny flat is not an option for you, feel free to select one of the most well-liked floor plans from the list below. These designs can also be changed to better suit your preferences and the requirements of your property.

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