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Top 25 Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salons In Melbourne [2022]

It can be challenging to locate a good eyeliner tattoo salon in Melbourne, but the search is well worth the time and energy put into it. 

After all, a flawlessly executed eyeliner tattoo is the only thing that can make your eyes look more beautiful. 

The following beauty parlours in Melbourne are some of the best for receiving this kind of treatment.

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    Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo FAQs

    Microblading, when done properly, will only go through the first layer of skin. If the strokes go deeper, the colour will turn to ash or even purple/blue. Deeper strokes will affect the outcome of your healed brows. This is a semi-permanent treatment that will likely need to be re-touched after 12-14 months.

    They will make your eyelids too fragile and vascular for cosmetic tattooing. As a result, your eyelids will bleed and bruise. After your eyeliner procedure is completed, you should wait four weeks to start your serum usage again.

    You will be dry healing the area. This means no water in the area for a minimum of 10 days. This includes sweating. When showering or washing your face, please ensure water is not running into the eyes.

    It takes about four to six weeks for permanent eyeliner to heal fully. Most of the aftercare needed normally takes a week and a half after it's applied. You'll experience scabbing and flaking during this time.

    Laser tattoo removal is a painful process. Although we take a lot of care to minimise discomfort, there is no getting away from the reality that it's an uncomfortable procedure. You will need a healing time of up to 10 days. However, most report that concealers can cover any issues after a couple of days.

    9Brow Studio - Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

    9brow studio

    0403 410 949

    Boost your current appeal. We are a team of experts in brow shaping and cosmetic tattooing, and we provide the finest quality brow lamination and other types of cosmetic tattoos. Our primary objective is to support our clients in increasing their inherent attractiveness. When you visit our studio, we can help you connect with the person that most closely fits your needs.

    Eyebrow Tattoo

    Nanobrows. Microblading. Composite brows Stardust Eyebrows using Stardust Eyeliner Eyeliner. Enhancing the lash line. lip gloss

    Denude - Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne


    0402 370 443

    Enjoy the comfort of a private, one-on-one studio while still receiving the knowledge, assurance, and trust that come with visiting a big salon.

    A company called Denude specializes in a number of procedures for the placement and removal of cosmetic tattoos. The availability of completely thorough meetings ensures that clients will leave their appointments feeling secure and satisfied.


    Decorative tattooing Brown brows. Microblading. Combination. Blushing lips Eyelash extension and eyeliner. Saline Tattoo Elimination

    Skin and Brow Essentials - Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

    skin and brow essentials

    0452 136 802

    Cosmetic Tattooing

    Please be aware that the Perfecting Session and any further touch-up sessions are not included in the quoted rates. Any additional sessions will be charged at their full cost once the first one has been gone for 18 months. Please note that customers who have already had a tattoo from Kate are the only ones who may take advantage of the "perfecting session" and "touch up session" pricing. If you have had cosmetic tattooing from another place in the past, please talk to Kate regarding the cost.

    Elite Cosmetic Tattooing - Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

    elite cosmetic tattooing

    0407 537 099

    Cosmetic tattooing is sometimes referred to as micropigmentation, permanent makeup, and cosmetic tattooing. Cosmetic tattooing, in which pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin to create the color of the client's choice, is based on traditional tattooing. The same ideas that guide traditional tattooing also apply to cosmetic tattooing. Modern digital technology can be used in cosmetic tattooing to produce an augmentation that seems completely natural. This enables you to have fuller-looking lips and younger-looking eyes as well as a more defined brow and the appearance of thicker lashes.

    The Real Sarah Lea - Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

    the real sarah lea

    0416 499 737

    It is advisable to leave the precise skill of brow shaping to the professionals because it has the ability to radically change a person's image. Here is where we can help. We are excited to have you join us as we work out of a gorgeous, heritage-listed salon in Melbourne's lovely Fitzroy North and launch on the sunny Gold Coast in late 2022. Get ready to get the best brows you've ever had.

    Elixir Cosmetic Tattoo - Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

    elixir cosmetic tattoo

    +61 3 9041 5199

    We are a flourishing and knowledgeable cosmetic tattoo studio situated in Melbourne, Australia's St. Kilda district. The cosmetic tattooists on our staff take great satisfaction in offering each and every one of our clients a one-of-a-kind service because no two people's faces are precisely same. As a result, we will customize our services to fit your unique needs and preferences. Our goal is to provide the best permanent makeup artistry available, ushering in a new age for permanent cosmetics. This will be achieved by using covert, undetectable techniques like smudging, feathering, and stroking that look entirely natural.

    Eyebrows & Eyeliner


    By mimicking the appearance of genuine hair, intradermal pigmentation, also referred to as eyebrow tattooing, gives the illusion of fake hair in the brow line. One feels fuller as a result. Without having to care about your brows, you can exercise or clean your forehead. Thanks to cosmetic tattoos, you won't ever need a brow pencil again. You might choose to get very subtle lash additions or have a more pronounced line. You won't ever have to worry about smudges again. Patients of all sexes, but mainly men, enjoy this treatment. Ophthalmologists advise this technique for individuals who are allergic to conventional cosmetics and those who wear contact lenses.

    Sclerotherapy is the practice of coloring the inner mucosal tissue immediately below the eye. The mucosal tissue's color adds depth and brightness to the appearance as a whole. Not advised for those who have dry eyes.

    Skin Architecture - Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

    skin architecture

    03 87519463

    A high-end, boutique-style beauty and anti-aging clinic, Skin Beauty's design offers you the most recent advancements in terms of both treatments and products. Thanks to the presence of a cosmetic nurse who is qualified to give injectables and fillers, we can offer full beauty and anti-aging treatments.

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